April 20, 2017 -- Hour 1 with guests Brian Windhorst and Jared Greenber

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Thursday, April 20th

Segment 1 -- Geoff opens the show by discussing his expectations from Game 3 tonight between the Spurs and Grizzlies at FedExForum before playing some audio of David Fizdale and Marc Gasol.

Segment 2 -- Geoff welcomes Brian Windhorst of ESPN and author of the new book, Return of the King: LeBron James, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Greatest Comeback in NBA History, to discuss the NBA Playoffs and tonight's Game 3 at FedExForum.

Segment 3 -- Geoff welcomes Jared Greenberg of NBA TV and Off the Dribble on Sirius/XM's NBA Channel, to discuss the Grizzlies and Spurs matchup as well as the rest of the NBA playoffs.


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In nineteen millions and ESPN locker room stories audio or sign up on the main page 99 espn.com. And then to millions and ESPN locker room stories audio or sign up on the main page 99 espn.com. Number I can you do pay off pay off words for the Jeff Hawkins shows today's word is secret. SEC. Are easy. You can text that never she's 7881. Within the next fifteen minutes and you're injured. When it a chance to win enough 1000 dollars again that word for the Jeff Hawkins showed today is secret SEC. RE eighteen. Standard data and message rates may apply your next chance to win. Will be 11 AM on the Jason and John shipman again the word today for the Jeff call in show is secret. Then he has. Leave sports columnist. The award winning Jeff cook can. And no Geoff Calkins show. 829 SO. ESPN. News. And everybody and happy. Thursday. In. Did it. Didn't break or cut maybe. The last I might get pushed back from us on Twitter. Or could be the last meaningful game. Of the grit and grind there. Yeah. Yes I think that's fair. It's not and yet you're speaking a definite but guess what could be the last you have meaningful game two of the 42 of the four core four. Our free agents beginning this act. Yes and so and so to me like so that my friend met here on Twitter saying all due respect your great grand era and long time ago and I didn't it had ups and downs but there's still been. It's over the course formed the identity of this team and all of that didn't necessarily. As good with the best selling the season this year and they got back to what they made only 143 games this year as opposed the years they were one of fifty and they want you and I'm not Simmons is that this is the the height of the great guard Derrick. Tony not playing a night that will be played tonight and if they lose tonight. Can't afford a lawyer comes a meaningful game so that's why I say and and and then after that. Tony and Tebow could be gone out of both home begun but couldn't unsuitable and so it is could be the last meaningful game of the good guy and Sarah. I believe tickets still available so you get yourself. Eat yourself to about listening to the show and tickets are available on the show. Later on in the gavel to the second hour we'll give with the tickets in the second hour of the shall I am pumped. And now that isn't as we know because it David Tisdale. I'm somewhat because the way the played in the second half they did seem to play better in the second half and so should be a rollicking good time. At FedEx Forum time it'll be deflating if it's not. As a potential. Could be a game that you remember and and I'm excited for that one update I did down. I had in my column today. Two things you can read that I've tweeted that recently. And also. Of their commercial field outcome one were to come out tonight. His dale all of that using yesterday's reactions. And what not and in that column. I said that the take that for data shirts. That the grizzlies themselves of selling. And the proceeds will go to their grizzlies foundation. Which is a typical classic grizzlies moved. Some. They will be available once the doors opened today. Other columns said that they were going to be available online. I got a call before the show began saying base they will not be available online. I think someone quashed for some reason I don't know I am just looked at isolating. No I think probably MB. A little I don't know I don't okay Hollywood stuff in federal dog you have my attention this is all speculation I'm surprised at the beginning. I I'd tweet it out but I wasn't sure the because as would ever do anything to endorse either of thief is dale comments. Because they were in that context of ranting about officiating and it yes and so they have to be respectful of the Lee. In the end they went with take that for data because. That's just generic and it was wearing they're going to Brooke gossip is not going to hook us. What's your finger directly at bay being the league and officials and whatever so it's no surprise that they went with one instead of the other. And and you will be able to get their shirts available. Once the doors opened today there are already lots of shirts out there it's flashy and more a lot of places already have. Are you sure it's out there that fully capture the the the glory of his Dale's rant so. Game tonight I fully expect you people to bomb not let. The reputation of Memphis down and to live up to the reputation that this city has built for being completely crazy. And so if you are going to that game. I want T shirts I want signs. I want bedlam. I want to a wanna go around suing him. In the end if this is the end and so there's an in our option. 830 you'd get a little drizzly yes there and then you can get a little drink drink on their look at the list so. So on you'll be disappointed if it's not like that tonight. So they okay Michelle. We have. Brian win horse he's tremendous. He'll be with us in the next segment. Of course Brian is with ESPN and Jerry Greenberg is gonna join us he is the he's NBA studio host for turner sports and I. And the NBA. NBA channel series except a series XM. And aunts and he's gonna join us at nine. Forty we have a heavy NBA shouted at and Chris Harrington who's gonna join us in the 91 antenna on us but we'll talk some NBA for him listen what dive in and man's finger it next week. Yes next week at this time let's be fair. Let's be honest. We're not return to work at it's it would give be honest with yourself it's probably over. And so we're going to be talking about NFL draft. And everything else we don't have a whole lot of time left to talk about the grizzlies. Playing games and so we are around steadying ourselves in that take a second banana on adrenaline will do take five. 1020 as we always do will give away. Two brisk ticket to is that Dugas tickets as part of that extravaganza. Will also talk about mark Al Crawford. Who has decided to go to Ole miss said state of affairs when you think got a better shot to go on to the NCAA tournament. For all less than you do for the Memphis Tigers but that's what he's doing also take up the small little. The last little brouhaha that has broken out over Matt Stanley. The kid who's going to the division two college. And whether he was or was not offered by Memphis not to be invested in whether he was there was an apple we can discuss that. Briefly bill rightly. Is out. It is sort of a remarkable thing that you could fall that far that fast. Bill O'Reilly. Number one rated TV show who fifteen years Brian Cabell is Leah just dominant yes and Pena to steal. At Fox News. That and other things talk about during the course of the show I thought though because this was and is perhaps the last day of the meaningful could grind air I thought we should go right to the videotape yesterday. And listen to what David is dale and might have only had to say a back out. Matters let's start with. Dated this. You like it's your life goal line so. See what is on the second. It was necessary you win. It's two things you can read into it and feel like. We found something we can tell you all a little tussle on a positive way because that's. Paterson. We're you gonna go what does. Well you. They tell the router on this. The offense out. Social media site. Some media. Craziness it was funny stuff and beyond 2000. It's got you know what you and did you have decisions to go. When I was yeah. Anyhow I. Okay routed to our fans. Sounds like were summoned to. This sport it's. Gonna get a fine once once it came out of your mouth. Any little detail. And yeah and all they give. I got text messages from cold weather. And guys to go about it. I think players. You fight for you today. Fight for your life in the playoffs. What do these players that you. Well it's your current players yes that's. Yes lovely site. Goes off about thirty yards this month. So download those now it's a pyramid on their home court now back home. Besides it's. Your aspirin. Well there. Yeah my. I appreciate you go through the yeah this. Win or go home but it's. Been a lot. Honestly don't know. And I think our guys on my mom. Connected. And you know your brother. Are you gonna get she's yourself. I'm shows them how to make its way to. The favorite it's. I'm not a minute. Somehow gonna homo wise yeah. Did you see. The spirit. Just in the rain take. Yeah yeah. It's. Little bit. Isn't it always helps you. Fire with the really optimistic that we'll come. Crowd behind the place to be. About here. There's so much. It's on the. So they go. I thought he was very entertaining a whole bunch of topics it is it is pretty clear it seems to me that he's gonna go with the Z Bo and this line up didn't she think that they're the question was is there going to be any tweaking and he said a fair share. And went on to say. There's no you know we we now have said that they're basically. So no tomorrow deal in others there's a Britain. We afterward desperate we got to do something. Yeah he essentially the same answer when the at the start of the series when they were trying to determine who was going to be in the starting lineup whether it be when someone knocked essentially gave the same answer right. You guys know what I have to do but I'm not gonna just come out and put it in a lot. Right so I think it's pretty clear. That there will be a change in the line of short interest into Michael green is the only plus players throughout the first two games he does not. And I'm not sure plus minus is a highly imperfect stat alone I'm not sure that's reflective of his level of play in the series by. That is what I expect to happen. Well listen Mike Conley later in the show we don't have time to get it Bryant endorsed the other interesting thing. A yesterday. Was mark we asked Meyer ever oil was asked about same questions and mark will this quintessential markets or mark said when asked. About. David is Dale's right. Got it won't. Haven't been at. I don't know very little say that. How is that even possible. Or Myanmar. He is so mark is it me. His these super is just above it all it's just I literally and does yeah if I'm just not get out worry about your silly things. That you worry about it's just. I mean he is absolutely peak mark. So everybody else in the whole universe has watched it but mark has. 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A professional on and my staff stands ready to serve our volume companies we are dependant companies you can trust. Day two I have 1111 or visit us at landmark heating and air. Tough man I love these sonic night's six or have price after 8 PM yeah but so are the ice cream slashes and they're better south what did you say ice cream slashes or that shakes our ice cream slosh it. Okay so I'm here. That's it let's take this outside. Lovely spring day I don't love those put you on his plant now can't actually had changes slipped out. So on ignites between six and realize things lessons have prize after 8 PM this is how you sonic limited time only does that sound right. Now 829 FM succeed him. I'm on the W that this and night. Espn.com. Yes he is the. It's. Talk show. We're joined now by Brian when doors finally nor scores works for ESPN or does that speak directly jump Almonte is BN. At home on Twitter at winged horse ESPN and by all means. By his book Return of the King. The brunt James of the Cleveland Cavaliers the greatest comeback in NBA history Father's Day is coming up people love LeBron you should buy that book. Brian joins me now Brian period. It's going very well. If the grizzlies do come back you could write a sequel. If he called David Fay is dale the Memphis Grizzlies and the greatest comeback in NBA history. What are the chances. It would be held to come. Our chairman of pardons and Tony Allen couldn't get under the bed by game period. Yeah and I don't believe that and I'd probably feel better. How. Long is. I thought we did expect this to be at least competitive they split during the regular season to all. It has not been competitive obviously. Bigger is made a nice run in the second half of the second game. Up through the first three halves they were losing. More persuasively that they lost the three F first three halves last year when they were suiting up nobody. Some. Why does it had been as the spurs better than we think are the grizzlies worst and we thought. Well thought over. Very good and over Tom. Obviously the games were not at school because that's the one thing that you have to try to do a cure the group is right your goals should be. Are we're gonna take if you kick to the people we've got out. They've got to make it a game in the fourth quarter that's got to be their goal and down there have been able to achieve that relate. And I really think they did they don't have an antidote for coli and I know that. Senators really upset about the filed in the should be a mean if you look at the video. They're definitely the moments where there's some questionable call. I also think that it's the playbook when you are desperate. Which I think dignity of our at this point you need the whistle more than anything you can't afford. There even be even whistle because of an even with the dog the chance so why. While his rant was glorious in terms of its creativity. And its intensity and will live. He did that because the group we need the whistle they need to with a with a really bad I'm just what you see this. You can it play out all the time he's. You feel older players for example. Ryder wrapped more than younger players sometimes the older players need to whistle. So they just don't have an antidote for Kauai obviously if they had the Sony it would make a big difference from what you can do there. You know he's twenty to twenty it aligned at your train when he got an ally in Egypt Cahill. So they've got to figure a way to slow down Kauai and without Tony. The way that they constructed team to slow down a wing players not available to them it's really. They've been dealt a bad hand here. But I expect them to rally at home I expect. Well I think he could eject you know there's some role players. And the played better in the playoff on the home court it's not an ironclad rule. But that's kind of what the grizzlies need eighty some of their role players. They have big game tonight because they defeat the offense they need somebody to come through and get a few baskets help what their offense. Do you think that that this stuff work like one. That the fizz dale ranked so he does it because he needs the whistle he said yesterday he admitted that it was 100% intentional but he went up there. Fully prepared to blast the officials in the intensity the voice cracking. All of these sort of got going sort of surprising took even him by surprise but he went there with the intention of blasting the officials. Doesn't eat eat do you find it works or does does I don't know of Thursday and ever been paid out to use a turn his term on messed. Or does it go the other 18 officials say a few. The answer is sometimes. Now I don't know what the group is actually dead but I know that other teams in the past they literally have a meeting. The front office in the code to meet before the the podium and they say eight should be go after the official here and you know sometimes. The other front office basically give the code the blessing yes go out the official here will cover your fine but the you know he knew when he walked into the room you're gonna get society probably I was going to be. 25008. Big talk and extra extra 5000. On merit pay for because of the intensity of it but he knew he walked in the room he was gonna get quite 5000 dollar fine. You probably knew he wasn't gonna pay it either and I know the good bye for the grizzlies. You on top of the players offer to cover I think there was a a bunch of people waiting in line to coverage. I don't think you'd ever worried about the money but I think last year there were six coaching poor find. During the playoffs. Now both both coaches were fine for criticizing. Yeah official during the playoffs. So it's it's actually relatively. A common tactic. When your behind and again it usually happens more. When you're in a more desperate situation. It will always be remembered because of its originality but really again it's kind of a well worn. Saying in the playoffs that it did you know to go to it and they're reopening it in so well Warren Jeffs because it does tend to work so especially since the great leader coming home Annika so they're well aware. The first time back you know go into they're going to take and I did any contact. You know that the crowd is gonna be on the officials. So you know it's going to be incumbent on the officials. To wanted to two you know to make the call so I do believe it will work I don't believe so that'll decide the different atmosphere. You mentioned that there are right straight at the beginning dimension Gemma Parsons and Tony Allen obviously. Without them the wing rotation becomes pretty thin to such an extent that your. Starting Wayne sell them sometimes and James Dennis is get a lot of run then. If they if fate if they don't really trust Troy Daniels and forty year old Vince Carter is not an imposing wing rotation. The fact that Tony and Chandler are out is bad luck. But is it really block or should it have been it Tony's been out each of the last two playoffs he's he's not been himself. And Chandler Parsons we know about his that he and knee issues is it bad luck or is it miscalculation. He EPA depend on where you put your foot. I look at this the wing position at the most important position in basketball laissez. You know when you talk to executives they will tell you that much double hall of Famer. That's occurring for example who Russell Westbrook if your best player is your point guard. You're gonna have a hard time having big time success in the NBA you really need wing players. They're also the rare especially when players that played both ends of the court they can be good defensive players I've been on the Detroit and Milwaukee Bucks for example. Look how much of a difference it made when they got Chris Middleton back a guy can play both ends of the court he's not even an all star. But he's so important to them so they're at the reason why Chandler Parsons gets 94 million. Because a player who can theoretically play at both ends of the court is extremely valuable this time of year. And you know with a calculated gamble for sure and the first theory come a polluter. But when you don't have when tired especially when players who can defend which is. The whole point of this thing he eats very difficult to win in this structure of the game today frankly most teams have good point guard certain eighteen. That. Are all playing at this level of the field and look around and almost all of them have. Great point guard it you know it you other people want to hold on your your point guard to be good it's easier to find a good point guard. Bennett is confined to really good way. And that's why they went after arson and that's why not having him and Tony even if the chances of them being healthy baby here less than ideal the reason they take a gamble because they're so valuable. Carter Bryant win horse column on Twitter at went hoarse yes in his new book is Return of the King LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers are the greatest comeback. And then. NBA history. From getting ahead of ourselves a little bit. Tony and Zach are both free agents at the end of this year as is to Michael grain of freeagent. At the end of this year if they lose tonight I sort of said tonight could be the last meaningful game. Of this error because if they do lose tonight game formal at that point sort of be. A formality. Do you expect what it would do you are looking at the grizzlies as if something seismic may happen going forward depending on it either way this summer. It's really hard for me. To see. If I think about back and told me not wanting to be there if the group is want them back. The issue would both of them will be I think will be years. They're both beyond their time. And you know neither. Either one of them what you're gonna say or to build around going forward so they've got so much money committed to the other three guys are Max and you wonder how far they can tell me that they wanted to stay I think both stay. Also though if I can see even back you know came and said listen I want to go do something for the you know my last act I'd like it to be here. It Null and another place. It's hard to look at and say the man hasn't given it life you know any insult to the group is I guess we have to go either way I don't think either of them. Are going to attract a massive offer elsewhere. I think really what it will come down to Liz. Blair to the group please offer in years. And you know how but I mean how well enough that it take risks on that especially. With some other risk that they have on their roster. I'd I'd it's very hard to know the market because. I actually think there could be some tightening a bit of the free agent market this summer gas. Because we now know that to happen next year will be flat or any project. It flat that senate and some teams who spent wildly last summer are gonna get nervous that there that care about their future cap. So I don't think it will be the drunken sailor spending this summer like we have. Played well the last two Summers armed and that could play into the green Bay's favor but they also have to decide your Michael green is a guy like frank. They get an offer and especially if you I can help for example that leak aboard that they're a little earlier the Orlando Magic. Hat to Michael on. And then one of the and that he was the only restricted free agent they had on that Bora looking in you don't talk. Yeah I know academic and also Gemma Parsons on there I will stick it gives the credibility and support channels on that board. I think my eye and into the you to read the writer Michael was on the board because. If you're doing opponent evaluation you're saying. With all the commitments that the grizzlies out. Maybe that's a player we both from them with a good offer. Because they're gonna have a difficulty matching bumping of any. Of any big amount because what else they have. Well that's a different player and if you look at you do it long term planning. Who would you rather have been to a three years Tony or Jim Michael bring the answer might be might be green. Right I think in two or three years the answer would be green. It course all that is at what price for how many years exactly whatever. I'm okay more on the rest Italy where do you think the cavs are right now. I'm you know they've gotten a little bit better you know they. Tyrod Lou has unveiled a fuels is quote on quote secret defensive principles he basically played LeBron. Game at the drain mongering position. And in game two. And he had that had that dream on greenside idiots for re four blocks and force steel. Played a lot of defensive center basically he was their back line defender. And it's actually kind of a Smart move. And we have a player purple LeBron you know you can do stuff like that in my mind it's set up alarm bells I think. That's really tiring and if you're gonna do vote if you're gonna do that's irregular or round but that you're gonna Paramount but. They actually did play is very much defense those. If you that they take and actually have done something on defense that I could see bearing fruit until I actually think that there are getting a little bit attraction right now but. I still watch them jets have none they play. You know if they're scoring their fine but it's gonna be stopped scoring they have no ability to hold became. Dell you know last year in game seven the final. They only give up 89 points for the warriors in game 789. And before Kyra you're gonna get that shot it's easy to forget. The two teams that each missed six shots have been twelve consecutive missed shots. The jazz were able to hold a warrior for sixty concessions to win the championship I don't think I think I got to have a hard time or the Brooklyn nets extra possessions without scored. It's a big difference why. Well first off eight they have lost. Above there are defensive. Spoke isn't an intensity. Like for example JR Smith and a month shopper two guys who were pretty good. Cedric last year have been just awful awful this year and Eric Schmidt as reasons he's been out all year these. And the fact he's been out of shape he did training camp do you spend behind. A Shumpert just been just been horrible I don't know why I'm abroad has not had you've probably had the worst. Night in and night out defenses even of his career may be back when he was a rookie need to know. How to play the game and I kind of get the business decision easier but curriculum well on defense. In January when you know he's got to say that. And you know just just they basically bad habits. They sort of moved in with these install on a high and they formed that either. And lastly again continent to go to Brian went Horst from ESPN. On Twitter at when Norris ESPN. You were talking about the value of wing players relatives of the grizzlies and and broadly throughout the league. Is what happens what's happening in Boston. And and does that suggest that. Jimmy Butler or Paul George should've been someone that they sacrificed the farm to get do you use. Criticize them or second guess them for not. Doing more to Trinidad. Well I don't look what they Jimmy Butler but they didn't make. If they created a target that it would have dramatically held down it'd have to trade for the also dark. Say that they thought they were gonna be about number two or number three seed if you have a team it is good to have a top two or three feet normally you see yourself as a contender. And if you look at all the contenders across the league. Not all of them get that the warriors didn't have to but if you look at other almost seemed contenders made moves to help themselves. The Celtics did not. And that leads me to believe that their front office doesn't actually see this team and the contender this year. They would rather hold onto their act that. And the end of the contender in year two and three so maybe that the fact that there are down 20 to the bowl. This surprised. But when they didn't improve that roster. That's sort of told me that their front office didn't really believe in that seat and there was a lot of people throughout the week we didn't believe in that team either because. They don't have dynamic Wayne. And their best player at five foot nine and it much you respect him and what you've been able to do a player who is five foot nine is more neutralize the bull. In a playoff setting not a player with extra day this is it basketball. I don't mean to be difficult to somebody is 59 that's the truth. And that's what happened in the series and and you could be or could it happen here. Six months in advance they'd they'd double teaming Isaiah. Is less effective. And he doesn't have the support elsewhere and so. The suburb I think new that I think they're making a gamble back in two year this drastic. And they are free agency makes him a contender that because. I don't know how they could look at the roster and watch Cleveland upgrade and watched Toronto upgrade and watch Washington upgrade and say oh will be just fine. Brian you're awfully gracious to join us and your busy thank you very much. Appreciate it may just luck of the product. That is Brian when horse once again the book. Return of the King LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers and the greatest comeback in NBA history Jared Greenburg it's got to join us NB ATV host. We also had. Love Chris Harrington with a 901 apparently angry is tickets Rigas tickets. We're gonna give away as well as Jeff Duncan show 92 none of them is still playoff. Grizzly is a group isn't considered the playoffs. Any soul lives on 92 Randolph. It's funny 78. Opposes bush station yeah. I am ESPN. 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Shelley followed put de Jared pass Greenberg he joins me now Jerry now we have. Well we have the small matter of the game three here tonight in Memphis and then. I'm we have distracted ourselves. And entertained ourselves the last two days with a wonderful David is dale ranked. It was wildly entertaining. It is not in fact mean that the San Antonio Spurs are gonna show up tonight which is sort of discouraging what did you read it first of all. I didn't I loved it. But he you know I loved how you can kind of see. In the body language that it was it would definitely. You know he knew going into the press conference and get a fine. And that he would go and I don't think they while it was premeditated it definitely wasn't scripted so that you don't even get just like it was like a trained. Sled team and going down the track and any like screw it I don't didn't finally doubled down it only so much they can find these social look keep going. And you know they are good but further went the better it got. It did you know coming home. It's great because that bill because you guys know gonna be even more fired up because of that. On it definitely can't hurt the momentum which is clearly not going in the favor of the grizzlies. So I love that the premise of it getting your players back in the rookie coach at got to do a lot from around the locker room. But ultimately you know I don't I don't really big game was decided on battles. And I think that you know it that they were certainly some missed a hole there were some called it should have gone mad this is way. But that outlawed group we've won a lot of games so it's good for the fans the players who feel like the coach at their back. What ultimately that that would what was the difference in this series B into well. In the end. The difference was. The first half they were just get their heads handed to them at every turn and they were completely ineffective they can't score the ball among other things they if yeah ninety points would be nice and then why let those of the truth that those strike require letter on the one hand. And the good these total inability to even get ninety points. Is the other it strikes me. Yeah under 100% you know I think you know Tony Allen would make a difference but not be different threat like. Tony Allen played might slow down quite Leonard Little bit. What it wouldn't have won these gains for the grizzlies Fisher right ultimately in today's NBA defense is really important. What better offense beats great defense intra day easily it's just the way it is. And a group we don't have enough right now and American Indian BA because guys are so talented and it has really good players. You're able to nearly erased a 26 point deficit. But the energy and definitely do that leisure and and be one cure within striking distance of finally closing that gap and overcoming it. Any other problem is is you wonder if in part you're able to close that gap 'cause. A little bit a lack of focus on the air when you're up 26 was it is natural to let down a little. It wasn't the locked in scorers they did that against the and were not a. The law they've done all year long been spurred they've given away or leave it at the hold onto them it abate. They've they've given way to lead and lost them because up in your typical sixty wins per squad that's why I kind of so impressive. That they're wide but the numbers and and the spurt with a second seed because they've been perplexing at times this year they've had really bad hole law is. Meanwhile they've got on the road and just destroy people but still a bold Arial. They come back from big deficits and they give it away big leads. All throughout the year. Not that they scare you I mean they've looked really good the first two games to Tony Parker has looked better than I expected him to mark the first two games. What we talked ourselves into here in Memphis was that while they want all those games in the regular season. They were not the same terrifying death machine scorers. And I just still looking at the roster believe that they are not the same terrifying death machine spurs but they look like in the first two games. And try and tread lightly here and insistent specified cannot. Hear you this sense that everything you just sit. I am all mumbled that. That applies to the next round and the next round at that as an. The net is currently is worth seventy for a reason right they didn't get rain there they earned it the seventh spot. In the Western Conference they've had a lot of injuries this year they're going to transition with a new coach who's done a phenomenal job on they'd they'd they'd. Dealt with. A lot of different changes in and having you know exact Kamal the pension and your well that helped Michael Green it would all you can do you guys know about. We better argued she covered him all you won't. I think we luge. We lose perspective. Of why teams are in the feed that they are in the NBA it's because they were earlier waiter coming. Deputy also not get off track your put. Bull repeating itself ripped out goal should be a Stoner everybody don't tell me about Jimmy Butler Dwyane Wade Rondo like that's. Don't guy. It true that pima. Being an eight seed right. The fact that they're playing this way and the fact that ball and playing this way it is surprising right where we can come to a conclusion that the wiretapping but it also quite sick. And the grid into the same yes this first I believe are not a team. That is perfectly suited for the quell or a seven game series no question that certain positions starting and ending with the point guard. Without all apply it to seven series against Memphis who undermanned right now. NB a TV host for NB ATV also. You can catch is serious. XM channel. Show which is weekdays plus three is that right Jared has talked to their off the dribble their okay. There was a classic I guess last night where we saw Russell west would do what Russell was wrestled and what Russell Westbrook. Does. And yet James Harden and I'm Houston emerges on top what did you make of that proceedings. I think it is a microcosm of what we've seen all year long you know I. I think that Russell Westbrook. Has had to carry this team and then and the way he plays it he's joke. It's it's amazing how hard he plays. What sometimes how hard he plays. And up Hawke and his team and while we would prefer I understand why we remember. The classic finishes this year you know more being winners within the final ten seconds get a buzzer beater to knock out the nuggets. He put up unbelievable numbers and given a signature moments. What got idol. Well not work in the playoffs. It just doesn't and I think Houston while we wanted to we wanna just look around the roster and say oh they got better complementary pieces. Okay that's surely they have more talent but I I really think we got to start giving my Antonin James Horton a little credit. Port elevating the talent level for elevating the play of all those bad putting them in position I think we look at triple doubles until what was was looked at between eight and up. This may be hard to understand what affects. Do not always sometimes they do but not always equate to getting your team involved. I have but all you know we had a usage rate that he has got all that and every single possession ever want to while he got to give it up and those limited time guys make me shots. And I think for what looked upon that he or she is true march and become waiting too predictable and even though he believed because he knows he's better than it opponent most the time. That percent of the time that he can make you shot it high enough. To win a game by yourself against a pretty good team in Houston who's going to be able to outs or you. Do you believe in fact that the what we've seen here from Russell Westbrook while it's been glorious all yearlong. It sort of I knew we had to do it because during that's gone and whatnot. But do you in the end think it vindicates. And another deep that I attend parent needs vindication. But but it vindicates that decision that playing with a Russell Westbrook is no fun. I ever for a guy like Kevin Durant in do you think that. Look I mean they're good before that and it's battles say that that the red deserves some people blame as well for the way they played I mean there were times we're all problem. We're looking very selfish at the end or fourth quarter of games went when it was so predictable and and and I think in their mind Durant Westbrook and those both those guys we're just. Have a superior talent level feel like you know one on one situation they are better than their opponent which you know. 99 Portland 99.9 999% of the time they all are. The issue though is you're still dealing with percentages and you're still going to miss shots right. And in the NBA in approach you can become that predictable and and I've gotten preinaugural ball I broke was a credit he hit it that. I don't think the talent level on the under it that bad that. As we made it out to being. Nationwide but this narrative that come out that in order to pump up how impressive what we're being we have to knock down. And really cut down how how how. The talent level because they're not that bad out there that a good bit but that are making the playoffs that was well put but most teams put an MVP candidate running a playoff. Well third guy on it. Well but I think that it. While he's had to do that. That works over 82 game it doesn't work in a seven game series against a really good team in the playoffs and I think that. You know the option of hope that we get it unit warmup I think you know Stephen Adams into cancer ritual of people get picked it up all sport yet. What you gotta work to make them better like if we're licking Brian Vander Sheehan and Eric Gordon helped to peak BP's whole thing players. Do we not remember these guys couldn't stand up or when they were on the floor they couldn't help Anthony Davis get the pelican database in the Western Conference so. 22 tend to not acknowledge. Jean Horton has done to elevate the guys around him. He's just ludicrous in my mind it at the same time or saying that what we're not dealing with and not what. You've got to make these guys around you better and I and I don't think this Bible Belt make them better and ultimately the if you try to do that for the call them and maybe. In the long run the conduct and develop and become a serious contender in the playoff on account of what we'll continue to play this way. Gerri great stuff you're awfully gracious to join us I know it's a busy time thank you very much and I got another. Thank you Donna thank you that's Jerry Greenberg you can catch him. On NB ATV and also the radio show off the dribble on serious. Acts. Am I thought it was interesting to bear in terms of both of those guys did where endorsed. First and then Jerry Greenberg is. The idea from one horse to vet. The fourth is still one on the podium now that they may well had a conversation with management. To say you're gonna go on the podium and blast the officiating. If I did that that they've that happens to make total sense that that adolescent. Both gay we're gonna cut him in sealed sealed approval get seal of approval were gonna cover you and strategically this is something we want to do yes. 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