Gary Parrish Show, Thursday, April 20, 2017, Hour 1 (w/929's John Martin in Seg 2)

The Gary Parrish Show
Thursday, April 20th

Seg 1:  Gary Parrish talks about Matthew Stanley/Memphis story


Seg 2:  John Martin, 929 Host/Columnist, on w/GP to discuss Matthew Stanley/Memphis


Seg 3:  4 stories at 444 with more on (1) the Grizzlies/Officials (2) Markel Crawford transferring to Ole Miss (3) Nike/Levar Ball (4) Tiger Woods surgery 


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Still when he delivers the best you know Wi-Fi experience you can get everything AT&T. Started performance started ten minutes per second Internet from Comcast in 1999 a month for twelve months one year agreement. Dot com Colin Hendrix in any sport is an excellent start today. Our friends for 3070. Moving the reply. Even veterans like your campaign. The 27 in the NBA playoffs are on Memphis is sports station WMS has a senate race deliberately. That's Memphis. Nine FM ESPN presents the area's only national columnist who spends his afternoon bringing unique perspective to Memphis radio who may just instrumental. Sometimes make you change the station these children are. It's for that seeds for a club. This is big gallery better show. Oh well I'm glad you would mean. Glad you're with me hope you get into the day with no obstacles then. Never did Grubbs. My major basketball program you never get caught a national story about whether you. Good division two. On anybody. But it does he. They'll walk you through that in just a moment we've fallen. You might even learn a thing or two about. And public relations were fired. You don't mind very quickly with a fifth event instead devoid of we have had a ticket to go play game three western. Comforts of play on. I bet that we'll tip off at 830. Good to give way out we'll do that in this hour I promise. Because Brett go home and make sure I remember to do it I have played their hearts doubt that you wanna. Got to dig them a giveaway in the first hour of today's radio program afford what about John Martin could join me mobile buddy. Could convict boyfriend his two. Big cookie now the thing I am just as frivolous thing. Not at the time hill is now is now guys Johnson and Carmelo Anthony got a pregnant the I made. Because the day the judge Joseph joins me Thursday. In the first though today's Thursday first I would like happening right now are going to be airport when he thought they said that the new portable storage apple forty forward went out discussed previously done discuss story. Among. Like affecting three I'll side with these undecided diabetic on the officials have been identified. As well. Have you their names so you can hate them on a personal level at 444. You just in case they try to look. It went in once again Montel property is going to omit Knight picked up for the rebels. We'll talk about that a little later on of this hour Nike executive George Bradley called the ball ball. On the bad. The worst thing to happen in basketball the past 100 years that seemed ridiculous we're gonna get into that just before 5 o'clock in Tiger Woods had another bad surgery. I'll for the rest of the year at least will not play and he majored in 2017. Rough news. I get the details during portable storage of full 445 o'clock just caught him just like always. And when you know. Let's get ready for first grizzlies tonight 525 going to be joined by Jeff Eisenberg national college best writer for Yahoo! Sports. He wrote about Memphis basketball today so I'll let him provide an outsider's perspective. On the current state of things Geoff Eisenberg is going to be here at 525 and we'll do dinner at ago. And will get on out of here so let's run down for the that there will be allowed to get to obviously but I quit. And the match Stanley controversy another day another round of unflattering columns connected to the Memphis basketball program this done. Because a player Memphis was recruiting and either recently or up until the moment he signed. Signed with watch at all bad disc university yesterday that's a divisional who's schooled by the way watch at all. Baptist university it's a division two school nestled prospect Memphis offered according to three different people I prospect that Memphis offered. Signed with that once it's all a bad decision. That's a joke that basic school. Basically writes itself Yahoo! Sports published column on it suited NBC sports it's been tweeting about. And mocked by a basketball writers who work for those sites plus ESPN a sporting news and several others and now there's some debate. About the particulars of this development and I will get to bat in a moment but first things first let's acknowledge something. All week I think we can all agree on and that's that this started because the Memphis staff member reportedly Saul Smith. A cold and expressed interest in a player literally no other division one school ever offer. Like long would didn't offer dispute Boof that you cook mean didn't offer his 2 term Maryland Eastern Shore about a site you Lee. Didn't offer this student or 351. Division one. Men's basketball programs and the only one that ever offered him according debt three different people connected to Matt Stanley's were government. If the University of Memphis. Memphis offered somebody no other division one school ever offer in short. That's incredible and that's the root of all the bits whatever happened after that happened after that. But everything starts with a vet everything starts with a Memphis coach inquiring. And again according to three different people offering a player who literally no other. You are the University of Memphis for God's sake. You can have three final fours yeah you've been rolled Penny Hardaway. DaJuan Wagner. And Derrick Rose and Tyreke Evans you've been rolled McDonald's all Americans on the regular since McDonald's all Americans became a thing. You play inside and 181000. Seat MBA arena. You pay your head coach three million dollars a year. If you work at a place where everything I just said is true. Yeah they do you think even for a moment that recruiting. Because that is ridiculous. Again 351. Division one schools in this country. If there's a player no. Other. Division one school has ever offered you shouldn't be calling about him if you work at the University of Memphis period right. That's an that's at. Every are we having this discussion. Now there is the big question that that remains has been bounced around all day long and that question is this. But did Memphis really offer that stand that's. Have been debated all day on this station social media message board wherever and then I guess I would just say this. Matt Stanley says yes that Memphis offer. His dad says yes Memphis offer his high school coach says yes Memphis offer and I suppose it's possible they're all lying. But if there aren't all three of this would be the first time I can remember three different people lying about a scholarship off. So if I could no other reason than that. I'll take them at their word. About whether the offer stood through yesterday is up for debate I guess but that really doesn't matter. Right and I'll tell you want. Up because what we know for sure war. Is that one of two things happened. What two things happened here and neither reflects well on the Memphis that. Either met this genuinely got beat. For basketball player by division two school which is obviously humiliating. Or Memphis Alford division two player then backed off but then nonsensical. Let the story of the offer live until it was too late which is stunningly stupid. Either version of the story is ridiculous like I can't tell you whether Memphis backed off after offered but if Memphis didn't back off. After offering. Somebody own that staff should of called margin out on the beat writer at the commercial appeal and told him to kill the store. Kill the stall out because for a moment Matt Stanley tweeted I just got an offer from the University of Memphis. It was a story in this market. And mark was consistently writing about it. Tweeting about it talking about it. Waiting to see if he's gonna visit waiting to see if he's gonna follow through his commitment to watch a pullback. In so you did get to a point where. You either. Pull the offer. Went in another direction for whatever reason or do you ever offer you got to kill that sort. And the way you kill it is what the beat writer who's writing about the story you kick the ball and you say listen. Here's the deal right salt called and offered. We're not recruiting him this is getting all crazy. He's not gonna be a Memphis tiger there's no offer anymore. Whatever the version of the truth is right. However you phrase that you got a caller. We never offered we offered but now we backed off of it right he's not gonna be a Memphis tiger theory killer if so what I need you to do is. Right that he's not going to be an epicenter right. As delicately as you can do however you think's best we're not interested him to embarrass syndicate if you want to say it's because we'd. Decided to go what another direction because we got commitments from. ABC that's far however you do what is thought just make sure the bottom line is clear we are not involved would match Stanley anymore. We're not recruiting him anymore because unless you kill this story. Because unless you kill this story. When he next Wednesday night. Announces that he siding with what's dubbed it that's gonna reflect poorly on us because the story that's out there right now is that we've offered a division to a prospect. So you gotta kill that one way or another sources said however you wanna do. That's the way you handled that situation. If that's actually the situation. If I'm on the Memphis staff I initiate that conversation. When margin model or anybody who covers college basketball for livid anybody with a respected name anybody who has taken seriously. But not only did they not initiate that conversation they didn't respond to mark try and asked them about it even off the record that's what Moore tweeted earlier today and that is insane. Because guess who are hurting by doing that down themselves themselves. Yeah I mean you got to Colin. Hurting themselves in only themselves and last night and everything that happened today. Is proof of that you've cut your beat better off if he keeps doing his job the only way he came and which is by talking to other people you don't talk to him. But I talked to DJ Jeffrey's death a network of boiled you don't talk to a but now he's operating reasonably under the assumption that you've offered match then. And I know Jason Smith when that margin Otto a little earlier than we had some former beat writer on current beat writer crime. And he said that. Jason what was it your margin out of you you can't go with that information that Matt Stanley was offered unless you get it from the staff and Jason Knowles I like him. And Jason Knowles I respect him. I did my best to recruit him to leave the commercial deal and joined 99 I think he's tremendous I thought he'd be good he's been even better than I thought on radio yes he's just dead wrong on this though. There are entire web sites built around prospects saying they got offer from schools. And not everyone is double checked with the coaching staff Charlie Smith said he got an offer from Michigan reports gal about town. Judy Douglas said he got an all of them UCLA. Reports rivals dot com. Harry Gregory. Said he got up to see all reports to force seven sport so on and so forth these reports happened. Every single day and almost no kid is ever called just making up but also the scope. So it's perfectly reasonable for margin out of report Matt Daley said he got an offer when Matt Daley said he got an offer met daily father said the same thing. Clubs met there with high school coach said the same thing we're not Alexi did his job well here in the information he had was untrue. Or outdated. Or a misunderstanding. It is all in the Memphis staff to correct the record not because they oh mark but because it benefits him to correct the record. Mark does it look foolish to date. The Memphis staff looked foolish today because they either miss Donna. You pick which version of the story you like that matter to me. But both versions reflect poorly on the staff but I'd like I said one of two things happened here either Memphis genuinely got beat. For basketball player by division two school which is. Embarrassing. Memphis all pretty division two player then backed off but they're not physically let the story of that offer live until it was too late which is dome. Dot com. Dom because the byproduct of that decision of letting that story lea. Had employees at ESPN. Sporting news Yahoo!. NBC sports and countless other sports media figures mocking Memphis mocking Memphis again. And there is no step in America. That needs additional unflattering. Weeks and columns. Directed at them right now less than tubby Smith's staff at the University of Memphis. The latest round of negativity is once again totally self inflicted. It's rooted in a phone call to a division to recruit that should've never been made. And it ended up being what it became. Because they either missed on a division to prospect or because they failed. To kill a story about them pursuing a division to prospect either way it's a bad deal. But it's merely the latest bad dale and and history suggests. It is probably won't be the last. John Martin my little bloody in the cohost of the Jason Johnstone. A puck in next. 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Yes plus they got to. All right now. I 353776. I never say the numbers I'm never sure. 535377. Pick then Brett you've got a different color right now 53537715. Withdrew. Grizzlies burned fifth at 830 you feel if you're right here in 99 of them the FBM. Read on to address the question what's the difference between Memphis basketball recruiting a division two player. And Memphis football recruiting packs to lynch who had no offers a first excellence. An offer from Central Florida on national signing day. For the heart and it's not true secondly. I don't think we spent time it's. Claiming you the difference between Memphis football recruiting in Memphis basketball recruiting methods basketball recruiting. Historically. Involves sports stars and five star players McDonald's all Americans top shelf guy. Top ten national prospects. That the football has never done that. It is actually amazing that at this moment Memphis football recruiting at a higher level than Memphis basketball they should never be the case. Just like duke football should never recruit at the level of duke basketball right. So does the fact that. That met the football is out recruiting Memphis basketball right now this is like it's crazy it's awesome for the football program. But it also speaks to us to where the basketball recruiting. Is now I have to. And either way the bottom line remains saying you at the University of Memphis basketball program. You've been to three final four with three different coaches you've been rolled McDonald's all Americans you've been were enrolled future MBA number one overall picks. Even rolled. Top ten prospects consistently regardless of coached. She never even pick up the phone and call somebody who doesn't have another division one offer at ball. Like facts that we are they what ever happened after that happened after that but the phone call is just like battling on a million different levels. John Martin is. Co host of Jason Johnson weekdays from eleven to two he joins me now how are you young man. What I'm our generation game period that you are you glad you go about getting ready for game what do you have you stretched. Now I just I just finish out OK let's look at this in their big advantage to run it before they gave and they don't take a shower or that I had been out there could be. I will talk to about that in just a second but I want to continue the conversation. That I was having in the opening segment that conversation about. A the match Stanley. University of Memphis. If nothing else public relations disaster because either one of two things happen. An M by all means if there's a third option out there please inform you what it could be. What two things happen far back into. Either they like actually. Recruited offered pursuit. Matt Stanley at which point that means they actually lost in two division two school or I think this is honestly the more likely scenario. They offered. Didn't backed off. But did let that story live. That Matt Stanley had been offered that Memphis was involved when that Stanley at which point when he picks watch at all bad is it looks. Awful for view it becomes like. A national joke on social media. So either they were actually pursuing a division to prospect till the end. Or. They didn't. Go out of their way to pick up the phone. Called their beat writer and kill the story that he kept writing about to help them avoid public embarrassment. Either way which version you prefer. Either one reflect poorly on the staff. Yes god I don't go around that you know and then they're always there we especially you know. You know I'm not sure we have not made their lives and behavior and I can I had probably unfairly to. Kind of that I took to start with a good marks for that goes back because I think this is the latest example. You who. I don't add up play. You know I think what happened. I think it's pretty obvious what happened I think what happened that they I'll beat it. And they didn't realize. You know what kind of backlash that would bring on I really don't I don't think they thought that they thought they could look you know they thought that the debate would be how little they're going out their kids. But for whatever redouble they could get a consideration the reaction that does this stand would have and I mean. I think we followed. To these days if anybody on our basic talk about it I think we killed simply destroy them Ehrlich trying to deal it's here the but it committed to a division two school that I and I genuinely believe that that reaction from from fans come from everywhere. I usually think that made every agent. It certainly is there any study there. Arm because that is what Jason Schmidt thinks as well that it became public that they were ought that they had offered met Stanley. The backlash was so intense that the staff decided not to recruit him. I ought to get the staff more credit than that. If you identify some do you think might be a pretty good program shouldn't care what. If anybody says on the radio or on social media whatever like Ike I can't imagine that I'm giving them credit here this is a compliment. I can't imagine. They eat would change their recruiting plans based off of how people perceived their recruiting blitz. I hope that's not true legends because that's even worse. I agree. But my understanding is that that is the kick. I mean that at bat better than my understanding. You would identify a basketball or could this is what you're telling me you think they did they identified a basketball recruit that they thought might be helpful to their program they offered him a scholarship. And before he accepted. The backlash. Was so intense. On talk radio. That they decided they would no longer offer muscular. Oh let let let it work the way it will we have heard is that so all that. Sort of spoke out of turn. And in between the time when he could be proper to Mets gave way. Once word got back to Tubby Smith he nick hit. And to give the public reaction that we played a part so if it it's days. And excited than it did the talking nixed it because tubby was like hold up we're not recruiting a the masks and we this is insane or coming naked because. Jason Smith and John Martin and other people were mocking it on radio and he can't have that I can't buy that at all because it. I've been on this I mean yeah that's why. I'm an idea of I don't think it was that just back of the black there yet ridiculous backer got the everybody from everywhere. Everywhere about that I'm not trying to break into the diet. Change you know change the direction of littler bit about our crew with like a different reaction played some small part in it yeah I think you. Looked like. Then explaining why they also didn't cable Ricky Lawson situation and just do the sensible thing there like the backlash from that was more intent and backlash on this guy that actually matters in a real tangible way you're gonna suck next year because you didn't handle the Q Lawson situation correctly. Well that's a good he's not gonna he's been good because he's not collector he's not going to change your past. I mean that that that he's like I think just gotten back at a remote call. You know every week every week which we've got better look at whether we all agree that you show. If it means keep it between heaven located but he looked totally totally lose and I got a big guy go more that that our country. Talking to John Martin here on 929 FM ESPN. Hum okay. For whatever reason tubby decided to nix the recruitment of Matt Stanley. Let's just let's forget why let's just focus on that back to what happened that's there that's the story were operating with right now. How do you let your beat writer keep riding that Matt Stanley. It is. Mulling an offer from the University of Memphis had you not pick up the phone call your beat writer and today. You have got to make it clear were no longer recruiting him or that we never wore recruiting him or that it was a misunderstanding or what apple reality as. We just can't have it. Among our fans thinking that we offered a division a player who is going to very soon. Public least commit to. A division two school and signed the papers and go through because it's so does that happens it is going to look. Like exactly what it looked like last night which is the University of Memphis had a scholarship on the table etiquette decided he'd rather go to watch at all bad it's been played for the tigers. How did you not kill that story. It I've never had a coach call and asked to go store. Our our chart changes story here you know put it certain. You don't dare live out there. Think he'll I mean like deleted out yet what actually kill I don't mean deleted I mean like hey calm. It right now people are operating under the assumption were recruiting this person. We are not recruiting dispersant can you please make it clear. I'm we're not recruiting this person or or like in the coaching carousel. Eight people right now are connecting my name to that job can you make it clear I'm not a candidate for that job. Know from sources have you gotta do it. Because I don't want people think I'm a candidate for the job then this other guy gets the job and it looks like he got the job over me happens all of the top pick toe to take calls from people. Every week say hey. This is out there but it's not right. This is out there but I don't want it out there this is out there but it's not true anymore it was true what it got out there but it's not true anymore can you make sure war. It's you know that the record is clear that the record is updated that everybody knows we're not recruiting that person anymore. Like this happens all the time why would they not do that because to not do it creates the public relations disaster they dealt with last night idyllic. I think we've gotten a bit whether or not like we're there whether or not they offered the kid is almost like at this point it's secondary like it doesn't even matter you know. It's totally secondary now it just looks like. The perception is that that this is while to get their division two school and the truth doesn't at this point Richard that really matter because we never gonna know the truth. There's clearly clearly says they have a ripple outward and you know and that has established in Syria so I get whatever you know the real true. And then why this story it was allowed to let greed. Yeah I mean Garrett I don't. You know I don't know mark you know that well. A bit about the sweet sixteen in the early eighties and I look at our but I bet that the relationships Eric and I also look they like. You know I don't put out there of equally honest with you when they got the job we didn't win the bet that that got the job I emailed. And texted every assistant on that staff. Just don't pay your I am outlook because it has to work you don't look forward to it every day I hear back from one single person. So I think. I really believe that this is based stats and you talk to people who have covered this that the path they're not particularly media friendly track. You know they candidates do their own pain tubby does it copied my topic like the opposite got splattered everything away we're quick jock would open spirit and. Actually caught in the middle of a radio segment matrix two in the middle of a radius like much our crowd doing it would you. It just randomly and studio and like he was corrected me on topic that I set in how is the complete opposite. So you know I think it's a little while you Lipitor agree I think they. I think you should have you should have been a little bit more proactive and you know it not allowing that perception again I couldn't get over it as any advice blaming you write like Cary Harris wrote in this program but it wasn't just Gary paerson. Playing on myriad yeah where you get too caught up in what you get too caught up. And thirty people behind. On a message board with fake screen name I tell people like. It's thirty people blaming me no no no rational person is blaming me for thing it did. I chased all the lawsuit not worked failed to recruit more kill Crawford all the possible that. Marc Crawford is better significantly better than anybody you're adding to your team next year and this season and in the end you have several weeks to try to re recording to the school. And you don't even attempt it any meaningful way. Think that's my fault that I know are you yeah. That did this story just developed by about all about this back fairly torrid it's a bit. About we that he got an offer from the universe demands that I tweet that. Lee did. Ali you're that your cadre of ground directly referring to your wheat from what it lacks. And that's it yeah right Obama I think everybody that I did say like your name has come up and at. Its. I'll Twitter omitted war. Now cannot tell you about I think it back. Pattern but it did now they. Talking about forty people. And if you have a million Geoff Eisenberg quotable column about it doctor wrote a whole column about it a fellow tweeted about it and I think he tweeted about it. A lot of our point. Bode well actually what it did you talking about it that's why they should be more accurate and not allow that perception to become the production that's what I would say. If you like. Just in your best interest in basic public relations won a war if people think you're recruiting a division to prospecting you're getting much sports. You and you're not actually recruiting that did you two prospect anymore. You've got to make it known publicly that you're not recruiting that division to prospect anymore because if you don't last night is what happened today is what happened. Like I don't understand why they're not Smart enough to understand that. I. I mean I think I don't know like I don't know I don't know how much. You don't how much they care about it. And that's due to the can you can say I don't care about the media bought it when it damages your brand. The reason why. Every other major corporation has like eight public relations department. And they don't always execute things perfectly United Airlines is a good example of the good example but they understand the value of protecting the brand and not allowing a brand to be damaged America's basketball brand. As he is got damaged again last night and damage to get all day today while. Because of the totally self inflicted. Public relations disaster so you can you. I agree with you. I bet they don't seem to care. I think it is in thing to not care because when you are joking year old market right now and a joke around the country right now. Like for real there was no basketball program in America that if they weirder and worst all season in the university and at the basketball program and I don't even think it's close. I think it's close close to not care about the damage that does to you. He's insane. Shortsighted. And stupid. What effect that that's that's I think be there probably are expected that like. It is source side because it is his last job you know I didn't gotta be this is more than likely going to be his last job. So he's not like he's not you know he's not thinking. About the long game you know it it obviously could not be more obvious but you know Tubby Smith if they keep gonna do today. This way and he's gonna win basketball games gateway and arrested just going to not say and edits to bet that that that couldn't be further from the truth like dishes. This is real or. This is real damage it has not on it like it's not just allies they keep you up. It's it's everybody everybody's noticing that. It's not just nice united everybody and so this is gonna have to this kind of stuff by the negative impact and you're right there's a whole lot of declared. A incidents you know at the moment aren't they the only way that you can get you can overcome this. You know if you win two or waited 45 games and I hate to say it like he got that he did have the roster. Right now to do that. No not even close. It if you think he does finally the last time. A division one program high major program one point five games relying on junior college players and and and first your players ranked outside of the top 100. Which is what this recruiting classes which is just like the other baffling thing. The the the best player you could actually recruited to next year's team. Would have been re recruiting Marco Crawford and they didn't even try the Internet fraud. Like like it's been a more time on Matt Stanley did you DiMarco calls for a white. Yeah I agree completely I agree with your Natalie I think you know had to do with the market Crawford and like he said over and over and over into. Like even we picked up on what the deal was this one do you think they can wanted to be recruited. You know like what he was in high school he had an ACL injury any any any recruit local law. And so I think you know put one last year of eligibility usually get one and I'll probably be dead and let the kid at all. You will all want it there was an orbit just cut it. You know if you're beating it out. It's going to be assistance would have called them and that never happened and I and I just they could that you know that he did to assume the kid cutting back. Either so if you could a back and I care. Yeah I think that that that the victory just saying and that's that's it that's an incident there that better the protection to you know. Not good and I mean it's not good and I hate that every hour we talk about of that there's not a. I don't Trace. That is Jan Maarten he'll be back in studio tomorrow at eleven I'll see you later. Yeah I I I agree with you on the forty Twitter things number one and number two like if it weren't for these mistakes him like all people get so call I got in social in like it's really like. It's 42 people right. Forty. 500000. Are wondering what in the war that's going on at the University of Memphis Euro. Like I got a tweet from somebody they say a lot of people do think you're talking negatively about your hometown university are talking negatively. About the University of Memphis men's basketball program right in this moment you don't want. Because they just lost six of their top eight scores to transfer which is not something that happened anywhere else in the country. A main reason that that happened is because they stupidly. Demoted. The father of their best two players in the treated him like crap while he was in that reduced role so much so that he transferred his players his son's. To Kansas. Big had their best player now or second best player did what you think it KJ loss that in more Carol Crawford. They. Had an opportunity to recruit him back to the school now to say okay we could've recruited KJ back here we wanted to look but you're the guy. You're the hometown kid we need to keep. You don't need to be the next Memphis player to lead Memphis you need to be the one who stayed. Let's put you on billboards and you beat the centerpiece of our team next year instead there was nothing right and I quit if that's speculation. And I guess think that market Robert straight to meet face to face they didn't apply to talk me into coming back. Like. Frank Martin tried to get you more than the metro staff did. Michael White target of water more than the Mets the step could expect the Memphis are you ready did you begin that more than an expected to recommend this right. According to division two player. Then at some point I actually do believe they backed off of that. But the states and ridiculously let that story live to where to original public relations disaster last night and if you think I'm the one that can do all that. Like you've given me way too much credit but did I until they have the scene not that we have guys dead I didn't get all we have by the way DJ Jeffrey's dad I never met that got my own hole. He's the one that that the staff now working not hate it it's his own words. So yes I'm talking negatively about the University of Memphis men's basketball program right now. I would actually use the word realistically about the university and have been basketball program tell the positive thing defect. Is there any momentum in the program I don't see it is recruiting going well no. Six players transferred that's insane. Like what it's like I apologize that I don't work for. Whatever that website is Dick. And it is it mend this wore it I don't know I don't read it tremendous roar if I didn't perhaps I would we'd like man this war right. What's happening right on the University of Memphis basketball product is insane. In thing. It if there is nothing else comparable. Happening around the country in any other men's basketball program. In year two other coaching tenure nowhere else. So that's what we're talking about. Is it negative I guess it's also all rooted in reality. If you don't like hearing it you just don't like hearing the roof. If you can think of the pop that thing going on I'll listen to what I can't find a mile. Back effect. He's the airing dazzled and show. Don't like it those that don't understand that those who don't think it's fun basketball goals and don't think that this is a respect. Hackable franchise don't care because you're not part of it and you never will be. Tuesdays 2 PM until 4 PM this is nice to nine F Panama ESPN's. It's about that time of the year with a man this weather really gets weird you know how it is and they can produce some serious storms or perhaps it's time. 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Hold on crap now I got one guy she gag on he says. I hate to be one of the forty people you referenced and why is it possible that maybe Toby spent a year with the loss and then. Decided it was simply not a fit no it's not possible and here's why because that explained to you fifty fouls and now you're saying. He demoted him at less than two weeks after we got the job hitting like they tried to keep the lawsuit thing out for a year and then decided a while we can't have him as an assistant coach that decision was made the put putt even got the Memphis site. Because he was always going to hire. Williamson. Joseph lets the veto any such assaults bit I don't know it's not possible that Tubby Smith spent a year with the law review and decide it wasn't a fit they demoted him. If so what if they got the job and it and that is what led it to the law and believing he's headed and don't wanna help people who think oh boy you're gonna be better all without all things than you are what the loss that. I want you to watch what happens to your basketball team next year and they watch what happens with a loss and they're eligible at Kansas in 201819. You will still be struggling scrapings and calling talk maybe get on the bubble. And the loss of will be winning a big twelve championship. Tommy's. And for stores like the sky news. Coaches are telling stories and forget what he wanted to talk about mr. Owens every afternoon. So we've developed a device in his tour is Hilton such an important things you need to know each day at this time. This is key piece or notable stories for forty plus C number line. It's hard to praised Izod FedEx form tip off could be at 830 you can live. And right here. ESPN the officials got a period of first names to that wanted to get to per all you do you don't wanted to do that. Now just think if they try to rockets again all we gonna get roles corner. If they looked at again wrecked cars in general especially inside the grind house. Don't look at it going on inside the grind how does if they try to rockets again are you going to be yelling and yelling frustration. At Janes who packed and Courtney. So if you need the names to make it a little more personable would not use their last days to that gives too too personal side of the names of the officials to not if you see any rookie going on. You direct your frustration at Jane's. In court. Story number two market Crawford announced last night he is gonna be an old in this arrival and I know that they've been working on this. For a while he had plenty of options. Everything from can Saget to Butler tech LSU to. South Carolina to Iowa State there were. A countless schools that tried to get involved and ultimately army decides to go to an SEC program decides to go with the coaching staff that he was familiar with. A decides to go to a place that allows him to be. Continue to be close to his mother and a enclosed was baby and so. Makes sense actually of course it makes sense and you it would be great down there I think and detailed. That you know whether or not he gets that opportunity to make the instantly turn it will seek an enormous concern we'd get share but I don't know if they'll be projected in the pre season took. To be an NCAA tournament team although the additional Marcello. Now if helpful. In in in that regard are just talking about this earlier today and I echo his cause there seems to be some sort of weird desire. For Memphis fans to two to wish Memphis kids who leave. Right. Ill bad things up arm in a market Crawford did his time here chair arm he try to make it work. It didn't. They graduated on time he never got in trouble he represented the university well. When I went to lunch with a my guess it was last week he walked and still wearing a Memphis polo. He loves the city he loves that university. A but he also likes being a part of a basketball program that has at least some glimmer of hope to possibly be be relevant and as weird as this is to say. I'm he can get that at all messed. Better that he can get it at the University of Memphis right now beyond that. And I mentioned this in the earlier in the show but it's worth repeating because I know folks have been debating it and questioning it on he wanted to show wanted to. And that's a very natural. Human thing. If you're in a relationship you want to feel warned that if you are arm at a workplace shore you want to feel appreciated. And I don't think he felt wanted at the University of Memphis. He's I think that. Is because he told me that it's because it became very clearly the season that he would at least consider transferring. Because he was going to be able to graduate. And then he could transfer without penalty be eligible literally anywhere in the country and next year. It's what those options are on the table basically everybody at least considers at least considered churn unless there's super happy whether rat. And what mark Kelly anticipated. And frankly what I assumed would be the case. Would be that that staff would go full speed. Right idea we can't lose sleep you know you gotta come back we have to ask you we have to have did you if we if we if if we. Didn't. Squash whatever issues might have been there between you and KJ during the season and I understand that's over with now because their ball. We tried to recruit KJ back the Memphis because we want you to be our senator our leader what you on the billboard we want you. To be the future of Memphis basketball we don't want you to be the next nick eighteen to Tora black Austin Nichols Dijjer glossing KJ loss of we want you to be the person stuck it out who turned this around so you can be thought of finally in the city forever. I thought that was conversation you have with him every day yeah I think he thought something like that was a conversation you have with them every day. You know every time somebody on the staff had that conversation within an interest or zero it never happened. And I know there's opinion out there from some people who think you should re recruit players like it there. Don't wanna be here let him go but I think the way recruiting work that ain't the way you build a roster you recruit your current players know and you know what. Your current players you're you're you recruit your future players I like you. This is best job I judge other leg begging the seventeen year olds don't play Kentucky. Now he doesn't Alina good idea every year he's doing it today. He's trying to convince somebody how badly he needs them you know right out today hall of fame national championship coach Jack cal Perry. If you're above doing that. Ewing cut output a deal. It's so it is bananas to me that they didn't go it try to re recruit mark Dell because the truth is. Of all the players they were recruiting. That could possibly be a member of next year's team the most talented one by far was Marc Crawford. Date. It's. Probably true. That they spent more time on Matt. Stanley then they did on Marco Crawford. That doesn't make sense to me. Story number three George raveling a Nike executives said earlier today that Lavar ball as the worst thing to happen basketball in 100 years scoring like that seems excessive it's a lot that's that's really a hundred years is that decimating history at Nike and shoes well I'd I'd put it out on putter like some people would say maybe shoe companies. Determining where a seventeen year olds go to college basketball that might be worse than Lavar ball. Like YouTube deciding where people play basketball. Nike under armour a the Lavar ball and let's look Harbaugh has been so over the top that I understand why people might be tired of them. But when you strip away just the outlandish statements like my son better than Seth Curry or we're gonna get a billion dollar contract like what was thrilled with the problem of our ball. If kids don't get in trouble he's armed and is altogether if two parent home. Raised his voice to be Smart and successful. Arm two of all the chirping you heard throughout the year there was nothing about Steve Alford like questioning his coaching or how he was handling his kid. Like Lavar ball really the worst thing had a basketball in the hundred year I don't know worst thing to happen about calling this year I got any and understand like well how did Lavar bowl become the devil. Like I would if the armored by the I say like pipe down a little bit down but like -- caused harmless well clearly not a Nike client either you know get a year and you make any statements about a non Nike client that's the other thing like it's probably hard to make clear to ninety dealt a bad Alonso.