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The 92.9 Line: Launch

The announcement of my hire as 92.9 FM ESPN’s columnist earlier this month understandably and predictably drew skepticism. 

A columnist at a radio station? Nobody does that, right?

Well, not exactly. There are a few stations in our company that provide written content — WEEI in Boston and WGR in Buffalo, for example — but the point is well-taken: Radio stations rarely set aside resources for someone to cover the news in written form.

But that’s what we’ve done here.

This is a unique market with a real appetite for sports coverage. So, starting today, we’re launching what we’re calling “The 92.9 Line,” a one-stop shop for all Memphis sports nuggets, news, and everything in between.

The way we see it, we break enough news on our station as it is; why not capture it and give it more shelf-life on our website?

Starting today, the website won’t just be a repository for old podcasts. We’ll cover everything from Memphis Grizzlies to Tigers to SEC, as best we can, with real-time, up-to-the-minute updates. 

You’ll see opinions from our talent, like Chris Vernon, Eric Hasseltine, and Gary Parrish. We’re also ramping up our video efforts in addition to our written coverage — all of which you’ll be able to find daily at

Bookmark us, if you haven’t by now (and you should’ve, by now). Our aim for the site is to deliver the same information in the same entertaining and creative way as we do on the air. We hope you’ll give us a shot.

- John Martin

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06/24/2014 2:16PM
The 92.9 Line: The Launch
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06/24/2014 4:28PM
So you got the site's url wrong in your first post. Good job.
06/24/2014 5:46PM
Your still a dumb c*nt
06/24/2014 6:13PM
Austin Nichols
Some good info; the 20 Things/pounds concept was a little hokie. Not joining FB to comment though.
06/24/2014 6:52PM
Shake the haters off baby, you're the best in the game
06/24/2014 7:07PM
Great site!
Unsuccessful people are always the most jealous. The site and articles are awesome!
09/18/2014 10:56AM
Great Site!
This site and articles are awesome! John Martin sucks as a person!
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