Jason and John Hour 2 (5/19/17)

Jason & John
Friday, May 19th

Daren Bates, Tennessee Titans LB, live in-studio with Jason & John in Hour 2 


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Black red or blue or yellow are all white of Nazi like the color blue. A lot of knows what kind of season what I want to have a Stanley Cup season or fought enjoyable season well we know Calkins would just love a fun enjoyable season. I've gotten personal go with the Stanley Cup season there we would championships did okay how important is your team's history. Not important at all very important a little earlier to dying I'm gonna say very important. What why how worried your adoption. They want tradition what do you do as a fan it's his team John. What you do is if they got a jump and scream when necessary support your team just enjoy the game I'd jump in scoring when necessary just started watching. What MI more accustomed to winning winning and losing losing. Unless they are winning and losing I'm accustomed above. What is the most important event of the season start of the playoffs home opener Stanley Cup finals NHL draft well we know Calkins loves the draft. But I am gonna say the Stanley Cup finals. That's the most important really seasons questions are ridiculous what are your team's playoff expectations OK you're gonna need to apologize to pay to pay Blake who created this. In June 2015 anonymous didn't deserve that now he didn't he made the squeak at the time out of his data Diaz thank you make me about a minute franchises sensed when he fifteen what are your team's play out expectations. Static coverage of the Stanley cups they are like five of these questions are Syria who's my team or casual. Are there there's an ad. I'm okay at all. You guys Chicago. JAB. I did I say that I thought that was being history I don't understand the blue Obama. That's an example I didn't you just threw that out. Which gives the history thing is that is that is that a good things be they black hawks fans do we got Patrick came. Or moves there's a superstar billions of stars are very commercials out like that. You have to know us OK I gotta get some black hawks here now we've met and that's if things aren't here. She is that the red black fresh and the native American love it you'll love you ask our jerseys are. Fired if you're black or did you go Bob different directions we'll Blackhawks Jersey. You're with the right team you're black those doors those what just because it's Chicago's grant us that there watch from all your own death and then we got put out by the principal. I'm under which comedies Chicago Blackhawks fan man welcome to the club yeah a man. If feels good as we're asking those silly questions and actually spits out team and good team this static attainment so it's not what McClellan glad to be here Daren Bates would join us at 1225 in studio he's in town got a Campbell announced this weekend right. Correct it's tomorrow yeah with a marble of red delivered a global talked to him about moving from Oakland to Tennessee. What is careers in light and the development. It's a good move on really quiet and it's really hard now and this down on the on Islam business control on the income Saudi. They are on the cathartic but I'm afraid the raiders are already Bayer like their ability to take don't step the other article ups and Steve McNair I'm still weigh in on the up part to have an ya has been. Yeah I was may come and gone without doesn't want you to your business come as we are quite a great Peter King dude guess what we asked three wood that is scheduled they're nine and seven again not. Yes we did king said biggest jump. Team not named Carolina Tennessee. It's gonna he was pandering no he wasn't he was pandering to include Tennessee body and how you Peter oldest trick and it doesn't pander oldest regular standard. I will come back and admitted with a rundown Jason's done a detach and yes it. 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Players use your way to play more golf the players you dot com is teaming up with local courses offer short term memberships on a monthly basis that's right they won upfront fee and play unlimited golf. The players you dot com seahorse is playing options and more at these players view dot com. Robert Irwin Jewelers home of the major order mental as endangering guaranteed figure diamond and setting an RAJ were making a brand new green with a 365. Day money back guarantee. Stress free day every shopping every day at Robert sterling Jewelers. As the families who have. Still on the living expenses in the nineteen million and ESPN well. Room stories audio or sign up on the main page 99 espn.com. Us. 929 FM. 680 AM on the W that says that in 929 espn.com. This is. Or maybe it's. ESPN. I don't stop we're in talks with great care and safes former Christmas 41 olive branch. Auburn's star now with Tennessee Titans. One point bubble talk openly about Warren Moon before we do all that such times the rundown let's get. Who witnessed the rundown presented by med insulin nationwide insurance. Today's stories from. Jason and Jon. On 92 million if there. ESP. And so we talked about this is the very end of her great job of that bridge that was her job outstanding effort as usual from you. Are we talked about this at the end of the show yesterday literally as are going off the air and three all in the eighteens were. Test and we were reading through the teams that won't we didn't we we mentioned it we mentioned what it meant for Paul George and for Gordon Hayward. Ought not to make one of those three teams that means. It's it's losing out on a lot of money in for Paul George it looks like it probably means. The end of his career. In Indiana I would say here's the deal if for Paul George not making one of the three all NBA teams. He goes from the pacers being able to offer him a five year. 207. Million dollar contract would have been richest. In NBA history to about a year old all they can offer of five USA only we're talking on these millions and I don't know they don't from five years 177. Millions. I'm 177 million other teams can only go as high as a four year 132 million dollar deal. So you go basically it's a seven in five million dollar difference in what other teams could do. Could offer okay just yearly let's let's look at it easier than this that this is the way to understand it better. That breaks down as Indiana could offer George almost nine million more per year. Than any other team that's fought 41 point four million other teams can given 32 point nine now. Indiana can only give him about two point six because he can make or these teams now they can only get over about two point six million more per year. Then these other squads assault only you know three million dollar difference in what they can offer. Paul George has never shown never said look I'm all in on Indiana everybody's always talked about he's an LA guy they talk about you know obviously the lakers make a push for him. And at this point if you were Indiana. Who he's got one more year left on this contract. You have got to start seriously thinking about trading him now. Because there's a good chance you'll get to the end of his contract after next season and did nothing and you get zero so so this I would think ins that because they cannot at this point. They're not able to give them a heck of a lot more than the other teams it's not it's not that much of a difference would have been and this all goes this new provision that was built into the the seagate it's all about it all follows Kevin Durant departure it's about keep it in the big stars at home that's what's that's that's what's about. Indiana would have had that advantage of built a huge advantage if he had made one of these three. All NBA teams he does not and now it's probably gonna cost them. Any chance to keep Paul George for the future so it's a it's a big deal Gordon Hayward got basically the same thing going on. It's obviously would have been able offer him a lot more to stay. These guys I am not making that things a big deal. And we we talked about it we tweet we talked about all the things of CB day and this was rightly was an act the fun when we start talking about the changes but this is a big deal I. Yeah access huge deal and I will say I think it's still the best method. I still think me having media vote on it as most of fans and owners is still the best way to do it. Because think about this way. Players don't trust their owners owners don't trust the players and you cannot like it is already said were scaling back and involvement in the all star voting because you can't really trust fans either fans aren't exactly well some jazz because price so I think this. Players won't do you know players don't wanna do it uses the best I saw what happened when Tony Allen had a cast his vote for the all star team right he put like. Luke Babbitt in you as his vote right they don't think it seriously right. You know I think media buyouts listen to Bryant went hoarse the other day and I don't know what show it was but he was saying like. You know even called Paula georgians and I'm not gonna unite going to be on my list. Yeah so I Derek and there are lots of guys I don't know they also get a seriously is brown when north does but. I think there are probably a few that do mean you know so I think that's still probably the best way to determine. You know who gets the did the bit you can get the biggest contract is if you have media members voted it is a pleasure and an army but you know it expects the wise mom and Marc Gasol not almost up. One of the precincts. The question you know I think the India under Jordan yeah I mean I don't know I believe I I agree he did get votes a big market at 48 votes so he was close. He was close. But you guys maybe dominating the edge was the average or his team in the four in I had a media there so I mean something good stock closed between two of about it because there's a rule for his problem thirteen now. So I think that's you know go bears and the second thing. He's so man I'm neither of them are no he's not he's got in my is a stud though and I'm not saying I'm going to exit mad about defensive so I'm not god he's had a nugget get mad about the all NBA teams I'm just not. Am I gonna allow myself all doors to get mad about it called article real money and Gordon Hayward exactly. But I did aim albeit massive you'll still get paid he'll be in LA also rich should have refined yet it'll be August sucks for him off did us. Do you just say it better this next worry as you can next time he could to save our bread it's okay here you do if you're doing all right so this good of bear he. A very sad story. Revolving around guardians of the galaxy volume two. Brendan vez Mars of 37 year old man from Austin, Texas who took a woman named crystal cruise on a date first date. To a movie theater guardians of the galaxy buy into a crowd again great film. Great film and you need to accept that what's sad part the sad part is. Is that on the state. She decided at some point to take out her phone and text. And so after the date concluded and everybody went their separate ways. Bread and as more slaps crystal with a lawsuit seven trillion dollars and 31 cents. For texting during the movie that's the price of the ticket at the 3-D movie seventeen dollars and 31 cents he is suing this woman. For that amount of money for the price of the ticket she was texting they met. On an online dating app called bumble. And a taillight sat. Is this dude. This dude is a supreme to slower. Okay what is happening means he's a worse I'll go. You did tells me that he is though heading our unbelievable seventeen. Dollars and what is our own what is on the market according to file that lost him or what's the point here well first of law. Let's start here if you're going to do a first date. Absolute worst place to do it is that a movie theater they get I'll teach you can't talk you don't get to know the person. I don't know about you know hopefully you've had dinner and force we know it's not who knows that while I just to a for the dinner today since she didn't care about the rest of the evening you know. I that would happen if he just they just met the movie theater and there's nothing about bitter and here so. They arrived at the theater to see guards of the galaxy volume two and she started texting fifteen minutes into the movie. Now here's the other part to take into consideration. It's hard for women out here man. Specially when you beyond online dating. I'm sure she told her friends about this guy that she is meeting from this app you don't know him from Adam. It's hard. There are lots of creeps in predators out here man my so she could have been texting people to say. Hey I met up with them everything is good arms safe while you could do that Justin in the previews the job throughout the entire movie could let people know you're safe from that you don't have a chance to sit down here in your ticket you know a year a year you don't have a chance eating popcorn you have to your kids do that -- that this is our first chance to do it suggests that she just had the text their friends have safety seems OK and that he's a mini series you of course. And so he's not oh no this is clear she was texting throughout the movie. Doubt moments later crews told Bismarck she'd be right back after he asked her to sat test texting. And suggested she go outside she then go left the theater drove away is that she put. That I wanted to know if she doesn't make the right choice you don't want any part of his mission was to take the movie you know what that's her free agent right Jason. I don't know why do great things available data do they tell you in the movie theater put your phones away now that she was trying to blow blown out of their have you guys seen guardians of the galaxy going to knock here's yes great movie like lower savings texting deer and that movie. He wanted out it's not it's not legal it's you can say it's edit kit it's proper etiquette but they should the bride is all the way down and it won't describe what she got there she senses something was all put this dude. I keys are unlikely scenario Miller is an attack. And yet now when you get you see the results the results don't you feel like. Am glad that is both try something she'll have crazy to say I'll be right she's a he said subtext in police she's okay. I'll be right back. Yeah. At odds yeah do brother way back so he actually wrote a piece this morning. All is unbelievable on medium dot com not ease sums wrong of him this is what he says I've enjoyed. Provoking a national discussion on texting in movies I love the cinema with its one of my great joys in life of the cinema and perhaps I've owed it to this. This of a loaded this declaration of fealty I've made I've I've needed to get some complaints on dating etiquette gone awry. I wanted to weigh in on some structural gender issues in our society notably as a minute I have a right to chime in on these are all good things. But the edge of fear exists within me because I care about people and because there have been people involved. In trying to shadow of the phenomena texting in movies and it unaccountable online dating inclinations. I pray I have not Saturday when in the process I can be a reckon ball I know it's one thing about me I'd just nobody at the right targets by the way. She met up with him and gave him the seventeen out pretty wants all it's kind. And she went to Bob swim way above and beyond anything she has to do what a freaking loser dude knows it's you have what you have done is you have just insured. That for the rest of time you'll never have another day. A a feels that way about Denis take complain about announcing an anthem the pardons but John your buckets of privilege and that thing decency over to the credit just overdid it priorities are a real little I guess people are asking him at the grocery store at church why how he feels. Do you really perceive that not. If you do you think that's disk anymore I don't you feel about them how do you how many people do you think noticed that he's not saying how do you feel about them pulling this tablecloth out from under you and taking you out there ask no don't look at somebody cares how you feel about it Kelly Clarkson singing the National Anthem. Carrie Underwood singing I'm no good all know what Lady Antebellum nobody gives a Java about didn't cave more diplomats I feel like these guys that this this is the same dude has some guy inflated you know. Ego that on the on the use this. I sit a model that says soon is that it's that ability they got themselves just freeze their assets are playing yet big that's what yes that's what I'm saying and she sensed that as soon as she met him and she got a heck out of there brown do whatever she could to get out that was a vet move. She said it in my what is your excuse me I'll back and given the Argentine dollar I'll be right back may she dusted his past six got away. As soon I heard you can hear the tires on the asphalt when she pulled off David. But he got his money. But he succeeded in making himself look like the world's biggest jackass that process and before the the world but at least he brought awareness. To texting in movies and gender roles texting that's an at the cinema thank you so much let's worry. Cavaliers and Celtics to nine game to the. You know just trying to get through a job or just trying to get through these playoffs in the finals it's been like a desert quite frankly. Trying to find that oasis that is Cleveland and Golden State won't get there soon I took over world are all the way we're on the way to get a few more games left but caps to make a little bit mr. I realized this according ESP and they are looking to match the 8889 lakers they can tonight for the longest win streak. In NBA policies in history they've won twelve straight they win tonight it would be thirteenth. So they can make history tonight from Boston. Obviously we know it's a must win but they here's the other reasons the most potent wind and didn't realize LeBron James A LeBron James team. Has never lost a post season series actually a 20 lead once he's up 20 it's over he's torn you know in those situations and no team has ever come back from multiple to a deficits. In a single post season we know that Boston was down to go to the bulls and the first season so nothing's ever come back into a LeBron as well came with another big performance can. Can tie some great seed maybe go passing grades in terms of greatness he's one he's 130 point a game away from Thailand might Michael Jordan. For the most consecutive thirty point games under the current playoff format that's so since 8384. He scores at least point five points and shoots at least 50% before tonight. It's another great Kareem Abdul Jabbar for the most consecutive gains of at least point five points and effective. Fifty field goal percentage in the NBA policies and mr. beat India ten. We've talked about LeBron dominance in these playoffs. He's been so dominant that he's brought these conversations of is he the greatest of all time. Hum. We we won't go there again we visited I think we both we finished on he is not now but. It's going to happen at some point he's going to pass Michael Jordan as the greatest of all time. Somebody who believe he is already I'm not going there and sometimes but LeBron is dominating these files. Better we don't want better suited than Michael Jordan no was duty they're better shooters and he did did you what you believe that before hand that debt debt LeBron was a better three point shooter might know. No I still got. I would bet my house on and I would have lost or are also likely that in your house and then I look I don't I don't. Did someone at work today at BST someone brought up to me actually in in my defend my Michael Jordan fans well lamb was further back when my play and we can play that game. But you gotta give LeBron suspect he's at he's at 34 look Mike was a 32% shooter. Not effort now here's what I told my guy we kept arguing about this going off the show we get from Debian and you cannot I don't care if LeBron gets to the greatest player and we've ever had you can not tell me you do my generation. George generation whatever generation is that when that time is running down. Or you need a male Nightline at the end of the game were you what the ball supplies had to win you the game yeah ten times out its hand for the rest of eternity right. You're going to take Michael. I think about my generation mergers you had done maybe even you young cats I think about going to take Michael LeBron at the end of the game my generation that's what matters my generation version generation. There's also a generation in between and that's the Toby duration unlocked so when Jordan Kobe LeBron and Durant. Do you staff. Now as I can now they've gone. Now I think LeBron is probably LeBron ends of the grated the first British player I remember in my generation and yet guys are going to be they'd they remembered a rare. Now staff certainly is dominating. I'm saying is he's on the greatest player comes down and held up the same general I was there you know and you're saying by comes a guy play or generate generated outside or just oh yeah. Big I think that's true I think that is Smart. Yes I wouldn't yes and that means some LeBron does not known for game winners know exactly and he's a terrible free throw shooting even you put him on the wanted Danielle what you can get ahead Pakistani tries to avoid you know lost because LeBron is so great he doesn't have to put himself in game when a situation of the game is sealed. The game is sealed before. You can make the argument that these bees is better than LeBron because it just gets taken care of in the third quarter man. It didn't concert that you know that might if he gets to take your own party Endesa said Lamar yes aren't dead yet he's better than than Mike because he just takes care of his business third course dog there's no drama on the fourth wedges to take this. How does I don't lose in the finals wrapped up bro don't lose in the finals if you don't do is take care yeah physically I never did Mike LeBron it's physically the best player ever. I mean no debate he's a bright bright inside and they don't laugh like life and let Rosa Sebastian wrote yesterday god rest his soul he can be with us today. But roads are said. Okay will score a hundred points yes he was unlike inning that they gave an ever seen when he came along but there have been. About a million people Bill White will since then you know who play the NBA front. That I. I think we will see a prototype like LeBron I'm telling you are so broad only yesterday you want to deduct GR US. There's a seven foot or they can do the stuff we've never seen from a seven footer he says hey he's the that is seen as well now he's got wrong is wrong on he's bad on nobody will never be as strong as LeBron he you cannot tell me you don't play strong dominant game what it's still the same thing John realized physically you're saying they're they're different but he's he's doing something and a side as we've never seeing deaths of physically different than anything I've ever said like like. He said he sees it exactly check out an angle up and down the floor where a ball and playing point Geiger. Summit of its own town eat it if if anybody in the league now could do it yeah change it yeah it's that guy that's that I figure you that I hear you that that's a good point but yes David beat goes on tonight let me come back Daren Bates in studio Tennessee titan might not we will talk to him about everything he's got going on that's next days and John at a time and ESP. Beer bellies are overweight and unhealthy for diabetics. So by your primary care doctor Lou is where else play console diesel is a film pound of fat per day as much as thirty pounds and thirty days completely healthy and without any exercise. Hi I'm doctor she domino how each other programs and just didn't work did you put the weight back on. Funeral is a several weight faster easier this time fully a true weight loss program just a man who is up to half a pound or even have to pound a day without starting a taste is packaged food. 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I don't you all have we got Jean break everybody down and we got there debates across from as the foam around. The ball carries both Christian Brothers and olive branch star. First three years a CBH as right based. First three years and last about Bristol went on Auburn who as we got to build together another Oliver's within minutes. When mechanics of numerous times yeah where you've yes. And now I think guys are Jabari price over say it before. From Minnesota Vikings defense of that. I'll tell you we got a week we could literally go to war right now in these civilian vehicles who got little bro. There you little brother you and you broke and you broke the news our show last week that Janata dual headed in addition to this and run and he's cashed in on new head football coach at fair that we are excited about are really excited we're really excited must bid you taught those kids a list they must decide that it. I'm telling you we my first team meeting Monday. You know I got a call from low G it's a closed airlift. My adult. In order call from him he's congratulating me not congratulations Carlos. Assuming you gotta come see America seeks each kid over your name. And a I. I had seen the key did what his word of mouth you know he would of come to know of anything to keys like why out my hand you know. And so pretty pretty excited about a quarter rankings. He seeks usual gonna admit to tackle and then ended dean but he's a big key it and I'll look forward to. I usually know right now you don't know I'm all these of these coaches or are you keep the other coaches offer my you don't keep on the other schools awful you know if that's the thing you got a player these days with some other schools look at my afternoon. I might try to come diction I'm not understand and understand it may have but he says saying those guys sounds like bill when those skills while being. You know I'm there's Google doesn't help me Omar Omar first day if it is in the team needs. And they love coats. We know seeing in the goes Cozumel colonias can't disclose. You know being visited him and told to do a little while. On the political on this coat rack you know it's been so they're pretty excited me a week real week we get out and ran around mainly just the energy. You know seen the community come out and we try to bring this way it yourselfers you know absolute gun I'm I don't think it's going to be a trying thing I think we can expect you to bring about brother now now Bates and debates and we talk about Marlon Brown did in their last week. McManus everybody all these guys are participating. In your camp tomorrow they'll all be involved. Right right right the we'll go get after tomorrow man what are the star. 11 o'clock may registration is live McLeod isn't. This box office live say it's easy to get there early to register at 11 o'clock will be on the field role in its way. Okay I see you like 300 at their last in an added to it now like an age groups eight to 78 to 79 to say retain and regain it we are routine free AZT. Course slots from beating his per. We dornin for free. So I initially keys can go to school for free me give the wonderful individual a different life a better life and for parents for parents of prospects it is a wonder involved as have you got some for them to somebody's got bus miss you guys are patient just don't put a minute in the in the sky about its mandate and the Boehner. The bonus doctors and wanna speak to the payers about concussion awareness sudden cardiac risk at day's best shot at Piccadilly for opera and the full don't you go those jobs are there may it'll come out you only good to go watch his son get after it and it's all well and that a lot of that the FD Bates is bird. How often get back home. Target as was and down and as a lot easier to be you know our Oakland today. If you are confident care in those who feel horrible because most of our being there for the caribou at Mozilla can't argue about it. Hedging when you Allred went well don't tell would Jean before hand was as they're developed overtime backyard it's hard murdered for you. Part of that's part of age group. No tell me this thumb. You talked about being in Tennessee now being in Nashville marches are in contract with a dollar about Leven. John Martin's greatest to go down to go solve the compilation of these tight that's how we lost RJ best special favors they said Bo Ryan talked earlier and he's here to Berlin where you feel terribly Libya because all. So it's about leave the man who signed a three year deal nice you get their money are you about his new opportunity with titans. Arm as grade are glad to be first Harlow Rebecca Tennessee. No did play for the tie organizers right is the jays should never have been out targeted approach to beauty due date in her hometown team. This is where our new overcome detain those who do they should maybe play our. And they are most of abusing all played in this last year Oakland. But this can be used a big big big Lou began victory for former Tennessee ties. What was that like 'cause you you finally broke through and Oakland. I made the playoffs obviously Derek goes down with a broken leg my Christmas was ruined maps are yours was they are very much out of sync my lad anyone opening president or satellite satellite out like why does he get while we wanna play action this is ridiculous they were up by thirty points was it was it hard though going from a place where you know like they're gonna be really really good legged legitimate the next 67 years. Gone to a place where they have it broken through yet was that a difficult decision. Are on the on the road to guard. A look at the gone back and we'll keep you look at film and her family played every game and learn from our you know. Got lucky gambler right there are they right around noon and Wayne Arthurs who you can see that it loses. While more stood that they needed at Louisville keys he keep these here and a new Fenway before us are more Oakland. You know you can feel OK who's you'd be here they approve her Grail. Are big here and I got clear rounds that you got originals so you know you see either of these things this thing might be. Good on paper are with you and me we're gonna think we're the type. You have made your career and special things. Right leg I mean when I even and I feel they can you can really car about a career for yourself if you want to do that other stuff right so they if you describe in your position to somebody. Like what what do you do like what how would you describe what you do and in the NFL. Nude therapists especially attained ghoulish sort of our closest friend whose car do you know you have to do guru it. The beaded fifth air. And to show from every team chain partners downpour we're Carlsberg changed the won't a guy like that or maintained you know. There are one of the amount you know just aren't just from our background as do almost entertain a multiplayer. Do you read we know if if I have you back estate that you didn't do that you know if I had to go. Oh block or return to do this in the army to do it because expand tomorrow than you know the more you can do better through a special about it. A lot of guys like would almost look at that is like insults like a lot of Hamas special teams got a criminal they are almost our own deep inside the ball you can pay like yeah I mean there isn't there's gonna be said though for being able and to do them. Us who have may have I ever. Our house safer for our guys before me. The united us or do would that I didn't know what I didn't understand you know I think that is priceless things the current. Are we start on defense and I never got conspiracy were. But consider an affair you know Oscars take those sodas. Of this guy longevity he placed her feet out and he played for twelve years fifteen yeah. So we love you get there and you haven who are you got to keep working hard and it's no fun to wages through two major sort of bears often you know. I think yelled craziest laws on the team. I've gotten better us and got an audio without a blow himself up you have the blue hues used gazans should always showed especially you know. When you go I you have arms. This guy's ship is that what she is very cute but how salute who are every team every game played Lamar you played him twice a year wars. I have to accomplish what attitude because they overlook me are who wants he gave his fans are moves aren't there. Now after it began you play every Thursday crows or vehicles come of saying a target new borrow your youth rugby board you've got to we have a warrant was right. Not to get argued there was big harvest there are from a key moment in here today. Did I have bring us of just as physically it's it's it's it's crazy but the last some us are usually was Christian Muslim and olive branch you identity for your house if we go to all of them but you were US safety then look at Hitler from our backward. Thank you Judy and now you're allowed back over the side. Did you take up the whole table local what it is you almost look like. Walking around that you love the amount tar bursting of our lives and foods are 230. How do you keep that up. What's the what's that what's it like for you and another guy I don't know. Nobody really did just you know you got to Yale days you do three hours and we got to do either Lil giddy Donald I got to. Yeah I played up I have thought about trying to figure out. I got there isn't bruises with you which used to Lexington blue outsider you with with your form wise who coaches both both Fargas was it was a cast NC VHS it was a sand sold out every router that you with those yeah. Announced a pilot he wants it's hard tomorrow in char go fishing will mushroom. He defended Tuesday and there's as far as that is carp are elected the crowd to fish or a chart gloat don't count yeah. Okay it's a good idea that vision our target and it. As you somewhere that would dollar and we talk about with the gene and that's one of the reasons he seven you haven't that they won't concussions for these parents because that week with all the information we have mountains oceans and what can happen. Is that something you think about or every every day because we've got the information that I've got to. A good. Obviously I want to be concerned about my health and after football was something you've got to put on him out of your mind because. When you NFL did you you've got to be locked in like how do you approach it isn't you know what I mean is is that he just only at hopefully it doesn't happen to me. And you put your mind or do you think about safety unit every day. Yes let's think about faith you know early February. We'll fill you know if so can change the way we tackle. We are usually used you know he's showed he's about a week earlier given that. They're big groove doing things that way she can feel better about your take yourself in new vetted you know. Longevity and I have a conclusive and having a CT circles where are. I ask you a question because I've seen NFL guys some home I'm not many with a bit of students that I would not let my someplace because now I because I've been I know what is slightly Yury unit would you would you let your kid play were you comfortable enough that there's techniques out there. And don't look just because our our warm and teach them absolutely. Right correct way of I would never say I wouldn't remarks are plenty of Obama. As in Columbia bridge must have to do ebitda for over a different tees and corrode the right way where you know futures are fairly. What is the the less than that you had to learn. About being a professional in the NFL and everybody has something different what was the lesson for you what did you need to learn. Am just how to be a plural are armed pro wrestler Marc Lambert closed or moved armies is Odierno term desperate fitting. Did you do that BM is food and if you are tired in early are you'll get his game passes from our alliances. In his encourages may have failed to note did you see other guys doors that you are from older he is far replaces and smashing those. You'd maybe YouTube beyond government a used car. It looks like as and you to you'd mentioned earlier. Which come over the titans it looks like a perfect spot looks like a team that's ready to take over the AFC south I'm I'm sure that's how you feel this is a Philly you've got all the pieces. That'd both of on both sides of the ball and they're they've added some receivers as a cornerback. Does it feel like all the pieces of data found. Take this divisional. There are a fire on his right Ilia like this are on paper it was really viewed her as pressured to do is enough electorate that is going to be warm earth easily move Louisiana come up informal week. OK will be doing is disturbing they have bill Hewitt and half ago. The it looked did you strongly can be Doritos. And if these players are we here. Elicited this little bit is for both theology in there and for you debates but but if you guys were giving advice to. So to kids to guys that are high school now don't wanna do elect all have them that wanna get their college education speculated that scholarship. Possibly the father dreamed of NFL. What do they need to be doing. Right now to prepare themselves or to get ready because are allowed obviously only a chosen few can go. But how can you get yourself prepared what all goes into what they need to be doing right now. Well first I think you need to have goals. Yeah you start over rightly goes and you mere remain every every morning you wake of hubris of TV look at those girls those goals will push you. Two door which we are that's how you do go arteries looks like you're from experience right what you do army told. On the mirror mirror every morning and I always go buy a seat okay ought to be else safety issues. One of the also be Mitch you know or even more in our wool coat would go them oh on the deal academic RO you know me so everything. There are deed was told my girls. Fun though if I wanted to ask for the token play as an active plan entities can do it you know to me because. Then I want bill that time ago. So just things like they keep me at alma matter keeping it eighteen day old mom or where I'll wanna be where I wanna go and Nolan is attainable yet. New owners is time I don't know about you based social. He did around the neighborhood and our membership boundaries from our for a narrower. When we can't shirt over school more judicious move we've ever had saved our man are going to use to download you have to do from every day. When you come in different ways in China for whatever sports you plant in man also remembered. Don't Cuba Cuban bandages or sport. Sharply everything he came even if it is now would be cool thing you blew it can help you wanted our aren't you know best part of new Obama. So man who never served our industries are that's a basketball there so I brought. Yeah yeah. Didn't want to million unit was all a bed. Yeah I forgot about those days manual you wouldn't yeah you elected glue GAAP. And it was a beacon score. Is that there. Yeah because gore and I don't love you. How might well not well. Let him shoot the Hawaiian Gardens out. If he was going to hold you wanna get in front left and I think there are sort of thing though not. Let they who has alienated out of position. On the tape when I got to parallel and a major on his you know ourselves and made these things are you know mobile eight. Asian all of whom are yeah yeah. It is old what do a bizarre. Are we now I know I know how he plays man to see a play about now I played stupid you fell all the time and it's it's. Right OK okay oh I might buy it is true. A united party I'm not going to Life Time Fitness with the US like here you're quite late ever alleged or my team that's the only way that works as devotional record where's the national center ring out from Auburn was who doesn't love the theater. Guard the other two though and other loved every day with my day got a morals over the ground in Afghanistan to shoot your guard down the program that that's who. Yeah well that's it was I didn't. BC news that serves through the why. All one I figured that I man. They're cute they're a cute way of fully let you go you're in Nashville now predators are in the in the western promised our cameraman in the room or are you like intuit and the hockey. AMP BitTorrent or get a volume thing else you know you did great hockey player because did you wanna skates and I go on that bush. With just the sober and AA there have been those that led by about that. A good thing or take it took so far episode we've been to again Ivan Dario pregame he is in the I'm retired and you have got UDF thriller video aired yet you really get Jersey. On our view tomorrow pro bush. Our minutes you and I got Mahmud how amount that you know is going on like yeah attitude. Every time Margo I don't know some not always are no more rules and let the third term away. I really got it down pay amount here about the night the fans and other t.'s new material this low carb. So that I downloaded and I understand they now almost than the players who play by the same time. And his is his parliament Evans who crede got to go to game six of that and as at the plan. Yep I could be in there a plan to be living in one on those on this column a and and then you have. Us more good times in Nationalists there based gene Robson a whole crew in here this Saturday make the right call football camp registration tomorrow at 11 AM. At aluminum yes sir present a balanced appreciates are you good to catch up welcome back in just a minute war moved into is that 125. Dazed and done I tennis and ESPN. Easy money my. I did I hear your chance to win the might get my dream finals stakes presented by Dell for small business during the night like Monday at 6011080140. Winning more. 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As Don dungy has a centered 56 memorized. You've column of the 50944053. Could visit them all on the honey suicide dot com. That's Don Don junior 5699. Now Mariah get over there today until my got really Richmond that Jason's been such. All right we're back Jason and Jon and ninety TI event ESP and you also get us in the nineteen out of NB SP and at this is your App Store and Google play I need and he just out. And he just up and they need to do this today as matter of fact some. Part of doing it destination wedding first of all it's a great luxury because it's much cheaper. And until Amanda did you have you've had way to go momentum you have much fewer people worry about in terms of invitations which goes back to being cheaper. It's a you know the people who are there. Am I gonna say it's asking a lot of them it is it is that you your ass they really want to be out there they are the people that that wanna be there and that's you bet there there there are some people who will not make it like bush could make it but absolutely nobody. But part of do in the destination wedding is that while it is cheaper and in some ways better. We are responsible for the reception. We are responsible for. The music specifically. Mean we don't have a DJ because DJ their ungodly expensive and Mexico they're like 2000 dollars for thirty minutes like no joke what yet astonishingly saying there were four yeah wow that's equation right. So they got to come to the resort they gotta have their I don't know why it's expenditure and paying their resorts and let them also sounds like I guess I am I guess that's exactly right I don't know anyway we decide that's a way to expend a yeah so what we've done is we've negotiated within our reception hall or whatever it is and it on the resort he. That we can play our own music through the phone. Over there as speaker system. So we're sort of acting as our own DJ us where you're going OK now that's and so I need some help. From yeah all. From YouTube. And from our listeners what wedding songs do I have to have boo all my playlist for this wet. Yeah you should give us some time to prepare well and I must say that I'm I'm so we can do it you know throughout its eyes wanted to get talked thinking about this because. I'm wouldn't next part is my last shot is our last show there were about let's show and so there the middle of June basically. So we got to get thinking about this and I think now's the perfect time to do it. You know I think gun. You know forever by Chris Brown that's of classy that's the problem is like song that's really cool because not all older your African though you guys are neutral wanna know they gonna have those people there that I respect your musical opinion in your taste. Are well I'd seriously. Any wedding you have to happier now about with a reference. Really think that's church here and now yet you gotta have a minutes it's. It's required almost a decade put up well yeah whatever it is a little things are noted as those lights it sounds just like the it's like when the of the national chairman James Overton and he's thing and once I went down a moment it is that beautiful and we use once had a moment now well it would be funny you probably suitable for you off. It would be suitable for you as her chilly feel good goofy that's why not me though like battening our form and it's like well like we're considered if we're we're we're going to a few days like we're thinking about are what some are we going to what's gonna be our first dance and that's what we destiny here announced these. Think we're we're considering. The Adele cover of make you feel my love. You know I'd go yeah yeah yeah I mean I think that that you're gonna look back on the and say well she's not you know. Let us on his untimely this is time you've heard my house making about them eleven not time I mean it's just not gonna be remembered in the grand scheme of things. Islands. To life people nowadays with a song for the first time they just ask you this transcends race and does it it does it on it and a chance. No I'm not asking keep listening to a but this transcends race is that this isn't just that black people sweating through everybody listens to Luther I'm not saying they built a Tennessee across so we danced to Van Morrison as a first dance song. This is not going to be a person if I let integrates knowledge is like a war for a so what he's an Obama whether. I think that it's not knowing where there's no I'm not saying is that now your mistake when I got a few months do you get a different songs like you got to add the song that you candidates would do monster you got to add the song is Ann's gonna.