Gary Parrish Show, Mon., March 20, 2017, Hour 1 (w/'s Matt Norlander in Seg 2)

The Gary Parrish Show
Monday, March 20th

Seg 1:  GP talks about Memphis' hatred of John Calipari and his return to FedExForum for the 2017 Sweet 16

Seg 2:  GP interviews Matt Norlander from about College Hoops, specifically about John Calipari

Seg 3:  4 stories at 444 with more on (1) Cavs resting players (2) Tigers transfer/roster (3) Memphis connections to the NCAA Tournament...(continued in Hour 2 podcast)


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When he met to discuss the NCAA tournament we will do it away. Feel like we did. Talk about the into the and all my dad. Power and I. Mandela to get a beer and watch what it would knock him right d'antoni said. Notable stood at 1244 was when others just pulled previously discussed it among them the only aired rested players Saturday night primetime games now resting players the big NBA controversy here we'll talk about it. Have full forty for the university of Napa blue there about twelve player. Outstanding news good. I don't think you'd call a good news we'll talk about that a little later on this hour meantime. Some players put Memphis connections are still win this NCAA tournament. Avery would think Chris CEOs think Jonathan Williams we'll get into that just before 5 o'clock Iraqi roll legend and icon died this week at the age of ninety we'll talk about it. Gerry Ford notable story the full 445 applied just dog it's gonna be here. Once my driving the king of the miserable. Probably talked about coach cal tell them that we have that's going to be at 5 o'clock they have five point five we'll dive back in the infield late term of goodness so much to get tuned. Just college basketball in general stuff that I won't get to the opening statement. Definitely won't talk about your lender about everything from Brad Underwood a leading Oklahoma State to go to Illinois. The duke being upset the round of 32 to Villanova being upset the round of 32. We'll talk NCAA tournament college basketball five point five that will do better to go we'll get out of here if that's the run down the sad to know we got. Lots to get to but I want to start by just say thank you to brag cars and into bad start for the man. Last week on a Thursday about this is that time of the year where I am not in town. A very much at all lie left I think the New York last Wednesday just got back relieved two hours ago. And I will be leaving again in like. Thirty yet hours or so little light it up Barry's. I'm not here very long Libya for two nights and schedule will be outdo the show from here. Today and tomorrow do the show live from New York on Wednesday and I'm gonna be in studio CBS sports network. On Thursday and Friday so Mets starter Brett Carson will take over again and it just it is what it is I. Yeah I don't like not being a part of the Gary Paris show I understand it can sometimes be weird but. This is the time the award takes me away good news is we really only get two weeks of it left because the the national championship yeah you'll come and go yeah. And I did this unlike what should get a case put it in the attic in play and I'm not leaving the house for a little while. I want to congratulate you too as well I know they've talked about this on the show publicly are ready but I can gradually Cecile I'm sitting in my mom and dad's house in Illinois a week ago. This past Sunday. And mom Stacy goes you know Gary's gone beyond its big boy CBS might was well. You know what's going scorn on MI and my dad goes you know this guy Mike and we go down the basement and we watch scary Perry sitting next to Charles Barkley. I'm big boys CBS. Nice that was rock rob Bulgaria and I would do absolutely knocked it out of the parlance of Haaretz Steele thank you that's nice of you say it was a funny thought this is all fun I enjoy I never planned though when I was younger man with less of a bald spot to be on television. At all. And so this was an in my career goal but it has been a lot of fun expanding me this way and being able to do what I do. The bad part to the extent that is better ball and it's not a very appreciative of the apps is if it does keep me away from home more often than. Then I would have preferred to baby black. Got three kids got to pay a he'll go did he know did you go do whatever they tell this to do it could do do that's going to be back home I got a couple of hours going to be here for a couple of days and then I believe down in the air replacing me. Well John cal apparently a all yeah. Diego's visit him at James Davis volleys and down my goal arraigned I am gonna do counter story I believe over the next couple days bubble popping to James Davis if that is not only in my clothing store of knowledge I did today. John cal Perry for. What some of those in my body van over there. I'll probably stub I get some donors do all the things now John cal Perry might do while he was scared of others pretend I'm John Carol Taylor for a little while. And now it's going to be interesting because my remember Johnny was taken to view the matter has once upon a time. I took the tigers to the national championship game in 2008. And that you know how that and I think he did pretty good here here you know how that the best for years and university Gannett has often basketball. History and I think the best for years that we're gonna. C a probably ever and I know that our defense don't like it when I say that but I'm just speaking openly and honestly with you on the daytime cal Perry left for Kentucky I said that. These past four years are the best four years of Memphis basketball history and if you listen to me right now and you'll never see a four years consecutively like them. A before you. Guy that's sort of helped things here I recognize that in hindsight but it does that make it any less troops I have three children once fourteen one's three one's newborn I don't believe they were ever. See the University of Memphis go to four sweet sixteens in a row. I don't believe they'll ever see the University of Memphis go to three elite eights in a row I don't believe they'll ever see the University of Memphis. Of the within a second of the national championship game pains me. It's tough to save that but I believe it's probably too and I think true and I think it highlights exactly how effective and Dominique. John cal Perry was. As the coach of the University of Memphis and also just as they figure. And in this city there was a time and this might be weird to recognize given. The feelings directed at him. These days but there was a time where his most popular person in the city by a wide wide margins it didn't matter what you politics or didn't matter what to skin color was to matter if you're rich or whatever. Basically everybody here except Geoff Calkins loved it John gala pairings because. He took something that men Vince had been caring about four. I care about deeply and intensely. For decades and made it nationally relevant the truth is that the universe to Memphis basketball program it has always been there a nice basketball program. A nice basketball program. But it is also been a local basketball program but it resonated here in a spectacular way. They were never talk about Memphis basketball aren't California they wanted to talk about Memphis bass or New York they want ever talked about. Memphis basketball in Detroit or Chicago or where ever Junco apparent change that you turn Memphis basketball into. And national topic a national brand and you know who will pay that. Just as much a main. John cal Perry. Okay it could correct answer that's not what I was gonna say now a they just self I was gonna say just yeah I went because judge was recruiting at a high level very early on. In his tenure at the University of Memphis. And that was one player that they signed and I can't remember exactly who was. But they signed him basically because it listened as the recording is never this imply again but among the things that was mentioned was this kid like love to. Chris Douglas Roberts but he loved Chris Douglas Roberts in one place to score Chris Douglas Roberts play. And I remember Josh joking or at least I think he was joking he said you know this kid I. I think he thinks I might have coach Chris doesn't talk like I feel like I'm still trying to get credit. For that those connections and that's why I was an UNLV basketball because the runnin' rebels ninety rod and I still think that sort of resonates steal all these years later sure exactly what people -- -- like UNLV is obviously down now in a way that is oh god it's terrible it is terror I mean real down like top 200 but beyond but UNLV. Still registers as a brand now UNLV to run in rev yeah that's still isn't granted they do the push it detract a few years ago where he mentioned UNLV its been long since UNLV was you know it would be runnin' rebels Larry Johnson Anderson hunt Stacey Augmon gradient we start all those Guyana but it's still resonates to the extent that it can show what can rap song randomly like in 2015. And 2000 at sixteen and so Memphis. Was a national basketball brand New York. Philip it's fading a little bit now but certainly early into the just past two years the John counter hangover was still very much sure in fact it helped him get on TV. It helps them with recruits it up and get into events and that is all attributed. To John cal Perry. That said it won't mean that when he returns here. Of people going to be waiting in the streets were real welcoming him if I like caravan like you might welcome a president who you prefer coming to your city it'll be quite the opposite now. I've had some people bring this up then and I felt a set of multiple times but clearly it needs to be said again if you're one of those people who waiting for. John compared walk out of the tunnel inside FedEx Forum. On Friday night. And get booed like crazy that's just not the way this is going to go down now it doesn't have anything to do with comments he instill about him it has everything to do with that building's going to be filled with Kentucky fans. Like you neighbor ain't gonna be in FedEx formal not a night I mean like they might some might but by and large those are going to be visitors to our city. Inside FedEx Forum that is the way regional sites typically worked out particularly regional sites. That feature Kentucky. Because there is no fan base in America that travels like Kentucky fans you can put them in anywhere originally Seattle when they would feel like 181000 seats. In C and I remember recognize in this for the first time I believe and I was in high school may be college you could look it up is certainly in the ninety's and I would say early nineties early demand. And let pyramid Kentucky was playing. Only this OK but he only had moved its wholly game in the leaked to the pyramid like to do make a bigger deal for only scratch who lived in Memphis. And may sell more tickets I guess like 191000 seats in the pyramid as opposed to whatever they had the Ted pad. But I just remember I hope I'm not making this up a silica remember a going to a game at the pyramid head it was a weeknight game okay. The console lifts off so solid a weeknight game against the woeful. So weeknight game against Ole miss like remember when I say against Ole miss I mean like almost wasn't anything like that would make you trap a normal person travel down the midweek game middle of the season against Gomez and like I remember the pyramid be and feel what lucky fans and I'm like what in the world I admitted to struggles to feel this. Building how does Kentucky Phil this building with Kentucky fans on a we night. And the reason is because there's like a Brazilian of men they are wild and they travel and it is what they care about there is no way NBA franchise in the state of Kentucky there is no NFL team in the state of Kentucky there was no Major League Baseball team in the state of Kentucky Wildcats are the deal. It's intensely as people here in Memphis. Sometimes. Most times recently care about the grizzlies but multiply that by fifty and and then expand it to an entire state owned or commonwealth. That's what you get nice touchy and so they're coming here this week and they will be the. Once. They will beat the ones who. Are filling up FedEx Forum so when Jack cal Perry walks and what you gonna hear is a lot like when judge cal Perry walks in the basically any neutral court or home court in America. He's gonna be wildly cheered and the Kentucky players will be wildly cheered. But that doesn't mean it's still will be an interest in week in this city because John's gonna have media availability. On Thursday down effect form like every coach will and I imagine. That. It'll be the most interest in a media availability of any coach the remaining in this instantly turn it because he's gonna see a lot of familiar faces and and he's going to answer a lot of questions about Memphis. And some of whom will be easy and you'll handle well I imagine some of the more. Be a little more. Appointed Olivia little more directed in certain places where he would rather not speak about it now there's nobody out in sports. Arguably who's better at talking around things. Then John count for him he doesn't really need your questions at all to speak if he wants to talk about something else he'll ignore her doing it just start doing that Illinois your question. Completely bud I imagine there will be least be some interest in moments in there and it's which are going to be able would be error of four because it'll be. I think interest in theater. If if nothing else and so it's funny I haven't talked met Orlando about this in a moment. I struggled with this because. This is one of those places where I have a breakdown with the general population. I know. If that's all crazy Memphis fans like its its its friends of mine and neighbors of mine who still despised John cal Perry yeah. After they want to globe did John cal Perry. And so. I recognize that that's a very real thing. I struggle to understand it. For a couple of reasons. Hey. He's the best coach who ever worked at the university and I don't mean basketball coat. I mean coached period football basketball baseball you name a sport I don't care has ever been anybody as successful. Or get the University of Memphis as John cal Perry and maybe. I'd have to destroy it restart I you could maybe argue nobody's ever been as successful as a University of Memphis employee. As John count there. It was an amazing memorial hall saying he has national championship. He's the best it's ever been employed there and we'll probably be the best that they ever employ. Late winner they ever going to have another. Hall of fame coach that worked at the University. Of Memphis may slip memorial hall of fame coach national champion. Widely regarded as the best recruiter in the history counts that's polite or that ever happen again. And it barely happened this time and you know why did it happen this time. Check upgrading dream of coaching at the University of Memphis. He had fired. And he was an assist in the NBA for a little while and he was ready to battle son back in the college he's at the best job available. And among the people who convinced him that Memphis was the best job available was Larry Brown Clare brown once upon a time took almost took the Memphis job. So Larry said you get the Memphis job and obviously get the Memphis job Giles can be and to get basically anybody want it coming back in the college. Larry said if you get the best job that's the job you've won big there I almost had a one time. And so that's Italians appear any work that job and we've been over this a million times but. It's just sort of the way I eat. It's how I view the whole thing through my scope as opposed to how other people. View it and I'm not even sitting here 'cause I will often tell you when I'm right you're wrong. I'm not even here to tell you I'm right you're wrong I'm just here to tell yet it's hard for me to like. See it from that perspective because when I look at John cal Perry all I see is somebody who. It. Did. Basically what most people doing their careers and frankly what I have done in mind. Which is you get the best job you can get when you can get it and you work as hard as you can work it. And then if you successful let you get other opportunities. And then when those other opportunities are placed in front of you evaluate them. You weigh the pros and cons. And you take into consideration everything. I just salary. But salary and location how to fix your family how to fix your life goals your career goals. And then you decide what you going to do it. And there have been times in my own career. Where I've been presented with opportunities that some people might say ooh that's better you should do that but when I considered everything as it relates to my own life that's another sound better for me. I'm gonna I'm gonna pass on that. I'm gonna pass on that and then there's been other diversity you know what that is better for me that's what I wanna do it. Frankly coming here to 99 once upon a time was something that I considered was better for me. To an extent I struggle with all of this hatred is because I don't know how different that is from what John cal Perry did. We have different types of careers his as much more public than mine if a radio guy at least one radio station to go to another it doesn't. Break the hearts of right radio listeners you just flip the station. You start listening over there college athletics sports in general it like that after your singles families who coached the brownfields are rooting for plans start heating your coach so I did it. Hey you guys are more normal than I am when it comes to this type thing you. But I watched him for nine years beat head coach of the University of Memphis and do that job as well as he can do it. And do it better than anybody who would ever done and he presented with a whole bunch of opportunities. Famously South Carolina when he actually got on the plane when visited. Arkansas once upon a time and countless others that aren't even worth getting into either way the point remains the same. He considered a mall every time because he would every time. They passed on them all love up until the Kentucky thing happen. And I know that Jay Wright once upon a time passed on Kentucky or at least that's the way the story goes. It Jay Wright was. He's a Philly guy working in in Philadelphia Villanova. You can sort of see why he might. And I know Billy Donovan passed on without getting twice probably. The leg he won national championships. At Florida had a sites on the MBA anyway. I don't think you Stanley wanted any part of being the head coach at Kentucky. So pass you can sort of understand that. But I don't know. Know that it was ever a reasonable thing junk out there might pass from Kentucky to stay in Memphis implemented William all the resource is everything he could possibly want. What they couldn't give him his Kentucky. They couldn't get him the SEC they couldn't give him the stage that all of that provides any opportunity to finally feel like he was on the other side of the road. Which I know from talking to him many many times was important to him he always felt like an outsider. The guy who was Ortiz had become. Among the most dominant if not the most dominant force. In college basketball and he'd always been swing and up. At UMass in hostels to do anything. A look at what you mess was before him to look away UMass is now. Swing and up the whole thought at Memphis when you're not. It's supposed to be able to do good things in Memphis. Better than what's going on right now in Memphis but just those given to what he did at Memphis why nobody had ever done it's why nobody will ever do it again. And he's finally given the opportunity to jump on the other side of the road to be keen. To run that type of program we not swing and up anymore you're looking down on the world that mattered to him I think he would admit that. And so when Memphis fans. Are still furious all these years later. That he left under those circumstances it just it's hard for me to get angry about that. This is an apples to apples but it's a little bit like. You know I tend to have. To relate to what what I can relate to so I'll watch Chris Collins of the weekend get a technical foul on the northwestern Inzaghi game. And the whole world screaming how could you do that how could you do that how could you hurt your team. And I think they're going that's exactly what I would have done. Now do for insider put his arm to the rim right. And the rest missed it I sought out a flipped out too so I can't get mad at Chris Collins is Chris Collins reacted the same way I would have reacted. Same way I can get mad John cal Perry because John cal Perry did exactly I'm assuming what I would have done in his situation. Would have taken the Kentucky job. And yes I would grab John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins and aired Bledsoe and taken with me. And so I know he's a villain and I am not even tell you the change because you being that way it allows us to have this week that I haven't. But I do a struggle. Went down. Or at least trying to understand it or at least I can't ratchet up my emotions to fill that way. I don't even now at an eight and then what he did make sense to me. Our text that talked to Matt Lauren London Orlando about this tax. In the 99 signing bracket challenge. 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Primetime game the NBA has had enough but what can do about it. Probably nothing we'll talk about it in the next segment just got the beard 5 o'clock but right now. My colleague at CBS sports. You might be coming out of college basketball podcast three times a week. Out to Devin Downey welcome mat Orlando make in the big and. Award winning. Columnists and okay. Names in sports season Gerry curry should go OK okay. For a city like they feel more solid than cnnfn. ESPN. Mad dog Lander is your dog Gary long Tom though long time no talk. One minute and oh lead. We just talked with seventy minutes to phone minutes ago. So they goal here is to try to pretend like we didn't just do that and we'll have random live on air conversation and thought well right now let me ask your question because we got into this a little bit on the podcast but not too much. Meant he ends. Hate John cal Perry he's coaching here this week for the first time since March 14 2009. Does it make sense to anybody outside of Memphis that meant he ends hate John cal a pair. Now Henry we understand that insecurity on. The old the half hour and be real here and then add that sort of we you laid it out and I do encourage everyone to it's actually I called apple that my conducted unless in chick Gerri shall ever see the bad that we each. I don't quite yet. Why would you laid it on the on the pocket beautifully and turned it. Okay the hand arm are no longer in cal Perry or even remotely. I think it's got to be a really interesting dynamic in that city this week. On the and then we'll be subcontracted by the fact that Kentucky and critical to building pretty can be able to walk back and develop now in the building will be going him. But it your mandate era meant to stand like clearly you understand why he'd lead. There are there really is no. Any type of shame and what he didn't. Its the Kentucky job at it made them get the best job in the sport. So Ferdinand the incident he'll hold the grudge. Over a man that elevated the attitude of your program. To a level that it had never seen before and probably won't ever see. And it is it the reverse Bob Knight effect here very. Never best candidate that is just turned whose sole. You know. It's eagerly. And battling Lee again because it had done so much for that idiot that program members and got to go what I know it hard for them to do that. But if there is nothing wrong what you did and the fact that bill O lingering grudge. Now what seven years later it mind boggling. I'll take a step further tell me if this is crazy and that I know Memphis fans are gonna think it's crazy I wonder what you think it's an outsider. It would make more sense for Memphis to build a statue of John cal Perry that it would be for Memphis fans hate John cal Perry. Yeah well it. Well padded out. Haven't you and let them and I'd be it a little too great in terms of like what bill that you should just another. Point making what he had no absolutely. With that without a doubt. And I think for a lot of people. Outside. Of that zip code they would think. That Memphis fans would would treat. It would treat cal Perry in a way that. Florida band wintry Billy Donovan hat would he note take a minute job if you ever came back or Butler and you know I don't think Brett he'd ever bush because again. But let's say that weird things happen in seven years from now he's the go to North Carolina. You know. But look at it obviously won't welcome Brad in back and so warm and wish you would think that men get to know their basketball her passion about that program. We did it enter cal. In yet they don't. And I don't have a reason for I know that listen to people in the area have altered. There are reasons for why. But I don't really have a definitive. Grip on that but I do you think it's this weird it. Aura that continue to follow around cal Perry in because it. He's not seen and liked it a guy that had all these auto or is vacated and he's not the most likable guy and college backed off all that stuff. I think because that was part of it is. Kurt is part of his persona and part of what made and so great at meant bit in this article nations separated Kentucky that meant to stand re able the use back. In kinda had. The added being in fuel for their hatred I get. They got to get over I guess they never well it is weighted. The only one I at the collegiate level that I can think might be similar and it's not apples to apples but perhaps the way LSU fans feel about nick Satan. Maybe a little bit I don't think it's like does that help so I mean that SEC football. Baird you know obviously and that's the most single intend. And make faction and turned it if you move beyond Kentucky can't condemn events and let it eat at these people bought Andy is so great. Yeah at to a certain extent maybe but even then. With what they've engaged like it it's more like you know leaving to go to try to we have found in Dublin back and you can't blame predict bad but the only and that while. If our demand Orlando here on 99 FM ESP NE on Twitter at Matt in Orlando Nellie play devil's advocate for a second because I know there's Memphis fans drive around right now sand. He's not that he left it's the way he left that's what they always say I thought that he left it's that it's the way he left by taking John Wall and the markets cousins and Eric Bledsoe out. To that I would say two things Orion. Com it sounds to me like you're the guy who says I don't mind that she broke up with me it's it's just that she did it by text message like whatever like you always gonna be upset when the girl leave you if you're always gonna be upset would win the wage it would John cal Perry leaving you. I suppose there's better ways to deal wit. But dubbed these and gained the exact thing like your pets Dawkins John cal Perry left due for a pretty your girl. Com the sickening to folks say is. You know it's it's. It's that he tried to. That. Betty after he left he'd he'd he'd talked about how awesome the opportunity that Kentucky was and by. Extension that becomes shots at the University of Memphis and other words you go. Continue with the analogy to your new girlfriend and you talk about how you've never seen a girl this pretty before you never seen a girl this. Phony before you never been around a girl this Smart before and it just makes you feel awful about yourself. Any register with you. They got to get over it it's. Over these men's basketball program Gary Parrish I mean these are obvious thing is dead men and they're very aware. It you know 88 I think it'd be best job in college about our network to number two I North Carolina. Though. Maybe in a moment it stings it ended except on these situations are never on their sometimes unfortunately and it really united as well anyone in fact a lot of times when coaches believe these job. It unfortunately. The mechanisms in place to lead them to be. Not merely a group that they'd like them to be and that's just the nature of college sports when you're dealing with recruits. And moving your life and taking more money in going to replace bid and it coming at the end of the speed limit or perhaps speaking getting reported even before he's missed over a lot of these things and address book. Really bad and on the on the circuit can make it seem even more. So for Kentucky and all if fermented and all if you are still be mad cow what can people what he said. The day that he took the job or the day after he took the job. I mean. You gotta look at this year indeed. Be a really fine net reunion this week it should be something that is warm that it. It shows like where cal came from NATO that saw them a major eight of his career you look at Memphis from 2000 to 2009. Is really the thing. That reestablish his reputation of the coach allowed him to get the Kentucky job and many wait even until. So go down I think you know. Ever remembered at the Kentucky coach more than anything in the meant disappeared art you could clearly today. The most important you're gonna light because it act pretty failed in the NBA. There was a lot of doubt in some ways it has admitted to taking a big chance I'm cal and that moment when they get bad taken and what it EPO. He kept the program competitive in a really good feel like they've been validated that B after realignment. It even further I wish that your said he would more welcoming going to be that could be a really cool story to backtrack on PDF that they talk about. You know that that game and what he's done and instead of just gonna kind of be like. A guy and a guy hit me on the back into view and if you got Sanjay a lot of people and it's in the back metaphorically speaking. There are. All won't talk met Norman to hear from CBS sports what do you think you keep saying I find interesting we keep seeing you just got to get over it like whatever they years ago. And we keep relating it back or I do at least to a relationship because I really do feel like it's like a relationship it's like it's like you're you're in love with the bird you felt a person of your dreams and then they leave you for somebody else that's essentially what happened. Like judge okay with a guide to Memphis fans they're like oh my god we finally found the coach we get a little together forever in love each other. And have a little cal Perry kids they let you board Kentucky's Cinemark edit her to lead for supermodel end and you hope. You hope it comes to economics theory as here you hope that when you get dumb that first somebody who is better. At least seemingly better that it just won't work out for some reason like you know like you gonna regret this stuff up until now. You'll never do get hurt it even made a and they get it like it did did my in my whole life I've never had. Anybody we're really beat me. Happy are they seem to me are we are having to lay down. Only know my FaceBook and 70 Wimbledon people so much anymore. Tom but like everybody seems to be happier like nobody I've. I'd really cool I think this sincerely I don't think anybody is ever regretted leaving me and old I think it's also true like if you're but you can hold up that hole you wanna. Do you think you're gonna regret this you didn't know what you had. And it hasn't been regrettable for John he's been a monster. And so like I understand they just hasn't worked out the way most Memphis is wanted to work out. But like. If it's rainy and the your ex girlfriend of eight years like of who you wit for nine years eight years later. But when you stood against him still at every spend every day he did it would be weird. To know other than girls do some awful things to me. In fairness I've also an awful things to girl so like probably all balance out over in my life but like. He everybody like like what ever like deal ever think like good let's get a flurry at the right and I don't understand why met I'd bet. That opinion that you stated does that resonate well lament his fans like. Yeah you know I'd like I did like the way lap battle like the way it's go on about like what ever so long ago like I got other things to worry about I don't know why that's not eight. A prevalent. Opinion. Among the man yeah. CNET I think we did I hear a lot more to do it you're seeing here I'd call situation about Buffy is that it. I do think that because it. Path there would intermittent and obviously being human but that's street for what four years he would never beat a ranked team in about 45 and then he couldn't even keep a sticky up could do this right after cal Perry that even when that even though. Just got to turn it like it shut clearly this anywhere in the program. Did not have a level of consistency and then it they get caveat the move that some have supported others did not like at all. The they have not been able to. Yes they look at that what we've done that you left. We're still doing OK I happen in the program generally speaking is doing like I think that stayed at Memphis basketball. Within the university's own sport. If not dying on the vine I think it could be eight got a good coach I think excited it will get that program or to the tournament and get a tablet from the wind during that time there. I think it that much is it like to do with. Crude 68 cal. And it is count except overall. Let's wrap up with this. In eighteenth seed loses in Memphis and people would like to see that Kenny lose the benefits they can measure that would find some joy in a giant military loss and don't. We had they worded. And I I do have a losing. Yeah I wanna act Kentucky alum looked never loses at rock arena. And restated on that and Amber's got a better into your future. Guy you know on a neutral. Kentucky defense that looked dated. But I'm not convinced that they're gonna have lived in Monday it has been fun but he's been a little inconsistent. He's gonna have to play well and I bio of gonna have to play well overall. And I I gotta go with the growing gap opened the great game I'm more excited to the sweet sixteen matchup. I think any we kicking game in the past decade because of all the stars to blue blood. He got beat Alpert thing lingering and Indiana it in Memphis with cal. Eight get to it tremendous and it's really worthy of a national title game and we get a theories of semi final and by the way they don't deserve to play each other there because I think you go directly with the three. It copyright and really what to do this is an awesome boot determined to get the you do what we're up against. That is meant to Orlando from CBS sports make sure you have read and CBS sports dot com listen to him on the island college basketball podcast. And follow him on Twitter at met in Orlando thank you to be anybody. Thanks so happy I'm and I'm gonna keep my child now now I can you do that is you are in Africa these. Now I'll go get him go feed your child to feed your child be a good father that's mad Orlando from CBS. Sports. Got a couple tweets here from tomorrow he says. John cal Perry on more than one occasion said that he wants to say the Memphis coach. Literally every coaches asked that question says that right that's where you set the bar on where to be pissed off you gonna have to be pissed off and everybody in the history of coaching. Basically everybody has said. I love my job I I do my job this is our plan a wedding or some version of that. What do what do you say to the folks who have this this mental block about that he like the Derrick wrote that he somehow orchestrated the Derrick Rose test. Like there are a lot of people they can't get past that that that one point that that he. Did some serious cheating and got the university in trouble that he's somehow part of that I'm not suggesting that he is. But there are my neighbors that's their big thing. There was smoke around that program for years. I never heard one Memphis fan. Express any sort of concerned. If you're mad about John cal Perry getting on probation. Tell me why you weren't mad. When the Chris Douglas Roberts committed to the University of Memphis without ever stepping foot on the Memphis campus or in the city and I think they would say it's because well he was doing it for us you know I mean I hate to say it that way but that I'm just speaking honestly and what they would probably tell you yes and what I would say is the same thing I've always had about John. Like it's like any it's like eighty football team that cheats and and they wind and say it makes you happy for a little bit I don't know if that's fair because like. Eight years in the. I'm not I am not trying to slander I'm just saying there are people that think that and that is a mental block for. It with all due respect to your neighbors I don't get I don't buy that at all. All the only one saying that though but it but I prior that is lesson is what I said about John cal very million pounds. It there are people in the city right now people listening right now who if you ever questioned John cal Perry in anyway yet they would say you're miserable. Your hate her. In cal we trust that literally like they should see that on a message for all the time Jordan cal we trust. It bite by bite like that it's it's actually comparing him to god. It did when you type out words on a message board in cal we trust is god you're comparing him to god right that's the type of a figure he was in this city all yeah. Two thousands of people move some of those same people. Some of those same people now think he's double yes and here's what I've always said to our children never changed. Now that's true. His address changed yes. The only reason anybody's opinion. And by the way this works both ways right because there Kentucky fans who thought John cal Perry was the devil. Now if you suggest he might be they fight you yeah he's not there and with them now they're down I think cal we'd run out so bold play it's not unique in Memphis fans Kentucky fans are the same way turn this is old rooted in the same thing when he's your guy you love him when he's not you hated. But at least be self aware right. Like don't be so dumb that you can't recognize what you want yeah old until there's the word where we would they showed me show you picked. She'll be wasting hosted on a message board in 2007. I'm happy to I'm happy there. I'm it's a little label it's it's no different than politics right now yeah Democrats say who's right who's wrong. But don't find all the police who served people about Barack Obama playing golf and go see it between those things right now when president trump goes on to Florida every week in and plays golf right. What's it like I how did you go play go to the president you know I'm sure it's whenever we are pretty nice day to flight to Florida played over the weekend aren't got to you have time to play golf. It rare G Bryant. We got a president now who flies that every week and play golf but the people used to screen about the former president. Don't say a word about this one yeah and again it works both why all the ways it works both ways. But like. Don't think I'm nuts and their role in my eye that you print. Because I can see it for what it is. John cal Perry in 2017. Is the same duty wasn't 2007. Doing the same day he was doing. They and that he's doing now. The only thing that changes his address. And millions of people's opinion about him changed because he changed his address to me that's bizarre. But I recognize it's true it is random and it's fanned him. Cleveland Cavaliers rested people on Saturday night MBAs upset about it we'll talk about that. Bracket challenge in nineteen. 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I really should just turn up Twitter wanted to do greatest love watching the loonie is coming down and it's nice that there's one character here named Jimmy says the difference between judge Donald Trump severely criticizing Obama is because he's at the difference here is that Donald Trump was criticized Obama for playing golf and now he's playing golf even more. Excessively then Obama did which is exactly like literally what I said. I don't know it is good I don't know if you misunderstood me my point is. Did Donald Trump and Donald Trump supporters are a perfect example of what we were talking about I just try to save workable way to try. I'd like any example I'm just trying to light and Memphis birds in Kentucky types that I did try to say it works both ways that I am one job they don't be an anti trumpet and broad this. What is funny when I got a beautiful little the other night when the other guy is playing golf every week like presidents like I did that look this is the worst thing out right but that is like AA now are you doing exactly what you thought was the worst thing in the OK but now it's OK and everybody else does and understand it. Your opinion on a certain thing changes. But no reason other than who is doing it. They have been that our country every day when it comes to politics at any happened what Memphis fans in Kentucky fans as it relates to Jack up there. Millions of Kentucky fans opinion about John cal Perry changed. When he went from being the Memphis coach to the Kentucky coach. Millions of Memphis fans. If there are that many and we got a began their opinion changed. The date on John calibrate the day he did nothing more they go from in the Memphis coach. The Kentucky coach my only point with the other thing was now. Mutant literally millions of people's opinion on whether president should be able to play golf on the weekend without you complaining about it. Changed the moment our president's change it's the same thing your opinion on something or somebody changes for reasons that don't make much sense to most people. Me included I have for stories I need to discuss cool new house. Volunteers start telling stories and other. Annoying woman. It's every afternoon so far he's doing. Device and ensures he'll such an important things you need to know each day at this time. This is TV Ford notable stories at 444. The number one. After players in the NBA is back in the national headlines because Cleveland Cavaliers put a marquee game primetime game on ABC on Saturday night and they decide to carry area wanna go play Kevin Love on the don't play LeBron James wasn't going to play and this has happened I would say maybe two weeks in a rolled down to the prime time games on ABC they do these on Saturday night now on they have been. Mostly tremendous that one of them was Kevin Durant its return to Oklahoma City and and obviously it's a big stage he'll ABC paid a lot of money that now ESP NBC and to be faced the NBA. On network television in primetime on Saturday night sit and did you putting out crap product it and it's Cleveland Cavaliers but it's not really the Cleveland Cavaliers like there's three do you wanna see when you watch the cavaliers and none of them were planning. And so the NBA elect apparently made a phone call reportedly made a phone call to look at UCL you know like we it and we who would not ask them we're not happy with what to do it. The cavs general manager said listen I understand and happy and I were them I would be happy either write my job is to do what's best for the Cleveland Cavaliers. My job is to get us ready for. The NBA playoffs to try to win a championship. And this is what we think Beth told to do what's best for us and we'll let everything else. All in the place wherever fault. When people say that and then of course call Malayan Karl Malone jumps in says you guys usually either play here we go the old school this guy says that you ought to be plant a bomb. Like I get it like the old school guy we have to play 82 games there wedge in my day. Well like we've we have got you. We said pitchers with 440 pitches we had those leather helmets and football for a long time yeah and all those guys have bulbs burned announced its two lanes were out. I know like we could appoint what medicine where. And right or wrong I don't know I'm not a doctor or trainer and but they're Smart people who are. And they have come to the conclusion that long term to better off if you do take days off now. Just like a long time you're better off if you don't throw nine innings and 153 pitches like nobody will allow anybody to do that anymore. You're back in the do you like this and the like that would Bob Gibson told complete game every ball and run it Bob gets old pitching today he'd be pulled after six innings chair it be like hey Gibbs it's good anyway until now struggled there and I sure armour he too long or whatever it is you do and are half right it's just that we get to a point where. Medicine advances in technology advances and Smart people make these decisions. I didn't think they know what they're talking about. Because when I had whoa John several weeks go we're talking about this exactly. He said most teams in the and they subscribe to this is not just like a handful of teams it's like they all understand there is a benefit to taking days off right. If so what she would now is that any change all right you Karl Malone can talk about how all. Biggest he sees today's NBA player is threatening to change the way front offices are handling their multi million dollar investment and by the way that's what they are stop thinking about men's basketball players think about this multi million dollar investment. Taylor Parsons would his knee surgery over there ain't just Chandler Parsons that Chandler Parsons a 94 million dollar. It's looks like a bad investment for the Memphis Grizzlies. You have to take if you spend 94 million dollars or someone to take care of it yeah what he's done a 150 million dollars on would you take care and straightaway yeah excited with kid gloves he's afraid judges are trying to take care of their 150 million dollar investment. Other eighty million dollar investment. Of their fifty million dollar investment this is what they think is best. And there is no. Calm place for the NBA to try to tell them otherwise. So what we can all agree on that at the front office's opinion and change. And the NBA can't tell them you've got to play this game you can't play this game. Because it then an amenity slippery slope stand but like its official does come into play in other words if you can tell coaches when they. I have to what games they had to play the players. Can even tell when they have to play the players. But it has to be thirty minutes at least yeah we're here where's it stop can't be less than 379. And one gig if you can start telling coaches and pray tell you how to handle their personnel. Where does that stop him what are the coach is down to forty in the fourth quarter. If you allowed post player that does the NBA said no one back on the court this is our product. Can't get involved in that so what's your knowledge French guys are gonna keep rests in the players when they feel it necessary. You can now is the NBA can't tell him not to start the place. Figure how to fix what he did it seems pretty simple to what people say I don't think players arrested they don't really mean. A. Amber war shouldn't be resting on Wednesday night game on fox sports south and against the grizzlies. What they mean is. Primetime games on TNT between heavyweights primetime games on ABC between heavyweights how to fix it. You take the schedule and before you release it. And you make sure every marquee game on your schedule. Every warrior spurs game every cavs or your skating. Every clippers. Rockets can write what ever you Marchionne the czar you make sure nobody is on the second out of the back to back down. Nobody is just part of the scheduling process now.