The Eric Hasseltine Show 07/14/17 w/ Guest Host Jeffrey Wright - Hour 2 w/ John Martin & FS1/The Big Lead's Jason McIntyre

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Friday, July 14th

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That's the fifth talent. Gap. Talking somewhat to today have treated them that it had no clue and no clue at all out of that should all Sierra you know again I just want a what justice to be served as you watch giants game joy to see is he here earlier ones I'm all about fear all I care about spare I just want a fair punishment. As long as is he killing gets a fair punishment again if that the commissioner wants to look into the sin and may be. Ottawa home but find a a full season suspension I'm not exactly post this as well means selling month and it's got to expect that at the same. Former Santa is spurs guard Jonathan Symonds has agreed to a three year deal with the Orlando Magic. His agent told Ager in worst around ski of ESPN Simmons 27. Had been a restricted free agent before San Antonio renounced his rights with hopes of signing him to a new contract. Thursday was the final day that teams could lift qualifying offers from restricted free agents. Overall. Like that's kind of the best thing probably they can happen if you're Western Conference and it's like he's the killer off the bench the never think about the out. But. As somebody that. Once stood not to see the warriors were in the title yeah like all. Sox by. Elise itself somebody going east that was the biggest deals or at least have someone going to be a bench player not 100% whether it be a lethal shooter off the bench or. Not and then lastly the story that we've been teasing all show. I'd been what is what is legal. For Kerry and coldest of Winnipeg. What is legal for her to respond. To the fact that she had a wager. She would win one million dollars. If any. To kick offs or returned for touchdowns. In a Canadian Football League game. On Thursday night Toronto and it Toronto played Winnipeg. The opening kick off was returned for a touchdown. That any second quarter. Martz he's Jackson. Autism later returning another touchdown. Before. The officials. Drops the flag. And makes a holding call. Therefore bringing back the touchdown clearly no other touchdowns were scored on kick off returns. She said after the game in the second touchdown happened. It didn't really dawn on me what was happening like a wasn't jumping up and down I thought that maybe I was entered to win a million dollars. She was thrilled to learn that she had won 25000 dollar 125000 dollar entertainment system as part of the same contest. But where does include her into what was going on they were all heartbroken. I was kind of stunned she said at a really understand what was happening to begin with but my husband so I hope. Sold it it wasn't for that penalty if we could have won a million dollars I couldn't believe that one bad call away from one million dollars. This is the ultimate example of the joke you know Gladys an accountant winning your NCAA bracket like she asked they she had no idea what was going on and she wins and you've probably been like there's so many guys are out there like actually having like quality wagers that they like put the light put time and effort into it. And that she would have won this contest that Noah it's no African ideas even one. While she did and then that does sucks so it's just one of those things that happens by. I don't really know followed recover from that. Oh thanks again at Torrey top thousand dollars it's a listener in order could have bought it bought job. A bunch of those with a million dollars yeah I can have even after taxes I could of bought another twenty of those yes yes and so have. Enough money for other things. Hello. Boston first thought let I'm battling I mean that thoughts at the other day here's the thing today she's just like the rest of us. Doesn't have a million dollars just does not have a million dollars so season peace. To care and when we come back John Martin's gonna join as he spoke little fame basketball coach Larry Brown discuss that conversation. And his conversation wade Baldwin. And the more we come back Aircastle ventured 99 FM ESPN. Hey how you how these other. Alan it's awesome we're at the tail end of summer of 2000 engagements going on right now in all four Robert Mueller's locations some artists started what do you mean flash. I'm not a scientist during the I don't know about the calendar but I'm telling you the end of July is when our sale ends CIA to Robert when Jewish today so is the end of your summer 2000 agent exactly. Thelma they get if they come to Robert Mueller slippers something 15100 dollars or more serious free weekend getaway for two. 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When their new outdoor kitchen got a big green get kid fresh Memphis 3686 summer avenue call. Or 587841. Or visit Jim rash Memphis dot com. It is sensational savings. And you get my personal collapse the great perks anytime anywhere under alone. It's free and fantastic. Visit micro dot com to download. Person on your well Robert Irwin Jewelers summer of 2000 engagements and July 29 curry get twenty to 40% off all engagement greens receive a free mini vacation and perhaps get your ring free if it rains on your wedding day retails at our I Jewelers dot com coming. She's the free agents who truly love coming to 929 FM it. Let's finish what we're left. You can see him at 5 o'clock on that speak for yourself with Calvert and with what he's gonna join us you'll soon hear him. Every Saturday on fox Sports Radio from five to 8 in the morning on the big lead radio show always check that out as well he's gonna join us he has a power rankings. On each team in the Western Conference will discuss that. As well. As whatever else comes to mind he has some thoughts on or four ball we'll discuss that with them when we have him next segment but now. Without further do we bring on the man that is half of the Jason and Jon show. Is John Martin could always bomb on Twitter at John Morton 99 good day John how are about eight. What it rather well let's start here you had a hall of Famer on the broadcast yet Larry Brown on the show. How to go. The word great I mean he's you know in terms of those. You know achieve great things in basketball I don't know you can find somebody that doesn't want that he had. And I mean he's only coach born and an NCAA championship that occurred and then do it in the NBA celebrate it was that that was the. That's the first interview. Where I've actually had an espionage here and I've been nervous before but why you know. It inherited as a host system that's the first interview that I have been nervous to do. That makes sense because. Oftentimes like when you're having when you have a guests like Larry Brown even though he's a pro wing in the east it's certainly not his first. Radio interview there's the aspect of the fact that he has done so many interviews it almost feels like you end up putting pressure on yourself because. You want him to enjoy the inner. Oh yeah how would not. Now that they about a pretty nervous it was feel the grass types in the earth or at had a mark why but. You know you get it better more just about like intelligent disparity. I got it don't want to sound like a cave man to have. That because he'd like them smartest guy in the universe. But yeah it was really darted to be done by Larry Brown in NF I understand it you know he's. He's working very closely with David bit stale and you know it's it's been mentioned as soon as possibly they're being spot for him on the group wish that somewhere on notebook under Croatian blitz. You know certainly a lot of respect for David citadel and and and give them a respect for him so it was. Cooley did opinion on and on everything from the basketball. Yeah they dated it was it was a wide range needed this the interview. I to just take out that podcast could mean the dollar every adolescent so I have. Judge Perry's mention the fact that part of the reason why he initially took the Memphis job is that Larry Brown told him that it was a place that he could win. Sounds to mean from from your interview that Larry Brown certainly has such a high opinion. Of Memphis bass well what is it specifically think that he that he finds out that he admire so much on the basketball. I think you could understand that you have everything you need in place to succeed and you have a regional talent you gotta admit the talent you've got the fan support you've got to NBA team in town. I think they'll do that that though there. Pretty key components of of what makes it out good because if you take that job is the best in her commitment to change the name critic somewhere where there's not a on the talent. You know it's not that great of a job you know it's just that it's it's an average stop and what makes this job good. Is your priest closed to all these kids they girl won the play it meant that the Catholic relief here in talents you know it is eligible to be able to take your kids. To but excellent recruiting visit and say this is where the project I'm looking you do decide not to rest. This is where you know your favorite player plays spew out twice a year or are the years secretary counter right. You know Mike how he plays Karen and I admire you to pitch it's an amazing tool. And I think Larry more than anything else just understands. What you have done and actually got coached at SMU you know he knows what it's like to coach. A typical places meant as a political like to coach at and so I think that more than anything he recognizes how to set up you are to have success at a quite a weapon. And then we've been to we you mention it as well and we've we've been hearing a little bit about the relationship between him and David Tisdale. What is exactly the the these what does that really should look like right now. Well they out there working together they know each other from each way back in the day to Larry Brown's note everybody like you got typical load that our world. And so he's got a double David says they'll come around. You know David and they'll dispute litigate it did you know and and one of the things that that I respect about it is that. You know a lot of coaches they're their ego man like did I know everything can't tell me anything. Like just after it was like that you know just sat there refused for so long. I hired X and O coach because Q did they do anything that he can learn. From an X and -- coach sir or he didn't feel like it would go blueprint to do it for whatever reason whatever his motivation to work. Stated the opposite it is likely that I can learn from you I. I have something I can't gain from. And so what it sounds like it that it is thought about it. Bottom around per bag if this weekend. You know they tell they learn from each other you know Larry Brown the coach is coach he directly all like a key. There the report last September about him when to get in high school every resigned from that they've used up. The guy just did a head coaching in his DNA you know it is it is always try to learned. So I think that's just kind of how that how that got started. Yet for those of us that attended the the exit interviews for the Memphis Grizzlies did there's no mention that he always has a list of coaches that. He wants to learn from that he planned on speaking with during the offseason and it clearly appears that. Near the top of the list if not the top of the list that was Larry Brown. John Barton of the Jason and Jon shared joining us right here on the Aircastle sideshow 99 and then ESPN you don't hear John. Weekdays eleven to two right before this year varied program and then also today on the show John. Yet weighed Baldwin on joining you and it is interesting I kind of had this thought today it's. Is it possible that as it pertains to the fan perspective where it seems like there is a portion of grisly standard and art that are pretty plugged and they've almost been willing to kind of right wade Baldwin off this far. Does it hurt wade Baldwin that even though it was a lottery pick the fact that he was picked in the first round it's seems like that that kind of works against and in seems like that is led. A lot of people wanna write them off to San. Well being the highest pick a parent and quite sometime and you know the guy that was. At seventeen he was thought to be deal could even in some in some draft. A mock draft I remember reading him. That the go to the captain's selections so I think there were a lot of expectations on him early on that. Just really take that role of backup point guard and he didn't and he ultimately. Law that doubt that cater hairs and and what a tablet being perpetually out of thin. It may motivated. Yeah I think it you know because. He's very confident. Men and and some may perceive it there again it. I think he it makes it sort of an easy target for fans. The same way that Chandler Parsons is an easy target for fans. But I think that this is a young man who who understands what it's going to be our trip a lot of times. You know they I don't know they're getting into you know they just dull and it's not like bad. God has been like some great. In BA eastern you know factory now so there's not a whole bunch of been a boat veterans to lean on it becomes that. You know coming into the league and edit in a coached suddenly knowledge of that inner in the league like you know your college coach that you know for their hockey player the luxury they have so. I think it could take a year bring the kind of understand. What was required to have to be a professional literally. Took him a year that Jacqueline and I'm not saying that you know he's going to be you know it's gonna be perfect and you're cute it's going to be smooth birdie to gain about saying that. About it saying that he got he got a backup point guard jobs that don't people I mean that's only part of Harry gathered. But I do think that he has I think this week he had shown on you know what he can do and that yes he isn't much better prepared I think. To it to be that there we're gonna on the roster. Four that gave it to not spend the majority of fifty that is due Dili the G Leo that you would call it. Could account like immediate doubt the nightmare for him and and that that that to help elevator you know you spend the entire year the majority your rookie season. And in Iowa you know you were drafted. To a city is that like mad that he's that you're you're you're Iowa. DEC zero wake up cough and it felt like to meet it by talking a day that you know that that's what it was for him and he's played well gotten better every day I think that's encouraging. You know he he he had power that it undeniable. And I think that it it's that talent coupled with the fact make better decisions. You can be more open to being coached at communicating that's gonna end up submitting your status on that roster or concrete. John we really appreciate your time for joining us some man enjoy your weekend. And now we'll talk to you again later or so. Talking yet man because like you got about thirty or out radio RER it'll be okay. I don't Beverly sitting down for this I never tire of talking I would I would I fear more than anything is I fear that people are tired of listening that that's that is my. Let me you'd done I wanna know that job this week you have waited. If you put it a total work brother so much respect and pretty minutes ago here so look out there are many or most of the weekend. All the good news is when he got a great guests like Jason McEntire coming up next I don't have to do the talking because for those that don't know Jason certainly has a lot to say and he'll be able to carry on carry the mail form if you well. It John appreciate it might. Editor John Morton of Jason and Jon weekdays eleven it's you as always on Twitter at John Mark 929. Jason McEntire is the host of the big lead radio show Saturdays on fox Sports Radio. Five to 8 AM here in the central time zone we're gonna speak with him when we come back sicker I won't want to miss it. It's the air cast and show on 99 FM ESPN. Hey how has your salary. Alan it's awesome we're at the tail end of summer of 2000 engagements going on right now in all four Robert Mueller association's summer started what do you mean flash. I'm not a scientist during the I don't know about the calendar and I'm telling you the end of July is when our sale ends CIA to Robert when Jewish today so is the end and yourself or a thousand agent exactly. Thelma they get if they come to Robert Mueller slippers something 15100 dollars or more are there any other free weekend getaway for two. 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Hair gone my friend -- get set up the free consultation today 855865. -- new -- concepts. Grab a great deal with the state dinner and ten dollars and sandwiches or salads at Lisa's lunch box for only five dollars get your deal today didn't I heard dot com. Now back to the Eric Cassell tonight show where guests appear via the lender is a piece of broadcasting on the WMS says that it out on 688 yeah. Memphis is sports station yeah. 8 at 5 o'clock all on the speak for yourself with Cowherd and we're lucky we always hear him. What every Saturday morning on the big lead on fox Sports Radio five to 8 AM here in the central time zone. Let's bring him on the show Ben looks they can each unit today. Now it's time to be any time soon 99 at ten ESP and humid day. On the day. Fundamentally that. An excellent and another great month of all. On the other life out here. This. I gotta start here because he mentioned it and I I admit I I openly admit that Vincent man has own my brain since I've basically been probably five years old and since I've been watching wrestling sites that gives them by my parents back of course. And so. I have to admit that every time I see him in a different pair issues. I had to say as the kids say I'm a little bit woke on this because I think he's gonna go out have all these performances in these great. New issues after he has that the slip and fall. In the Alonso two's I'm now waiting for him to have some big reveal that they're coming out with a new big ball or brand shoe and and that's like this is all leading up to that. I got I'm shocked to see interests in these huge do you think more about it at. About it but I don't look like as anybody mention which shoots Jason Taylor Moore. Or ordered benefit junior or what have been sentenced where like I I just don't work I'm shocked to see it this act about it. I think everything with him is about his father and end the weird thing is I don't I think at best I'd probably again because of the hole by the fact that under upper wrestling event. Is that doesn't bother me like it just doesn't like it he gets a nurse and everyone else's skin other than my. And it just doesn't bother you but I think you're right I think it's the fact that every single person is hoping on pins and needles that big Boller brand sales and solid this would be. This would be if you lose your if you lose the pace of your brand you lose everything. But here's the weeping at the guy who started a blog you got a dollar and there's movers tiny ball we can come and we got Scott told got lucky. I'm always rooting for the little guy. And if you look at tissue industry it essentially what Nike under armour he is. Maybe there's some tiny whatever went tween we've aired like sponsored in China I approach basing on the brand but essentially it. And now here you have an individual's. Some guy. No hills L. I'm using it to make at least party's own people or break. Well I got to give him props for. And I am kind of and I noted critic at hammer him on television on the all my radio show a crushed him on the big lead. I can't kinda rooting for him to have some mild success here is that wrong. Though I actually. Doctor I'm not saying that than the man is perfect by any stretch of the imagination because obviously the you know the way that he trade Cristina it was discussed. And then I'm not dismiss an outstanding guys like some kind of perfect guide that. It'd day and age where we have so much social commentary about you know what what do you know what's a good person we all this moral relativism. I'm kind of at the end of the day your results guy and eat your husband your father it's like at the end of the day this guy's been with the same woman in his entire life. It's three boys that are all relatively had stayed out of trouble they're all going to be eligible to play college basketball. And the date is that kind of what you're judged upon as a man it's like how does your family turn out. Now this is kinda goes like the bigger than life right there is is it sure you're the destination I mean on the destination for audible. And he made. And a lot of respect it yet now they charity. If you Fokker kind of being. Whatever word you want to use an ogre assault promoting wild. Two on seeing. Whatever going lap extra. Pretty much wiped out like he. Crossed a lot of lines and not a bad way but just crossed normal life to maybe decorum. And it's crazy thinks it's work but at that offers it or arrest you know. They got good grades. If there are truly nothing. And back here except maybe don't we got it. I actually start to come around on a guy like you get that it's a game and kind of winning right. We need to need that's kind of at the end of the day it's like he really is living embodiment that there really is like we've reached this point where there's no such thing as bad publicity I mean I think it really began with a cart action like you can see when. It wouldn't blow up our goodwill. Will all of a New Yorkers are wouldn't. He started effect until and card actually and seeing you know now being cared about the fact that it's at ten years ago whatever what. They. YouTube is different he's a multibillion making a million dollar rent you know one and again you're gonna compare the cardiac arrest him. All I. The open in a week as human being threatened. Oh I completely agree there and now there's really just don't like theirs but as it pertains to a bar for me it's like. I do think he probably. It you know he probably crosses. A line here in the air it's like okay why don't quite condone any thing but it's like at the end of the day. His finished product bothers me less than the card ash and finished product. Well definitely I mean you know limited called Chloe could actually and it. You in stating a lot of athletes and she's considered bad luck arbor some of them that the younger cracked in under Jenner sister urge you know. I don't have too much about them they're somehow relate I try to right now at I don't watch all all that reality. Our digital TV but. It's hard to deny that resulted in our. All I mean Kim Kardashian basically went from the Great Depression essentially went from having. It boutique in Calabasas for those don't know it's like suburbia in LA they go they go from having a boutique in Calabasas. To where can cart bashing can rake in sixty million a year I mean. Against unbelievable just. Largely based upon the fact that. Seacrest kind of found the family early and then he started documenting them in the in the sex trade blows up and then the rest is you know I do get I will give Kim Kardashian credit. She does seem to have the hustle gene like she seems they're like never want to stop making money so like I can't at least give her back. Yeah I mean I cannot. Yeah. And it somebody who's currently working freak out you know and I think when he went to breakfast my wife and Scotland. Arm. Wrestle levels and we can play and I'm like well you know I got to go home I got a chemical or put with a big lead got a radio interview. Yes and that's adequate radio show. For more and it's like it better really stop at an and it. Well how about I mean it's great to do one thing but. Our doctor Chu again what about or what. You know what about my long term. And I like to make my own you know I can kind of a write the script I mean. Grinding back. I don't wanna might mean in. You know. Editor or is critical that they definitely were about. Jason McEntire of the big lead FS one again you can listen to the big lead show on fox Sports Radio to morrow morning every Saturday morning also check him out. On speaker yourself with Cowherd and whitlock and Jason that was kind of before I promise we're gonna get to the the the Western Conference power rankings that's more for my my listening audience than you Jason because I'm I'm curious about this because. You did originally started newspapers you have the traditional media background and yet. I think part of the reason why. We're sitting here talking to you today rather than myriad other people that have found themselves on kind of the the bad end of the business side is the fact that you were able to adapt you're able to. Understand that multimedia was going to be aspect of the business you were understood. Hey it's more than just about. You know dean stories and all the things that traditional journalists always out prided themselves on writing. He's inevitably. That is the difference between that those that are going to. You know quote unquote prosper and make it now in sports journalism is that it's a question that I get asked not set not successful below your but I am in my hometown Amani. Successful radio station and and that's certainly the opportunities there for me to that would be the biggest aspect that I would tell them is the fact that. You cannot limit yourself can you say that I'm just this one thing you mentioned all the ideas you have in your head. A that you would CEO someday like to accomplish is that kind of really the trick to being successful outside of obviously you know having an ability to to do the job but. Also the willingness to you know maybe learn skills that you wouldn't think initially are part of the job. Well I put so I don't know I don't look successful qualified but thanks Aaron Aaron. I got a long way to go active bracket Urquhart and that luck doesn't play a part artwork there to newspaper. And or that it would hurt Al and one navy. I kind of saw the direction things are headed light I. Auto wet my name on it in but I read an online shirt and a guy in the office audit. He witnessed artwork but it was linked to my stories are. You know the markets yes. Colleagues saw it. Kind of ratted me out I called and though it collapsed office I wanted to hire. Ergonomics position now mom. You're you're wearing orange on your on your personal work and certainly Michael ware there's about. Well storage already in the paper that the but all that. You know or weeks ago with the matter. I'm not telling them under in the market myself for current opportunity and our work is they predicted before a comedic hit it sure they have a good newspaper comes. Check out of my other might links and I work. It was an easy way to market went up I got like in trouble for an editor at that moment of it I'm not here and I left first celebrity magazines in a weekly. And I that's what I'm. That is anchored a wanted to packet that worked at a walk and a you know go cover high schools or to get thrown one football game this season you know large well one of the longer. Got kind of lucky with Alec and golden I think it spiraled never. Yeah I mean eight staying at the curtain call I had Christine what happened yet the end guarded. All their college football college basketball writers a lot of NBA. Sports Illustrated effect cut industry kind of going to a lot of I wish I could tell you what that. Crystal ball kind of obvious and well yeah ha I don't know what it is it's just look over there needs to what could contents. For every winter at I think that would ultimately boiled down. Is that it actually is a decent point the fact that. Because there is so much content and it's tough for it's not like he just have the one stop shop you don't have the newspaper on the drive or any more than has all the all the class size and everything where Bruin in and they can hire 300 million people you now have you know you have. It has it does seem like that. You still have the biggest of big names but it seems like now there's no you know mid tier you know lower lower high end to lower mid tier and now it's like a bunch out of niche people mean whether it be. Big lead weathered the bar stool mean the other the other the blogs and whatnot that seemed to have. Crafted out their own audience and that they appealed them. If you look at cedar you know you're whatever you're on safari chrome Firefox. I always her if we are. Story back flag on social yeah I don't like I've read did I wanna read it yet and it's got a great and act like it then your what are. I haven't read any and I'll read one of them and then it's like I got to pick it apart you know maybe create later. What could carpet and look at what's happening TV people now go to work all day. You know they're working their but thought they come home they weren't check out what Donald Trump said you're you'd write an article could turn on the news get caught up in. You know churn. Of the fifty in the Donald Trump tweeted that it some other media cares about and then it's like oh man had a long day I want to read for hours. Do I want you know maybe watch a Netflix. Or stop it from Amazon prime something on cable or or did so many oxen. You know people only have a limited time of the day I'm what are you could take hours and my seven. Yeah I get her take it means certain days are on the night Nazi salute an idea morning radio so night out on morning radio doesn't really add up. No not at all or. Being a night out court could quite figure out if there's not many distractions on you at 113012. O'clock or are. It's difficult to find time for quiet and you know getting smarter and reading about the industry your intervention you wanna go into you so much good stuff out there. I don't think our country. They'll do you think I think part of the genius of the big lead is the fact that. Because you mention that in it's almost like I wanna read everything it's like what he can't read everything. Bullet there's a there's a market to you have a one stop shop it's likely you know the big lead as they one stop shop I mean. For those that don't like them or sort content like horse pulled a one stop shop you can have every M. From you know you know jokes to. Videos to the fact I mean heck now they're even covering the present United States and it does show that. I'd there is say the least there is some recognition that there's a market for a one stop shop where you had an entire staff to that essentially becomes a news organizations. And I didn't even mention pipes the lie got no commute or keep them on the web site and I got to try to go to. TV station every Eric of the arc on every day. And you know you could listen to the radio Kirk would look. Good looks at sports talk radio I I would like over like we use up on oh sure I don't even listen to like terrestrial radio song I don't do. Ira what I'd. All I'll be listening to you know Colin Cowherd on our were ready to go to commercial. Pressing play iPod. You're with the latest is from that person that person again there are some good podcasts out there are back up. I mean in I don't wanna be that I touting awesome. Content everywhere but Britain like whether or entertainment business technology. There are a lot of good stuff at the time. Like on top of that I'm backed up on people but I like like. Things that come up and off like I mean I'm a huge corolla guy dialogue I'm back I can tell you last on Ellis into an episode start to finish because. It's like the same things like I'm always on to the next thing and he just gets packed that there are so many people that are churning out. Quality quality content Jason McEntire of the big lead up FS one up fox Sports Radio is joining us as always on Twitter at Jason are. McEntire Jason IE I said I would get to it's I need to do so otherwise out. I certainly made navigate in Memphis sports talk radio much longer but. He did come up with your power rankings for the Western Conference as we head into. 201718. But your probably a little bit late on getting and I was actually expecting at the day after. That the title and skin you have your daughter got had a pre season up the next day we all know that. I ask you this question because I do think this is one issue that the NBA could perhaps struggle with the idea that. More or less the the end is again inevitable that and barring some kind of major injury it certainly appears that Golden State would have to. Do something horrendously wrong to not be champions again but. Or would you look at that aspect in the fact that. Over all you know top to bottom viewership for the NBA's down though the finals were up. How much risk do you think the NBA. It is facing when it comes to the fact that it's it does at least CD on court game seems to be born. All online at card idea and I don't but I think. Edgar time. We I didn't and why you don't think that it is boring team spirit I mean honestly. How I haven't done Rockford with elite. Talented group and unpredictable loaded they want certain one game. Now all of a sudden the Milwaukee Bucks at our guys. Honest. I don't know if you read quotes around. There are already wondering how all of out of Milwaukee I'm like what more viewers and that everything correct cricket if you like incumbent. Phoenix Suns had an awesome young players to Sacramento king great young player lakers obviously lot of young talent. And aren't gonna play out you know delegate Kurt Kruger put on our back I think the NBA now. What right do you think it hurts is and it just kind of the new normal if you look accurate and FL regular season reading yet. Ending the regular season meetings down. League football final large regular season ratings are down I mean that the Yankees were up compared charge but the red sucker for their local TV ratings are down 20%. And it goes back to I don't think people had he kind. Of regular season. I mean common data we can you aren't they aren't thinking the next hour hour. It's a good basketball but the team I love what I. I don't know if I'm mark in three nights a week. I don't. What the big marquee game at a record number well I mean I just wanna have that kind of and in November but the current month out of all Saturday. I got NFL Sunday yet college basketball you've got calm and BA like. Had kind every single rider gotta say I'm addict Albert gore is a lack record. It's really become all about the post. So I I would disagree NBA. War. But to your point does the NBA race the back of that they're play odd that's the other thing it's like the baseball playoffs are one of the the least predictable and all sports the NHL playoffs or are. Very unpredictable. The NFL playoffs I mean yes we had we've had similar teams but. I mean we'd we have had multi of different champions the last you know ten years and so. And while NO bass was obviously a different candidates like right now it seems like there in this era where the where the playoffs the deciding factor the the aspect but the were most interest then. It seems like they're a big risk because there are so predictable. Well I mean. You can see that what. Now I know lipped when it but like that up and productive or a security gap or. By. Urgent matters or when you look at the NCAA tournament. We couldn't name picking player I get to general and gardening cooking act ratings drop people were into. You know it's like her Gergen we entered aren't out in the NB don't have interning at a help. What was incredible. And it phenomenal secretive or to come back and but the crowds are terrible if you look at the ratings were down it could ever playing a favorite one hander. You know I think that others in Dallas losing at home to Green Bay like every favorite won and covered ignition they would expect a green but. An outlaw. Oh come back next. Probably. Come back. More like an even field where it's kind of wide open or the patriot got a good seventy you know you that don't know why. In my opinion will tune in in the post Asian economy. And. And lastly Jason as we as we discuss you're rankings here. I'm cures for your thoughts if Houston is able to inevitably pull off the deal for Carmelo Anthony currently right now you have in the fifth behind Oklahoma City. Minnesota San Antonio and Golden State if they're able to pull off. That deal. And let's let's say that Carmelo in and Mike and Tony are able to bury whatever bad blood that they have and they can be professionals about. Where does that leave Houston. Yeah I quoted at L announced he is a way and no bogeys Carmelo as they are 33. I want replay up series in my career. Is it kind murder. If they hate. I understand I'm 33 I'm gonna become a quarter shooter I'm gonna take it step back. Actually Kevin Love in Cleveland so we crippled by students on a look at younger. It's better than I what that I am right now. I accept a role that I'm not going to be in all of the block all stop when we turn around Italy jumper and I'm just gonna be that guy. Makes reporters I don't toward according to a game but I think if you want to pick me. And get her part aggregate Google Chrome and I want character or watney NB AQ. Man he picked up aren't a couple times I didn't got it repaired back seat Roland used. You have become the joke is always has become Olympic knowledge. Well I mean over the road truck because it. Nothing wrong with over a bit awkward. It that is corporate bank picking who supported gore were really. Good for the final they're absolutely nothing wrong with I don't. No I mean especially he said he accepts the role that that you just laid out Foreman it does seem to me that that's always kind of an ideal knowledge like it PS to be. You know option number one obviously they're guys that are better than him I always thought it likely these option to do more you know to eight. May seem like he really did make a difference for somebody. Some argue the alternative. Thirty wins in New York. Frustration with the coaching staff fans booing you and everything bait which is going wrong and bitterly summer vacation. And no state income tax in Texas as well arrogant and Jason we really appreciate Tom thank you so much and very generous joins. Your credit. Jason McEntire. The big lead when we come back we'll do some rapid fire. Or make way for Matt start as we get set for the Gary pairs experienced sticker on your listening to the Aircastle timeshare right here on 99 FM ESPN. DC 80000 dollars free agency preloaded on an 89 FF ESPN. And 1000 dollars just for listening weekdays starting Monday at 9 AM 11 AM 1 PM at 3 PM text the word 272 in the blind within fifteen minutes and you could win 1000 dollars like another local man he ends in this national contest data messaging rates apply. The sound of summer is here and so is that 200000 dollar triple play instantly gain from the Tennessee lottery. By your nearest retailer and have a little fun Wilkinson get. 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Mr. Tree.Com or call us at now no 1300. Free non 38 best line along 303938. Or mr. Tree.Com sponsored by us. Really universities when you're ready we'll hear. To be Eric Cassell tonight show where. 06 NBA. Station. Should for the last three days at SEC media days or today. He missed any of you can always go to 99 dot com. Little pod cast doubt you can find every single episode of this week's Aircastle time show right there about things today. Do you aired for joining us during the first hour John Morton. And Jason McEntire joining us this hour both were fantastic you missed any of it make sure you let go check the podcast because those were really really good. Interviews I think you'll find that you enjoyed them greatly however now reached the point is short so this rapid fire then let's go and fired up on that. On the very Kessel thanks Joseph Miller Lite game around the radio rapid fire on 929 FM EXP and. I wonder what other kind of a brighter in London today aid to promote their their upcoming fight in case you haven't heard there are fighting. I later this year all and do you think that this chore. Promotional tour is going on that. Couple stops too long. Rapid fire. Yes I do I think we reached that last night in Brooklyn last night in Brooklyn felt incredibly. Manufactured. First did it we can all agree the first two were pretty good the first two I think we're all pretty locked in on. And they always kind of reaches a point in which you reach a plateau and you keep trying to ago. Bigger and better and it feels like the last he reached that would last night last night felt very very. It felt really manufactured it didn't like McGregor was the belly McGregor was just panic coming out and trying to. Not really have a plan and just kind of felt like he wrote it down like two or 31 liners before hand and he was just gonna try and find a way to work those in and didn't exactly. Didn't feel like it exactly hit and then today god you know Mayweather dropping a hard F bomb and I don't mean the one that rhymes with duck I mean the other one that. The club out of order got a little addicts or racial towards we're Mayweather for remembered it's a little. Yeah and over towards it bears zoom in fairness to McGregor felt like everyone else was making it racial and so that he felt like the need to kind of respond do it because. It I didn't I never felt like at any point that white what may or brought McGregor are saying about Mayweather never felt like it was dipping its toe. It felt like some people online were acting like that it had become a race from orbit. Today didn't seem like that was the issue. To me it's now the other the other problem I keep seeing what is. Does it seem to you that they're making money too much of a big deal right. The idea of fights is that you're supposed to be quote unquote fighting for pride right now that they're they've made. They basically made the money the storyline. Now it's like okay we we went at it well apparently know that you do this fight for big payday bits like. They don't make that the crux of the fight. Fair enough. Speaking of showdowns I'm Ben Roethlisberger has won a super marte does Bryant. Tennis bright suspended for a full season last year and now Ben Roethlisberger making comments about how he's an earned path to earned. The teams trust and respect are not necessarily respect the trust back or take its bright says one pick it's time for me in Big Ben have a a man to man talk. Rapid fire. There's no such thing as choir boys in the NFL so Ben you of all people. No let's go out of eleven say that you vote people he might have a history of not being shall we say a choir boy. And maybe you feel like you've you've turned that around an eighty Philly that was unfairly earned it. If he catches a hundred balls and her somewhere around there he catches you know eight passes nine as the game. I think he's gonna have your your trust and respect back. I mean. Beyond a semi marte does Bryant knew what he had to do end. He didn't do it he didn't and he gets better per complete year I understand where Ben Roethlisberger is coming from but. Also under -- take Bryant coming from but this is something that seems like you should be taking care. Well before I guess two weeks before training camp opens it seems fair but hey we have some talk about so thanks guys are another showdown Rick Reilly and John Daly who beat a guy. Hot rapid fire. Can anyone beat team Rick Reilly any more like even though. Now does Rick Reilly feels like he just strolls through Twitter and tries to find a hot button issues are and it feels like oh I need two way end. And the recycling. You know previous column in. That re doing it. Yeah we're taking bits of our old column in or put it into a new on my favorite Rick Reilly moments or Twitter those when he makes a joke. Basically 48 hours after everyone else has made a joke. Like and then not only that the jokes are always like every year like weird creepy old guy jokes. For those who don't know what's going on John Daly tweet out a picture of him at the White House don't trucks are great if one LC one of my great friend. GRT instead of great right wrote Donald Trump who's. WH OSE making America great again. Rick Reilly said nice shirt be nice spelling John Dave responses at least I got to bite the White House being overwhelmed CS for the spelling who cares. Church where my sponsors loud mouth. John Daly tells cares more about telling than spelling. And I think we all can agree with that team John Daly TJ TJD again my thanks to. My thanks to Aircastle time my thanks John Mark my thanks. To Jason McEntire for joining us today also of course I thanks as always to Ben Hogan who keeps the show running. 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