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Friday, March 17th

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I back our Jason exotic and as promised. Yes indeed his name is diamond Dallas page will be inducted into the WW hall of fame. A little later this month but most importantly more important than that he's gonna be at wrestling night. Tomorrow night at FedEx Forum. And he joins us now you showed any pay what's happened in man were honored to have you. Well don't change. That would on the yeah you are and and we will talk gets all that just amend it but. Tell me about resting I know you can't give it all away. But you're gonna be the guest commissioner. On Saturday night. At wrestling Neitzel what what can we expect from the desk commits. Well you know you know Jerry can't be there you know so. He had a brilliant and had your way you GDP. You know and and I don't know exactly what's exactly what's going down vocal what I have heard. Burger big diamond Dallas page there to make sure things go down the way it is supposed to do they're horrible grizzly ignition the car. Is someone going to get a diamond cutter on Saturday night. I don't I'd never say never. In our yard goes. Not that had what are your. Memories near Memphis how often did you how often have you been here were resting event dubbed ZW what are you sorting your your your memories in Memphis. Are you know I remember being up there natural man and and the crowds. You know there's certain you'll areas of the country and I love Russell and and America is absolutely one of those plates just. You know it's the crowds so hot and they really appreciate what we do like two little kids or not. So what you owe you Britain nitro there are. They're the place was lectured rather than a there's about five cities that that that popped in my brain like got you guys a lot of. That's awesome we will we see. Karl Malone and or Dennis route map out at a resident. Doctor because I know what you look I know you loved working with them. The other party leaders are looking out. Are the Dallas page positively lip read it should dvd set in WW. It's put out on. People's Ford which should they vote for my sixty. Port six or 61 birthday the tribal sort of look at Garrett Anderson to achieve there. Are being caught oil and you know a lot of people showed don't know that horrible well. Is the second leading scorer of all time in India. Agree that we're talking about the upper Echelon of Leo. Our belief in Maryland for me to get involved with him her rod and didn't. Get that back story in this series. Four years earlier on nobody. And Hogan comes up to me we were burnt away. He came up to me as I walked to curtain from the first batch of the curtain Jerker time because KG comes up to me gradually pull you up to decide. He goes. How are you doing. Do you want ultra Girardi goes. Know how are you getting so much better right there are hardly ever see you on TV. Triple once and awhile this what you're doing you know on the road that your pitcher Russ you're timing down and did you get to interact with the people he goes. Whatever you're doing. You can do and it. He said because. Not this year the year after a year actors but somewhere down the line aren't. You have the ability to draw huge money would make four years later. Hogan and brought better on this side. Of the Tonight Show which Jerry yeah I've come walked into the wings were below and we should obviously aren't able. And we get the biggest when he got used to them you're never did and so all manifest to that old dream into reality. It was awesome it was also listen you know Rodman and and Malone is goodies is fun they were to watch sick and stack up to you buddy who was so who's the better those two in terms of taken a wrestling in terms of doing the whole thing. Would you roll with below under got. Yeah I know I would have to because he really put to work and yeah I think it would get this was really natural aura and revved slow exist. There would you got that he'll. Goes out of backed off the bag. Slipped one back off a like this tablet like god king they have like second nature because you know both of those guys. Huge ads going up as cute and and that's really important you know during our business that you're not entered come from being just wait Lester over in order to learn how to wrestle your doctor about it got to have like that. They'll love you secured kids are really. It would have to people care. We are of course talking suit the one and only diamond Dallas page he's going to be in Memphis tomorrow night at the FedEx more for grizzlies wrestling night. Com one more thing on Karl Malone. I can't believe the jazz allowed him to do that. Like I cannot imagine today like the cavaliers say to LeBron James you know what if you wanna go and wrestler wrestle mania or or this summer slam. You will will definitely like to do that like it's hard to imagine an NBA team allowing their superstar to do that in today's candidates. What you know if you knew Karl Malone and I do well Karl Malone do what ever you wanted to do. It every dream bet that guy ever had. Urbina truck driver. You know to know them just blow himself popular joke he. Did right that his money got a lot of businesses. Like you know what I'm not report about when they end up in the the truck. I grew roll and then. I looked at event however it. You moved average reviewed over I didn't even start ladder he goes tried to the good. Maybe you're married and no doubt that when you're you you won the best ever come through a menu you did it. You know you self made man that that's what everybody admires about so would you tell me what does that mean what will it mean later on this month with your. Inducted into the WW hall of fame are at it must be awfully special for so. It is video. I'm working on my speech now and I'm trying to that you too long would be good to be short by any means we don't wanna short bike. Nigeria now let's get got a lot of stored channel and it's bittersweet birdie because. Without dusty roads there is no god doused our actions. So that's going to be tough aren't really your true. I got the best goal hole meaning less or by a speech and it involves dusty it is super powerful. They object snake Roberts you know without inspectors out three time world champion there's certain years. I wouldn't be altered without Jake. So. Have been those guys you know in my life to -- told the stories that go DOT dot they've got you can dance like literally. Started out you know. Somewhere around the they'll bring it up that. Wrestle mania six U. By I drove my in 1962. During cattle to the race. I don't know what we're talking to our man and now. Jimmy Hart great crowd time. Now wrestle mania at 33. Go to an all straight now. If that doesn't show you I'll man you know anything is possible but are they what I wrote I do know they put inscription inside you're all England. And when she so that you'll like the the what they're. Let me call you back. That I hung up there should be immediately I called right back I write a certain rights. Work at stake. Equals three and exploration point the. That's off area as our area we will be looking for that we are court talking to GDP yes that GDP here on Jason and Jon. You look back at your time. In the Debbie Debbie I know I know you were you are so it's a superstar in the dubs UW then the W them he acquired. Debbie CW and I've read interviews where. Maybe you didn't have the right you would've wanted. And you didn't get the most out of the time in the Debbie Debbie so how do you sort of look back at at that time. In the WW. Well you know I look at it from day or two today. And if I can go back in time and we could say okay. We're gonna give you the exact roar and I got to remember I was just turned forty sick and had. Which is wire walk away from 487000. Dollars. I was all over one point two million dollars by turner. And I left 487000. On the table. Because I knew that matter and don't do that much longer especially at the level that I did. And I'm eating it I could go back in time. And here's your choices. You're not that you're you're you're gonna have to roar and it could shed your were streaking champion. It's a big now today the biggest star in the world the rock. Which I'm so proud area man. And bud. You could have that he'll get another year you have to that. Or you know really of the run you really want. In the middle years that he wouldn't 55. They're gonna ask you beat the saints with WCW. And do. Not one but two with three of the very best and nitro. We're gonna bring new and for all the special events we blueprint allegedly government to be a legends that are there when they have the old luddite. And reserve are all gamers. You know they're gonna bring you know these are gonna bring you to about episode. We're gonna bring New England to do an old school law right before 2014. And look at what you do an end commercial plane you're GDP yelled at the back. We're gonna see Jacque in the building and show. What how you can help change Jake the snake Roberts at the head. And then we're gonna dot cheek and got a good living in your house like you've been Stillman the roads cracked a Jake the snake. And we're gonna let Ewing shot in ducks. And then we'll go to legislature when you're 59. Dropped three diamond cutters and got a well rumble. And that sort of what you had students from sixteen. At Russell may be out there that helped push over the top. Then you're right that I had a couple of dot carters and then. Yeah over the top rope without killing yourself and I'm gonna do a whole dvd settled yet. Cold hot debate. Diamond Dallas page story cute. Not altered bit odd to be living. They're diving bell straight story and we're gonna put Udall saying. But tell you what men are more okay this running back we lay and every signal talk. You said some that was at during turner OGU one point two million so when when when WW we acquired Debbie CW. What did did turner have to honor all the dead BZW contract how'd that work. Every one of them while now. Vince choke hold that note the lower contractually he just a joke I keep our business. We're all the big contracts all the big guys are and how little me on the spot bird that was like the first big contract I'd site. Know what I was Russell Randy savage and may have bang Goldberg and Joseph Malone and all that start. I I wouldn't I wouldn't. They give any money comparatively to everybody they could separate figures. And I've got are got my first big deal. About yelled. Guess a year in apple toward a company went upside down I guess a year and a little over a year. And so loud first are gonna pay. And you know to walk away from it I just knew I won I knew my whole life I was demonstration at WW. Because. Even know we did kick their butt for a lot of expert. The WWW in Asia and the reason why why. Is because. It's going to rain had and the family. They care more about the business and any date where Ted Turner. Who then became a real well. Really did it. You know they didn't want to be the wraps one network that I know for a fact current bishop was buying the company. For sixty million. And he didn't wanna put it on TV yes they made known as part of the contract. And number mr. Jay John McCain admitted. He bite that you know what make anybody right now we're losing money. This cancel wrestling legend like I don't cancel the show who waited and give our resumption time themselves somewhere else because he's yeah he's got everything together let's hit fifty million and need to assume all the contracts. All the big contracts. And he did not cancel wrestler. Amazing part what one idiot out. Though. It took the way it took away. That didn't see W you know I know that slope you know no I may have let alone you know Dexia while the world of that but. Elliott was what it was a known history written by the winners which is one reason why it was a little topped remark first got up there. But you know I took it shouldn't just like a man and you know what I assailant or something and you take it to the bank so. Well actually somewhat more to do it in that. At some point what does not work and I'll just move on from there are so it was a blessing ever happened to me all the way around and you're writing a book these. I'm actually writing another book right now outscored positively unstoppable. Not art. It's it's really based on the art of owning it. And are really explain what it is good it's completely different a reasonable person that region. Now so it's it's really going to be it's going to be an awesome book really excited about it there's got to be is going to be about what you would grow dale. An appeal rodeos publishing but they are drop in used publishing company they also read sit there is meant to help. Let me tell him. Every magazine you go out there that actually make some jumpers in the world that's the concept paper published. We are of course target to be one and only DDP he will be in Memphis at FedEx or. Tomorrow night for grizzlies resting now I do not miss that couple more things before we let you go BP. I'm what do you make of the WW product today I grew up watching you it does BCW watching the attitude airy you know I'm 25 years old so. That's the WWF and AB CW that I knew it was just so much more risque they took so many more risk it was a different product. But I do feel like it's actually in terms of superstar quality. It's it's sort of back up that level what do you make of the Debbie W product today. I tell you know at least aptly today. I don't even know how to do some shut the deal I mean really down the fact but Djokovic. They're unbelievable. The wind. Have jumped to a whole yes or it was every guy would watch woman's about Muslim my body would you switch up and address and Sherri Martel. They'll regular I would really large but these girls today like Charlotte players. I agree that that is you know. Her daddy daughter but he did that daddy daughter from her beat you achieve unbelievable it is you know I would let the receiver reduce the Shelley. Enterprise. But. Yeah I think did a lot all the young KG they've got. It and the criminal division that they call this. Two multiplied. That I guess that's the weight limit to a plot but her big shock you guys startled to graduate backlit. You know a lot of red hysteria hmm unbelievable and those cycles it's an all those guys but we can't clamp down on dig. Unlike the product right now and I loved what they did Goldberg. Yeah it was you know it was to deal was. Vindication in the book or so. The thing that didn't work out the old baby the way they should know what the brick building backing and put him in this spot. And not explosive because I assume fifteen years but it took about get a person my rental fifteen years completed Barack. Pursuant to what struck me in good working out into the Russell he's been in a way. And get the ring with the big east Brock Lesnar. But our battery have been me. Go to I doubt that that should be amazing last thing for let ego. Dallas. Obviously one of the things you've done since retiring from from resting full time is. You now have yoga. You now have these dvds and in my friend David is a testimony of may to walk and testimonial he lives by and swears by U yoga. What how do you make the transition because you think of yoga as like this you know. Yeah very serene in your very mellow and you're written by not that man like you're diamond Dallas page and forget the BCW. You go from being a re a professional wrestler whose intense as hell all the time to want it to get into yoga how does that transition happen. First of all I'd never call it you know. Per carry add power. Either deep yoga. Or DP why. No it's sort of like you know. There's movies right leaders did you movies. And then there is able to reject. Solar. Or carry a movie that I wouldn't it about probably didn't do what is completely different. You've been yelled your mom Asia. I developed. What I blew my back at our presenters started burdened by my career consult with a sporty. I wouldn't 969798. One toppled the world and then. What back eruption by L or no are so badly I at least especially coming of them go wrestle again. So I try any. And that's when they introduced me to yoga. But it wasn't giving me everything I wanted to look at that I didn't think of those yoga position. Thanks to him the rehabilitation. Techniques. Stone with body on body old school Kallis static. With a slow bird movement. And then I put together mystical dynamic resistance. And imagine. Lifting weights weather slides are dumb bells are practiced. Shoulder presses. And I had in their present substantiated. I'd be gauging the muscles. As a group what position to another and what happens is every time waxed or gauger muscle. Your heart has to be faster to get a life. And a muscle. So what I did by accident. Today is so deep field. Is kick ass cardiovascular program. Or dramatically. Increase your flexibility. Straighten your core like never before. All we may animal chewing impact. I've seen Chris Jericho at work in the ring lightly. Up. Replaced war he's amazing at 41 line Chris Lewis back. Couldn't stand. Couldn't wrestle. I said of the videotape of the disabled veterans. Not only helped walk right in your receipt that video. Yeah actually I have seen that if us are so it's like. Fifty million views on YouTube but CNET that's like your of your best testimonial. Well it's age it's the it's almost the resurrection you know it's like whoa. But you know I want to mad you know reduce crime applaud his entire journey. And five minutes later he called me back recently. Where every you want me to do all do it. In five weeks huge 80% pain free. In three months he was a 100%. Paid three. And headlined. Wrestle mania against are now six years later. He still head lying in mania he's 46. He does. Wide net work out palace that he does that it is for the doctor agents tiles. Saying go to the you can see AJ you're stopping you guys are deeply yoga. Dustin groves. Jack Ryder. That there's there's a long list of guys do it. I think those guys can take. Painkillers the way we used to you know they they tried all that out. Late if you got a pain killer. You're you're probably not even on the road literature at all. Because bottom line is that it I would say that the wellness program to WW runs today. Is that maybe the best in the world out sort of about NBA NFL. They'll MLB. Nobody is on top of that the weight of the derby is. And if it'll keep the guys around for a lot longer and deep yoga is the pain reliever. It's the strength and courage is to preventative maintenance fruit don't start the guys. And you get a guy like art aboard him. It's so light Saber eager to do you GOV dot com. It is to others yelled let's go to. Where it says success stories or more and director construction or one that's. We are just about. Saying I can't make people say to stop that that you know that they were right up on Twitter. Real GDP. Do you feel you're just pop Warner and carbon Reid who people are right there he can't say. No doubt about it he is a diamond Dallas page he's got to be the special guest commissioner. Tomorrow night inside a FedEx form for wrestling night do not miss it. Dallas DDT man it was an honor to have you Matt thanks so much for the time and and we'll see you tomorrow night hope you can give somebody a diamond cutter. Well what does it mean you're pleasure. To have I think that there are guys that. Up. It is the amazing CD DB. It was our pleasure I will be back in a minute they stand on did not offend ESPN.