The Eric Hasseltine Show 04/20/17 - Hour 1 w/ The Big Lead's Ryan Glasspiegel & TNT's Ian Eagle

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Thursday, April 20th

Segment 1 - Eric opens the show talking about the Grizz/Spurs tonight.

Segment 2 - The Big Lead's Ryan Glasspiegel

Segment 3 - TNT's Ian Eagle talks tonight's game


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Is here and that's why did he died he was doing when one when Enron went in a car. The players usual way to play more golf the players you dot com as the Memphis based company that's teaming up with local courses to offer short term memberships on a monthly basis that's right pay one other. Up front Z and play unless. Loaded golf. You'll find multiple membership options that give you flexibility to choose what works best for your schedule and budget let the players you showed you how to play more golf. Go to the players view dot com C courses play options and more and these players you got. Her husband says this is 929 FM. ESPN. Memphis Grizzlies. Blowtorch. Yeah. And that's. Birdies actually. Besides. On a beautiful. Thursday afternoon. Show us an I love my top down. Those are shrinking somebody like me. Either way it'll be fun. Get ready for. Game three. As the series between Memphis Grizzlies and chest. And San Antonio Spurs shifts. Too bad acts forum. Each and every Monday through Friday at this time on this very station. We bring you air castles I showed originates out of the palatial Ettercap radio complex or as weak all of the studios by the freeway. We follow Mike and Mike we follow Geoff Calkins we immediately followed Jason and Jon we get you ready. For the Gary Parrish experience. Sit in the captain's chair I am your host. Eric castles on the other side the last official program one and only known Dan Benjamin. Hogan it's updated was caught on air. They don't we I'm very ready for slow. Yeah we'll get in that here momentarily. We have got. Lots. Of great stuff for you today and I just. Guests and talk. And banter. And witty committee comedic genius. At least that is. That make myself laugh at my own jokes anyway. Always get tickets. Old do we have tickets. We have tickets. In five players of tickets we have. We have the two parent at the station was allotted to give away. We have to paired that I fin mangled bartered traded. Pretty much sold my son and a slave labor from my listeners or. Which is not your. But he may have a wash your car at the end of the day is five needs to learn how to work. How about the family cause the more people listening about the show does about his show does. Better we do. So he's got to get to work and help the family business. He's up he's not help you and I are the solution you're part of the problem. So the unmanned I'll await the young man will be washing dishes cars anything and everything at FedEx army needs the launch. Help you out by Ed to from the two from the bartering of today and I had or two parent and I had another pair that I just had for a. My and they did people looked at the grizzlies in the PR department. What are the Arab promotions in game that operations Carly night. Jason potter when they'd bring things by to hide but they brought by the playoffs why they get spare tickets and I said well I'll give these to my listeners so. Here's a deal with those just so we all now. We are not taking phone calls the second so do not call because all you'll get is a busy signal because that's what we did. We will give away. Two pairs of lower bowl seats in the first hour. If you do not wanna sit in the upper bowl the second hour you do not need to call because the three pairs that we will be able in the second hour will be in the upper bowl. You will not have to come to the station to pick up said tickets. You can go right to the arena I will myself. Take time out of my pregame preparation to go put your little name. If you win on a will call humbled and deliver them. To my good friend Michael Rose in the ticket office myself and make sure your tickets are at the window because we don't wanna mess around with any. So now angles snafus you get stuck in traffic and you get here 531. People up front have locked the door and you have no way of getting. Those tickets that you worked so hard on the phones to get. Happens so rarely please do it again. I want people to be able to enjoy this tonight. And I a doctors and be able that I knew I could I'll work some things out with so we got a couple pairs of vulnerable for you and we get the we're gonna have you set some really good seats if there there were I think they are but they are going to be able vulnerable. Are those will giveaway in this in this hour and then we'll give away. The other three pair in the final hour so PM there's going to be part of the fun obviously. You know and it's nicer is it better seats but I would I know I've sat in the upper deck seats last role as my dad when I want to see Michael Jordan so to me it was about being a game. I'm. Did you see by the way that the video but they put of the guy given his nine year old kid that's a farmer. Who's a huge cubs fan too tickets to a cubs game but he asked this kid to go work with the mall data kid didn't back doc didn't do anything just kind of did everything he asked him you know worked and worked hard according to the dad he was so proud of them that he went and got them. Two cubs tickets which I'd imagine cubs cardinals tickets that's what they were were not sheet. And they said I've got something else I needed do. It's gonna take all day Harry are you. He can you do that east and the kids and yet he does you don't even know what it is he does so because you're you're asking me I'll do it nine years old said that does that. This is all right all that open up assembled but be careful just you know open up stop don't dare throw it. So we opened up those cubs cardinals tickets. Our good friend out. Nice yeah our our good friend Kristin Balboa shared that and do it doesn't make you tear out if you went to games of your dad now so that was cool. But anyway so hopefully if you if you wanna do that with your carry on to that would your girlfriend are you wanna do that the body here you wanna. If you're old. Female us and you wanna take your boyfriend or you wanna take your child or whatever it may be. Is your chance he'd go to the game on I'll still be five. Five people that will win two tickets today and if you win two tickets you'll get twenty tickets later I'll be column back. But terrified people get to go to the game tonight courtesy of us incurs thanks to our promotions after grizzlies and everybody else involved in making that happen game three is tonight. As I said we had a jam packed show we're gonna talk a little bit to sports and pop culture kick things off. And our next segment Brian Glass-Steagall. From the big lead will join us he will. I get into a lot of different stuff with us Ryan always a big contributor to. A website that. A web site the dad. I looked to every day for the show and and always got great sports and announced horse racing's of big. Gates I'm wrestling guy does all the wrestling. Commentaries while they're so. We'll talk Q. It will talk to Ryan here coming up in the next segment. 245 normally do ring it up put three on the board three stories that we don't get a full segment four but. I am eagle is. The voice of the Brooklyn nets on television. He also does football for CBS. Does college basketball as well. There's some contractual things worked hard for us to get I am during the football season. So I never wanna push that with him and then. He is now doing playoff work for TNT so I asked if he could come on as we've been friends for a long time affect them that I am. Really really early in my career he was doing eight chiefs raiders game. Horror and those teachers and it was a raiders game in Oakland for CBS. And he knew who. The gentleman that was my color commentator for college football who also worked out on Sundays in the Oakland press box and so had a chance sit down on them as a aspiring broadcaster at that point where it really were my career had not. Even begun to take off. And we stayed in contact ever sense so irons good friend he's a hell of a broadcaster is one of the best in the business he'll be calling the game tonight. For TNT he's gonna join us at 245305. Or and it's not NFL draft and scheduled to schedules. Slowly leaking now getting released today as we speak right so francs while from Yahoo! Sports. We love Frank's work any covers everything NFL three of five we'll also talk about. Eric Hernandez they did your theories rants about that. You know he talked about how are Jimenez grew up and and didn't grow up in the gang life but a lot of people did kind of point to the fact it. The death of his father and a young age at the age of sixteen. Really did have that influence and you know the guy. Just turned into sometimes people just turn in the bad people. And Aaron Hernandez turned into a bad guy so we'll talk to frank Schwab about that is it is it puzzling puzzling stories Gary said yesterday. And then we'll talk NBA basketball sporting news' Sean d'antoni. We'll join us at 325. I do believe last night called the rockets. With the victory correct. Yes called the lawyers with a victory correct yes. And I believe I called the wizards with a victory correct yeah. So. So it. Flat that was easy. Makeup and we're not really we were not doing it like it like they do in the desert because I don't get into. Going was spreads or things like that because it's it's one of the sticky. Are touchy subjects that the NBA really doesn't punch you dig to get anywhere near. For obvious reasons but eight Ellison last night. You saw. Russell Westbrook kind of try to take things over and do things. As a one man band and is led to a lot of people wondering. Whether or not. Russell Westbrook it's. Game. The way he plays taking on essentially the responsibility. Of almost the entire team to himself. Is good for his team. It's hard to argue that it's back. Because people. Are sitting here Garza while their votes do any at a 51 point triple double may still lock you right but without him getting triple doubles all year they're a lottery team. Their record when he had triple doubles I think was 33 and nine something along those lines. 32 intent right around and had their eighth it was far greater than what their record without him getting a triple double wise. And I finished with a sixty in the problem with finishing with sixty this year is that she met a Houston team. It can be really difficult to defend. And down the fourth quarter. Russell Westbrook went into I'm gonna do it all mode and he's done this in his career any data even when Kevin Durant was there. There is a certain aspect of having some superstar players that you're going to have to accept this Islamic going to do it all motivated shots you win right. Russell Westbrook making everything has taken he wins. The simple fact of the matter is which is exactly wise that I thought Russell Westbrook should be the MVP. Is that he since team is just former batter then. What Oklahoma city's famous. Now part of that is because James Harden is setting up his teammates. But hardening you know for all those people wanna say it will pardon only missed. Averaging a triple double by two rebounds all cable great and dream on dream is to buy two rebounds and two assists. Went the last three years we give him the MVP LE talking about you didn't get it you didn't average. But he only averaged if you wanna go that route for those who argue that he only average one more assist. And Russell Westbrook and a team that played a faster pace. Played a more possessions per ball game had better players. And that's I led the league in assist. Or you would add the first player not only did average a triple double since Oscar Robertson but you would have the first players and tiny Archibald to lead the league in scoring and assists. I believe if you play at a faster pace and he's got better players around. Eric Gordon it over 200 threes off the bench and NBA record for bench players. Ryan Anderson considered to be one of the best stretch force. Clinton talented young athletic big man big they've just got better players talked about now here comes the other argument. Are they better because James Harden gets them involved and it had their hands on the ball made kind of a role in the offense all season. Or are Oklahoma city's players not developing because it's hard for them to get into a rhythm one Russ is dominating the ball. There's all these things going around right now. In fortunate thing is that there's a reason rockets won 55 games in the thunder 147. There's a reason for the most part in every series except for Chicago. That the battered teams. Record wise. And box raptors are basically. Winning. You chuckle at first saying record. That was toss up. Box raptors raptors had a better record. But the Bucs have maybe the best player in the series out of sodomy Kubel. Every other series other than Boston Chicago. So don't exactly what you would thank you win games at home which leads us to the grizzlies. Make no mistake about tonight. The start is going to be huge. Because you're going to tip off. Probably somewhere around eight. Forty. 845. Depending on what happens in the early game. Depending on what happens. Between. The jazz and pacers. You're looking at 84845. Tip. People are going to have been downtown for a long time people are going to be ready. To burst out of their seats of the grizzlies can get off to a start can you imagine they get off to a start like they did in game one. They are off to a Sally did in game one that building could fall down with all the noise and economic. What would be disasters is they give a start like they got off to a game to. Where the spurs are effectively able to take the crowd out of the game and put the grizzlies on their heels. They've got to get off to a good start. I asked me if resulted and I said are you trying to just preached to the guys. That you can't get caught up in the numbers. You've got to just go play one game because typically that's what coach will tell you. This is why I love David facility was on spot is now there's pressure. Every game's a big game you only get so you only get to lose four before you're done if you don't went for first. And so when he Mardy lost to there's pressure it is important. There are things you need to do. You do need to come out swinging you need to come out fighting you need to come out. And put them on their ass first basically. Knock them down. In any fight situation it's always funny to me what they were like well I'll throw the first punch if you know it's go time why. We freight out if it's if it's inevitable if you know it's common why do you wanna get hit first before you fight back. Sometimes that he could knock you out and then what. Nothing right. I'm not an advocate violence and don't take this the wrong 1 am talking metaphorically here. Same thing in playoffs and sports. A basketball game you can have a random Tuesday night in Orlando. After Christmas. On the two point six. One guess what you've got hit first you came out a little flat base hits you hard first and you did not get up. There were planning and nights like that that happens or c.'s are nice you did that people. When it comes playoff time and the intense these ramp up you've got. To do everything within your power to be the one who hits first it's just every team feels the same way. But it becomes even more critical. When your returning home down 02. Now from opponents out there essentially what's happened spurs to sent him home court Swedish post do I. But the fact that it wasn't. Competitive in game one and got competitive in the second half of game 20 only to see another double digit loss gives all the other opponents out there the chance to go this is over. Don no chance. I don't buy it. I don't buy it. I saw the grizzlies get waxed in game one against the clippers years ago. They came back in game two granted much closer game came backing game to go and lost on a last second shot by Chris Paul. Went on the win four straight. That hurt the cause the play preferred Blake Griffin got banged up but nonetheless before Blake Griffin got banged up the grizzlies had won two straight games. By double digits in the third game where Blake Griffin got banged up and came out of the game they were winning by double digits when he came out. They won all three games by doubled as you know was funny though about those three games that they won by double digits. They were all tight ball games till the end where the grizzlies physics Cali eventually wore down. The clippers and got them what they wanted they've got to get back to that tonight. Don't wait for the action to come to you create the action yourself. Feed off the energy. Of the 181000. Plus that will be in the building feed off the energy. Of the yellow towels wave and in the air. And make a statement early on. They can do that. Got a good chance we talked about a win tomorrow they don't do that. We may be talking tomorrow about your backs being squarely against the wall. And pretty much all the opium lost. That's arrives on us tonight that's the facts. Welcome back big leagues right gras last few and join us on the flip side. Why don't we go ahead and give away a pair right now. My countless numbers number eleven be caller number eleven. Two tickets lower bowl 53537765353776. They will be with the waiting for you at will call. Later on this evening after 6:30 PM. I give us some time to get. 535377653537762. Tickets to get away right now caller number eleven we'll take a break right by Spiegel does on what side ninety Jonathan ESPN Memphis. Spring brings new coverage of the world whenever we new color teal walls. Ask Sherwin-Williams during the four days super sale and save 40% off paints and stains on April 21 to the 24. It's great deals you can get your whole home of the other big silver. Your neighborhood Sherwin-Williams paint store is right around the corner find it at Sherwin-Williams dot com slash safe retail sales over. T store for details. Up until those real by good savings on those projects popping up on your to do. Protect your turf by bringing home again John Deere T 100 series riding lawnmower and get a 150 dollar Lowe's gift card via mail in rebate. 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So on ignites featuring sheiks in new widescreen sizes have priced at 3 PM this is how you sonic limited time only decisions on driving. Hey it's only ship from polices its interests not lose the last time you again. Why she's not fun and say yeah we're located on main street between Madison and Iowa and parking complex. Yeah I'm happy hour daily air bar the import 36 yeah featuring two dollars off all 100 plus a bottom here in daily if you could tell. We also offer one of the largest urbanism didn't enjoy our small bites like losers club house and Sam and check this data releases Back to the Eric Cassell tonight show. You MFS out. One pared down to 4 morning out someone said Marvin on Twitter says. He wished we could give one away on Twitter I think we probably should for the people it can't call since we have five there right. One of the outburst getting ready at that how would we go about doing that automatically and I'll brainstorm on this it is some temperature rears and they you know things personal to get a two year ended finance meaning. Have that lets you think you can Google the fastest well meaning get to do somewhere. I don't know. We'll type it takes us a threat to the center they're hypocrites. They will be deleting. It's so awful and has spent the week at bat right that's not right. We'll figure it out and look at Muslim. Brian Glass-Steagall. Writes for the big league dad John. Covers a little bit everything. There's a whiskey aficionado. And drinker of cheap beer like guy we had that dumb and he joins us on the program. Now. Ryan what's up buddy. Nonetheless could talk to you that I do we can go and chill. Well you know we got a coach that fired up the city going out NBA officials and so everybody is getting ready for game three tonight so can't complain. No complaints well basketball's always on basketball is just hard when your planet. Team that's that's as good as San Antonio they they tend to be pretty successful compose season time they win five championships because they sucked. Now now NASCAR and it's the same thing it's the same thing. Year in year out now they're just they're doing a different cast of characters what do you taken out of gains in other first few games of the post season thus far I know on your. You cover the Joseph Johnson buzzer beater in game one for the jazz he's Stephen off the mark assault. Had bunting the ball era heading the ball into the goal which would have been nice if the problem greatly encourage and you get more exact managed to remind me of that thank you very much they've been at eleven of their first fifteen and didn't. Make another one of felt like for the rest of the night but that's not case. I was don't actually is you put the Joseph Johnson buzzer beater at least on the table actually I had known to know. No idea Joseph Johnson was playing in Utah and I was like wow is he is it that much of purgatory to go to Utah these days. They just so they don't have any really flashy players. It's like your cabin to reenter LeBron played in Utah and all of a sudden people a lot of attention to bad. So it's a combination of the location. And not having Mercury. Pure blood dynamics superstar. Title of the rank last Beagle here on the program he writes for the big lead you covered that. Aaron Rodgers who was arguing on the high point shooter makes to have been but more so importantly. What Aaron Rodgers in I I know that they're you know gone back and forth and he's going to somebody goes by shooter and again on Porter but. More so important to me and I want to comment on this Aaron Rodgers that he was making a commitment the apps and NFC title game where they got waxed by. Atlanta and lost decisively. That he was going to come back as healthy as he ever bad he's dropped his weight he's got the weight goal he want to have before training camp he's already there they added Martellus Bennett. Could he be in line for one of those seasons where we go all that's how good Aaron Rodgers was we knew he was playing great but it did he's gonna take an even. Another step forward with how solid he has. We have the twelve month calendar stretch where you ordered at these edicts or science. Near the end of his window but he rebounded trick back towards the end of last season and then the tire out yet that you get waxed via live. But I just don't think much of that was that you either vote Aaron Rodgers can grab somebody that they can extract. To pray to weighs in also cover Julio Jones so. I as I just don't think that they issues are attackers there's such much capacity. Very him to take a bigger burden on whether they better leave huge gains at some point they had to have their defense get some stops in the. Yeah us. I do think it is that his play last year was very good but I do think he also. Has to take a stab as a packer fan away from. Almost seemingly to be critical on blaming everybody else around him to taking some onus for sometimes when he does not throw the ball. Aaron Rodgers like him that and that was something that I didn't see as much out. As a packer fan I I'll be honest if Dauman cooks on the on on the board draft day and they don't take my might be a little bit upset. About that and you know was only good on this article with the guys human dad and I kind of went back and reward. But I did think it shows aside Aaron Rodgers that people wondered. If it was still there because he apparently has broken off his relationship with Bolivia Mon we've heard all these things through the days of the bachelor how he's got a strained relationship of his family. I know a lot of people in northern California that new errant priest stardom and post start announced that he is a very different guy since he has become a household name. I guess sometimes I think that's okay because it's it's what your life is like it's completely different. And before you were star however a lot of people said this just isn't who he is so. He went to Randall Cobbs wedding which a lot of people said he didn't seem to have great relationship with his wide receivers so there's a lot of things floating out there from what she was here. Do you think he's gonna get back towards being more like to guide it seemed like this fun loving kid that got the greatest opportunity said he would ever get as life. Became a star four or more like the guy that was kind of becoming an A list celebrity guy didn't have time for anybody else. He can do whatever he wants as far as I'm concerned as long as we age. A federal level that he's played really the last 89 years yeah Connolly there. But just as. I can't he can't murder or are actually insult somebody but I ought to like committing a crime. Kirch another person. She can do it everywhere it's you know as far as I'm concerned if he plays well. Yet and I think that most packer fans feel that way and I think that's where it gets. In our business a little bit I'm load of an issue where people are talking about this guy being. A good guy bad guy and I'm not talking about good guy bad guy like Aaron Hernandez Baghdad talked about quite easy to deal with dire not easy to deal with guy. And we get so wrapped up and that that it can turn some fans are put in the end if you're a fan of backers of Aaron Rodgers throws 45 touchdowns and five interceptions. And throws for 8500. Yards whatever. The astrological number could be no one's gonna care whether the gadgets while at a restaurant or is nice to deal west. When you ask him questions in the media they care that the Packers are probably going to be won a lot of football games you don't. We're as prepared I don't care about those things but at the clock care about the us because our audience so. He got to kind of just balance stretching there a lot more people who are in a quicker coach just Aaron Rodgers arguing what the issue again have been. Charity account or being groomed men. Randall Cobb wedding where people are trying to kind of figure out I don't know red accomplice in a relationship or is is quite stack up. Things like that people are pretty interstate and so a Chara picked perspective but as far as safety attackers. It's not those things are. But important in the outside the lines democratic reform. So we're looking at. Add the schedule kind of being leaked out. Little by little. I you leaked out that the the New York Post had the giants' schedule will open at Dallas on Sunday night there would Thanksgiving night game. Against Washington and how long before. We get all of the games released him and hearing it as a packer fan that they'll open the season. At home against the Seahawks thank god it's not in Seattle because they don't do well there but at least at least it'll be at home it's still not an easy one to start out the game went. If you're really like willing to heighten pack all around square Adams but there's a lot. That information out introduced you to like kind of really know crude credible people are and what that should work for a short stretch something rotation. It's here in my position but if you're really going to like want to Harden pack all over the place I. Can't imagine that you won't be able to figure out your change sketch quo. At least an hour before the official release comes out 7 PM central time an NFL network and each. Across all of the league's web site. Why don't they just let it go I mean like why are they waiting if you already know these lies the NFL waiting do you think. They're they're. There aren't. I think you know it. It does seem like they're really it's equated truck that's great doubt China Li Q weeks shooter DM because so many people are. Online all day and Cherokee Indian circulated. But there's also a segment of the population. Unlike yourself or myself who works for a little game. And I have actual responsibilities. Related to you. They're each operator has quotes and maybe they are going to be able. Two beyond their phones and a computer oppression or won't they can just call him at 7 o'clock. Pop open a nice spot play it out and sit down and have that'll get him about. Yeah that that does make it a lot easier and there's nothing wrong with pop it open and I spotlight when he at all my mom big fan of that passion I had for Bud Light and the Memphis Grizzlies scans that they come into right now. In looking at delegates of the other things you've got up on your site right now how on the I mean come on in in in the WW we. Brian stroman might literally broke the ring is as literal or is this did they make this happen to Marty did somebody forget to put a couple of balls in the air to make this guy looks stronger than years. That they somehow. Maneuvered their rings so that it would hold out streaky sued because he messed. Who combined the problems we were able extraordinary under terms. And it could hold up throughout the match go to the big moment out in Scotland prior sermons he collects the big show also the second turn buckle. When they go to landed a are the ring it just saw came apart. Soccer. These great debt thing. To do that so it was able to withstand what how peace corps. A couple of are great at that moment of impact and that that's underrated part of that quipped is that record each. We just shout it Tyco I can't meet each client. I know there's some people that would like those two to come simplex and in one another in their house so they get out of their house payment and they can. Let homeowners insurance claim but that's also illegal so we want to. We won't promote that it is as something that you should do at any time Bryant always appreciate the time brother thanks for joining us we will catch up with the again next week. I think sort of aggressive Monica Goodling at a days late non in your honor tonight. Great thanks brother. There ways that Packers scheduled on the French wild about it it's getting really so here's what we have seen thus far this is according to Iran and this out there on the big lead for the giants here for the giants schedule according to the New York. Post yeah I think the raiders played adjourns so we're one of those teams waiting because our computer in your tree is about. I found that the raiders play the jets' week two whoever comes in here and keeps looking at these sites that frees up things stops and outside Gary. And no it's not the guys before me I know it's like Jeff so it's nobody that's actually on air like I literally think people coming here and look. A different things because they're males briefs I'm the only one who actually uses. Item discriminate myself. I don't actually uses his computer and I don't don't let it. Senator and a Gaza I don't do it I hear it is for the giants giants appear giants fans listen up. Sunday night you opened September 10 at the Dallas Cowboys. You return home Monday night the eighteenth against the lions and inmates at Philadelphia. At Tampa Bay home against the chargers at Denver on Sunday night in October. Play October 22 at home against the Seahawks which is eight West Coast the East Coast jump for Seattle it's always tough. By we just before Halloween. Then after the bye week at home against the rams on the road against the niners. At home against the chiefs Thanksgiving Day forties later at Washington the night game. The following week here at Oakland. The writer is very nice December. The thing is east Carolina's coast right there if any division wins at the end this is what they close with December 10 at home against Dallas December 17 at home against Philadelphia. Christmas Eve that Arizona. December 31 at home against the Redskins. There ya. We'll let you know as more things come on here's what I've had as a suggestion for a way to get more on Twitter. Our buddy Josh says make they get away pure guessing game such as what color socks will he Wear it tonight at the game. Stop with that I and you don't really know I know what I'm actually wearing right but I about had a picture of him. Our ball spread Carson is our balls for reason and he gave me an idea that I'll go over what do you during the break. Thomas says for playoff tickets we got to pick in the best caption for the tech wins tickets. And and. Well we both had to agree on so yeah I don't like your ideas very often anyway so I don't agree. That's not gonna work. There we got will we'll figure it will will decide about their own time out we'll let you know what we decide when we come back we're gonna talk Diane eagle from CBS and TNT he's gone game three tonight. We'll get ions thoughts and what he's heard from the coaches next 929 of them ESPN Memphis. You still play now. Grizzlies. Who is considered the playoffs again. Any soul lives on 92 OK Randolph. The toll seventeen game. Crazy sports station. I am ESPN. Next spring isn't there in their faces you. 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It's fact not awkward all that that might it be strange portrait me in my life. Year you're abuse you heard Dianne now over the years. They're doing the NFL on CBS is the voice of Brooklyn that's on the yes network as well you've heard Obama may army navy football game I ask you that before get in the game two games three. How much fun do you have a point when you called the army navy football game how much fun as a free. Now did it for nine years ago before they changed that the date if it used to be. Are the same week as the SEC championship saying the CBS perspective furlong question Gary Daniels and could not work both games. Then they needed a standalone and obviously they're gonna put their a college football team armed I'm not so I'm kind of doing it for nine years most of them. Boomer Esiason who really had a personal connection where they're based on some family that served in the military and just choose. Is whole way. And is so patriotism so it became really special for him for me. It was a four a whole new world I just had this in incredible. Respect for everybody that participated. In in that game. Meaning weird. He's the only folks and then going over to an apple it's every year right and meeting ways with the navy players and coaches you're you saw. How much it meant to them and then just beyond all you know what what peace really impressive individuals. Would go on to do in their lives saved it blew me away Eric. Yeah now I'd imagine that's. And that was an all lot of fun for you also had signed. As I'm very jealous of doing the French Open this year that's a that's a really difficult assignment for you really difficult I am free to go over to Perez. Eat great food why some great tennis W main countywide sincere. You know William moves. Yeah you know it's funny for all the years that we've known one another. I would say that that's the one assignment that you continued. To poke the bear little. That one bout won't bother you at. Now I doesn't but. Now it doesn't bother me because you're supremely talented in your in your crafty. Well I want and I appreciate are you understand I say it in that only. I think it's the one assignment that if you could now put herself couldn't say a one out. Ought to go to Roland Garros and three year Elena each state creates yes I wanted to get red clay yes deeply embedded into my shoes. To my stocks. Well when I get back to the hotel at the end of the night I've got to just throw the susser. That's the one that. That capture your imagination you are huge tennis guy. I am and I Altay I would love to be one of the broadcasters against the play at Augusta on the Monday after like the Monday after media turn on the path. I would be breaking the people at Roland Garros let me play out there and I was never great when I played tennis I was never great on clay but I always just and it was Seoul. Different that I was always in all of it because when I went to Europe as a near sixteen year old with a basketball team. I brought my tennis racquets social tennis player or coach who had played over here at James Madison whose name was bill shoe. And he was a big tennis guys that we would only play on clay courts and he was literally bouncing them over my head with Thompson. And then I watched a clay tournament and Vermont once was losing my grandparents. And our last Kennedy you'll remember Andris goma's and I literally selling there and I don't. Hit a top spin backhand that must've bounced eight feet off the ground when he hit it I was like this is unbelievable has grown up in California they don't have clay. In a clay courts in California don't need him. You do it hasn't. I would make a point as well and I mean this crisis us away there there are some of us that are a bit vertically challenged and if you get all red clay and it's the eternal equalizer Harold Solomon was very good. On red clay not a big guy but because he was a human wall right he could just stay out there all day but it could go one of two ways that you said. Gomez who put so much spin on the ball which he Q out of your normal routine. As a smaller gotten by if you could outlast people which is what I found out I'm required on a personal likes and roping Forest Hills. And was a member of westside tennis club which was he blocks away from my house they had grass courts they're hard truth and they had red clay and I sound. That I enjoyed the red clay more to those willing to stay out there all day. To beat guys and it ended up being probably like my best surface is based on the fact that the marathons were right in my wheel house. Yeah now I it's it's it's that's how yeah I like you I am vertically sounds like to think I can hit the ball hard to many here other guys having who's not even. It's not even close but I I just it it's always fascinated me and Michael Chang was another guy over there so yes I am jealous if if you ever said Haywood I would give you one thing to fill inform me on and it takes. Two weeks of vacation which I never do and you gave me one thing to fill in Korea I'm saying I'm going wrong there as you can stay home this year but I would. Mraz would look son and I will sit and I'm not gonna dumps into political climate of different fine. I've and that any other generate from an airport it's just a very unique feeling over there in the fans. One thing unlike most soon. Of the sporting events. That you and I get to cover. It's not a corporate feeling at all they want the the every man they want a local. Bred England Garros tennis fan to be at the event and that that's what makes us special. That's what I've heard Aaron it's incredibly affordable to go get there to go out there and get it to kitten and NB a part of it so I it's probably some I will do. One summer coming up we gotta talk about it because that's why you are here innocent it's had. Awesome to have your and so excited when I saw the the announcement that you were calling games so tell me from what you gather. RTZ seamlessly on a daily is grizzlies played Santorum very well in the four games granted one of them without line without power. San Antonio split that proverbial switch as you and I both know they can do what to the grizzlies aside from the obvious of making more shots. Need to do from your perspective from the studying you've done on the series. To try to find success tonight in game three is if they don't you and I both know that's all she wrote pretty much. Yeah I mean Eric look you're you're so close to the team and their data today from the outside looking in watching the first two games and then trying to speculate what's gonna happen again three. There have been players on the grizzlies roster that I have just been overmatched by the idea. Of the postseason and I notre Michael Green has become a consistent guy. Permit to someone they can rely on in the regular season but it just as it happened near the playoffs I a similar point Sheldon who was being asked to do a lot this is a difficult spot I. The way insulting to step into. As a rookie at a Kansas undrafted playing in the teams in the NBA in the San Antonio Spurs a team that can flip the switch and can. Make this team into the air style we know that it matches what mantras likes to. I'm limit the possessions. And drag it out grind it out whatever needs to be done they've done. What you're doing it against San Antonio team that can play a similar style. And they just have so much experience and to me that experience really. Really was on display in the first two games even critical times when men went on that run in that third quarter San Antonio had answers you know what are for the fourth quarter inch. Coaches Bell's reaction. And that's the other storyline one that he'll cover that already have I'm sure the last couple of days it is how what this game going to be officiated too we see a cause and effect. And to the grisly to go to the free throw line more often they did in the first two picks wouldn't you think. On I said this yesterday I would think if I start seeing a lot of whistles going to the grizzlies way. Yes of course it as someone calling the game for the grizzlies radio network I would be happy that they're getting to the free throw line. But if a referee said yeah ally heard the comments and I I just was looking. I would think they're not doing their job I was not like people saying all the referees have to react now they don't they need to go out and do the job they think they need to do. It's sands what happened with anybody else does you know they'd they rotate crews. Which is one of those things I have always thought you could do it both ways if they want to they can get a crew of five guys and rotate guys in and out three series and they get a feel for what the series is like that could be beneficial. But then again if you think you guys you know out to get CN you know how NBA players and coaches can be sometimes. Maybe it protects them from that's IC both sides of it. But if the referee ever said yeah I heard what he said Simon and be looked at well why wouldn't you be looking for before that tells me you're not doing your job so. I don't think it really has any effect on them I think they may have heard the comments. What I think might happen is is they tend to protect one another when he called and unprofessional. I would be more about the latter going our arrival the minute you open your mouth you got very little roped. To not get a technical now after the first or maybe get more but there's I wouldn't be surprised if they have the lease is a little shorter if David says they'll start complaining tonight. Yeah Erica I don't disagree everything that is said look there's human nature that comes in the play here and officials know what's going on that note what Sherrod. It shouldn't affect the way that they perform their job this is completely different crews that corner. Officiating that you ensues so right out of the gate you're not talking about any personal. Connection from game to game three. And I understand your point about the possibility of of gathering cruise together in the playoffs and then forming a rotation which for officials and moving from game to game within the same series speak only problem I would have with it is that. That's not how we do it during the regular size and now. The hope is to still have that same general feeling as a player that you would have an irregular she's into the postseason. And you're right there are players and coaches that look at certain officials and to themselves so we have no shot we can't win with this guy so that's the last thing he would want is to have. That healing permeate throughout a particular series with a all that said. I don't think that coach is bill. That this would be idea that now we're gonna get calls to need. It was calculated and that it gets his team's attention it may be unified campaign galvanizes them. Hurricane Teresa was much should the reaction is OP officials other B I'll alert I I I I really believe that it was also. Dolan we it's his team in mind. And recognizing that there are points along the way where you have to do something drastic and this was one of those points that he acknowledged in his own mind. Hey this is game three. The whole series is wrapped up right here if the wind doesn't come in game three so they could not let's do what we need to do to get this team mentally prepared. And on the same page stared they've got a goal in mind and they got to go out and do it together. Just a first playoff game you've done a Memphis. Yeah first playoff in the not a done America's I was thinking about when I was landing. Last night and I'd never been here for a decent game now. I've been at the Reno win things have gotten cranked up and I know how loud it gets but I don't think I even know. How loud it's going to be compared to what I've had in. The previous experiences because I know what goes to another level in the post season and following coaches still.