Gary Parrish Show, Thursday, April 20, 2017, Hour 2 (w/Geoff Calkins in Seg 1 & Yahoo! CBB Writer Jeff Eisenberg in Seg 2)

The Gary Parrish Show
Thursday, April 20th

Gary Parrish Show, Thursday, April 20, 2017, Hour 2 (w/Geoff Calkins in Seg 1 & Yahoo! CBB Writer Jeff Eisenberg in Seg 2 to discuss Matthew Stanley/Memphis story)


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Is going in another direction that I Chinese shoe company that I know is heavily involved there. And so if that probably opens up freeze you a little bit to pop off in Lavar ball's direction but. A just a completely ridiculous comment from George raft story number four Tiger Woods announced earlier today he has had as Sergey to alleviate the pain in his back and his leg. The normal recovery time six months. That's six months for like somebody who as has otherwise been healthy he hasn't been helped the in for ever. And so he's not gonna play in any majors this year he has done for the calendar year 2017. A boring a big surprise and at the age of 41. I'm I guess you never say never. But it it just starts to feel like is he ever going to be able to. Like play it any sort of respectable level on the PGA tour for again. What would you bet. Yes and no I would bet you know why it is specially after reading about what his body has gone through I don't know if people read that when horse turned a double doors down. Some everybody got to Mississippi wrote the column right announced right Thompson wrote an really terrific column about a year so go about. That the navy seal stuff like that dude was like do and hardcore bad stuff to his body like hardcore and if he sealed its rank you had a lot of surgeries now yeah he's in rough shape annoyed at some point your body doesn't recover but not the way you would want but just the way that and a person whose body has had fewer I intrusions what. And I and so. And I would bet against that if the question is will Tiger Woods ever be respectable golf on the PGA tour again. I would wanna bet for. 'cause I like the idea of watching him matter it would be great because I actually hate the idea. Of the guy who Daniel Berger told us earlier this week and I agree with them is the greatest golfer full time job like at his best nobody was better than Tiger Woods we can get. We can get twenty years of it right that we thought we were going to but at his best nobody was better than Tiger Woods nobody's ever. They're better than Tiger Woods at his best. I hate. That his career in did seemingly is coming to an end. Under these circumstances because I feel like we were robbed of one of the all time great he is so good at it it it you almost forget how wildly it's sort of collapsed diamond that driveway with a Cadillac I don't think anybody forgets that Gary I think everybody remembers that his career so planted that I mean like he's he'd eat every once in a minute you know accuse perception of his greatest golfer ever and that was just a wild deal comes Erfurt I'll never forget it he's still. I think this is true. I don't know that there's anybody who could move the sports needle right now LeBron James. Not. Bryce Harper might not might Trout not in their LeRoy Rogers not Tom Brady. I don't know still got it right at full what ever magical reason ranked Tiger Woods was healthy playing golf right now and was leading the US open on a Sunday. That oral and would capture. Sports at more than anything else that could happen in sports in this country right I don't even think it's cloak now. And I always assumed we get that at least one more time now. And now I brand eye at the tomb that were probably not gonna get that one more time. She could I mean right can treasuries have worked it worked up cartons that necklaces. Tony seventeen playoff tickets. On sale now he's very very telling moment that deserves history be your playoff tickets visit grizzlies don't tell. The report MBA TI acts grizzlies play seventy players presented by. Well and we love adds unfortunately so don't. 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And let's call 761. 6910. That's 76169. Cent if you're outside of evidence by the locations throughout the state of Tennessee. If my G online dot com where you can find the one nearest UMIG online back on the mortgage investment group. Equal out to lend a license to end at 91. Geoff Calkins is your award winning columnist a Memphis commercial bill hosted just got to fill. Says yeah. Under the pulpit and threatening again look at that bad or good rant began. If you ever been looked. Would you ever would you say you've ever been were. And I've ever been rocked let's get I'm gonna look let's define what they are thinking about what I've been wrote. Well let's define what being rookie it's what would that be. I think it's been treated. As a left there. Well 'cause of your inexperience or doing this or something now I can't I was well. Maybe it doesn't Carol 01 I was a college student. Ernie di Gregorio. Your read they remember from the Providence Friars when they play mattress in the NCAA tournament mean. He was making a comeback. With the Celtics have to bear Little League or something and I was writing a story this particular bottle Couric cracks ever so. Which is the morning paper that I would go to Torrey irony because lawyers come. And what I was in there. Cedric cornbread Maxwell. The basketball and bounce it up. I think it. Our panel you think that with the is that it seems like a clear sign of disrespect. Come here to try to disrespect and look at you like Yahoo! and dopey little college or booed. I didn't think I would do well. Have I ever been similarly wrote. Mean I've got to work. May be there early computer. Could hear it. It. Think like that Ed if if what word describing here is have you ever been treated disrespectfully. For reasons that. Our failure there is. It was Karen look yeah. Yeah yeah oh yeah I think that's probably true shore. That's when he was bestowed to bring everyone up to date legendary respect of course got so we put up there. Can we figure out fact I think more work that I do think you wrote about. You just the other talk. While you. Every year at the commercial appeal they would get about the journalism like journalist of the year award. They knew they'd be like whoever was like markers where parents get or whatever like whoever you're talking could be anybody. And the year that I broke the Albert means scandal. Won first place APS the yeah I did you get 11 place they pfc. Got three different college football programs put on probation now got through high school coaches Fieger. Three different college football coaches. Fieger had created a federal investigation. That little in the prosecution of three different people. They gave the on no journalist of the year award at the commercial appeal to the sports department. So you us. I put European player no like no player that you want you want the whole department. Like it would bring up a good lineup with you to get the war. My mom I would never do that into shot. You know playing Gary yeah like I saw earlier this and. That's what about the same here attracted to stroke well let a senior at the Lewis Tyson fight. I think so I think that there was sports editor. What's so proud of our level we hired at one dude or whose name chat while Michael. Yeah. Dallek we hired a special boxing writer community of never denounced him. So I think their perception local sports bar and integrate your ideal of the people you wouldn't mind that idea remember. Yeah now that's ridiculous that anybody can cover a fight anybody can cover a fight but anybody can do what idea the do they do that that your network articulate what I think they would hesitated they don't like the 43 year old that the biggest award I can possibly give. All the light. Also being remember being in a little story angle chemical or high school football games. Like technical get job offer from other places to get promoted within the commercial deal. Never got a race. Got a race. But I like what then. Sew them. Finally this is dry this drove me crazy so that I get the offer from CBS sports and I go to them and I say let's India I just want to let you know this is happening I haven't you know. Done anything official yet but I just want to let you know this happened and they immediately come back and offered me like a 101000 dollar rate of fifteen that I raised something and I'm like hey. They think that gets you where you need to be now but peak. It's that easy for you to give me more money why did you not do it when I was. You think you're. Rook is very into Parnell RIQ people plot get ready for the world. Even listen to this. Why bread buddy listen to a Shelby is maybe they're being worked right now I don't know I just about any the public record that got. No I just got an important email I'm back up. I did I get important emails during the show so I don't read them convert our radio should run your love yet produced this show Gary EMI and I don't feel that way. I. Think that's. So what you write a big if I have the multi channel and ridiculous. But the and I was wrong men's there. I leave the commercial do. And even dedicate and children. Are out there and you're dedicated. To. Well you were between Iraq. And eradicate their predator like that doesn't leave a margin due to go to business school at Vanderbilt let's celebrate with a kick. Unlike yelled and I guy got I'm going to CBS board give me cake. Nothing yet yet but Terry do you think the reason why you don't get this stuff is because you expected or are you in your bitter if you don't get it like you know. What I expect everybody else gets them what I expect that a war omitted something they don't expect. I believe that if you bet for example but I tell you expect to get it out by the curtain. Jerry Kelly I have one did you expect that. Write your logic Nobel he's grateful for it now I get the sense that Gary doesn't appear isn't that I'm I'm grateful for my cake in my a war. The problem here than I think at the cake or the Iraq War is clearly it's at its gains. The problem they've been rock and a pro ball or are some point. Maybe there'd be a lot of them out of Orlando Ayala a bit rock I think it will do that bank. I hope they don't erupt tonight I wonder if it'll work at a did you apply what course we all made it back. He pointed out that a lot of your article up if my coach you've got I think. For. Rick but officials. And that it's just a thing in the you know there. You just because he. In the end you want to look so it's a huge different coaches Pletcher got kind of foe for a bit appreciated no glass. And get your memory any album which I think underlines just tell Gloria Stuart as does Brett Thomas was because you'll remember that when if ever like I had people. Friends of mine who live outside this. Gary. And like. And they were like hey can you give us that take effort data sure I have people to do in the same thing like this like this really did resonate in a way that. Normal. Posting rants don't even resonate like Clayton Kershaw had a like a little mini postgame rant last night. I don't even old people know about it it is you you don't remember anything about it other than he was slightly irritated. Like this would like mad. In slam and stuff and just putting together words that don't normally go together like I still don't even know what take effort that actually mean. A softly without this road the other three a beautiful I think take that for bad referred back it will. One of the numbers when he put the numbers stuff you got not a numbers guy but that didn't add up. I think in the data is different backs that could refer back to that data is certainly good data. I saw that but our record still look at I put up a little little little storage but it I alleging that lived in Harlem. Was. Comes up love Mary why has left is currently sure you want to give him the lobby of its a no wherever relatives doling. Am in Harlem and dorm at all sort of intentionally but will come out what you get fired just relentless you can do that not happen. Yeah and it got through different people I'd be walking down the street New York yelled. And a studio art the medical. Now it's why. I understand like it all this stuff is more complex than that we. You know we assume. They already had graph tells printed I assume but like there would be nothing better than. Don't world gosh ground pals tonight or take that for better ground tells tonight. Because it would play yen to really what is the story line of this game to the extent that tonight's game is interesting at all. It's not because anybody thinks the grisly bigger storm back and beat the spurs advanced to the Western Conference semifinals it's because. Old that's the team whose coach just wild out at the pulpit god I look like let's let's split finger lifting what he does today like let's see what the whistle goes to die like it to the extent that this is interesting. On a national level at all. It's all rooted in that post game press coverage and I would be. In favor of just playing that up is. As wildly as you can play that I. Yeah we did see it now. The crowd well I don't believe mantra they always on the first night. Of a home first home game the tradition is fully mattress until that's what they don't look tonight. I was told that Obama about stated that there already. I haven't heard. But I was told that three. For info or it would be something to get resonates. It will resonate it's somehow derivatives. From Brady fumble all the stuff that went on a the last it and I don't know what that. That will be but tonight it will not be. They got for I don't think they would ever do. But the rook are standing. Kudos. And they're not gonna rock gospel Cutler Trey and Matt Wright and that it can't be okay. And you can't beat one official put it looked Powell's point trader at the end react to separate data you. On blue did you do it tablet just says wrote this a grotesque. I love Brooke Dennis wood wrote this work nice yeah repair. It should be a fun night though but I think most like I am waiting for the first whistle. On a foul. Against LaMarcus Aldridge because the place that's like. There is nothing that will make the building explode. Not a three point are not a dunk. Quite like the first foul that's called on the spurs tonight which is hilarious. Keeping it will be the first power that you'd be a bad file that was the first. First goal was agreed we got called for a foul. No no when the spurs are called for about. When it first at all but I think it's got to be with the spurs are called for falcons finally you're calling you're at least now you blow whistles in the direction right doesn't work that way they. I think but I think it's going to be when. The group is our call for a fox. This is going to be true this just coming up to one a work place all went why it goes on line. Well that's just gonna be the normal blue winged that you hear it when the grass at other. Other because it's quiet again nineteen take that for data. Well back to back our guests. No I think the biggest cheer is when they call foul on Kauai Lennar. Well respected other cheer a that would be the biggest cheer spears they would say they get reaction I think will be the first. All in pretty bad call on the privileged people are gonna explode if if there's some they show up and a replay of the big screen and Bryant and it's very clear that might just got to the place to give them trouble followed by. That's going to be allowed. I think the first time degree at least truly good golf Obama. There will be a reaction. Toppling. Can my colleague his first technical well ever tonight. Q did he just like you would even look ride if he did it like heavy wind could be went bananas digital would even it it just. I don't point. In this series I hate to say probably a little more important aspect of could help streak. And if he didn't get it the other night when he really what it was really one side. And he would look really upset and he nearly did get beating down on that you've got to get Obama. Talking to Jeff Hawkins her many tonight if ME SPN. You predict the grizzlies victory tonight. Well they got I had I don't really not very good at predicting period. But I think. I'd like to cut the other. A couple of ticker I try to pick spurs return. But I won't be surprised at all because before that skid. This could be a game that they would web particularly friend gave it get excited about. He goes spurs are a little luck around the they're in control of this series. I think bit the bit players the role players who played so badly and San Antonio. We all draw capita from being at almost reverent crowd behind them letting you could imagine. Wayne felt the territory Daniels they can play or. Into in the complaint that they didn't age. In San Antonio also infidelity game this began to land it won't surprise me at all or does it capital coin flip. Flops like. Senatorial by four. I would assume that if they're about this if they're going to win a game in the series. And it's just one game in the series. Like this is a five game series tonight the one that they would win for for the reasons you mentioned. Europe at home you're fired up your crowd's into it the other team does have a 20 leads so there's less pressure on bill. But in select this is that this has all the set up for you'd actually be able to do get a victory what you go down 30. That it's almost like that you have no hope left. Like it you don't leave it like this for what it. A point of winning really a debt at that date I remember. Portland I think it really went out Rio to Portland. Independent. Portland won game four. I remember hearing that there were members of the Portland. Our relation to restore market stopped because it's quite got to fly all that that's absolute jackpot well doubt appoint an hour. Right like if you're a player you like OK if we win game four and make this a 31 series. All that means is gonna go back to say that we were winning the series which is that we get on a plane again. Be away for our families again and go back to thin like maybe if it was like your decision with the clippers you be like to go back to LA you know but like. Nobody can Eric Eric yeah yeah another wheel to go back of San Antonio so yet if you're gonna get a game. At tonight's big game to get tipoff is at 830 I'll see their Geoff Calkins. Died by this just dogged Obama put it Jeff underscore. Calkins we come back Joseph Biden Burke got bass for Ryder Yahoo! Sports he wrote about the Memphis met Stanley debacle. I'll ask him about it next. Breathe and remember this you. Patio season isn't ride around the corner based on my here I would remind you of the great place to spend some patio time and that's the blue monkey of course the locations in midtown downtown those features. Service patio as portrayed her vital both. It bites you know about the hot meals I love him to death let's touch on the lighter fare this time because I know you may. Did you know the blue. As it sounds to try to. News southern sound as they rest greens grungy fried chicken roasted corn and peppers and red onion Monterey Jack has made room a lot of friends he would. Got to turn the country club in Turkey bacon they're moderate Jackson. Very glad. That's impressive our season sounds she's come to bloom. Of course as two locations one points on Madison avenue midtown at 513 Southport street downtown together full menu and more Edward Markey Memphis dot com or by team. Caribbean midtown every Wednesday at 8 PM bring your team win some greens why. I've music blue monkey midtown Friday night Fred Burton golf on Saturday at snobs bearing. This is Jeffrey Wright from the Geoff Calkins share right here on 99 FM and now that spring is in full force in the warm days of summer are upon us. Oh I'd say about the only place that I'll be getting my warm weather attire and that is so call. 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Riverside Drive is so that we personal life. Now submit this. Got some property to take care. Known worldwide as the leading seller. More than delivers you. Construction. Chores on the phone take on your toughest job. Zero local dealer. Bridge West Memphis calling 707352510. Or visit Barkley quit dot com guest superior field just smile center hotline now. Today Gary Barry show who. Source course as he. Goes on 92 million FMI. ESPN. Don't remember gained three grizzlies guard coming up right here and attitude out of him ESPN tonight free and start. 730 Tim ball a little after 830 are half down the golf. From inside of FedEx Forum that grizzlies first game three of the Western Conference playoffs right now. Cover is that college basketball for Yahoo! Sports you don't put right Geoff Eisenberg and Joseph Biden birds here joining me from California making the big interview. Award winning. Columnists and okay. It's names in sports season Gary Perry's show yeah. Yeah. For a city like thank you saw in 99 this animal. ESPN's. Jeff. I'm assuming it's a beautiful today in Southern California so I apologize in advance for taking you away from that I won't keep it too long but. I did you imagine when the season ended that you would spend much of your off season writing about the University of Memphis basketball program. Well today at 75 degree day at your door it's Southern California and I know. I did not imagine that most of my off season so far would be taken out by yet the world about in between nine and nine America on a conference game. It is wise old like it seems to be one thing after another it's been tremendous here in this market but it is also resonated. I'm outside of the market has anybody in college basketball and if the answer is yes please say yes and then tell me who it is had a weirder. And in worst all season so far then did the Memphis Tigers. And I don't even think it's close right like who would be the other candidate like I members right now but maybe Al they blocked our whole locker but. Even then having even if you wanted to date that it works not even at certainly had been been weirder you know that haven't been. Player to a slow left Berkeley would side middle finger to raise the go to speak like it's. School age eight belt guy I don't believe they get mad but didn't the worst it's definitely among men and certainly the weirdest. I'm Doug and Geoff Eisenberg from Yahoo! Sports he's on Twitter at Geoff Eisenberg so among the reasons I wanted to have you on is because. You wrote a column earlier today I'm about the Mets daily situations he of course is the job prospects who was committed to watch at all Baptist. Memphis has started recruiting him in some of form. He announced last night that he siding would watch pub that what you told Baptist at which point it became a story that connects back to the University of Memphis. You talked they have high school coach earlier today. At best I can tell Matt Daley his father ate a high school coach. All insist that the University of Memphis did actually offer a scholarship to match Standley and as a put out earlier in the show. If all three of them are lying it would be the first time I can ever remember three different people lying about a scholarship offer what do you make of this whole thing. Yeah I mean immediately there's no way bed that these three people are are lying about their fill in some way shape or form. They came away convinced that a scholarship offer was made to match and now I will say the high school coach that I thought you he had voicemail on his. On a machine when he came back from spring break from must all admit though we didn't talk to him directly in the nick played phone tag thereafter. So he would getting most of that. From Matt Stanley however. You know he received a pact then that Matt Stanley saying hey meant that thought occurred out of nowhere and was shocked just like everyone else was. I'll tell you know I am fighting a very hard to believe that at the very least they're all three of them weren't under the impression that meant that. You know did offer a scholarship but one point now whether you know they were under the mistaken impression in my there was a conditional offer whether wrote an offer that was being bid. You know however that one bad believe the data certainly don't work either but at some point meant that well certainly interested enough. They give Matt Stanley and the folks around Matt Stanley B impression that he had a scholarship offer on the table from Memphis earlier this month. And what does it say about the state of the Memphis program that regardless of what was said in a phone conversation that that phone call is ever made it to a player who best I can tell. Literally had Z will other division one offers I don't mean power conference offers I mean. Long would it didn't offer Matt Stanley Idaho State didn't offer Matt Stanley if you Edwards still didn't offer maj daily. Why would. What does set up the program that they're even making a phone call. Why I mean commute like that that's the biggest thing here might. Blood that no one is saying that they had. The division two all white coated poet men but for months senator in a recruitment and you don't beat Memphis to a kid. The bigger issue is that and that it did actually recruiting a kid it's. Cool you know I had a little bit into us from Miami of Ohio a little bit of the Jerusalem a couple of Southland Conference school a couple of very small other. Auburn school and had no scholarship for many of them have none of them body was good enough to pull the trigger edit you know out of one Utley crushed Mets in right here on sir either very good division two prospect but. That's what he would he'd be arranged it isn't one prospect who ultimately went to a pretty decent division judo when Keenan fourteen my key. There's no way on God's green earth that Ned this should ever be involved. What the kid like that it but get things that they what have been. I'm guessing that saw net. Started the first to hit and came back it can't be bad. Like that Ed W like I'm not sure that we should be and also hit by bin somehow be impressive moves made that the ball low. Yeah offered a scholarship but it certainly at some point someone most likely saw Smith offered that scholars should be a battle they don't much contact. I between hobby and missed it though. You know on the one hand I don't think that led their blood out recruited and its political battle with a dividend to explore on the other hand they were definitely desperate or not after all the transferred to. QB. Il in just hit and pursuing. Kid who is clearly a division view or Berry Berry Berry fringe blood all division one prospects. Doug Geoff Eisenberg from Yahoo! Sports he's on Twitter at Geoff Eisenberg basically. I'm I think this comes down to one of two things like either version of the story. I think reflects poorly on the Memphis staff one of these past to be true even if they legitimately like offer to. And had to offer on the table up until yesterday when the kid. Loan picked watch at all bad it's over the University of Memphis yeah if you lost a kid to watch at all bad defense and that's that's humiliate. If that's not what happened in this is what happened. Memphis called was interested. There is Saul Smith made an offer that was interpreted as an offer and at some point. Memphis backed off of that offer at some point deficit okay we're not gonna follow through with this fall what ever reason at what point and to meet this also reflect poorly on the staff. If you beat writer. If re tweeting Matt Stanley and riding in the local newspaper that they're waiting did you he's waiting to see if Matt Stanley is gonna visit. Waiting to see if Matt Daley don't follow through with his commitment to watch at how bad does. You got pick up the phone and call your beat writer. And say listen I needed to kill bits like we yeah we made a phone call it was a mistake either way we're not going down that patent war. Matt Daley not going to be a Memphis tiger were not interested we need you to make it clear. It's delicately as UK and that he's not on our radar because. Next Wednesday night he's going to pick what to talk about this at what point if you've been writing nonstop bit where involved with him you gotta look bad thoughts. Why doesn't step pick up the phone call the beat writer and kill the story if the story is actually that they have rescinded the offer or just moved in another direction. 100% less fuel like this would have been sold them all from that but it's ill if they hadn't actually extended or a real scholarship offer an egg literally played exactly would you tell they had to deal with their back channel but someone they trust in the local media whether or not. Marker or someone else we'll begin commercial deal someone else in the market led to deal. What bleak quietly behind it seemed hey we haven't actually really extended an offer. In light cannot do that it is that the public relations blunder almost as bad as humble and statements from my we eager to Adobe did you have. You know though what's gonna happen it's. This kid obviously get a signed with the division two school be committed ilk and it's going to be killed at best it's got out triggered by an addiction to oil. Yeah I don't believe the bad. Certainly that's not a new want to view of what happened they'd probably isn't even an accurate view of what happened why it. The perception of going to be. Then disperse cute kid that ultimately died but the dividend to score overdone and that spotted at both for anybody and it would be very very deferred until avoided it and they got hurt obviously showed got you or didn't think you're dead end in another campaign media the public relations type both locally and NASA. Right it's it's a remarkable. Remarkably poor decision like this this all of this bad publicity for the past I don't know twenty hours or so. Is completely self inflicted it could have been avoided it all it takes is one phone call. To your beat writer or like you said. Anybody with a respected name who you trust who covers college basketball it could've been you I honestly it could have been anybody to get it out there Memphis is not recruiting. Matt Stanley because. The alternative that is people operating under the assumption that Memphis is recruiting Matt Stanley and so when he announces he's signing with the division two school. That looks bad for Memphis some rapid appear Geoff Eisenberg from Yahoo! Sports before I let you go. I'm Dieter can KJ loss and are headed to Kansas the gonna sit out a year they will play in 201819. How do you think that ultimately turns out for Jeter can Qaeda lost. I'd need for Ber per deedrick of dimming led you know they make it Berger who. A year of sitting out there I think beater at the end of an all American Kelberg even beat. You know it better be that they. A big twelve title caliber team that ended easily is the nut. It ultimately ended college career and a I'm a very strong note I worry a little bit more per candidate per couple recent ones you know he's obviously this. Laid them immaturity that their beliefs and Matt. You know how we behave that meant that to how we left the medical program. And two how about they make heyday of the Big Apple glared at the obviously is. Like yell like if he clearly at sporting level player in this one of the four best program them can't bring you any year Q I'm not sure and I am awful not sure how he will or how much being and we will look at. He'll handle it if you you know seven and off potential rotation player so somebody like that there and AI I get by I worry about how how that all work both in the short term a minute especially in the long term I mean they're a lot in it for bill sought to keep that Stanley happy because the BS. Talent would be at the younger brother. But you know I just wonder about the best bet for Kate gave the waited for leader. That is Geoff Eisenberg from Yahoo! Sports you can read is stepping Yahoo! Sports had dot com. You can follow him on Twitter at Geoff Eisenberg thank you so much for being everybody got back to your family and out there catch up with yet a down the road. Thanks buddy Jeff Eisenberg from Yahoo! a sports have you ever read that column yet he talked to Matt Stanley high school coach. Who said. As a matter of fact yes Matt Stanley like text to me that I just got an offer from Memphis I was surprised he was surprised. I'm ultimately he told me. There's just too much uncertainty at Memphis there's too much stuff going on at Memphis right now. The timing is not good I'm just gonna follow through and go to want to talk it's it's it's too random and and and it's a ten not be true and some ways you know like it's this division to prospect from the middle of offered a scholarship at some point somebody on that step at some point opportunist outsource. If they subsequently decided. This is great right Gergen and Paul list that like okay. But then you've got to make that clear publicly if it publicly known that you offered a division two school a division to prospect and people are ridiculing you for. It all if that becomes untrue at any point you have got the major publicly known that it's untrue so that you could avoid what happened last night. And what happened today. There's columns that Yahoo! Sports in BC sports and people who work for the sporting news. ESPN CBS. And everywhere else have been mocking the University of Memphis for the past twenty hours why and why they self inflicted bad public relations move. That was completely avoidable if you would have just done even that slightest. Obvious thing. To avoid. Please spurs in game three is tonight tip off could be right here and I to not offend me if PM just after 830 so makes you stick around with this but. We got one more segment level go to dinner at ago. Two free throws lies sound. 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None of them offer him a scholarship why are you calling him do you think University of Memphis for crying out loved to been at three final fours played an 181000 seat arena you pay your basketball coach we million dollars a year. You recruited Derrick Rose and Tyreke Evans and DaJuan Wagner. Gay Hardaway. You were in the rolling McDonald's all Americans consistently. Since. McDonald's all Americans but came up. You don't ever call Matt Stanley is your first from. If you actually. Rescind the off sort of back off a move in another direction you've got to make sure as they basketball staff. That that story gets killed publicly. You can not have your beat writer they're quoting that Stanley and his family. Consistently. Saying that you offered them if that offer is no longer on the table or not on the table. Because. If you let that story cleared the way they let that story live when he on April 19. Signs within one to tell bad this. It looks like he did to watch golf that this. Over an offer from the university of mad that that would what it doesn't matter whether that's true or not only a matter that's what it looks like. And it's a bad look for you would one phone call or text. Message to you beat writer you could avoid all of this instead they ignore him. And then they get an NBC sports column today they get Yahoo! Sports column today they give people who work for ESPN. Sporting news and basically every other sports media outlet mocking them for the past twenty hours why. He doesn't think it's a group. Just didn't think it through. They got another self inflicted. Public relations. Disaster what's the biggest game tonight police cars game three Western Conference finals. Not the final I wish this were the fire that will be nice back into Dowell reports Western Conference quarterfinals. And those are good time we call a quarterfinal quarterfinal some better than first round yeah. Yeah I kind of gives an editorial Western Conference quarterfinal of nausea and pastor used to say the round like that he did have those four entry game don't. Hell I used to fight with the use of about the phone time. They would not they would refuse to call them first for us first for like playing games right Susan what they're they're playing certainly Brackett not in the and other them. They were called the first round which means you want it's important that playing games right you were in the second round of the instantly turned bright you've got to like the Wikipedia page or like you did you know it if you like just bastards. So around into the thick around the Phillies turned a short break here is like now we have come on and now alone now. That's not true that may lead. That's misleading. Low budget but this is completely. The quarterfinals. Got eight games brown does this quarter final sixteen and then and then the semifinals will be when you're down that before yeah in the western got a bug them until they're greatly during game authority of the Western Conference finals tonight. Without or at FedEx forms for her three and a half point favorite ticker at 830 pregame starts 730. You can listen right here on 929 of them ESPN what should I watch on TV. Greatly as a game the game and it's originating right here in Memphis Tennessee just off. Beautiful and historic appeals to reach. So why would you watched that Ted if for no other reason than getting it. All some HD images of the BB king's son after you get on the they've ever had a nationally televised game inside. FedEx Forum where they'd have a image at some point of the BB king size now I gotta you're walking in Memphis on that telecast the whole deal all those wonderful line. Trite sayings that you love like that's what I would watch as the grizzlies. It's funny if the united TNT tonight AT&T high in eagle I believe as the calls I think it's DNC you're looking out for a good guys that I have I looked it up I'll handle the wreath earlier this radios you aren't you guys write letters bra it's on TNT tonight until it. 8:30 central as lay up further now up to four point favorite for the money is coming in on Kauai Leonard fans could be good sausage. And those. He gets the fans there are I guess the better that there are thinking back the officials saying are gonna try to out work the grizzlies again because there. Money seems to be coming in on CNN's Tony. I would watch other grizzlies I was sitting at home tonight but if you just pay basketball for whatever reason Friends With Benefits. Oh Justin Timberlake in a mile Kunis like heard you like both of them I think it starts at seven on if you're up late. Sheryl Crow is on Stephen Kobe magic Johnson and Jimmy Kimmel bubble cards from their calls all of them is on Jimmy Fallon and Hathaway's on James Gordon and Scarlett Johansson. Boy that owe me. Like Scarlett let's go do as good as he stands as I didn't like her more than me look good lesson. Canada and makes that may end makes cents basic idea of that Myers tonight is there anything I need to make sure I read it together Jeff Eisenberg element Yahoo!'s sports he wrote about the Memphis met Stanley situation we Rhode bought about it well we talked about Stanley high school coach interest in close and there. As you divided on just by the birds Twitter feed on my Twitter feed or on the FaceBook page it's scary perish. Enough personal failure to pictures of my kids what's on tap for tomorrow only Friday. We'll look back game three grid spurs don't have jaywalking in the first hour. And former cardinals pitcher former replica. Rick Ankiel could join me in the second hour should be formed. So enjoy your night. I really enjoyed mine. Perfect formal feel there maybe probably not honestly apple like I'll be there and if you're there will both be in the same bill. Fun and gas for its records of our portable to gavel because I'd be good rescue hood. Play now. Grizzly as the grizzlies are in the playoffs again. So lives on 92 OK Randolph. The Tony seventy can. Cruises for instance your. I am ES PNC Sierra canceled and show. Don't like it those that don't understand it alls I don't think it's fun basketball also don't think that this is a respectable franchise I don't care because you're not part of it and you never will be there's one guy and the organization C opponent a series that probably respect the hell out of what he says also as their head coach Gregg Popovich. He would have done the same damn thing. He Eric Cassell tonight. Today's 2 PM to four. You know there. ESPN's. 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