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John Mills, 92.9 FM ESPN's official Grizzlies blogger, blogs about his experiences
behind the boards as on-site engineer at every home game. 
Posts from February 2012

Steals, Steals, Steals...
Give it up for the Grizzlies, right now they are leading the NBA in steals with 10.03 per game.  This shows how scrappy they are on defense, and why they are above the .500 mark.  Last night the Grizzlies went to Houston to play the Rockets, and could not finish the comeback losing 97-93.  Leave it to Kyle Lowery to kill the Grizzlies, its what he does best. It wasn't just Lowery though, the Grizzlies went to sleep on offense for a nine minute stretch without a FG. But look, don't worry about the loss in Houston. If the Grizz go into the all-star break after winning three out of four games, and have a record of 19-15 I will be ecstatic! 

But that 19th win will have to come against the 20-12 Philadelphia 76ers who only allow 5.6 steals against them a game.  

Elton Brand will not be playing this evening.  So the 76ers are going to look small, but dont let that fool you, they are still really good.

Smells like a win in Memphis tonight.
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Grizzlies beat the Nuggets!

I'm sorry Corey Brewer, I don't care how hot you got in the second half… It wasn't enough.  

The Grizzlies came out in the first quarter looking like a championship caliber team. Sadly, the Nuggets kept coming back, and kept coming back.  

Down one point with 24 seconds left, this happened

How about Elliot Perry's face!  I think he was about as happy as anyone in the building when that Dante Cunningham tip went in.

Grizzlies win 103-102.

Memphis Grizzlies (17-14) have the Golden State Warriors coming to town Saturday night at 7pm, I'll see you there in your hardhats!!


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Do the Grizzlies need to make a trade?

Quincy Pondexter is as usual the first man out on the court for shoot-around.  He is without doubt, the hardest working player on the team.  I have seen this guy shooting with a coach in the practice court, near the lobby of the FedEx Forum, an hour after a game.  Tonight he is working on his one-on-one defense and ball handling (which is what you want him to improve on).  This team has a real need for him, and he has fallen into a situation here in Memphis that if he improves, he could really shine.  

Josh Selby was sent to the D-League, and Jeremy Pargo has shown that he is not the answer off the bench at PG.  In 5 minutes of play against the New Jersey Nets, Pargo committed 3 turnovers, and shot 0-2.  Now I understand everyone has bad games, but how many good games has Jeremy Pargo had?  So at the point guard position, we are left with Mike Conley, and O.J. Mayo.  So if Pondexter can come in and give the Grizzlies good minutes at SG, maybe we will be okay…  It just feels to me like a move needs to be made to help solidify the PG position.  

Do you think the Grizzlies need to make a trade?

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The Grizzlies are .500 and I feel fine

The Grizzlies are 14-14, and right outside of the playoff bubble.  But its the funniest thing, I am still very excited about this team.  Sure they have some questionable losses, and they have come out of the locker room flat a few times, but when this team is clicking, it is something special to see.  I have had the wonderful opportunity to engineer the radio play by play call for all of the home games, and I can assure you, this team shows flashes of greatness. Do you remember last year right before the playoffs? The Grizzlies looked absolutely lost in the last 10 games of the regular season. I remember thinking, "Even if they make the playoffs, this team isn't going to have any juice left to play a #1 seed."  I was dead wrong.  I think a lot of the negative opinions about this years squad are dead wrong as well.


Mike Conley  (PG)  Top 10 talent at his position

Tony Allen  (SG)    Top 3 defender at his position

Rudy Gay  (SF)  Has struggled some early, but is still our best shooting option.

Mo Speights  (PF)  Has a terrific jumper, but has to be open to hit it. Good rebounder.

Marc Gasol  (C)  Our All Star, and NO QUESTION a top 3 center in the NBA, believe it.



O.J. Mayo  (SG)  When he is on, watch out. It's like he's shooting fireballs.

Cunningham (SF/PF)  Has shown some promise in his first few games. Good size.

Pondexter  (SG/SF)   You can tell he wants to be good, and he is working hard, just not quite there.

Jeremy Pargo  (PG)   He needs work.

Sam Young  (SG)   Where art thou?

Haddadi   (C)  Just get out there and rebound and take good fouls. And he does that.


This team, this lineup has gone .500 in the NBA with one of our best players hurt.  When ZBo gets back, it will change the landscape of our team for the better.  Lets not forget about how important ZBo was to the Grizz last year, and to think about how well this team has done in his absence makes me happy, and hopeful for the future.

The Grizzlies Just finished a 5 game home stand where we went 3-2. That's not the best they could have done, and they lost to a Utah Jazz team that looked beatable.  But, bottom line, the Grizzlies are right at .500 and in this shortened season, that record might be enough to get the Grizz into the playoffs. 

When ZBo heals up, and gets back in this lineup, there is nowhere for this team to go but up.

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