Gary Parrish Show, Thursday, May 18, 2017, Hour 1 (w/929's John Martin in Seg 2)

The Gary Parrish Show
Thursday, May 18th

Seg 1:  GP talks about Chris Cornell death 


Seg 2:  GP talks to John Martin about rock music/Cornell


Seg 3:  4 stories at 444 with more on (1) NBA Playoffs/Lebron (2) All NBA Team (3) Gay Slur/baseball story (4) crazy rattlesnake story from Florida



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Lessons in Tennessee Mississippi and Arkansas license numbers 1140150062. By six and went into your four. I tornado ms. Riley put us Mike and I. I think this might give Mike in the morning weekdays 5 AM till 9 AMW unopposed. And SN ESPN presents the area's only national columnist who spends his sentence. We need unique perspective to Memphis radio religious things from Angela. You can change the station these children are around. It's for that speech for a this is big scary Perry show. There Brett cousins in studio produced in the the program glad it was me. Glad to quit being. We'll begin with the devil they know lots golden. People my age. Did I answer you took advantage. They're gamers here a couple of weeks ago Dell streak on music festival turns out bad news in the morning me. That's the last time you haven't been good to see Chris Cornell died this morning suicide. He's fifty. Thank you. The incident that was scheduled workforce one job market going to be here. A co host Jason Johnson weekdays from eleven to two of judge might appear in about twenty minutes when I finished that segment. I will do for notable stories a full 44 at which point I'll discuss four previously discussed stories among them king James Woods. Also begin last night would have stole home court advantage from the Celtics. Pretty easily we'll get into it. At full 44 all in the eighteenth announced earlier today moon what do you think. We'll find a mate for the most part I play about a bit walk through on people lost money may be right men as possible which is which suggested there. Perhaps some ridiculous waits there. To gauge what kind of contract a person can or cannot sign we'll talk about it a little later on this hour come. But a blue jays player who was that they got in trouble for Scania. They flirt and civilians over gays closes blue jays I wouldn't say gay slur in a similar. And is this the Kevin thought yeah Kevin morrow he's apologized he had to apologize for calling opposing player gay slower less than used to have were fairly well. Braves pitcher in fairness announced it. You know denies a don't know gel make no joke you'll be apologize now to Brendan aren't there is no excuse for this side green and a Florida man's always a Florida man tried to kiss a rattlesnake. Shockingly it did not go well. Tell about that just before 5 o'clock. Thought about just talk and the beard just like always there but what about the world health got a real familiar fairly New York Times. Join me to talk about the NBA yes I would ask him what it's like the work for the New York Times right now paper breaking big political news every single day and remove ridiculously months. By the president of the United States and in forestry because of its subscriptions are way up revenue wait up. There are lots of newspapers that are failing right now the New York Times is not one album despite what president settlement talks got catch only about that. And it's an MBA studies going to be here 525 there will do a dinner to go more get out of here is that the rundown this afternoon we ought to get to but I wanted to start went. Other big news of the day which is death. I suppose the bigger stories. Probably Roger Ailes the founder of Fox News a dying and this morning but I don't have anything to say about that really soft focus on. The other significant dent in this that Chris Cornell suicide. I hanging in a hotel room in Detroit. Sometime after last night's show that he ended with. Mrs. and a cover of alleged happens in my time of dying which is a song that starts at this way in my time of dying I want nobody to mourn. All I want for you to do is take my body home so perhaps that was Chris Cornell suicide note or suicide song. He was 52 years old had a wife and three children ages 1612. And eleven. I'm like a sick coincidentally. He was here just two weeks ago playing this band sound garden down on the river as the headliner. At the bill street music festival lots of questions very few answers according to his wife and everybody else. There were no obvious signs that this was even in in the cards he didn't seem depressed people say he. That's seemed in good spirits. Last night on stage people say. He was even complementing the crown in Detroit thing he feels bad about the next show because he knows that. About crowds not going to be able to. To live up to the crowd he was explore the right Dan which suggests he was thinking about the next shell that show being Friday. So this is. Sort of strange on those levels perhaps we'll never know exactly why he did this with suicide we often don't. But I would assume there's there's got to be more to the story oh yeah because. You know his wife. Has told authorities that. She got concern last night when she could and couldn't get in touch with him after a show so concerned that she. Like called people instead go break into his room on the now. All would you be that concerned if you couldn't get in touch with somebody late at night Mount Whitney just assume unless there's something going on the unless there's something not right to yeah if you can't get in touch with somebody say 11 PM and I would just assume you know what the probably asleep. There would have to be something that precipitated me to think otherwise there would have to be something to make you think he could be in danger or something could be wrong. Or maybe night's killing himself or maybe he's on a Bender right would have to be something because in a very normal prize situation thought the same thing like if if Brett Carson you're at a town for summaries OK and you were trying to get in touch with your wife yeah. Late at night tip and she did not answer and you called again and she did not answer it. You wouldn't call it your neighbors they go breaking my house now you would just assume. That she's asleep or her phone's all. Or what ever unless there was reason to think otherwise resolutely as true and that's why I wonder like to go to that extreme to go from I can't get in touch with my husband somebody please go break into his room suggests that there had to be something there I may -- thing. Something might not be right anyway. Who knows and like I said perhaps we'll never know but any time something like this happens. You know when an important artists from your childhood dies. That happens too often it's stingy or at least it it sends me. On on on a trip down right to the music files memory lane like win win when did you first hear her sound garden when did you first hear Chris Cornell. What was the first song and so reminded me. Of late 1991. I guess I was a freshman in high school as fourteen years old. It was announced the Guns 'N Roses was coming to the the pyramid at that time Guns 'N Roses the biggest band in the world Axl rose's. Probably the biggest rock star in the world. A Guns 'N Roses was my favorite band. That time and it's scheduled a show with a pyramid. For January 7. And 1992. That's the data when I looked it up today. And armament that was gonna take me in my buddy Chris Klein. And that was subsequently announced a may be announced at same time that the opening band would be sound garden bile. And we were like who are least I was like here because get the stand back and on MTV was the way you learned about they. And it was basically you knew about people who were on him in TV and you didn't know about people who work on MTV. This wasn't a deal where you could like discover folks on YouTube. Or discover folks on cell Clough. Or discover something on FaceBook none of that stuff exist. And so. He'd get home from school you'd turn on MTV I know this might sound crazy to young people but you turn on the TV and they play videos and that's how you would learn who Guns 'N Roses is in fact is there a famous story. About Guns 'N Roses they had made appetite for destruction. And it was just it was just like they were just of southern banned from Hollywood and a there was nothing going momentum they weren't anything. And whoever they were. Represented by at the time whatever label whatever manager. Was begging the people MTV. And please play welcome to the jungle please play it they would look at it and and really fit what we're doing and like that on the and they were just pleased just to me this one favor like you only man can you please. Play welcomed the jungle in their you know it's just not really what. You know what what what what we're doing right now like that doesn't sound like what we play right now like I don't know. And they agreed at some point whoever was running in TV or whoever had the power to to get a video on MTV. They agree to play and it like wants like 2 o'clock in the morning. So they played at what's that like 2 o'clock in the morning. And. However. Things rates whatever. And metric in whatever mechanism there was at the time. Like in radio you might say and the phone lines lit up I don't know what we're was but whatever can happen. In that moment. To make you go all while people are responding to this. It happens with welcome to the jungle. Ending Guns 'N Roses became Guns 'N Roses without that moment as the story goes there was a documentary made about this in the past couple years that I watched on YouTube. Without that moment. Com guns Rosen never come Guns 'N Roses here you know their appetite never turns bonds paradise CD and sweet child O mine and all that stuff never happens. Like Indonesia illusions none of that MTV is as responsible as anything in fact. Perhaps way more responsible and everything for turning Guns 'N Roses into what Guns 'N Roses decay. But point being this does rose became all that but at the time sound garden wasn't on MTV. At least I don't remember sound are being on MTV. I don't remember someone being on MTV it it. It's suggested they work because I do remember that moment vividly when okay the opening here is sound garden who is sound garden. In Seoul. Again. To sort of funny to think about now but. Like at this moment there was a new band that came along like if your favorite artist was coming to the FedEx Forum chair and the opening band with somebody you'd never heard of. Immediately type it into your computer and you could hear everything they've done yet every video made it would all be right in front of you and you can find out everything about bomb. You can find out the names of the people in the band where they grew up that they used to be in other bands like you couldn't do that. And back in 1990 well. And so. I can just remember saying okay well I wanna go get a sound garden album because on that 98. In January 7 1992. Like I'll know all the dumb song they can't wait for that but I wanna be able to enjoy always on guard in a dozen roses is hand picks sound garden to be their opener. Maybe Alex sound card as well and so. I don't remember the name of the record store but if the record store that was inside the Hickory ridge mall on because that was the mall that nearly a mall that was it would if it did for at that period of time that was the more you go all right. Insight into sound going down there was this album called bad motive finger. They just come out it wasn't their first album but the first album like did nothing. And but the the sped motor figure came out and at this time it'd still done nothing. And so that's okay I'm buying bad motor finger. Worst possible like when my friend stole it from the store I get a loan now I don't remember exactly how you got it down as a champion but I got a copy of that motor finger. A CD if I remember correctly and we come home. And we put it in the CD player and this is the first thing we heard. I'm like okay. Okay now part then yeah nobody anybody's rusty cage. But I can get down within. And so they because we're gonna January night we see sound garden we see Guns 'N Roses and subsequent to that. Is when sound garden became super famous people now know the bad motor finger album. And no rusty cage in the other songs off of this album Jesus Christ pose but in that moment. At this moment that I am talking about who none of these songs were famous they work on MTV and heavy rotation. Any even. I saw a quote from Chris Cornell today where he's talking about when he went they went on that to four with Guns 'N Roses. And he said it wasn't a whole lot of fun because we're going out in front of 40000 people. For 35 minutes every day and most of them hadn't heard her songs didn't care about us it was just a real bizarre thing we're playing to these big big crowds open in two guns. But nobody knows we are nobody knows her songs and they just want us to hurry up and get offstage. Because. You know they're there to see actual and can slash and those guys and I remember being at the show at the Liberty Bowl one time Rolling Stones back when I was in high school it was the exact same thing. I would fly Mellon allow the Blind Melon is opening up for a bunch of people who grew up as Rolling Stones fans and I can remember Shannon Hoon actually. Into the microphone at one point saying something more lines of I promise one more song and they were out of here. Rolling Rolling Stones are up next yeah and that's a Blind Melon who was a pretty big this was after her no brain and all that but like when you're playing too. I'll get to understand no rain was that that song with super popular two kids my age right but the people in the crowd or mostly like. 303540. An update on any time for Blind Melon. And so it that was obviously strange for for that Bayer like your playing to this the biggest crowd you ever seen but they ain't there for you they don't know your songs and if you're not the show and so Chris Cornell was talking about they jump Guns 'N Roses tour and he described it at the same way. Com and it of course the next album comes out soup the super known album and that's why won't black hole sun. And that's when they really took off one grammys all that stuff and then in my early twenties many years later. I think after San Gordon broken down temporarily. I saw Chris Cornell at the new daisy. Like again I was in my early twenties him and he was fabulous. You know it is from those those bands that were. Huge. Indian. Early to mid ninety's. You don't Nirvana. Pearl Jam Alice in Chains from temple pilots. It's weird to think about now there are rock bands that resonated more the way those rock bands did it just doesn't exist really. I don't of the summer was the best band they certainly weren't my favorite but he was the best vocalist oh yes he had an amazing. Amazing voice and now you look back on the air. Of of these bands that were some of the biggest things in the world if not the biggest fans in the world. And you've got Kurt Cobain the front man from Nevada suicide age of 27. I'm Shannon Hoon frontman. Blind Melon. Drug overdose age of 28. Layne Staley. Frontman Alice in Chains. Drug overdose age of 34. Scott why frontman stone to the pilots. Drug overdose. Age of 48 and now Chris Cornell. Frontman sound garden. Suicide. By hanging. The age of of 52. And like I said these certain that they gay men who were the faces of but some of the biggest fans in the world you can't compare to anything today because nothing like those bands are today. Hip hop is so much bigger. Today didn't than anything that happens in rock but it would almost be like if I mean if if like suddenly. And perhaps is support comparison that is the best I can come home with like if if if Drake were no longer alive right and and and then also. Future was gone and then also chemical Mora was gone like I look at the list today and it was just a list. I'm not speaking to not vouching for its accuracy but it was a list of the biggest bands in 1990s. And number one on the list was Nevada. Okay and number eight on the list was Alice in Chains and number nine on the list was sound garden. And number eleven on the list of Stone Temple Pilots every one of the front man for most bands is gone. Arm and I guess there's a moral of the story is just sort of weird and sad and and frankly unbelievable that all these men who were again giants. In the music world for a period of time all gone and they are all gone from. On natural causes drugs and suicide that's what did drugs and those are not cancer not mean terrorism. Not an unfortunate horrible wreck or plane crash just drugs and suicide. And it's just terribly depressing if only because I'm a big fan of people growing old and too many of these guys who were. You'll important figures in my teenage years which tend to be. Your most influential years as it pertains to listening to music those albums from your youth they stick with you forever those songs from your youth they stick with you. For ever there were things you'd like today. That you would like today if they were released today but to love them today because you heard him. In less certain timing your life when you were twelve or thirteen or fourteen or fifteen or sixteen or whatever too many of those guys from my youth. Are now gone. And Chris Cornell is is the latest gone too soon and in and hopefully the last probably not the last but. Hopefully. And John Mark is up next. Securing your future in the hottest careers with a certificate or degree from southwest Tennessee community college of business. Degree can open doors to a wide range of opportunities engineering and information technicians earned a man to help our manufacturing and logistics. And paralegal studies majors are in demand register now for summer and fall classic summer classes start may thirtieth and fought classes begin August 28 on 9013334399. Wide range of available programs just another reason southwest Tennessee Community Colleges are all best choice is. Cars of the Gary pairs shell and we're helping out the first tee program with our 99 golf card portion of the proceeds go to. 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Nevada's Lebanon is my favorite alum pro Jim stand up. Nevada's nevermind debt and sound gardens that motor finger who were released in this order. Projection came in August 1991. Nevada's nevermind September 1991. Some guards bad motor finger October 1991 I realize it was that close sacked and realizes that it was all runs and I was back to back to back months. Back to back the back much those three what are now considered a monster albums I had a terms of sales and relevance at that time and all of that stuff particularly nevermind and ten more so than bad motor finger like nevermind in it and intend put Nirvana and Pearl Jam into a different strata all hear you now that motor figured didn't really do that to sound garden but the next album super unknown is what is the one that did that it brings back December. Like Q in islands and its wholly different part of the country it just every time you say all those things that you just said. It just evokes it's that time period is on the same age as you roughly you know like. It just brings back a lot of memories though if you're our aid she said that was hit you listen to those problems. That lets you may be due grew up and went in a different part of the city perhaps maybe but but like those were the minute you turn on MTV they were there every day. Everybody you knew had those albums out and so yeah I didn't realize that they were all released so closely. To each other John Martin is co host of the Jason John showed my little buddy used to. They cooking but I had to marry Sammy and very very soon he joins me now I hated John Mark what's up. What are what are what are you too young for sound garden you do you too young. Yeah yeah you don't know anything about that like it got a bit unreal. That I relatives are really talking to him about unknown garden is like. Somebody when I was a kid talk in the media about the Eagles yeah are like Led Zeppelin although like. You know we still listen realize Bethlehem yeah belzer it's it just that was a grunge period and this is what sort of weird okay so. The bottom right I heard a lot of long while listening to monitor our credit I didn't you know their bottom of the biggest object I hate those. Yeah Davanon Pearl Jam and others Nirvana pearl yeah Soledad yeah Nevada's the more relative I think more. Impact full one but that might have you might have more to damage. Kurt suicide I agree that anything else yes let her on a never had a chance to get out their bad album period because Kirk wasn't around for that but it what's interesting is that now. OK so that you go up in the sixties and seventies you listened Iraq. All right and if you grew up in the eighty's and ninety's you also listen to rock and then you listen to the rock of of the previous generation gap so what we would be listening to it Nirvana and Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains and sound card but it would also be listening to. Clapton Led Zeppelin and the role still don't know let's stop. But did I think when by the time Johns generation comes along. They're not listening to the current rock bands of the current rock bands don't resonate like that and more right they're listening to hip pop and soul because they're not listening to the current rock bands they're not listening to the rock bands from the generation before so they that's around listening to a Pearl Jam and Nirvana is on guard that about right. Yeah like god I remember of the Seminole of music for me in this criminal musician for me drawn up within it and see that's the death. That was true that was guys yeah you heard this they're like huge crazy. Well the guy who who gave up or. Like for us it would have thought for our agent would have been. Again depending on yet I'm forty yourself yeah born in 1977 and select the first thing I can remember like all the first thing you could remember being like oh well everybody has these albums. And if like Michael Jack Arnold Jackson in France like purple rain and thriller. And then you get into that age where you're gonna listen to rock in that it was a remember dozen roses like I remember appetite I remember being like in middle school. And my body's older brother putting an appetite for destruction the cassette tape I remember Tesla was big morale is that. Can I could see bad you get really and again roses and then after the that calms. Some garden Nevada really first it was Pearl Jam and Nirvana. That broke through mainstream and then after that it was Alice in Chains and and Stone Temple Pilots so the big figures from my youth were. It really any better out Kurt Cobain the for me it was also Shannon who I think Blind Melon is is like totally underrated when it comes like biting black melon was one of the great mow most underrated bands of the ninety's. But like Shannon Hoon. Lengths they leak and for John in people around outrage like there are rock stars like that anymore intimidate him it's it's yeah I. The only aren't there I'm like I can remember honestly that made it blows and you're gonna bite laughed me out the ball go like you would nickel back. I don't yeah I like is what they're bigger they're like from like 2001 deadly breed it was rock outfit well. That's what's so funny about how nickel back became the butt of everybody's joke because like they sold a zillion albums like somebody like that once upon a time I got a lot of people like yeah and it doesn't mean that they're good I don't own a nickel back album I don't consider myself a nickel back fan but the idea that like -- bands that I had a nickel backs the worst band in the world like that sort of the big -- to employ half lame joke now it had an -- But carry about whether I'm good I'm selling millions and million Al I don't give a crap. Now they didn't care but created really got pummeled because they're in the back into the grungy era and sort of coming into the early two thousands of men they've got slaughtered in and ask seniors already yeah well Chris came across like they were trying to do a grudge brand impersonation yet but you talk about selling albums like they had like three albums that just crushed so yeah I'm a lot out. I felt like creek bed I'll be re shot like street. But that deliberately. But like added that sick there is not aged is very rock band today that resonates with a sixteen year old white kid from the suburbs. Rock band Olympics I don't think so yeah well they what rocket are alike. I'm not gonna play a guy but it did it. It is not a tribal entity more like you don't he had many rock bands like gal is young get low yeah you alluded bird in. I love child like give you like MTV like my diary I but I I really think that. I don't know we need. I you know rock bands that are do you know I mean. Oh wool like no you're exactly right it's why even Kanye West got in like people sort of like rolled their eyes at him a few years back. But he was exactly right he said. I'm the biggest rock star in the world. And when he expanded on that he said that the rappers other rock stars now. We're the ones that. Change culture we are the ones that set trips. And so the rapper with a rock stars and I am the biggest one in the world and people like Kanye West columns of the biggest rush. Well I but in the way that we defined rock star traditionally I forget rock and roll what what is it that we used to say was a rock star it was somebody who. Like it made headlines now whatever they did that if Axl Rose war. A Bandana. Next thing you know people aware and Bandana is like that don't like a rock star was like you looked at them like all wild. Whatever they do it resonates and people may make it. Wall then yeah who's a bit more bigger rock stars right now the the rappers in the biggest rock the biggest rock stars in the world right now. It's straight it's typical mark its future. You know isolated and so when Kanye said that a few years ago people like captain Tonya Wisconsin's biggest rock star of the world because by the way we. By the way we don't find such things at that time in that moment he absolutely. That's not exactly so I I yeah I I lament the fact that I did not have enough brain networks. Senator round done lobby dividend was really good outlet if it like I think most of the music from my generation coming up will probably not good music. But I think given him was really good. Well I look at it was great he believes this subject matter it was. I've been out but only good. He debates whether you know them as great or super talented like nobody's arguing that it's not like. There are bands you can look back on a bill that ban wasn't really that good but I was into him at that time but nobody think terrorism again like I considered an all time all time like. Muehlegg ballot not good outlook say that it knew that it is not very good today. Yeah but like in his mobile that's like saying like I don't like the new Pearl Jam album I you know like by. But like in that moment on he was a amazing at what he was doing an end in resonating in in ways like you know they've they've. Think that now is just it's interesting that. It's hard to. It must be difficult for young people to grasp. How big those bands war in the early nineties. In mid ninety's because there was nothing to compare it to right early and late when when you're in the early ninety's and you say Guns 'N Roses is the biggest band in the world. You can then say yeah like the stones used to be the biggest band in the world or yell like zeppelin used to be the biggest band in the world or whatever. Now there is nothing like what is the top there like can you imagine like Internet time there were probably. Bands that could fill up in the arena in the country. You know you go Guns 'N Roses are. Certainly Pearl Jam. Certainly neuron yeah I can just fill that how many rock bands today could still open arena anywhere in this country. I do that you you know it's still low with its like Pearl Jam. I think that I get those same may have exactly. Is that a buyers down one. So I am so I don't Cannes film arena I tell you this yeah highway you know I Dicey and Zack since two grand nicely until and they played incredibly proud that they're not playing up big arena that my neighbor right that there are good there is closest in today's era and they are people don't know about China does a damn good early in 2017. There is close to replicating a true sort of the rock prototype that you can get to today I think tell me this is there a band that. As. Released its debut album in the past three years decades Philips Arena rock band. Now now now I can't think of and that's the name. Because we just look back at a time and somebody. Somebody sent me yet like that's called that since flu fighters to fill the arena yeah a couple of provider of the classic band now in today's era that's a classic rock band players Ellis Starr when I was in college in today in a net forty year olds don't wanna look at it that way but the truth is a Foo Fighters are now classic rock and their old rocket off into a band that I say yeah yeah yeah yeah. As somebody Seve that Alice in Chains dirt came out in. In September 90 twos don't have a pilot's corps came out in 1992. Like you had. Alice in Chains don't have a pilot's salary garden Nirvana. Pearl Jam. Guns 'N Roses. All these rod fans in the early nineties any of those ledges they could fill up Arenas in any of them and now. There was and they were all releasing their their new stuff at the exact same time it and they bet that is what you saw a little late for that album to come out man. And now there is not there is nothing comparable. And like I don't know if that means rock and roll is dead people always go over the top with the but like. What is the rock band they came out within the past that had a debut over the past three years that can now play FedEx Forum. I don't think there are very many of those can begin. You know let alone one that would actually fill up an arena you know I mean. What's all this pop cross over it's it's got DJs like chain smokers like yeah. To the deck look a new band are now. Like nobody like law didn't throw that sounded more like yeah you know the younger generation. What's weird is that is that. Is that gone forever I mean I guess nothing's ever gone for ever but like is it may be. Well liked hip op for example like do you know what do you know if opt out like today Gary the majority it's like. You know I love future I I don't think you'd like some great putts out so artists but like I let you know music catchy but it's gotten lyrically. Smart like it does and broad us about that different in a way quite the dollar so different. It doesn't really sound coherent. That's the sound of they had rather download you know an eighty's and ninety's it was quite logical route it was like social socially carpet wrap we'll just change it. While all of that's that's some of that stuff some of that lake and the US but it is projected at the march new album is that. I agree I agree but like I but I remarks like what what you hear on the on the radio. Yeah I don't listen to the radio much I. I'd probably shouldn't say that is what he gets paid its popular video clearly it's on its debut aren't real idea I don't live to the radio much but like I. What you're saying I think the proper term is called mumble rap that's what I heard put it on yeah yeah. Yeah like yeah that I don't pervert kinda wrapped but clearly there's an audience for either way it's all under the umbrella of hip pop and hip hop today. Is what the as as as people my age might say what the kids are listening to the hip hop stars are the ones that resonate with wood teenagers today and I don't mean. Minorities today I mean the white kids and valuable today. But what are the the white kids in tie able are listening to future and bright and Kendrick Lamar and all of that stuff they're not there is no rock band. That they're listening to people keep sending me rock band they could still Philip arena's. There may have been or twenty years old when we're not play at all like a rock you like inflatable fish can still deliberated accord the last thing I'm talking about it. Yet My Morning Jacket I got White Stripes don't even exist anymore. I'm talking about bands that are like who is that new rock band Beckett Philips Arena. I don't know I can't think of it. And again. I can't think of either I mean I might I might just be out of touch with that but I don't to. I think Myers band is the closest thing in today's world. Absolutely but we're back Zacks Banda he's on about sunglass job Oceanside down as probably English and now. And I guess that's that's the one they're like you're really putting out new albums that are relevant in in their in their at least they're younger era than than the food fight like if they're what the category at the music awards that was best new artist rock band. Who would win that. Well can you pull it up and electric rerouted and you have child I'd like it's probably not even true rock like worth thinking on that category and look at it. Like two of the best new artist Robert into that category. And people keep down same thing get the same crap I see it the killers could yes the killer could Beatty Phillip and a real case that's that's a good league league can. But that their at least in there there and it more president of Iran now from earlier today yeah I but I I hear your point I would say I agree with that that's a grade one my favorite bands. What are not listening to me now all I just want to get all I don't need to know about the fans who put I don't know I don't know about the ban who released an album in 2004. Bedroom Villa but arena I'm talking about the band who released an album in 201698. You have to understand in that error. Like. You had a band like Pearl Jam released an album. In 1990. Wind. It in 1993. Of the biggest band in the wall right I'm talking about Alison changed releases. Male in the box and that doesn't change is selling out Arenas all over the country. Like slightly gag guns Guns 'N Roses comes out and and you're waiting for use your illusion one and two. I'm talking about the band that puts out its debut album and I knew a year later. It came god Jesus some of the murder of novel on doing. Somebody just tweeted to Kings of Leon Duke Team that well. Now only on MK about it like black like 2000 Leno but to defend that point oh at least it's in a more recent era but there's no it's super no. Yeah I got you what are the first kings goalie and I am come out. Probably about ten years ago no way before that. But did I told our elite in the low spot when you're around. Heavily on first album came out. You can young manhood in 2003. Fourteen years I don't remember that there was an error that we're talking about where you released her debut album in 1991 night in 1992 you were feeling like basketball arena I got you who does that I don't see that I it seems like the answers nobody I think the answer is nobody. And yeah or whether it's a good thing or bad thing I just find to be an interest in thank John. They get I think it's a bad they are like rock and there's not much of it bought that new era or. Taylor just sit in The Beatles. And they get anything else channel but the I know they go is just dumped about super stoked about that as well Jeff have been talked about other stuff we've got sidetracked anyway I'll see you later. All right thanks John that was great. Do we accomplish anything there I don't feel I mean I it was fine that I don't think anything. I don't think now I hope you enjoyed it yeah you're there and there's like some poppy rock band they qualify. Although that could be making the same argument of you know is. Luke Bryan really country music you'd like is imagine dragons rock. I'd I'd vote now it's not like you know sound garnish. With Kurt says there's a hot new Banco Doobie Brothers we should. A product a prominent opponent but the truth I should even look at another having fun with the but I was opened the letter would bring up a good foot and everybody everybody up like you what The White Stripes in my. What The White Stripes were like I'll put out albums in the ninety. Is 2070. What I was looking boards the rock band. That put out an album in 20152016. Debut album and it is now fill up Arenas and best we can tell that answer is year old. The best I can tell that. That doesn't. That doesn't exist. Then just set. Under the cap to include. Series will last given. It might might get might in the these days five days until 9 AM broadcasting on 68080 am this is now 829 FA ME SP. Has sent ships and big news and boy is it small. You can get the big Jason in your right Jane especially such an eight new flavor thanks small size starting at just 3989. 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Quickly I got fourth story the legend stuff now Gary's full of stories presented by Banco Bullard. Start telling stories and forget what he wants his. Mr. Owens every afternoon. So we've developed a it ensures he'll touch on important things you need to know each day at this time. This is a key piece or notable stories at 444. Yeah number one day. Eastern Conference finals last night cavaliers 1117104. In Boston and so now just like that they take it home court advantage so funny. Little picture some candidates went at LeBron James and in other words of the master and it's sad. I don't understand why teams work all season get home court advantage when you can just take it in 4048 minutes which is exactly what Cleveland at last and I did I don't know that this means it's not gonna be a series and it's going to be a sweep. But. I mean man and they look like suffered on another level and the reason this became 38 points nine rebounds seven assists fourteen of 24 from the field and that while going. One of six from three point range so he was thirteen of eighteen from inside the art just awesome. Just awesome and completely overwhelming he looks like he. Is playing with guys that don't belong important and if so true he looks like. If you've ever seen an agreement a high school game and there's one like. Top twenty national recruit yeah and then a bunch of guys yeah and you know what that like this is not fair did you hear it doesn't look fair did you see what he did before the game in Boston he took a ball and throw it like a baseball picks it up he's got a shirt off first Wilson looks like effort in incredible hold many just throws it. Into the basket full court and it goes in he's a difference does specimens a different deal and so. Here's the scary thing if you're the MBA or an NBA fans who likes getting off working going to watch in India. A there was a chance because the war era to game I saw letters I don't think. And and the cavs looked certainly capable of sweeping the Boston Celtics understand the cavs and in what you're still haven't lost a game this post season that's incredible. I am there's a chance we can have the Eastern Conference finals in the Western Conference finals racked up and then like a lag of like nine days or something they directed by Tuesday. Okay. And because game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals would be Tuesday right. And the warriors by that point could already swept the first and we would not start the NBA finals till June 1 O which is. The following. Thursday so I believe we can be eight or nine days. Between him to the Eastern Conference western powers finals in the start of the NBA finals like that there's never been that big of a gap I don't know how much of a big deal it is like everybody will be rested and whatever. But you do like it feels like. College football where you Asia where if you take forever to play the next game and so that all night that that's not great for the NBA but. It's certainly blip here we're headed for a cavaliers warriors once again story number two all NBA teams announced today no grizzlies were involved first team second team thirteen first team the brawn James why Leonard Anthony Davis James Harden. And Russell Westbrook got a problem with that the odd from a got is that there are hundreds voters for this thing from. LeBron James got 991 team votes every girl I mean somebody didn't vote for LeBron James first small India poll attack you can do it NBA want to pat you just as particularly what are you don't withheld that. I mean now I don't know now I don't know I feel like you should you should have to do. If you're gonna be the guy this is LeBron James is that one of the five best players in the NBA this wrong you should have to make it's a Republican and try to defend that because he is undeniably. Steal the best player in the world how could you put a cast a ballot. That doesn't have LeBron James on it I mean it is utterly ridiculous and saying the only other interesting thing is. Paul George to making the teams are. And what that means is now. The amount of money to patients would be able to give him is now lower our there was a scenario where he makes one of these all the BA teams and it raises. The total amount of money the pacers could. Offer in a contract because he's not a one of these teams they can't offer that much money now. So the pace we'll still be able pay him any more than than anybody else including the lakers. But it won't be as much as it could have been so if you're pacers spam warning the pacers to keep. Paul George today was not a good day for you. Story number three Kevin Clark Toronto Blue Jays has been suspended two games after he used a homophobic slower in last night's game. He called a picture of the Atlanta Braves in fact it was our buddy Jason mocked all know he called Jason mod something and he called him a gay slur at a how is that possible I'll tell you have passed and what has that only well delegates or Apple's going on and it was that the F word and we can say that should we not at its. I've I know what talent is there the FAG word everybody and we got you in America. Parson let's subsequently tweeted I'm completely and utterly embarrassed and so horrible to put my fans my teammates and losing its blue jays organization in this position. I've apologized Jason Maude but also need to polish to the Braves organization and their fans and most importantly. To the LG BTQ could you of for the lack of respect displayed last night this is not who I am. And I will use this opportunity to better myself. Well I think it's a good apology and it's the right thing this is never correct you did you just never did you don't do it here's the issue. When I was a kid. That work was so old now. Casually use yeah. But not ever directed. At. The daycare. Same era same deal with me growing up you would never call. And an actual game and right. The F word now that was the word used you would call your friend who was scared to sneak out of his Powell's right the F word right. And you get so comfortable saying that like you came in. We're sneak it out tonight in going to. I don't wanna do it may silence those I don't do that I get from Ohio and doing so SWF. Right now you hear all the time all the time that was commonplace and so now I really an anonymous stated school and their might have even been teachers nearby and I I'm not defending Donald why did I'm just saying I don't think. When he yelled that it Jay Wright modest always know is trying to call him a homosexual right. I think that's a very normal word you let Kobe Bryant got again calling somebody that had to apologize and when he happened to DNA game and I believe do you think Kobe brought no. What did he do it to an official who happen to be O that was somebody else somebody else I think Rondo did that I just called somebody get off. And it's like. You know and subsequent to that cycle Bryant is is well rounded like he's lived over like like that probably your home folks in the NBA but they are getting Kobe I don't know he's pretty accepting general that's just a word that people would roll around as an insult our at least in my eight. For the way that when I grew up it was a word that you threw around as an insult at your straight fear friend. Who was being a little bit of a peak that's like that's what it was same deal they like Amanda 88 U one you what you're you're not drink there's no comment I'm drinking that while studying at. I will say this I don't know if they still did end schools of the kids and stuff but I don't I don't think that's it that's no love you can't do it anymore no longer known like now it doesn't matter what used to like.