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Enter to Win for a Chance to Win a Million Dollars!

Think you have what it takes to win ONE MILLION DOLLARS? Take a chance at cracking the nationwide Million Dollar Vault! Like us on Facebook and enter to win. Match the winning combination, and you could be a winner! Crack it on 92.9FM ESPN!

The odds of any one entrant winning the Grand Prize, by correctly guessing the winning four (4) number code in its EXACT order of sequence in this Contest are 1:100,000,000. 

In the event that no eligible entry(ies) correctly guessed the four (4) number code in its EXACT order of sequence, there will not be a winner in this contest and NO PRIZE WILL BE AWARDED IN THIS CONTEST.

GRAND PRIZE.  One (1) Grand Prize may be awarded in this contest.  If won, the verified grand prize winner(s) will receive $1,000,000, payable over 40 years as follows:
a)    $25,000.00 payable to the winner(s) within 8 weeks after verification of winner(s).  In the event of more than one verified winner, each verified winner will receive an equal share of such $25,000.00.
b)    One (or more, if more than one winner) single premium deferred bequeathable annuities with annual installments of $25,000.00 per year for thirty-nine (39) years commencing twelve (12) calendar months from the date of the first payment (“Annuity(ies)”).  Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event of more than one verified winner, each winner will receive one Annuity in a total payment amount equal to $975,000 divided by the total number of winners.  In no event will Stations be required to purchase Annuities that exceed a total $975,000.00 over the 39 year term, regardless of the number of winners.  The Annuity(ies) will include provisions relating to the rights of survivorship and/or intestacy as are consistent with annuities of this kind such that the winner’s estate will benefit from any remaining payments owed hereunder as a result of the death of the winner prior to the final payment.  The selection of said Annuity(ies), the terms and conditions of such Annuity(Ies) and the proposed issuing company shall be solely determined by Stations.

Only one entry per email address across all Stations. Any subsequent entry made using the same email address, including the codes entered, will be disqualified.
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