The Eric Hasseltine Show 04/20/17 - Hour 2 w/ Yahoo Sports' Frank Schwab & Sporting News' Sean Deveney

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Thursday, April 20th

Segment 1 - Yahoo Sports' Frank Schwab

Segment 2 Sporting News' Sean Deveney

Segment 3 - Rapid Fire


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Comments I know the people of matches are very proud basketball fans and they wanna show that off early in this game. Don't Iraqi tonight I think he'll enjoy that you'll make for ray. For a fund broadcast he's Danny Lilja and tonight on TNT nationally we of course have local coverage. As well keep track of Brevin Knight who I know your friends with them. As well are you you you are as well my friend and I cannot thank you enough for carving out a few minutes on a very busy game Dan know how hard you work so. Means a lot for me jump on the show and I will catch up with you down at the eerie little bit. Already a record book thanks for out of yeah I an eagle right there one of the best the age you know on and just in fact. About Giant Eagle sure do you remember you won't remember but it he's never seen the vintage commercial. Of Xerox. The Xerox commercials back in a day is to have a priest. Brother Dominic. Angles that. OK I can't balance a I was about if you will come out they're back in the series are very famous line of commercials and Xerox they use this priest character brother Dominic. I needles father. Is a commercial actor opened New York. So he made more money in three years doing Xerox commercials native grass was light at the Tulsa as he did like I mean it was like one of those commercial care just like everybody knew. So yes it was it was it was also is great honestly. The NBA is blessed to have guys like I am and Mike Breen. Kevin Harlan. As some of their top announcers like guys that do the highest level of games because they're all. Beyond humble all of them have come. And still generally work for a Cingular team Kevin Harlan does not but they're all like. Can Arlen Easter it was an innocent animals and was the voice on radio Kansas City kings. And they are all incredibly. Nice guys so if you ever see him. Say hello they are there really really good dude so ions and a good friend for a long time. Our number one was brought to legend care Chevrolet on Covington pike in Memphis called and cares if that does Chevrolet. Into your driveway we've got a pair of tickets in the lower bowl why don't we go ahead and give it to caller number seven color number 75353776. 5353776. Zacks for the lower bowl I'll tell you how you can win a pair on Twitter and we got two other paired giveaways throughout the day on the phones as well. We'll do that when we come back that this for the pair lower bowl seats 5353776. Caller number seven you'll be hadn't to degree is spurs will get your name Lehman will call for it. Our one of the booksellers in coming up 99 a MES in Memphis. All right top 3 o'clock delegates those chosen just a second but first. You have 3 o'clock cash code word for this playoff playoff. Brick like Castro word is great text great. GR a PE 272881. 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I wanna go I want to go or I wanna go however he wants felon I don't care. The last night I wanna go. Hash tag. Wring it out. Add to that stags tweet him to 9829. At 1990 ESPN we're gonna take your tweets and so. 33330. So you have now till 330. We're gonna take all of your tweets. To act 99 ESPN. Hash tag I wanna go. Ash tag ring it up. We will do a random drawing at that point that's for all of those of you they can't call for whatever reason it can get to a Twitter account. I've got to ask how that's possible but. They're gonna get the phone at work they suddenly got an idea is about a word they use a computer there you go he may be listening online. You have till 330. If you're listening online got a little delay yet about twenty. Point two minutes I'm sure if he comes in at 331 will be probably a little gracious. Pair of tickets. They are upper reserves of you don't wanna go on the upper reserve don't do don't go adults. The other two pair that we had the upper reserve will give way beautiful franc swap covers the NFL. For Yahoo! Sports. He joins us now what's up my friend. Oh. I am I am playing hassle Claus today. Giving away tickets to game three Christopher's. It's a battle of the throat out it's a showdown on the on Beale street. So yeah I assure that it turn out that serious turn out very well traffickers to stop it now. The old don't you just there's a good name of the Memphis Grizzlies frank Stockton who apparently hey I'm a Milwaukee Bucks since I have no room to talk to any other NBA fan ever so buckshot. Are placed on my card. Listen I I'll be us of the island is a kid I was. As it did. I was actually Bach's saint is the first warriors game I ever went there was a Milwaukee Bucks and I thought Brian winners beer was cool and sitting back and sit in my interest was also. Richard winters appeared at Strickland grabs for low and then. Paul more cash he apologized yeah they can't detectors fact that we're here Randy. Brewer but seeing him on Greece to play that's that I need to that that was also the really really a player that the iconic Sports Illustrated that cover can't get out yeah millions of Arkansas guess what child they look like you're sort of a million miles an air lights. Is Tokyo Michael Savage correct. There was a barbecue restaurant in Fayetteville ice it was in my body to when he we were in college I was out college in California. He I went to high school with them he went to Arkansas I don't know how we ended up there he's wanna go to an SEC school. And there was placed called fat Tony's they had the best barbecue Seles had ever taste in my life at that time before I moved to the assembly and have that kind of barbecue in California. And they had that that Sports Illustrated up like in seven different spots in the restaurants all signed by Sidney. Could you just want my seven under a bit mode many homes and Arkansas idea I'll mention as Americans our guests. Somewhere there's just something like that from Memphis sports that they deserve such they would have blast site that is an iconic man just cover I guess so that it was Derrick Rose around to cover the Georgia. Yeah. Yet that. There was well there was some tiger ones from back of the day I think there's more like there was a slam magazine cover about the present there was a Mike Conley cover that's that's been more. As far as tigers go I would 100% sure if there's an iconic Memphis tiger Sports Illustrated cover. And after you it. Does that not many familiar there's your accounts were 20% it's okay. Yeah depth now that's that's a fair point right there. What. What to. What to huge goal the reason. The NFL not just releases scheduled everybody seems to get it being trickled out little by little what are they doing they're not created drama just released a damned thing. It's got. FL look at Vienna Salzburg is is that obviously their they're whatever bad business success stories in America that special squid has. One of the reasons one of the things that they do so well trust me I've learned that covering the lead for for the last however many years senator nursed. They are incredible at keeping themselves in the news every minute of every day. Yesterday I noticed those April 18 yesterday they gave before the draft and I think I wrote like temples. And and that they were just everybody's just eating Ramallah because we can't get enough to be an assumption and I think you have will all lose that they love the way this cap touched Burnett who basal this show at 7 o'clock and everybody actually I didn't pledge. We get a little bit ago Pratt Dixon the Tribune and it is usually superiors schedule piece by piece and I'll some degree temperature pretty cheese steak or frequent. They love this they're literally a nothing story that's got two older also nothing sure we know all the opponents. On January 2 right we we know who seem to replace those canceled so 200 nothing storage and the turner didn't like it daylong extravaganza it is unbelievable volume of about. It is really amazing because we're all sitting here waiting with bated breath to see what is going to happen in New York Post apparently. At the giants' schedule and for the fist time in six years. The giants and Dallas will open the season against one another they all played way later in the year on December 10. You in favor of that divisional games to open the season I'd kind of have always taken the same approach that college takes I'd much rather I mean it's the NFL. But I think you're gonna catch a shot I'd rather be at my best when playing games the demeanor are really double games because you do you create a game with boards of space. With a team in your own division if you win in the end. You also get tiebreaker advantages by winning those games I just don't like to see him as much early in the year as I do later. I did that I go to saying but at same time. You know it's frequently you want a good schedule you know and you thought just random burst rounds in the week one you we want. You know you do need some sizzle yeah and you know it did speak to that course goodness knows they look you know she stands so. You need something until I look at it. If it's a little different than college in that you have a pre season he. Eat eat it not me not to be seen is decreasing your life gets its very serious but at least you're playing football for week one you should at least. Have some kind of feel like I'm here silk. I think that it's it's okay it's it the way of the world and NFL basically. Or didn't know me first YouTube or Google should actually go about compliance. Right guys are angry at the lights why wouldn't anybody wanna see there's browns over the masses are such a 30 by the way. They're the Chicago Bears are hosting the Cleveland Browns. On Christmas sheets. I am I kidding animal which you're kidding me Chicago. Compared to wake up early Christian cute they got you an early Christmas doesn't. We are proud to get certain people do to provide for three or three wins at that point it's going to be. 48 degrees below zero soldier she'll put into play just want cold or right like why I don't adapt plant just given me some shocks or some damage. Mama wanted laser tags and don't care about the browns should be a laser tag and I'll go outside and play it it got dinged up a let me ask you this. Just from your perspective what teams I mean obviously other than the ones that were out of the playoffs let's here's a ton of French rob from. Yahoo! Sports what teams do you feel like. Really need to hit a home run with this draft coming out there. I look at Green Bay NIC that the potential of a guy like Galvin cook maybe being on the board. In the first round if not maybe it Joseph makes a late second round potentially with first round talent but obviously the off the field issue. I look at them as a fanning go boy state. Don't help their running back situation that they're important time Montgomery and tell spot so I look at them but is there anybody else out there that you look at those. Is they get a home run they could really turn things around in a hurry. Yet angry that he is great and his band that immediate need and the guys were all Lleyton and I wouldn't say that mechanical and but she's really the type Montgomery really is adamant that they got to do something there and the cat will take house energy and scooter the draft I criticize it for free agency stuff but short of target for hackers. I need to change I really think. Can they had could see that great offseason but I want you to do in the draft form in your backyard that's Turkey titans. They I thought we're gonna make a little bit more slash its policies and supply goes I'm not saying that but. I hate the whistle picks they have big picture tricks of the trade last year in the draft. You could really fill some holes I hate speech and got to do something turf builder America's stereo and pick out of the draft list. I don't know I mean they can blow earlier crap okay powerful as they grow up okay Howard and channel also eighteen cherry got a corner and that receiver later someone that's. You could really really help your team. For the next 5678 years active issue sure to them. Everything you know they've the other quarterbacks that drastic real talk about I think Tampa Bay Buccaneers are NAFTA position to where. You know if they council holes such I think that there are there on the verge of something really special there and held in a big draft this year to do indicated a huge step. Get some more people around Seamus twins to help defense media think that they could be a surprise playoff game luckily you know like a titan like the Packers they do you really need it homered in the stressed. People talked about the browns maybe you know grabbing miles Garrett at number one and then trying to move out to grab. I'm Mitchell to Robiskie with another first round pick of the titans being in place for them again. To move up where they could potentially get a very good side and maybe even OJ Howard later in the first round border where Cleveland is taking now and end. Reap the benefits expand later on down the road and why is that something John Robinson has done so it wouldn't surprise me if they dangle that pick out their for somebody that's afraid. That a quarterback that they really like will not be there for them. And he had looked at the ground had the draft capital to do that capsule apex yeah. To move from Paul Simon really have sold usher this key. I don't I'm not butch. If they're sold this picture computer guy he could lead us to the playoffs and in a few years. I can help address capital to move up to titans were a girl walking down from part of last. They are really at their hearts that they employed on I'm voting power like almost going to be there twelfth. Let you can eat you know I. He sort of broad perspective I could do it again I don't like quarterbacks in this draft Irish Setter ever amaze you but not I don't see these guys and say. There's osu quarterback penalty to child harder additional walks who interest me but I just don't see it. But if you were attacked the titans it's deeper it's not a computer is deep draft. If you could move around and collect extra picture attribute culprits on the eighteenth to make that kind of a move moving down I think that's really Smart he delegates. There would be another home run for John rounds needy he's done a fantastic job so far. What do you think the backlash will be for the team that does indeed take chill makes him by the way as you cover this stuff I need you here tied and all these and I know you've probably talked to some GMs that say. No chance no way we're not taking him but there is no denying the young man's talent. And that video that did surface and that's how we heard of it came years ago. We are a society that believes in second chances but seeing that video a lot of people just said no chance no way. Someone that takes him is going to have something to explain to their fans without question. Yeah it's true I didn't mention not look or my children are knowingly did OK and I don't collection but worked. Well let's be realistic look a backlash is going to be. Thirteen perhaps. So I'll see a person purple Eagles out of Philadelphia Eagles sealed talk hearsay and how Grossman burn after. Have to get up from the media after the draft have been answers questions from the media. So the clothes and equipment first press conference the next day he's gonna have to answer some questions about it. Couple actually look at the couple stories women's groups there whatever political protest and. Pretend that kind of funerals and we secured more than just the way it is I mean it's. Do we talk about. In parelta's Chapman still do we talked about. But in the last season like people mention that from high reaching dual boot incident what purportedly what he did you portion Joseph McKnight on paper. We just get over this quickly I'm looking for a H to apple announcing its right right. We moved on the need to news cycle moves so fast we just trying to. They commissioned sort of touched down in Asia and we just. In the third quarter that's a lot you know wash. Telmex and had an eighty yard run and change the complexion of the game yea Joseph Nixon and a what is going to be talking about bad. Doesn't feel like it's not gonna be like Ochoa mr. attorney or talk shop but I can help keep order Casone tells her protests and that's. It is up don't we just don't operate that way for a much we talk about this book that bit into the nation's number one draft projections because there. The moral stance or what have you how can I totally dependent totally fine with that I just squirt gun strapped to know they can have a dual action stories here in the air. And especially at the couple days after craft a but it's not turned type of spewed out. Back fashion and all this stuff we make it out today. You're good man for coming on here thanks brother. At touches in francs Schwab from Yahoo! Sports. Joining us as he does on a regular basis throughout the the NFL season in the schedule. Being trickled out as we are you eat the the raiders can open and on national talk. I'm making a deal right asks yeah that's what I did deal right now Adam Caplan I will call my key. I'll find out how to buy season tickets. For the titans. And I if I buy season tickets because that I won't be able to go to every game sought to sell some on stub hub. I'll sell you the raiders' season tickets at face. But I got to finance there's a personal seat license you think that. What I would expect that at what is the drizzle late night of the yeah goes of on Twitter right now the as I don't wanna go has to agree it up so are you are you don't want counting it I'm why did you not delegate at the data Doyle. I think he's always busy doing other things I was probably through. I was safe and nobody in this buildings ever working and that's what Dan Daniels don't you never ever working. Really gives winds now one entry per account I wanna if you don't send 500 and I think I guess I. Stop and I slowly got we got nine minutes less read it. You tweed and two at 99 ES PM at 99 ESPN don't tweet it to me don't read too bad we didn't act 1990 ESPN. The hash tags are I wanna go. The other hash tag is. Rang it up that's it. Not bring it up appearances does save yourself you will wolf figured out just weed in that 99 ESPN it's easy to do that as well. Also we do have some other cities get what we have another couple pair that will give away via phone so why don't. Will do that later this unity unity counties up right now is that right. American. Now and they're not port yeah you can do about I'm trying to keep up with them as they go Ramallah. Put them all down in the largest home and pet when I'm done. All right let's take caller number 853537765353776. Caller number eight. 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Robert Irwin Jewelers home of the NATO ordered mental lasting days hearing guaranteed figure diamond is setting an RAJ were making a brand new green with a 365. Day money back guarantee. Stress free day every shopping every day at Robert sterling Jewelers. I've been a good. Again I think we've. Now back to the Eric Cassell tonight show where guests to preview of the lenders Chrysler time she ran full line of broadcasting live WMS assets. Poland six ADM and live on Memphis is sports station 99 FM what ESPN. That. It's and I'm. She undoubtedly. It's been a regular guest on the program Egan foam on Twitter action on a debt any heat cutters. The NBA for the sporting news. As written books he's a buffalo wing enthusiasts he joins us now lets up on man. An error or a fantastic what did you think of David says dale. I thought that you know I thought. They had to be every player in in the grizzlies look like we're watching that eat very well records as governor. President bill is probably the the goal and that press conference this is bill I think he accomplish sets. One of the best coaching ranch. Certainly that I seen in the NBA. It's it was very good. And I think you accomplished exactly what he wanted to do so. With that said. You always say in other than that cliche in the rhetoric is it's not a series till someone wins on the road got the idea grizzlies have had some success against San Antonio at home. From what you've seen a do or where did they need to be better other than just making shots what is it that they are missing right now. Is it defensively is it offensively is that ball movement what are you seeing. Yeah I don't think the defense has been quite Derrick thank senator and his death has been a real problem. As well they'd like to see obviously much more from the bench I know that they're not. An issue but you'd like to see somebody sort of stepped up errant and and really be productive that's. That's something that they can't afford yeah you know I'm today hidden talent lies I think obviously though disperse them pretty big advantage. But you say we've seen not. Not just play well at home in the past quite well against San Antonio sought you know I think I'm a little confidence say if they can sort of not San Antonio back on the heels. To come out of the gate I think that they've got a pretty good chance that at least you know where to these games. Have you ever been Amaral figure out a call while Leonard is a robot. But I do every interviewed him I know because he doesn't like to be dog it's it's it's Arab unity. What he would do anything any do you'd be sure that not that got there about is that he is completely. Perfect and then you know again it sort of a cliche that's that help everybody looked as sort of like that much but you definitely. In this burned more than as far as. Not seeking attention and not giving you anything in terms of when when when when you finally get to sit down and talk. Literally. So my my girlfriend covered that team as is still works on our. Show on Sunday night some of the local ABC affiliate here she works on that station. In the mornings doing traffic weather was she also covered the demon in my locker and tried doctor someone's NEC said he looked miserable season Weiss of say yes is warning us. All care about this again I care about getting better this is just one year like literally such a robot or cancer in my cat that's camp when she first PRC. He's happy that it doesn't seem to have a lot of joy for chemical and now here let's look that sort of thing that makes so much. Sort of a different that's a different kind of got. I did hear this when we're playing them last year. As somebody that worked for the spurs got a picture of him at practice actually smiling and I thought it was the schools are never so one. Tom James in his ultimate generosity to the PR director of the spurs Derosa a cocktail party. Odd to try to soften the blow of the fact that everybody knew we were ready to get swept last year. Visible in this league acolytes smiling and I was like is that like a big deal though Michael as a very big plays that he's a tremendous player they are very very good to win sixty games are not and you have a piece up right now talking about Brad Stevens. You are based in the Boston area is it fair for people to be critical of him right now or is this I mean listen. He's too intent in the playoffs two years ago they had a glass of nobody thought they would they ran into a buzz saw in Cleveland. They went on the into the NBA finals we know last year they lost a fourteen said. I to a team a lot of people thought about it they improved this year but down notes to all of a sudden people just point right to the playoff record go to did you two intend. In May be winning games of the regular season or maybe not such a genius that people thought. I just don't think that's fair to him. Now it's really not there I mean it's a little ridiculous and then you know I talked to some politics you know I think part of bit of what goes on and I wrote about this heritage is that you know these teach these sort of at least around here and then I think some of the cheek and nationally as Welch. He's been anointed as the golden boy coach. Not his fault or not he could be really can't control looked look the fact that narrative has popped up about him. You know he's he's just a basketball coach and and the way he does something well that's something not so well and and you know that's that's. For a guy his age which is experience level and we expect that sucks. Yeah you know I think two to throw out that. That but that playoff record at two in ten playoff record and and say see he's not that go to the coat I think that's. That that sort of misses the point but on the other hand. You have a lot of people on the other side look anointed in this basketball genius. I think that was never really there to begin with either. Damn now I think adding it's a little fair all the way unparalleled all the way around it anyways it wade said he surprise Chicago. Is not the way they are just can't all be about Isiah thomas' sister so what is Chicago doing. It's is it just offensive when I mean they just seemed to have had. The little bit more bounce in their step which surprised because guys like Jae Crowder. You know players like data and barks like these are the guys that the youth Avery Bradley I love Avery Bradley's camp. He had Isiah Thomas. And I don't Robin Lopez is all right ten and you have Jimmy Butler who's the best player in the series no disrespect Isiah Thomas the Dwyane Wade's aging. I I would've never expected this I never would have thought any way possible after losing game one of Boston was in. Well you that the basic things going on one is. I think that this is. What the bulls thought they were doing last summer when they put this team together and and then they got all these veteran bench and you know it seemed like a very short sided thing they had the think OK well they might be a pretty good team this year you know not not necessarily one that's. Going to contend with Cleveland or anything like that but but certainly a competitive team and we just didn't she that. Over the course and yet they would have these gains are distractions. What could be Cleveland they beat Boston they beat Toronto they beat Golden State and that would go and and the Orlando and go to they've banned. Eight complete. It is just a roller coaster all year they've been really hard to figure in the end they're just got an upswing right now. So I think that's the part of it which I think the other thing as a side you know the Celtics. Do not have sides and and that's really costing them is the offensive rebound they just. They made Robin Lopez looked like look like Shaq here and and you know that's that's that's really. A problem that the Celtics. Identified early but didn't really do anything about in terms of look the trade deadline nor will taking anybody up. Yep and I think that that was the one that everybody is questioning now does Danny Ainge regret. Not getting. The superstars but I think it's more do you now regret. Getting somebody that can help you up in the front court collected Taj Gibson do you not regret trying to go after a big man they can help them out. Upfront Jimmy comeback. I yeah I think she'll like it had we've seen enough from the bulls to know that they are fragile mental team that they that they can really. That they can give it up pretty quickly so. I think there's a chance that they can come back but I think that you know until you. And so you can get a weird content to put on about forty pounds and then three or four inches about how beaded spat but you know barring that it's going to be tough for them to do that is because. That's side problem they gonna go away. Sean Downey covering the NBA for the sporting news before I let you go giving us this series that you've been intrigued by thus far as well Russell Westbrook. I will throw their 51 point triple double but when those full on hero mode in the fourth quarter and a lot of people critical of that. I hazard and another series of the capturing your eyes that you are finding entertaining in this first round thus far. I mean I I've been tested all year really with the Milwaukee Bucks certainly in the last. The last two or three months. You after Jabbar Parker got hurt in any interest middle can come back he had should. Malcolm brown didn't join the starting march attention currently really on the watched. And they have given Toronto looks everything they can handle in the first two games here I don't I don't I'm not yeah I think just the weird thing. Is there I I think that Toronto is probably that she needs that is and that's position to knock off Cleveland. Other than meeting the needs but I'm also not sure trying to get out of the first round exit think Milwaukee's such a bad matchup for themselves kind of an interesting dynamic there. Crazy how those matchups. Can play into. I teams moving on or not a move him on Sean always man I appreciate the time let's catch up again as the plows continue. Thanks thanks relish on d'antoni right there from the sporting news you can follow on action on d'antoni as Sean Danny. I you'll be covering the NBA playoff seed based in Boston was all this nonsense about when Brad Stevens as. A good coach or not the problem is some of these headlines again put rallied WEEI in Boston. Who is there when their big sports stations that they have the sport somebody five seven's sports on them WEEI who's been around for ever right he guys are intercom sister station. Someone put up on a reporter there it's like if Brad Stevens loses this series he's on the hot seat it'll actually catch fire and as late as dumb as a great coach. You can't do that and that that's going to be the rhetoric but it's so. Because they're going to be good and they're going to get better. They just they need help up front that's this is where they could if there was somebody in there. That they could correlate this into you know they need help up front they they need help up front and this is not a draft where. You know it's almost it's just some crazy almost more beneficial if they end up we'll take the three or the fourth. Now the water that's because everybody looks like them take mark a false or Alonso ball. And they may look for a day. You look for a big that might be able to help you or you dangled out there to get to number one you have to potentially dangle that out there to someone that's willing to move the big man. And bring him endeared him. City Atlanta. No I have two are now old. Got out publicly about aces and put a hat but we have fifty. We'll let you know the knowledge not accountable. To new idea to get all your information and all you're gonna do that after or are we gonna draw after the jump right. Things to do Erica just also over here. And do all that well talking about. But to sit over into office work I know you sit over there might Ichi dose analogy do no I don't like if I do I hate each is at least a clean up after. So this is sure you know only the rappers and I guess like one John. John Mark does to say Italy side we've got a pair though to get away. The other phone lines you know what you know we never take you know what number we never take in the dollars. Hopefully he'd say fifty. 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Unacceptable dolls I'm professionally Tony seventeen NBA playoffs are on Memphis is sports station 929 SM ESPN there. Holbrooke us. Ladies and gentleman losing don't ask seniority that's easy noting it's Cinco De Mayo party time again in the bigs. This year is too big for just one day you can make the whole weekend doubted it after all it's the biggest and best single in my own party and east of Mexico and gone and it all starts at noon on Friday made it and they'll be the usual may madness when live music loud money guys who live radio remotes every clear regarding -- is not a dollar Nigel stand right there on the casino floor and for the fourth straight year in the sombrero allowed cost conscious were you when your team compete and thousands of dollars and zero location I'll say they've made all day. 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After a dominant performance from Chris Sale the Red Sox up one nothing going to the ninth Craig Kimbrel gave up eight home runs to tie it up that's. With the go ahead three run double socks now and in six blue jays three and twelve they are falling fast. Devil Rays have been mayor there raising their knocked over as we mark the rays have been pleasant surprise they went 81 today over the tigers in games currently going on the Indians. I have gotten back the 500 and looking to go above 500 as they are leading the twins in the ninth. The bottom of the ninth in Minnesota six to two Astros who are playing great baseball leading the angels they hated California angels two to one. Top nine. As the angels. Look like they've just struck out two and the ballgame solution they baseball update for those of you baseball fans like me. Let's rapid fire. Rapid fire is brought to you by pyro suppliers fresh pizza now beats rapist fliers and I. Palmieri Kessel and Joseph Miller Light nimble around the radio rapid fire on 929 FM EXP and. All right besides starting off. What's the most important thing. For the grizzlies in order to victory tonight. Rapid fire. Ball movement. Got a mud ball downplay the quicker pace he cannot let San Antonio's defense sucked gets set up and the grizzlies didn't score as many points in game two. As you would have liked obviously was the exact same number they scored in game number one but I didn't think it was because of lack of pace. It was because of lack of made shots inside game one was more lack of pace and that led to the miss shots but the grizzlies got good looks they took them. They just didn't connect they've got to get the right guys in the right positions and look they're gonna make some changes. Guys have to be ready to go even had three days off sounded to leave it all out on the floor this is Stewart Jack you got to win this game self. Play fast. Play quick but don't be in a hurry and defense defensively. A lot more what we saw on the second half. Where they made it very difficult for LaMarcus Aldridge and quite Leonard. Danny Green had a few threes because he was alone on the perimeter but dating close those out. Yeah shouted to take this wanna go to little. Polo thought process and what's going on that locker room because if you take game three real good chance you can take in four. I'm not great chance but it a better chance they came for you lose game three you're you're probably. Going to be at the mercy of Gregg Popovich who loves closing series out as early as you possibly cancel it and get ready for the next. Or other playoff action tonight on the whitbeck on the Eastern Conference site. All first we'll go without Cleveland taking on Indiana Indiana also down 02 another must win game. Rapid fire they're done. There's superstar who's averaging thirty points a game and their star player. Is continually throwing his teammates under the bus and you ask any former player current player. People on jive that. Mean Paul called Georgia has learned that got a street cred so I think that I think tonight Cleveland puts them on the ropes and close them down three nothing. All right the other 1 in the Eastern Conference Toronto Milwaukee there at a game apiece rapid fire. Big game for Toronto more so the Milwaukee Toronto takes back home court advantage tonight than they had been put the edge back on their side. I think Milwaukee can feed off of. Because I hadn't seen it since back in November they make him an attack came there are a lot of empty seats. Eight despite fact that everybody is really sad about jas on the Como taken the next Japanese done just that so maybe they'll be there in full force tonight. But I I will go with Toronto because even though the matchups are tough I think Toronto was the better team top to bottom. All right. Back to baseball British talking about at the Ted pay raise for a society get in on the game as well. A last night apparently they confused. Some of the fielder's. On Detroit by saying I doubt it I doubted I dotted and I'd Jacoby Jones Tyler Collins in Kinsler. Yeah they were confused. Rapid fire. Spread also said that he's fine he's fine but it fans are ready all that and what have you not been at a baseball game or somebody and have I got. In the infield I got it up. It's part of being a fan if you if you get confused by that. Q you've got to be vocal that's what I literally didn't matter what level. I was and like you were told you were taught you scream it so you know you scream and so the person that she knows it you've got. If you hear you got if you really out of you command that you have that there are certain positions on the field where you have your center fielders cumin and he's got. Granted it's Ian Kinsler hearing what he thought was the senate feel a calling him off. But Ian Kinsler in these clearly there I mean it's good for the censored for duke and amounts on. I'd fans do this and basketball. In Dallas games Emmet county's seek out as you would like eight on the shot clock here. 321. And then because they think it's their bench and they just Jack up an off balance shot in the and a potentially game fair enough of Tiger Woods had another back surgery rapid fire. Once you start out of surgeries on his back I've been told it's it's almost impossible. First ever get 100% right again Psycho Psycho. And play three times. That's terrible for the game of golf because they've got so many good players right now that just having him there would open the eyes of the casual fans how good some of these guys are. But because he's not there are a lot of people just won't even to an end. Despite fact he's not even relevant and more in terms of winning tournaments he's relevant in terms of popularity not relevant terms of the leader board but just to get him on the TV and get him making some cuts. Would do wonders. For go straight and wonders. I hope the spurs are ready to as were bringing in the reinforcements Brett apparently earlier today at bear was spotted in north Memphis. Rapid fire and just decided it was gonna wander around had a little stroll and there's that data deal street right now. On that night when Neil street. Most of our fans will be so drug and others say don't care that's where he's supposed to drop in my own drops here that that Jason and Jon are using its you don't even use my own drops them down because you don't want you. And yeah that I don't play well that is I guide ya know I don't I don't why would I why would I want that. I don't know. I you know made us on Lionel until the last few guys hey manually deploy is not no no. There're no don't tell me I'm glad it looked up but titans' season tickets there's a few little PS old. But I am I eight I anything and I'd be able to sell you the the raiders tickets that are so I he's got to figure out where I would wanna sit Islamic go to a couple of games. Or maybe others don't Mikey and if we can't just by a couple of games and single game stepped. Danielle can be a tough ticket to get this year aria yeah it's tough ticket that's opening in both teams last year's it has not been a tough to get it they're going to be a tough ticket to get this they will be. And now expectations are Mike Gundy decided by his squad. Islands. No. He balked him eleven in two rings to commemorate the 4016 football season. Unfortunately they lost three games but he's not count the central Michigan lost. Rapid fire. Rising Afghan central machine in Los Angeles and yeah but there was like the penalty or whatever at the end in which he felt like it shouldn't happen and there are some some and let's say it's great that he feels that way the record books tell a different story. As nice on the final out into rings I guess for a kid that maybe. And get that chance they need to win a big twelve title ringers you know for the senior I don't know I just think that's. If we start to matter because you'll start them all Oklahoma State go to Lebanon through rings we went twelve and two when we get. And finally. Let this red birds make that announcement today. They've announced. That mr. building. About a bill will be at the April 29 game status at rapid fire. It's awesome love Dennis asks how can. How can you not want to assassins will be okay is tickets which ones who a verbal unprovoked. Welcome back up 53537765353776. Caller number two. Dollar number two you're gonna get on 5353776. Thanks to Ben. 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