The Gary Parrish Show Hour 2 (3/17/17)

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Friday, March 17th

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Listening all papers and eating and all those great style even on the designers that rarely go on sale you can all the big names will be an app and return the Yankees. 30% on Sunday you can look amazing and guess what we just 15% up beauty and fragrance bridges as. Yeah I'm ready whereas Atlanta. People are taking a minivan outside yeah I'm not only for Macy's yankees down savings on regular Intel price is exclusions apply. If you were pro and you don't buy a little of this or that are you buying a lot of this or that. Don't people you see even more people to 15% in both discounts on select pro great products. From top brands like 3M. Card for your money you shouldn't have to work hard to see. Just 15% involved discounts on select true great products and only. We're doing. We finally reached a really great part of basketball season NBA teams of badminton player opposition in C double A tournament is here it's busy time but also fun times in. But times are always more former new Amsterdam doctor knew that she embodies a premium eighty proof doctor made the finest quality grains it's five times is still for unparalleled smoothness in tow to three times to create a soft finish this is scary to actually Gary Parrish a land when I walked in liquor store new Amsterdam market is legit what I purchase why. Because it's equality vodka that's reasonably priced that's why if you're in the flavored rockets. They have a budget into there's red berries should try coconuts peach and now apple peach is the best selling apple is the newest coconut is my favorite try and if you haven't already look for on in your favorite liquor store bottom line it doesn't matter whether you want traditional pocket. Or flavored vodka just make it new Amsterdam market passport at your favorite restaurant export it to favorite watering hole or wine and spirits store you can mix and obviously don't ever forget it so smooth you can drink it straight that's new Amsterdam bucket you're down on the web new Amsterdam spirits dot com. ESPN will shift. On today's. She's going Bennett we got to get the same hat. I'm kind of the resident and value audience OK guys. I don't scare me Gary picks music right so I don't wanna rearranged the furniture same point and it is it's a special thing right right. Always a good time to welcome in our very special guests our good friend Geoff Calkins from the Jeff cocky cellulose and every day nine to eleven you read in the commercial deal. You've also readies fine book after the jump Jeffrey how're you today. I'm splendid I keep track and I just got my first pot roast. Well and got a pot grows 'cause. I decided. I get so obviously we're here for a break this week and I decided on desperate. That you guys would do the grocery shopping and I get more aware of that sort of editors Greg Greg Merrill boy. They. Sixteen. And 150 my goodness and so I sent him off but my debit card at the list. Good thing about things is like you could just get the wrong thing yeah you know I can get. Orange juice instead at the orange to the big. In a speech huge job. With so little blue top with those calcium whatever. You get the small expenses saying that you know we'll get a glass case and pass the lodge a whatever he's got a lot of things that are off yet. If I do think there's definitely shut Bradley your kids do their cause you learning how to like like skills are sir yeah. Well. And ever really given our outlook that they can get anything they want and she's a lot. All my goodness that would come back and really they've been the only thing they got it was a little I would have got in terms of just pure indulgence. They don't think about it at all ice cream and look at look at that back up at all I got a cookie called him parents would have never had before but. Only one box and probably really aren't bad I recommend ten champs sure anyone should it. And there. They let it get state. And it had been. They got an English world. Title at stake but an English roses the pops okay. I've never cooked Barbara I don't have a crock pot. And. Error the whole idea out one of pot grows very YE a idea of quality vegetable whatever cook your yeah so are. Well I wouldn't go that. And it's pretty flop around the bachelor for pot roast economic clam chowder like you to a local or not do that at one point but it is not a bad pot roast. That's interstate and I would say a couple of things number one you still have at least the grizzlies utensils because your girlfriend prevented me from stealing them a week ago. Well we had a discussion about the ground zero so today I'll I don't know how to similar somewhere in the office I swear you I'd I did not know mine cart should ever count Saudi oh I don't put the figure Gary repairs but he already stole your socks so like I'd probably start there and then work your way to not. I think he gets you stocks doing this guys is last week I don't feel like I'm talking now aren't I feel like we covered that he stole your socks. At least I got my revote now they're you know you get choosy bowed out and as far as the bring home the wrong meat stuff like I get that like I'm an adult now and then so for my birthday number around me currently there are certainly are very small very difficult for my birthday my sister got me a smoker grills and amen to smoking things and so I've got my one buddies like my smoking guru shout out to Bryant. And so I'll call him up and on the IK app I've got this is a sick. And there's so many different I was trying to get a Boston but a couple weeks ago. And there's like you gotta have the bowl bid and then there's different Wii console above in different names for it get confusing so like it's the other camp of. Orchard has survived these bad and they aggressors surgery to clamp. People don't interest and be very helpful. I don't like that I like to ask questions I'd like to ask questions and store on these give some to come home the wrong thing so I'm all right with that aren't I would ask your brackets do and I researched I went to the commercial appeal. I couldn't find it anywhere so I have no idea how your brackets do so far. Yeah I mean yeah. Okay good are you enjoying the Turks are a tough. Fight and die and do that portrayed Matthew Fischer Davies from being me last night what. I mean I mean I enjoyed that immensely my kid that was struck us. Other high rise seated well you feel for the kids from Vinci for them as they. What does it haunt him forever. Now recognized for the record I hadn't cardinal would Jeffrey my projector. I feel like for that kid. And and I asked me about it and he's dead. He feels for everybody else but that kid. Compare the ones who didn't like you wanted to know the score and screwed up and Daryl who headed oh win snatched from them for nothing and write what they get out. I think they're according to way to look at it but I subsequently destructive and other people. And indeed some other people being to have this huge to me. Person achievable work for war. I don't winning not about the kicker who missed a field goal is and it's all been at the field goal but I'd feel bad for the kicker who would appeal the outfield bat for the defensive. Oak who I do sort of but not whatever he would be humiliated because he does he gamble right I feel bad for the kid who was screwed up. Yeah absolutely screwed up it was stupidity should at all the score a personal question I understand ala. Weird character like him to do it in national TV awaited opening hole poorly you will go to your grave. You realize they had played in the NCAA tournament really get frequent come. Out and they. And I think I asked my team like. You know you realize quite populated he had it satellite ever really clamped one happen. Like want it and yeah Paul. That's good point. That's a good point. But that kid and I really feel so bad for the inmate that make you make actually now have been out. I'd played Atlanta a couple of good idea yeah we would want to look at a teammate you gonna get up. I keys that most people put it would make up their kids the grandkids are covered over. It's an entertainer began. Today it's always good about it and I suppose you're right. Who's electable I feel bad for you I mean obviously I am. Not a pretty staggering upset lists as one would. They kind of boring so far like we haven't had anything that exciting yet. I'm still waiting and other related thing to remember you never article that yeah yeah it was a good game. But what good game but one Republican game it like about dramatic moment and it was fine in god we didn't start but I want them now we hit out at what we. We have not had that that the two mull it makes it normally feel like the right two days in sport. Yes yes we've had some good games but we haven't had late. The game that people are going to be talking about her memory lane. Saying heck I know there's nothing memorable yet right now think ten years from now. Even if separate northwestern winning the game right. People will remember I do wonder by the way how quickly what in the northwestern people go from being. Like hate it. Now and a happy quake it'll happen quick. I can tell you that happened where nobody cared about my patriots. Nobody cared about the patriots back in the day now everybody hates them. Like you win yeah assassin opened eating bitter superseding our delta we started on that Alan I had slander them I think that last day of all days. By the way I heard you slandering Saint Patrick's Day we need to back up for a second get into that. You're dumping all over Saint Patrick's Day I hollered at. I don't know how to beat the 2000 trouble when criticizing it at all. I was telling people a little a little while back about the bachelor like saint Patrick on the Irish. He came across as that you were under selling the holiday purity you're a just it just didn't feel like you're caught up in the spirit and our. But a bit different to the question I yeah I had that big a great Patrick's day I do take. But obviously you look at things that people are the key was used as Welch dude. Who was kidnapped. And taken into slavery over Ireland. And he had a war there several years and get paid back their way alls and anybody you know what I'm gonna bring. Christianity these heated blank and over they brought christianity to I don't know that would lead he only drove the snakes south metaphorically a rather have the ability to make. In Ireland since the glaciers. And so I just amazing in and of itself by the way that had that in itself like I didn't that's crazy to me an hour than a snakes. I just don't like ours about snakes there ought to say yes or whatever and right and pay to play down the toilet herself the next thing you know you got to eight under snakes run around. I play bad knee. But available the other thing was the other is. In terms of drinking American holidays when it comes to drinking where does a grain and the crowd just answering that question it and didn't rank sports. Which was a surprise to me sold out of and export it ranks behind leaders beat obviously right behind Christmas which doesn't surprise me that there are people here don't bear market and had back. It ranked block behind so I for. Yeah command and come they can't expect. And so we're did you where did you where this where to where you getting these numbers I agree with New Year's in July 4. I don't know them but called quote yeah I don't believe your Christmas part I don't believe what difference. It makes that look at except for the moment the but that's true but this except for the moment that strip them you can bet it you can imagine it is that. Your beat everybody not everybody but a huge large cautioned people celebrate. Leaders who I in fact all of those qualities are pretty universal. How many people do you really know. Who are out there celebrating. Saint Patrick's. Percentage of America. Is compared to what percentage of Americans celebrate unity. Odd percent right erratic yeah what percentage of Americans celebrate what its block. A 100%. Yeah basically what we're gonna do America celebrate Christmas I would on outlook by boosting so we could order. I'll put an 80% whatever you got 90% whatever I don't know what the and then what percentage of people are really out there. You know. Celebrating. The tactics advocate. 20% of America it's just like these I wanted to go prepared and you know. It's like celebrating sink got a mild I think I think the numbers are higher than you think I think it's a young person today like. Celebrating triggered a mile and I think most people they just say happy because our I think most people celebration instead of Ohio which is catching up on it after that but I haven't had our economy yet. It's sad that most people celebrate those holidays you've got to celebrate a I think that just say hey you're not where it. The fact that the people people that. You're probably right I got a green on today those same package say the big day the start out because this is the did this year it's actually the twentieth anniversary. Of my first date with my with my wife we went out on Saint Patrick's Day. We do yeah. That. We went to a local pub we for the working in in West Virginia. And the the owner was his Irish she's you can deal and he gave you recruited yes yes beautiful people and TV to share a couple Beers in some corned beef and cabbage. It's just a recipe now. Although the other big. Corn beef also not a Irish. Yes I I heard you talking about that's more regret yet you're runner I did I look at. I virtual port so they couldn't beat they they can't stay. Vegas. I intimidated. Yeah. Well yeah but maybe that's about it column I have actual real inside information back on jets are rankings of the holiday and while white is weathering so out and Justin who used to work at a liquor store said. That Christmas is one of the most busy days here and heartily that I used to work at a liquor store yeah years not only thing I didn't know I would I would agree on that it. Giving Crist won't. They're getting they're getting things as gifts. Well because you're also really has. Everything is also closed for a couple days so your stocking up for a couple extra days and then let's be honest. You're spending a lot of time to close quarters that people may be you don't wanna spend a lot to close quarters with you know family and things like. And they're they're they're at saint patty's day while you can give the drinking message heat. There. Are people who get extraordinarily draw on Patrick Patrick that. I never let it may even be more so than Christmas but in terms of how widespread its operation has. It's much narrower celebration. That's fair enough. All I know my wife and I are gonna knock backs of killings that I never some black handle and so now I'm not gonna go crazy now Jeffrey got responsibilities I let's talk about so that Hercules and today. And I guess it first came up in December because I was talking to Gary Parrish earlier in the show and I'm gonna talk about it again when we visibly in about that ten minutes or so. But the whole buzz now about Wichita State in the American conference and there's a lot more smoke and everything like that. I think really really interesting for the American I don't I don't know why they wouldn't necessarily liking it. If Wichita State doesn't fall off the map if Gregg Marshall leaves which now they're gonna be you would think a couple opportunities really big opportunities for him this year. If it's gonna be Indiana or Steve Alford leaves UCLA and goes the Indiana suddenly there's UCLA there's so the question is. Is Wichita State will it become like guns out there where after they leave their head coach they're still able to sustain and be that program. Is that the case with a shocker I don't know your thoughts on them potentially join the American. I don't think you know exactly the first flawed thank. Good I think if you Gregg Marshall and you you don't accomplish what they accomplished and then you get the feed them great gap. But they got up this year. What party you but let's just say I need to try to do this city Indiana where they don't just you know despaired Cuba can cure it every conference. You know batter you and out of power far certainly it makes total sense declared martial. What place to put it in the end you wanna let title Mike and belt. I tend to think some people mark you don't says that a mark you. And it's because they realize that Mark Few is indeed just wired different like he's just wired no one. No ought you'd ever hear mark you are big jump mark usually. Whatever book is that a total understanding. That mark you is. Comfortable in glad to welcome the title of the white chicken that got one book relative lack of pressure as it that it religious grateful. You probably not a good let Andy go when canoe trips or whatever else like and so I don't get the sense because it Marshall is. Wondered that life did you know. They will be Wichita State. After Gregg Marshall. I don't think you've got the idea now you know I mean. I presume. They will be good. Well because they care and that's why I wrote in my column Sunday that that I have prayed that someday universal records will be good to get a basketball. It's a close. The people who tend to do the backs programs to do vast. Had to be the program for care tomorrow. And I think Wichita State. Has a tradition now where they cared deeply you and pay the could help pay big bucks. And and and and that sort of thing so I don't bet they would contribute and continue to be good and I would bet. Well yeah ST America what do Catholics while a pretty good at the top. Putting him in a while weirdly enough. It's almost as good football conferences that it deductible for now. I am a better football this year then basketball just based on me. In other ranked teams and the top end of it. But going in there and Lynn and giving him. I'm making some of the same in a good use top 25 and in a basketball. But what if they got beat today ball when they're out your bracket and so I am so. If they're electable card they care I think they'll be good and I think he would add to the book that you would then have page the other one along with Memphis. I get there than you. Cincinnati. UConn I mean you can just thank them Panetta you crowd that hurts you expect to be politically. I guess we'll have to add you to that and tiger are gonna continue to. But massacre that mixed. Even though there. Haven't gotten. And then you have a look at updating our ability got a look at a terrific pick but it's been cracked the top of the game they gave a crap yeah. You know too much work schedule is. Is why. And so I think that would struck stay would be like. Coming under attack or would like beat me like that we can't coming in the FedEx Forum right I think it would be meaningful but you'd think. I think so I bag and we don't know because I don't know what it looks like if this is obviously apathetic on many different levels. But it Gregg Marshall leaves like can they sustain it they can sustain that it's good for the conference and I'm off for. It was just all like a match and suddenly you're here and entered the Wichita and then I'm not so for. They're players. All come back yes he would yes lol yeah. And and they're not presumably following Gregg Marshall any and so you know not like it Chal Kerry won a done whether just coming in a one year. And to those of you out bread haven't signed hurting like that. Will be if you're our go to guy the other players who presumably will they wished upstate which will give whoever comprehend. A running start I mean it has evolved looks like a great start. And so you get at least one European guard and what you're being good. It doesn't guarantee let it speak it if sustains momentum right you know that might have been get more years of of being good seat for hours before. A cut and before we let you go your boy Rex Ryan's going to ESP n.'s NFL countdown New York sad to see him every Sunday. Not out until I. I don't. I mean it's. After the following personality you know he was when he was in New York it was when he was a buffalo. And the depth of that ironically that it'd already bought the jets and the bills. As soon as he leaves what they do it and couples are would have worked out a New York. The deaths but what they do immediately as they are here a no contest. Syria yup you got paid on press conference is big on attention to detail coat. Because. I don't regret my religion culture if you do it shouldn't be an Rex Ryan yeah and the head coach but ironically like you compare him. To assist a couple of check any of the coaches who are successful treatment for a long period of time and don't give a flip about TV what they care about is. The process and to be killed and drilling down on match at a stop and he would be opposite and I take it partly why he. You know flock to their guns should be at our you know I would I never believed in him for the moment they hired him and I you know Saudi TV very close. I can't believe you're saying that I'm gonna go pull the archives when you were so excited about him coming two years ago I was gonna take down Belichick every year. Saying anything good about it although. I hope you're proud of what you want me to keep to print copy two people. I'm sorry you heard Jeff enjoy the rescuers think pat and I are graduate European. Bank Def got it is joining us. Welcome back we're gonna touch back with gay or perish up in New York City you know listen to 99 FM ESPN. Season ten no one may. 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You buy something you mentioned my name is Gary Harris you get an additional 10% call from your purchase fits whether it's a mattress or a piece of furniture. 4790 Kirby went. He's mad men by Michael down the vulnerability of the Michael directly briefed by 194351940. There on the easy cash dived. Everything. Do you have still. Maybe six soon. That's Jack. You Rhode Island looking. Good right now yeah. Tiger front Iverson well now he's got his behind nineteen. For you all I got in my sweet sixteen that would be helpful with the pop back up. To New York City were joined once again by a Gary pair showed she paid. I'm watching selection Sunday on Sunday and then it's you know it's Ernie Johnson and it's Charles Barkley and I didn't get to ask you did yesterday and I think about it. How much fun was that doing that with Ernie and with chuck two guys that are part of I don't know one of the most fallen studio shows that is out there. Yeah you know I've I've worked with both of them before and and got the norm a little bit because they are now with the CBS and turner. Cooperation. And handling the NCAA tournament. I'm there to New York it throughout the month of march like we did last night we were all in the same building in the you know they were working when steel we will work in the other one but. You know we don't go to the same yogurt machine at night. Get this by the way this is hilarious there's never yogurt machine at CBS sports like we just don't have one you know like. But they bring one in for Charles. Wow. True story that we don't take advantage of it so we keep we have yogurt every guy it's like for you it's like a little yogurt bar. If that's the best part about Charles governor in new York at march is that we get a yogurt bar and it point eight. At that having everything's got to quit catering everything in the lake or we have. Everything you could possibly imagine you would ever warrant if you're spending a night inside of the building it is available for us. You know at all times that we don't you machine except when Charles like. I don't know if this is something people just said or it's actually true it's it it might be a miffed but it is something that is that is it's it's. It's considered true width and the ability. That sister we never had a yogurt machine until Charles Barkley started working in New York that's true. Whether or not it was a demand appears. I can't prove that but that is certainly the prevailing thought within the building at that. Charles said we gotta have a younger receives that we have a younger received either way we are active Sanyo machine so I am. I got another got a little bit and they are in person. Exactly as they come across on television I think Ernie comes across as a gentleman and and you know what the nicest guy in the world somebody you would love to be neighbors with and he is all those things he's just he's an awesome awesome man really impressive man. And Charles is like the life of the party you know what. I'm not saying this the light truck named property thing US about it yeah you know what you're working with him in studio or. You're drinking with them you know at a bar in New York after we get out of the studio. He is a larger than life character like I think people's impression of Charles is meant if you reverend Charles. You know I bet you he'd beat the the wildest guy there and have the most fun and I'm telling you in the that is exactly what he is he's a guy that walks in the bar and orders of beer and shot. Hand. And then by everybody around the shots and then the it's inevitably mobbed by two strangers who wanna get a picture what Charles Barkley and I told Jason John asserted today I think it's. It's one of his endearing qualities he has every time I've been out in public with them. He is. Asked for a picture. Every four minutes at least I mean it is just. You know he's a really fame is that just a former basketball player he's somebody who's on TV every week. He's in commercials nonstop you internal TV these days have seen him and Spike Lee and simulate judgment he's very recognizable. I'd never seen him be rude or anything other than awesome to anybody who's ever approached him. If young beautiful girl goes without saying but like old older woman to man the the little boy he. You know frat guys like it doesn't matter I've never seen him be anything other than cool and really giving with his time. I've seen people in I would it would never even occurred to do this like Castro Barkley to come over to your table like who would do there. But I see people total delegate Charles can't for a second. And he like goes over and sits down with them my guests agree with them and talk with them like he's really really. He's either he's as he comes across I like him a lot it's fun to work with them it's also just fun to be around. I so who wins and a game one on one that's been the raging story Nona talked about earlier today. Well far ball. Or Barkley Barkley said listen dude averaged two points easily that's two more than a dead guy averaged a nice gold no way Gavin averaged two point he's beating me. Barrett era vet and I talked about earlier in the show I still I mean I got taken jock. I just think chuck no matter what it looks like now like he's given his due buckets right what took Charles won the great players in the world yeah Tzipi progressed around I don't care. Lot of shape he's now like it's still it's still there and muscle memory right. Listen I like Lavar lie I had known him for a few years now I was among the first people to ever write about the ball family. I love the kids the white this tremendous the families to awesome like. It's a really unique situation I'm really tight knit I know that they sort of get turned into like this novelty now. I mostly because of large wild things but honestly if you were looking for great family to try to model your family after. I mean it's and it's a man and a woman who love each other who got married had three children raised the mall the right way raise the mall to be tremendous athletes like. Still seem to have as much affection for each other today as they do the day they met at like that. You know it's really an admirable situation but as far as gotten so why how I deal with these comments. That is just like. I wonder honestly like in the in the answer to this is like never. But oh what I was gonna say they wonder when when people stop. Paying attention to him or quoting him or stop turning everything into a national headlines because now he seems to be just intoxicated by. The reality that he can say anything and it will be on sports center until it started out rooted in my very basic. Confident things like. Lines are always great he's gonna go to UCLA. He's going to help them win a national championship when you go lol it I don't know fusillade the national championship contender but to look at now. He was right about all that. And then it like morphed into I think usually can go undefeated would love so well that obviously went away at some point in the season but it was still. All rooted in my kids also in his team's go it. And then it got into bundles better at instead of current and there. And you know I do. Put a ceiling on what lines of cane and beat but stepped curry the two time NBA MVP like most players don't become that so. But whatever and that became. In a line so. Is better than stepped current right now. And then it became. Alonso is gonna be the best player who's ever played better than Michael Jordan. And then it became. You know I can beat Michael Jordan in one on war and yet it became we want a billion dollar contract from a shoe company is just like tomorrow night. Lessened the kid is special. And the family is interesting. There is no scenario under which slow or ball's gonna get a billion dollars for his children shoe endorsement or. The key could beat Charles Barkley in basketball he was a. Loan. Low level. Division one player very briefly that his basketball career. And so. I think he's just sort of figured out that if he just keeps saying why don't things. People keep paying attention to him and it doesn't matter how while they are. But and in an honestly it is no real harm you have heard some people say. Even the gonna effect on those draft status. But I had won't John earlier in the week remote may have very good point when you're looking at some of the prospects that are going to be lottery picks and if this NBA draft or any NBA draft. Like AEA vocal father. Is like the least of anybody's worries yup. It's the drug dealing brother. Yes or or the cousin who is involved was involved in the recruitment and breaking a million NCAA rules or. You don't but the kid who has no fame like was raised by an AU coach who's never met has. Father in mom's been in jail like these are real old or it's the kid who's got game affiliation you always like these are all real statesman like I can tell you. They prospect who was a first round pick last year to a lot of people thought was going in the lottery anyway it toward the end of the first round and the reason is because he had gained seven as background. Like like NBA teams asked him about it and he admitted to Atacama. So like the idea that one prospect might have a father who likes to talk a little too much yeah I think that the NBA franchise would for a look far to pipe down but in reality Lavar hasn't really been a problem for Steve Alford like he hasn't told Steve Alford had a coach's team there's no. Basis for thinking he's gonna do that when an NBA team he's just that dad who like love to be in front of the camera he's a big character for the first time I met him. I recognize awhile this guy's a larger than life. Personality and if the truth is over the past six months or so. Really three months or so America has been exposed to him for the first time. But Alonso Italy Angelo and lament alone. Those kids have grown up with whom this is the only global are solely that they've ever know. Like their dad has always been this personality so I don't think it bothers him nearly as much as people think and I don't think it bothers him BA franchises nearly as much as some people think. And we've cleared that up and it I think I've got a new way to think about that and it is because he had to get some minor little bit but but I think you've that's good yeah well. They're a little bit not take a little bit better we'll take a step further because com. He has become like the but most famous parent of a collegiate athlete in the country Kia and a lot of people have painted him in a bad way like Lavar balls the works in the marbles the worst. And I hear you I understand where that's rooted in. But the ball family story. All traces back to a family that just wanted to be together like pick a better from this perspective person. They keep their different ages obviously I think Alonso is nineteen now. Lee Angelo is seventeen now and Le Melo was fifteen. So there's a pretty significant gap in there from like there's a four year gap between oldest and youngest. If so when I first met them they were all played the same age eighteen it was a seventeen and under a UT. And Lee in the mellow but there was only thirteen at the time lines of seventy the medal was thirteen. And he was shorter than me he's six foot six now but at the time he was five foot six. He's gone afoot in the past couple years. And so that you you've noticed that there's this kid who looks way younger than everybody else in this way smaller than everybody else. And he's on the court playing with them he's accused 400 high school game earlier this year but could we could just thirteen yourself. Or why did they do that here's more. The mom and dad decided they didn't wanna be one of those families. Where dad was off with the older kids. Playing basketball on one GM. And mom was with the younger kids or vice Versa. You know we all have friends who live life like this you might live life like this you don't dad's off with one kid at basketball practice moms often the other kid it's purely. Dad's off with one kid at baseball practice moms off what the other kid T ball practice they said we don't spend every weekend of our lives totally split from each other we love each other wanna be around each other so we will start Earl AUT noble have all our kids play on it. Did they didn't go out and recruit the best players from California. They got kids from their neighborhood they didn't shot themselves to a basketball factory when it became clear at the very least that Alonso was special. They could've done in the academy in that country. Could a joint inning gave you team in the country. Probably under normal circumstances would have would have joined the Compton magic or create their own team like they did and taking crazy money from Adidas or Nike or somebody. They pushed it all the way. They said no we don't care they're cute though the best players in the country where Olympic with a high school friends. No we're not we don't care that chino fuels is not a basketball power that's our neighborhood school that's where our kids are gonna go. No we don't care that every other prospect of lines those caliber. Bounces around the country all summer from South Carolina to New York to Philly to Detroit back to California to Vegas back to Atlanta. We got to live by this stupid we don't need to travel like that we're gonna play mostly in in the state of California. No we're not gonna go visit. North Carolina duke Kentucky given debating wars in some cases with for all sorts of reasons with the agents. And runners and boosters and shoe companies. Worse Southern California family were tight knit we wanna be around each other are you today go to U Sheila. Like usually the program are kids want to like Walter markets are committed used to elect. Literally never took a recruiting visit not one of those kids they're all recruit is committed to UCL lawns of course. Is already there in other words in other words they did everything. With the purest of intentions did everything. You say you would like a family to do. And so given all of the other issues that go on account as best one cause that's what recruiting I think it's a pretty impressive family and I do hate. Or find it unfortunate. That low bars. You know big mouth to her lack of a better word. Has calls that story to get lost in all of this because there's two ways to frame this. One is the wasting frame right now law until balls got a crazy dad. The other way is while until balls got an amazing set of parents. Those kids were lucky to be born into that family those parents have done an amazing job raising them. And it is a a true against the odds. Tale. Because they did this their own way. They didn't go join the big stage you program they didn't take visits all over the country they didn't attach themselves to issue company they didn't attach themselves to an agent. They did it all within themselves and and they got themselves to a pretty remarkable place. Some serious knowledge and I think you probably changed a lot of people's viewpoint on the more I know you change mine so I appreciate it that's good stuff they ask you real quick. Before yeah before that you go then they get a busy night so we talked. Is back in December now this Wichita State to the American announcing given fresh life I think Pete Campbell wrote about it and Sports Illustrated lot of people talking about it now. Does it have legs in would it be good for the American conference it would be good for Wichita State or. Other degree to which a state is unclear to me I could argue both sides one would be yes you get to be an illegal Connecticut Cincinnati Memphis SMU temple. That's way better than where you're at right now the MDC is an even what the NBC used to be because it lost Creighton crate with one of its biggest programs. So. That's the good. The that would be you're abandoning your long history with the Missouri Valley Conference to go to the AC and the AC isn't what. BAC. Is now in other words it turns into a league that doesn't have Cincinnati Connecticut anymore. That doesn't may be Memphis anymore whatever it's just. You be abandoned all you history and for what to be a league with S and UN temple like that worked it may be so with Wichita State I would I would debate. I think it would come down on the side of it they're willing to take as were willing to do it. Because you it it is a step up perhaps a small step but undeniably step. And from the America the conference personal perspective I think it is a no brainer because I know. That kind of hurt people say is that well like yeah it's great great marshals there to what happens when Greg marshals there and one thing you would still have a stake in Italy that has east Carolina. And schooling. Yeah what's won't ever know what to tell you yeah it'll wait what's that gonna be the worst program to delete. The weather Gregg Marshall lives forever guys tomorrow like they're still going to be fine. And so I'm American I take them because the best case scenario. If you bring Gregg Marshall had a possible hall of fame coach and he continues to operate at the level is operating at right now that's tremendous. The worst case scenario. Is that Gregg Marshall leaves to beat the Indiana coach or Steve out for at least to be the Indiana coach Gregg Marshall goes to UCLA or whatever. And that job opens and guess what they're gonna do they got the retail. Like in they can spend one million go get Steve Forbes and he'll kill it Wichita State you know he's a former Wichita State assistant so no matter what Wichita State it. Is that Greg has taken it to a different level because he's special. But any competent coach can win at Wichita State it's a little bit like. VCU. You put competent coach of VCU. You've got to be good because VCU there're so many inherent advantages and at school has invested. In that program Wichita State is similar not any coach could do what Gregg Marshall is doing. Is this is happening because Gregg Marshall special. But any competent coach could make Wichita State rock solid and if you have an opportunity as the Americans at a rock solid program. To you orderly. I think you take advantage of that. Which just Dayton Dayton but the tip off at about 030 minutes or so that'll be game to watch tonight listen we appreciate that I'm not busy you are and they get a late night in May and major hit that yogurt machine worker Garnett can't live there but we will get one on the way and it went all the way down 62 yogurt its it yoga maximum that's the rule that made this. 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Kara Chevrolet find new roads on the web Jim cares Memphis. Dot com. Gary Blair ratios. This month old. And SMES CNN through your ups. Online at 99 ESPN dot. John and 688 PM. Matsuzaka who. It right now. Says the White House jump for the guy who jumped the fence and it was on the grounds for. Seventeen minutes. And rattled the door handle for the presidential residence hall while the hell does that have an unbelievable you can't market but at chili's or like a beauty shop for the cleaners it over the postal sign two minutes before so we've got on a how does that. And I'm in my experience well let's wrap up a little bit ago. Senator Joseph was presented by Humphries prime cut shop well folks folly original piece. What did we learn today and man we just reinforce what we are you about Charles Barkley that he's awesome and he brings a yogurt machine in New York City when he's up there doing TV work. Also learned that maybe you know there's another way to think about Lavar ball as opposed to just. Alba and honor our ball you don't mean doesn't really good seven GP and I'm glad that we did that self. Video viewing him differently going forward what's the biggest game tonight telemann Wichita State in Dayton that's about the drop in about 1015 minutes I'm looking for to get don't want to that. What shoot on watch on TV I just told you Wichita State date net Tom Watson maybe throw something on the DVR later but mom doubts the chapters and flyers on Seattle is there anything I need to make sure I read I'm sure Gary is gonna read that recap of game number date never to of the NCAA tournament you can check that out I'm sure later on online at CBS sports and then how about what might have been Bennett we're just talking about it during the break. Jonathan Williams the third followed now for inside in the tournament Avery Woodson balled out for Butler around Iverson they made today for Rhode Island. You also got first Llosa from Florida Le Gerald big. JaJuan Johnson methods out there that is that six right there what might of bad no doubt gerontology GP OJ keep every minute tonight's game but man. What's on tap next week. Man Gary's back kid the incidentally turned it rolls on I'm back in Thursday and Friday is scary busy doing the NCAA tournament that's what's on that. That's gonna wrap it up for us prevented the oil across the glass for Gary perished at the New York City dam Walt get out in Salt Lake City. Jeff Hawkins took a rump roast somewhere in Memphis we appreciate journalists then. Everybody have a great weekend have a happy Saint Patrick's Day Franken but go right through you all have a good night. This is an easy one more plutonium assessment just kidding don't. PC SI Bradley's challenge presented in just. 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