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Tuesday, April 18th

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It's great Travis from a man kicks his coverage claims radio show. Listen to a weekdays from six till 9 PM on ESPN 7:9 PM kill him now. Always Jason and Jon on 929. ESPN. Play what's the word. But I wouldn't dream about or everything is good what did you think of David is bill's rant and why did you not spend your entire show on like we are. What I'm not admit that exclusively but we played probably bought this time. I thought it would I thought it was fantastic I thought it. What I knew it was great credit career so. And when I got it studio didn't show. And and I said okay you know that was quite a speck a I think we played it we certainly played every hour. And we are. All a couple of the Clark about. You know like I don't I I jot it down that the best line. Right now that. It's big rocket attack. As well the fact it'd be a picnic game. Well I think it was pretty genius. For further reason that nobody including us here today. Is talking about the fact that the grizzard auto and 02 in the series and they live they've lost by you know an average of point one half point to game. Nobody is talking about that fact today we can save that for a different day for today. We're talking about the grizzlies coach stand up for his team that's the genius part about all. Well I don't think the vast majority of NBA can't even tell you secretly computer it's dark they're. Right. I I think you have to be a pretty big NBA fans go to Spain bigoted all right I'll I. I I don't know that I didn't secretly control prior to that branch we are adequate government to debate or a year. And what people have been asserted that the coaches but if you're thinking about it all the active. Younger casual fan having guided inquiry to what. Coach could increase short order between coaches did five years that probably right yeah oh without a final all right yeah Jaeger do you. Our AJ your I think that IR Jaeger Robert just. I'm not a beggar your rise de Jager yup. Yes and it now here I doubt that tends to mean that. I think Brooke block kept up an obviously not like Richard Bennett. Tons of really serious series or you play regularly actually L I gate. You know security that on the out downside in BA exposure at sir. I think it is the back or get sport band that topic or got beat. Who's the coach of the Nashville Predators Clinton. Because I don't know. And the Iraqi it is who did it still mirror oh want he'll let her be the law are still shell quit. I know the audio Blackberry trot but because like. I don't know for sixteen years that at a target with the coach Google magic beat are correct. Yeah I did not copyright Peter Laviolette although that's it. How how crazy this app craze is this is the city going crazy that they are of the real on the Blackhawks tells about. To I think with a prolonged concrete and natural predators have opinions based critical period it ain't. Yes their probably 40000 people that really care about the national creditors could get actual one billion or cowardly people appear. So it's not like football where quit the titans are rolling. The type could literally almost purely in this city right where everybody order the talking about it everybody got a picture to. You know that the threat matter but I would think right. Now that the only people who like our. Are quite a beating it is literally the white deleted you've ever seen so international what like forty. Around Tikrit I mean just hot he'll interest. And though it's hard unite the whole city would be pretty popular. Here and I by the way airport that like you don't like I. I don't care about or that I ever played right exactly securely clear about cold weather. So I walk football. Well basketball III. You know grew up watching baseball I don't like it is much. A couple of weeks soccer fans like I'm like oh I like restore most. I like to grow at an early on we started dating her. How to beat me and she was like I want to ski at what this note board I think you'll like it to like because something might be able guys. Like I tell you this so we don't want to I think of somewhere I don't know where you know like I'll be and I didn't. And home and out like it is not Kirby and I have not I I have not he's got a not supported. Ever since that moment like I got up to like he's off and a look at. And you know so that kind of I might feel a picnic either way I'll watch them wonder what. Like I don't want her Olympic I don't care about sports articles. I hear about that I can kind of followed that I understand so well. All that this circle around and say here is an element of the city that really like the tax credit they're they're all go to a local radio year. And others in the playoff. Talk about the national predators and that speakers there. Opt out that you you'd you answered my next question for the most part that we don't. We have even mentioned the predators on this show opened the point that I just as you a question of what is it that is it pretty much the same way in Nashville. About the grizzlies. But with the argument naturally epic will be more national just because of the basketball things more popular than hockey. But but I don't think he's back weasel football national basketball. And go up recovery would agree it good and yet except up in what we can shop there we hit the children and there's a lot of excitement about the about the situation. Now when it comes to you know that it agreed to make Iraq. I think at that I mean given the fact that the greater risks to okay right on right irritant that much of victory now locally in cut it market I have always. And acting and buy it at a national I got it in gate the it would that it saintly caught York and it would be like Memphis knock it purpose for workers. He got a night. Pretty because everybody is connected to bat all the bet that well be I don't think you'll be quite popular like it but all it. Don't want it most that statement big market in the country obviously the titans are greatly popular either with XP. But but it would be it would be I tipper too I mean there. No doubt about that it. They that there were to play opera going on. It would be a lot more excitement in the city than you are that ought to get this could be a walk around the arena. And it looked like it and so that that that white population like doctor Ayers but otherwise. Restart like cock and otherwise but it's not like we broke into cross section of the city. House and where you learn of the break of Carmelo and lie lie and the fact that it may be over Carmelo and pregnant in a stripper. I thought he was Smart the next lay out our are really did up a Carmelo at more brains than that. Well I've already know we're gonna talk about it on the show tomorrow morning haven't talked about it Arctic air that I don't go at the air. How many Danes are worked that are complicated wrote quicker lineup looks like sued the actual like band I got a call. Gotta be the war are being eight somebody like my body yelling at Baylor or 2 jock I am not just the markets show. I know an hour ago that the only thing I can get it worse you're telling your girl got her sister. You might be that I beat the that indie mom works in the other and stripper I think that are probably worse other than that are not actual worker there is ladylike. We Gallic with the security pay check out our Mary are adopted daughter. That's got to be a little bit of a kick in the gut I would think if Gloria they're. On like played it pretty tough it's gonna be conversation that would not. And on about it we are of course targets in clay Travis the you can hear on 798 and every single morning Rita stuff. And allocate the coverage dot com clearly were just talking about Steve Stevens the FaceBook killer obviously just killed himself. Earlier today. Do you think that the arrival in the you'd invention of mediums like FaceBook live do you think those things facilitate. Acts like this. Career or. It partly that of the ticket that back I think in the past era. I think certainly the fact that one match after they could get more likely that another crash. Because if you go back and looked about recorded history in America I think prior that'd be. It would almost unheard of for a guy to publish only guy right go with a gun I don't think governor pat cash out war. I show up with a guard injured are. Completely random benefit people. And you know maybe get sick because the first thought it started to happen but it certainly if you look at the number matched group that is accelerated. And you know I at this site yet I think the Craig and I don't know. I know how the camera doesn't surely got the oldest regular blood. Up ordered B wonder that they get ridiculous like yet understand but the call each other with the but a couple different hypotheses. Or what the record book PO we don't cure them. And we kind of get the deep thinker because we believe that makes it more likely. That your. We also have something that secret criminal justice system where. We had what's called repeal all right where somebody is accusing somebody else to operate we don't publish or public or Portland. Real public that Portman. And the reason is because they Arctic. Probably ballot or the air went out. That people are less likely become for quick break out a charter if they're mate is going to public side well quicker they're they're they're great at. The people of all different right. So that those two reasons. Apart quarter. Yet the media cover the computing what did it gain the suspects. Whether that would make it less likely to happen again it could be a particular site yet that I got. Thinking about the way that the yet cover stories that would make it more likely. That people are gonna be Hayden Craig Patrick again I don't believe that it went sixteen. Seventeen we get more creek. People that we did in 1915. Or eighteen trick that matter but certainly what we have the utility of people act out a way. It every won the cup that we are there and interconnected world. Like anybody can they could be you know it can go our. Anybody can also walk out regarding start an appeal regarding. Echoing nature of why so. I I think it's troubling you know I tweeted out a link to the video. It will be pork record like that. When I watch this bill are Arabic because so a record. That. He doesn't duck the talk politics to curse. Read what happens when you hear that an old guy in pre orders walking on the sidewalk it would oblique shot. That doesn't necessarily your vote in the at least. The same boat that I felt watching the video of the guy you might go to the coral were awkward collect literally feet eagle tapped it. And I think. You know I can look at myself because they could publishing that it I think factor is diet or hurt other people I think actions and I just. I don't know I don't know I doubt that situation like it too big to really typical warrant I think it certainly. Of our era Erica technical on it fat bastard or people not get paid her ticket that you want to point technology quickly clicked it happened. I think here that creepy people want to be good next guy who got this. It debt put it in the they're falling to 32 with a way to make it. Yeah I think I I agree with you on all fronts he is clay Travis could take him out on FaceBook live in pairs go listen to his radio show. Every morning here on 79 B a M clay appreciate the time as always Ella thanks. Hey Africa Arctic are yet to lose. Clay Travis.