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Thursday, April 20th

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His name is Jason Wexler he's the president of business ops for the Memphis Grizzlies it's a big night in downtown Memphis tonight. Jason joins us now what's happened man. I don't know it happened yeah I'm glad to have you so how are you preparing mentally for this night. Hey you know battle like every other bad as yesterday tragedies and paperwork and look up my debt like and it's only been you have two and a half. Half minute that the black I got my dad. At the dried he had the ability to beat bill. We kick in the years mom I'm like it did Nikki a lot commercially and I walked into the office they gonna do that the bill. Know that adopted a Medigap. It's going to be a fun night at FedEx form and I think it's it's it be good to just sort of take a second. Because this is happen for seven straight seasons and regardless of you know what the grizzlies chances are of winning this series a what does it mean for for you guys as an organization to have at least two home games. In the playoffs. But he did it does one of those things where. You'd be the build up toward right. And so it didn't DL four I was in this job at the Dutch along I he's an and did it and you have mid April at the regular season like hey you know. Our friend alma don't remember what that is IE I don't remember what that feels like a member didn't feel that good so you get out of debt to have the opportunity does graying. Everybody together war you know that this culminating experience at the end of the he's it is important it's a come right at acted like you know everybody's got their playoff ritual at this point outfit they've been they've been you know. It's kind of like that seeing a fire that spring here in school almost over it. You know all the good things happen and I'll tell. A solitary that we love ServiceMaster here. And 99 AM ESP and how did that whole come about man they could they reach out to you all first out of Havoc on about how does that transpire or do what they pay has ago. Here right now that would it's not that they we've gotten pretty limited partners and yet demo demo Mullen met and you know I think I believe they got fired up like we're gonna do that and then we could relate. I'm out there and give credit to cry yeah it did play after the fact. Yeah it the way and that working out is. There did. All sorts of NBA league rules that we have to deal wit behind the season people don't you know get to see lord have no reason to seek. You know ultimately. You know the fine have to be paid by the person who was assessed the fine. And it travels through the team got to go yet ServiceMaster is gonna work without that we're going to be on the grape are greatly salvation with stab at. And it showed banks they're going to be our our game. Or presenting partner and beyond the route Altria and for de La yeah we're excited about that goes you know. Greeted as great attitude great you know great partnership club that is solid sub. Legal be dealt to a delay app at bat. Well now what about the players that I've read a story yesterday that the players were so inspired that they wanna pay the fines so what. How we got to divvy this up Jason how we get ready are gonna split this up between the players that ServiceMaster. Yeah yeah English all the finance. Are under I've but sometimes it does it. Validated what a situation where you know and thereby edited battle it out there road. Yeah and yeah how are they cute to make it up you know that they might send gonna make it up you know bad you know Mike's one of those guys where you his word is good sound surely they've got. He got some some met that are are right that you have. We are of course talking to Jason Wexler president of business ops for the Mitt is because as I know it's always a good time. A playoff basketball comes around in Memphis. The greatest line stopped in a 99 yesterday I know they've been making the rounds yeah what are some of the festivities that you guys have going on for game three and I know it's a later tip at 830 so what's going on. In and around FedEx Forum. Yet the we've got while the party that starts two hours early that 630. Will have music out here on the plaza we've got up pretty kids state dinners balloon artist. Mardy he'd get in the door two hours early general public in ninety minutes before tip off so trying to. Well everything out a little earlier comment early on to hang out atmosphere enjoyed music and you know build up your enthusiasm. And momentum yeah who got caught group grip on all around out today did. You know. Did people and tough. Is it true that people will be able to purchase the official grizzlies take that for data shirts tonight can they purchase those. At the format. There it goes will be at the game for sale act that a swarm you gotta be yet eerie that you'd be able to get. The unfortunately. Job. They're no longer available online. For reasons that are score the ball but they will be available at period and yet. I'm just curious I know everything you know you guys have the a business to run and there is this amazing. Appetite for agree is that merchandise seminars to let that absurd you see it it's not just. You know what I mean there's a million different now companies that crop up selling. Gray's merchandise. It's curious how do you view that are you like flattered by it that there are so many companies that. Want to spread the gospel of Memphis Grizzlies as a president business stop the how do you view all of that. Yeah and we actually don't make. All that much money mart merchandise a lot of inexperience and brandy. Yeah getting people you know build boil these affinity with the seed. They generally. Were cool with the we understand our city understand our market we're cool with the bootleg Coulter and and some of the folks can be a little bit more you know. Creative and a little bit more deep that might otherwise be allowed we do yeah. You know a little bit annoyed and folks try and use our official logo and our special bond and you're not that these Clara coach images. Either. Yet you get to real copyright and intellectual property stuff there so you got somebody doing that all got a call from the NBA or get a call mock usually have pretty good about. He's seeing and assisting but I. It happened the other creative stuff that that happened like were great that that build the brand that build everybody's you know loyalty and we're we're we're happy to have that happen out there. Yeah but he's there at. This is is that it's like it's a grass roots I don't know if it's like that you know for another allow a lot of other NBA city you know and I mean. Well right out towel at the electorate they got the idea whole experience pathetic warmed our fans would be 181000 people wearing 181000 different teacher turned back part of what killed a playoff featured ever want to shell op Airpwn. Special connection to the team how they relate the players how they relate to the organization and how they relate history and they don't want the court said something here and you know cold to dressed in uniform and that's kind of why we yellow midway two years ago. And you know that's part of why we you know encourage it here's what folks are being created the great you know they're just trying to knock something off. You know that's not its cool and I think that's what most other team Garnett hit a lot more. Knock off culture and some of the bigger markets whereas here everybody trying to find their own one in the door connect with our fans. Are you a superstitious man Jason what what have you done personally to a victory for us tonight. Do you have that I'd like to think of that particularly dapper navy seersucker pretty easy then I don't breakdown of the clouds every arrow. You know. The discard it and we're embodied the it out that that dog got back on on I've got that one little greatly coin that you know and hopefully have a little bit more luck with that not. Other than that yeah he's just kind. Yeah please sign your boat though a part of accelerated. He's he's got that knowledge that garlic Doug the play out there that would start the cup this wickedly you know he hadn't that you bring to the table every year you know every year it happened absolutely cool part of. That's who we are talking to Jason Wexler president of business ops with the Memphis Grizzlies spurs gray is game three tonight at 830. When you saw other rant regardless of how much and as you comment on the content out and I'm not trying to get refined TJ. But in terms of it taking place right you down 02 in the series and it's not looking great and then you get this fiery dispassionate. Rant and everybody in Memphis is steaming mad and raring to go. And be there in the building for game three so as a front office guy as an executive is there as a level of appreciation. On the business side that. They gave thanks I know that might Acosta but they expect that people are mad and obviously. The ad now I mean look. First and foremost by a the do you combat it meant so that they and you appreciate somebody from the organization is well and it. Take out step up and take one for the team represented team and organization. Except. That's fantastic. Yep but then perspective. And from you know a business perspective it's really cold you know. Owe us something to really engage whip it talk about fire up and rally that treats good let me you know. We played better in the second half the other night you could see our and coming around social media like OK because we can see how that can come together. And then yell at coach did this you know. Really amplified everything and it really you know meaning all end in a way that is you know it connect with. Our city and our approach and our team identity and our culture and all of those things it was just sort of in a perfect storm and as part of why the national vote picked it up so much because it literally. You know if you shoot that ran and tried to associated with a different team. It would be associated to right like representative of who we are how we play in our organization and then that. You know Lou we. It been its stay a couple of days at this point my own the auto correct its Lipton now I tried type look and auto correct that the rocks you know those kind of things happen at that point. Not about it's going to be a fine that night down at FedEx Cormier is Jason Wexler. President of business opts for the Memphis Grizzlies Jason appreciate they say thank you got on a busy day man look forward to seeing you tonight. Thank you all and the gravity picket the greatly dot com 1804 NBA pick with a better or box office. Sounds good was no doubt and I Jason thanks man I spat out up. He is Jason Wexler we have a pair of Gray's take if that we're gonna give away right now.