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Thursday, May 18th

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Now it's time to the area. I'm still 99 SN ESP and humid day room on the day but nobody. 10 never returning until it. We don't attribute it all but enough about are you more and it if it is is that you have some questions for you with all the rhetoric going on about well the first thing I wanna. Start out as homo I I was so close to simulate. What are message. I was sitting at the gym and in their you pop on his them I'm on the exercise bikers on than. But I didn't wanna be that. At at the at a it's this act I don't. I guess there always elect a guy that I always do it as it did mattered dreaded tell everybody in the world that they went to the gym and I really couldn't care less if anybody knows them at the gym or not but. As someone who actually one of my favorite experiences. In my broadcasting career other than you know do in the grisly stuff was I had a chance. Out of the blue the college I was. At and doing college radio for UC Davis went to the division to softball World Series. And they called me on that Saturday and they sedate you wanna go to the World Series with a softball team. On Monday and I went sheer one on and it was a blast and it was an absolute great time those vows watch him drop that some good memories. Died in a great a lot of salt all my career advantage. It's a gravitate to a degree TVs or not I of the division two World Series at one point in my career those. Gosh six or seven years ago at this point in what could have probably been out World Series now so when over Oklahoma City got to respect among the workers stopped well aware we're. You do your DT World Series. We were in. Salem Virginia. We were in Emporia Kansas and I will tell us your job you yeah glory yeah especially when your hotel is 500 yards from the slaughter house that is a mornings now that oh that was the only thing that's not the about it but I'm I'm telling you. The people that travel softball. They like the party. They they like to drink a lot there at the bars were packed just about every single night but it was a it was an interesting mix as it was I enjoy it I mean idea I know. You know the a lot of women's sports get a bad rap from male fans but I I tell baseball fans all the time it is a different game but if you like the purity of baseball. And manufacturing runs and now even with the way a lot of these young ladies and women hit I mean it's it's fun to watch. If you're gonna pyramid at any point during these next couple weeks could be it could turn over the starting out this weekend. If you're watching Arizona or will we see a lot yet. Those teams you a lot of these what that got the ball so particularly need not yet about which is close in audio medical records just keep that but it. What jails. Yeah I we had a girl that she was the all time later Davis and nobody cares about this but your enemies but it's my shows although I want. She had in that division two World Series never seen like this. She had a home run. Into a 25 mile an hour wind in her face included offense still might wanna feed them like my god if that wind yeah had been blowing the opposite way it might have gone out of the actual baseball. Field it was incredible there's incredible. What else is incredible right now is the the display LeBron James is putting on you're on the call last night on the mistaken. Cleveland and Boston with John Barry. Your thoughts on on this playoff series first of all when people tell you it's been boring nobody nobody cares anymore because it's just a foregone conclusion. I go back here and look this is the way it was went in the so called golden years and then in the Jordan era. Nobody won by a Boston or Los Angeles Philadelphia snuck in there. Wants to win a title until Detroit came along. And prolonged stretch only four teams went pneumonia the bulls when he was the bulls are the rockets the united all the sudden people are complaining about people being dominant. And it's in an era where people instead of wanting to see greatness almost wanna see parity but then when they see parity they they yearn for the greatness. It put the NCAA tournament everybody is like going doubled up the upset tomorrow about the outfit the beat get a lead eight and nobody watching because it is. In you know what a team of the American conference or. The big west has made some got a run that they complained about it they go or Kentucky or North Carolina the ratings. You know kind of reflect all the stuff like that to people complain about certain things and they realize that its its goal Pitt guys if you don't. Well what liquid you can't appreciate. What apartment to a right now late IIII tweak this earlier today. I'm sitting in the sector earlier Picard and they have the second robot I beat the scores of people that you know at this time a year. With the local TV we could sit down there thank all the games there right soul. I mean look rotted and feet away fifteen feet away from us and the things that he's doing on the floor in the speed at which he is doing them. With the power that he's displaying while doing these things at his sides. He's off the charts and if you can appreciate that I don't know what kind of basketball into are the stuff that this guy is doing. Consistently. This current stretch these it has arguably the greatest stretches and a BA playoff history. I think I'm not mistaken here if you scored thirty points in game 20 I'm Michael Jordan for the longest streak in NBA history consecutive. Playoff games article points. I did not and that is that these patches are are. I mean we we compared it Kershaw disorder right for the club I mean every past crosscourt from the right wing the left corner is finding. I got righted shooting pocket while simultaneously going through two defenders in the paint I mean. If you could BK appreciate what LeBron is doing. It from me from from somebody was watching this from ten to fifteen feet away it's remarkable what this guy. Yeah it's it's unbelievable on that thing did you know he's been doing this year after year. And at this age seems to be hitting his stride usually you expect guys to hit their stride. And it has you know 27 point eight point nine he's doing it into his thirties and doesn't show any signs. Of slowing down is this why maybe I mean you guys were there in Boston. They held on to that number one pick is this why maybe they did that in and didn't feel like a Jimmy Butler Paul George. Put them over the top to be good enough to do it so why not continue to build for the future. I think there are a lot of teams that are having that same mindset right now beast because it's. In other the west there's a chance you know we we've seen within it so you can do whether falls straight in at. They still certainly have the ability. The not a local and state and it's good is golden it was last year. You know at Oklahoma City team that had the rant and pat star power and at a balanced team they were delicate step away not to go straight out. At a conference finals they're they're feel like there's a better chance to get out Burkle would be even though their lineup is as good as they come right now in the east. Because the lead vehicle or the conference is a little bit weaker admittedly. And I think. Teams like Chicago bought the Washington. And or so bought and bought into the probably a piece or two away maybe just a piece away. From really being competitive. With Cleveland right now and I think Cleveland window it probably closing in the next couple years 'cause. We've free agency looming and with some of these guys start H a little bit of private and public order and be able to keep up this case that would give at least four years but. That that particular age 36 at that point so I think a lot of teams are in the mindset of let's build a let's make sure we have the pieces necessary shall we can catch Cleveland may be on the balance wearing. And while we're on the up in all the trending upward that it bought into the team that's certainly trending upwards but now they have they do have a lot of questions and I think last night relief. Brought those polite especially come Isiah Thomas there's going to be a question that whether or not that the franchise got to go or. Where you need to go play for another piece or wrap up. The next couple years are gonna happen other first round pick picture. At domain joining us here on the program he called game one last night in Boston bounced back. I have I really don't think it and I mean that last night that I feel like last night what they're bad shot and Cleveland did it without making any inquiries early in the game cricket and shoot that well in LaGrange first out and they were still able to dominate the paint that the difference right now with LeBron everybody is talking about shooting the first couple rounds like shell I mean he was killed at. Should get a great percentage a lot of people thought well there's a nice day lay out how much. Longer can he really keep this pace up what you dominating the paint. I bought the that's been their biggest visual the layout that huge issues with it in the first round series in Chicago they had issues stopping job all getting to the rim. The second round series against Washington and I think that Tristan Thompson Kevin Love that will run eagle when he played five. For stretches of the game while he's also simultaneously playing the point guard. They're still rebounding weight better. That Boston. Bought and had a good rebounding stretch in the second half yesterday but that was a little bit not too little too late at that point. When Cleveland start to take a few more reporters I just feel like the pain is where the playoffs are gonna be one. For Cleveland at least in the east I feel like they're going to be able to outlook in this series through the paint and a broad effort in something like sixteen point to even the paint right now that play out the obedient BA itself. Hey I'm really don't. He bought it began collecting for an entire series they win a game yeah output I really don't see the winning beyond one game this series right now. Talk anatomy and here on the program Golden State appears to have a decided advantage especially of school why Leonard cannot go since Leonard has gone down with the injury a minus sixty. For San Antonio Gregg Popovich as usual Gregg Popovich self in. In his reaction to questions from the media. If there's ever a coach nowhere you give him time in Indy and can make adjustments it is Gregg Popovich. Do you expect San Antonio if if cool why can't go three but goes game four. Aid in San Antonio find a way to get this done as it I mean do they have the war sister on race I didn't think they'd be. Houston in game 6000 and expect James Harden to disappear I don't think anybody Google states and at this beard game mystery. And that's the difference because yeah part of disappears you're a lot of trouble could all be off and you know even guys like that early and Ryan Anderson and almost got shooting. It's facilitated retrieved chart the different local and state is you could facilitate their agreement green you could facilitate or step Currie. You could facilitate Broderick ballot yeah. You do there's a lot of guys that make big app that need so. And remember a lot about it like it up their defense to show they're not gonna shut down all the sudden the democratic bad shooting night. Yep that. In relativity why late to their normal clip which is something like forty to 43% of the bacon Turkey pork he reporters into the playoffs whatever is right now silk. You know I just don't piece and it colonial being able to counteract all the battle or seven incher is they have quite well for inquiry. And they can win game pretty yet is complete the ship's the complexion of the series at at at the very important game great. If they get out breed and nothing alike there was in game four I just don't see how you're going to be able to make up ball background. On that little bit history of no team coming back now to bring up and having to click on an important read. Out of a 140 pre series in NBA history that have gone pretty yell at that it. In paper between but had a real lead so I just don't see it Tony but it counteract the technical data at a opt. With that said do you think that quiet finds a way to tough this out or is it just too tough to keep injuring the same ankle and come back. I think it is a little bit picked up. I could see him sitting out game. Inquiry at they would agree I could keep up shut them out I mean that the one thing about spurs organization. It is you know that Eric is close anybody. They care about the health. Futures of the people that are in that organization they care about saving polite letter for a longer run they care about huge future. And Gregg Popovich or coach and play those banks so if you can't go game three is legitimate enough. Does fit him. I can imagine in particular about Perino not even playing in game four and I and I understand that some people might call that wave the white flag was at a collective plate you don't want to play he's got to play. But feel like they're there could be in church can't hear where the spurs as it was too important to our future we're not gonna mortgage. Any type of help for you right now just to try to win a gamer to the series at forty. They are too much about their future and there's mark in that regard. Because they itself. I concede that kind of turning in that direction that this series continues to go without it. So essentially were Hadden for Golden State Cleveland Park three. Which. Apparently is not happen in a major professional sporting leagues since the fifties I believe the NHL they said it was Detroit. And Montreal Britain Australia three straight times in the Stanley Cup finals. With that said I just don't see cleat I know that they played it. By the minutes restrictions and that's why they're the two seed and that's why they only won 51 games blah blah blah blah blah. I don't see them have an horses top to bottom to be able to beat Golden State this time I think that it would have been two straight for the warriors had dram mongering not gotten suspended but. The gap to give the cavs credit for winning game seven in Oakland but that's the position. That the lawyers almost put themselves in by giving Cleve on the door opening in game five with green out and then of course Cleveland going homing game sixty give them the advantage there. I think Golden State comes out in and I could see that one being in. Less than competitive as it is woods is the best way I could put it. I don't think it'll be electing about it I think it'll be really competitive series but I equity which you had mr. Carty I think that. The bench for Cleveland has. Lacked. This policy and then again there that there I think eleven out of sixteen. In bench scoring but the play out intrinsically more game to the teams are eliminated first dropped I get that by. Unless Kyle Korver is gonna make a huge impact which certainly is capable of doing to be shot at the throttle series a couple games but about how corporate training Fryer if you were huge lit. What do you really get to get off the bench. And well Brian I mean is playing 42 minutes a game right now you lie. There's that that guy's going to be fine line what we get to play out but Tyree Erving didn't really show up last night not that they needed him to. That you're going to be spied for pro final series that we know I'll expletive look now at all that whether it be I like Cleveland's starting five. This state with Golden State started by what scares is a JaVale McGee comes in off the bench they get Tristan Thompson about trouble and and helped ease starts running pick and roll and it starts dominating above the rim that Cleveland has a tendency when Tom's about to be really small and lack of protection. That's right in this series could be. One and obviously Currie that this is a needy assumption occurring in cops and rain are doing what we expect those guys do and on Kevin Love. And carrier partner do the things that we expect them to do you know a lot of the cut it is the role players that make a major impact I still feel like Golden State has a little bit be broke the bench. And a little bit more impact so in that regard I agree with you. But the front not gonna let that series being not competitive he's playing too well right now and I don't see him slowing down completely at the back even this series against bought insure. We have a bad night shooting absolutely but I don't think he's at a point where he's gonna let this series assuming it is it is Cleveland and Golden State. Be not competitive I think it'll be very competitive series are. I think that's there adding it's hard to bet against LeBron in terms of of him at least willing his team to beat. In those games I just think Golden State has so much (%expletive) in their minds to proven yet re damned. Thought that absolutely inundated the chip on the shoulder that you don't don't don't underestimate that that you expect I absolutely could you and I both know that my friend so you're on the call games due tomorrow night. Will be there'll beautiful series a lot of people think about before hurt us a bit I got its you don't buy it. And has helped visually at memorial bit based. He be elected you sow doubt about it yet that but I prefer not to have to. Make a decision between those two that's all we got Memorial Day. I would get tigers and royals tigers there an interest in team hovering around 500 oil at a brutal year. I adjusted their their enigmatic sort of the blue jays and then last night to Kevin Clark thing impact right after we talked to you were gonna have Leo Mazzone me on and discuss a little bit about that but it's good to see my boy Jason Lott back and land. Dealing disease get Memphis ties Mary girl from Memphis after a plant for the Robertson world for them to a get back to the old forms of interest and stuff it was wild plot. I hope you get to do the baseball game he gets 6 games in the Eastern Conference finals and you maximize the event number in year I. But in at times but it started to pick it up to. Damn right OK let there is no two ways about it when we talked to our TV guys about seared in the first round gives you know local TV like you said they're gone after round one they're all like. Do we that we just want goes that we want to grizzlies to win but we wanted to go seven games every time because they want those extra games gases and it's when you're. When your bonuses based on her around here like man there's a couple but not yet let's let's let's sweep this and move on. Exactly what I'm amana I'll look at W soon. Great stuff Adam I mean from ESPN right there will.