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Do the Grizzlies need to make a trade?

Quincy Pondexter is as usual the first man out on the court for shoot-around.  He is without doubt, the hardest working player on the team.  I have seen this guy shooting with a coach in the practice court, near the lobby of the FedEx Forum, an hour after a game.  Tonight he is working on his one-on-one defense and ball handling (which is what you want him to improve on).  This team has a real need for him, and he has fallen into a situation here in Memphis that if he improves, he could really shine.  

Josh Selby was sent to the D-League, and Jeremy Pargo has shown that he is not the answer off the bench at PG.  In 5 minutes of play against the New Jersey Nets, Pargo committed 3 turnovers, and shot 0-2.  Now I understand everyone has bad games, but how many good games has Jeremy Pargo had?  So at the point guard position, we are left with Mike Conley, and O.J. Mayo.  So if Pondexter can come in and give the Grizzlies good minutes at SG, maybe we will be okay…  It just feels to me like a move needs to be made to help solidify the PG position.  

Do you think the Grizzlies need to make a trade?

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02/17/2012 5:31PM
Do the Grizzlies need to make a trade?
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02/17/2012 6:04PM
You're right. Greivis Vasquez is doing a pretty good job filling in for Jarrett Jack in New Orleans. Maybe he can be had. Oh, wait, getting rid of him got us in this mess. I agree with the need but not sure what tradeable assets we have other than picks.
02/17/2012 6:17PM
PG for picks
Don't think they could swap PG for PG with anyone which means they would have to look to offload in other positions. Problem is that depth doesn't allow for this right now. I agree that the only tradebait they might have is picks.
02/17/2012 6:26PM
PG trade
Its a waiting game that grizz have to play. If we were to trade for a PG we run the risk of getting an unproductive guy with years on his contract, keep Mayo, run out his contract and go from there when it expires. If he wants to re-sign then great, if not we have the money to pick up a pure PG or a solid shooter with the excess cap.
02/17/2012 6:28PM
I agree with both the articles and the comments. John, are suggesting moving OJ (who the don't seem prepared to resign due to luxury tax implications) and giving Quincy his minutes?? Maybe OJ and a pick for a for an established combo guard??
02/17/2012 6:59PM
Why not Zoidberg (I mean J.R. Smith)
I agree that the Grizzlies need help at back up point, especially in this shortened NBA season. But, the Grizzlies also need help at several other positions, including shoring up a bad NBA rotation for a play off run. And the worse thing about all of this, is that the Grizzlies don't really have any trade options that they can part with. We really ought to have been looking at J.R. Smith before he went off the market. In this very strange year, we just don't really have any players "of value" we can give up to add to an already depleted rotation.
02/17/2012 11:29PM
I like Mo Williams to fill the backup role. He could also provide great 3pt shooting which would be a necessity when Z-Bo returns. The problem with that is you make a team in the same conference better, and you increase your overall cap number by such a large margin it doesn't seem like it would be worth it. Can the grizz make a deep playoff run again if they are 100% healthy with the pieces they have? I don't know, in the 8 spot against OKC is a spot no one would envy you to have. There are so many questions that still have to be answered with this season. But I don't think any trade that could materialize will be to the benefit of our grizz. Great column John. Looking forward to more.
02/18/2012 12:09PM
We don't need to trade.
I think we are doing fine at the moment. 15-11 since Xbox got hurt, I can imagine we would only be better once he returns. We've already traded away Vasquez, whom I liked. But speights is playing good considering. So we are cool. Nice article. Let them play and keep winning like they are. When zbo is back, we can have a playoff run like last year.
02/18/2012 12:11PM
Zbo. Not Xbox. Stupid iPhone.
02/19/2012 1:45PM
Time for agent zero?
With little or no attractive trade options available, is it time do dip into free agency? Arenas is certainly a proven scorer and the thought of a second unit backcourt of Tony Allen and Gil may be too good to pass up. The only thing holding up this deal would be the amount of money Arenas is likely to want, in which case a sign and trade (possibly for draft picks) would be the only solution. Anyways, just a half baked idea but the potential for that second unit would be very intriguing. Keep up the good work John.
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