Jason & John - 3/20/17 - Hour 3 w/ Evan Daniels

Jason & John
Monday, March 20th

Jason & John open the 3rd hour talking Grizzlies. Evan Daniels from Scout.com and Fox Sports 1 joins the show next to talk College Basketball.


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I had look at look at the south regional or I know I'm norm you know talk about Memphis here but look at what she got here it's not just the fact that we've got a list of kind of basketball you've got. The top four seeds advanced through they'll be great games here in the south region I know the east as messed up. You know without duke without Villanueva of the MSG. You'll get you know Wisconsin's play well the term has been great and we said that first day was born because everything kind of went according a lot of wall thing is off the rails in my bracket right now is. You know I've. It's got off the rail I could have been gone off the rails that much. And the reason why would they like golf for one seeds out of pesticide and how to I don't know on the massive brawl well for once the media to put things in life hell for movie weekend every. Here's my thing here's my they. March in this tournament is defined by. Historical have nots. Making waves in the in this turn right and unfortunately. Even your aides and your sevens who are. Throw you who are you limiting the ones and twos our teams that are historically relevant every single year. Sorry that I don't care about Wisconsin so I don't know I don't care about Michigan has not like Z Opteron is not one of these are not plucky little upstarts. These are programs that have been in the final four those decisions are pro that have won national champions institute and the old that the only double digit seed. You know that they had a great upset the 125 Minnesota was favored. And tissue was favored in that game. So we have not we have not had any great stories in March that's my problem what's the best way right now on this term. The stories themselves the story lines themselves have left something to be desired I suppose that yeah there is no there was no grades are beyond corn action and and that day. You know if that's what you're looking for is great story of our and then you can make that argument whether we're part of it itself has been outlets and everybody's looking for the everybody wants a great Cinderella story they want they want some you retirement like the Austin police story last week coach Lou so we had on what I what they're Al Gore used Hamas or just great stories all across the you know or poor folks days out there's always there's always had at least one team a year where they're not only that you have to have one of those old have a good tournament you obviously do I think they're either you wanted to wind. I mean I was gonna watch I think big gains have not been as great but I think we we haven't really gotten a a super classic game yet. That's the other thing like Michigan Oklahoma State was good it was good like it was a high scoring game. But we haven't got like some great buzzer beating Arizona Saint Mary's over the weekend was good right now do something on again to what it was like Ozzie and I the last two minutes lasted good luck well good years left in and I take them and I wanted to win just because I pick them with arrest good lord at the end of the game they're trying to. They're trying to get deep doo can McCarron it's ridiculous. Virginia Florida it was a great go yeah exactly all right as it's actually came not only do we not have a great storyline. I mean though they Capcom mechanisms out which I agree is a great storyline people are sick of Lavar ball. Right there's not a great strong what do you wish they had them throwing and you had not had any classic games yet let you have got you have a guy and a great march game yet. Maybe this week sixteen delivers a mean the certainly they have the south region has a chance. Well Memphis got that this has been very fortunate now this is the second time they've had this regional FedEx Forum and they've gotten the top four seeds have moved on. Each time last summer it was Carolina. Oh all of a circular on Wednesday under the top four seeds in there and they all moved on and now and again this time with Carolina. And they thought they had this July 16 two years ago. Did they get ahead a 3680 yeah they did I mean through 20092009. When they had it all top secrets on is the third round at guard at Florida Dade and stand birdie and it didn't pay out of 1000 crappy draw the dollars compared to this day is next stay inferred new date was awesome. And UCLA data was they it was great his agent they travel they also say you know alt O we wound up about them nobody yet but like I will say like that that's what this tournament is missing is a Dayton. You don't mean like when there is no date well. I am against each well and you are around the wrong that which is told Dayton game you watched both of them both those teams are also that it takes and told Paul begala got a really good and they could upset a lot of teams. And so it was kind of a shame that they had to play each other in the first round I guess Kentucky was just it was pretty good that that was what you were told a high level does it got delivered that came down the man and Obama would ever watched. Whenever I watch woods on the and what do Gregg Marshall who he had a fourth Faisal players and we'd be unbelievable what it should. The problem what begay was a cinema happening when it happened as cinema to segregate. You know I mean I should have been a sweet sixteen or deleted tied the game and because this was a state it was a sit around and the other thing a light that just says freshman class done the one that's going to be in the frequent lottery coming up here in Indiana couple months Dugard they're everywhere with a ball whether it's the end fox. I mean multi month when he and I are good for Kentucky's abode but the air and was fantastic when they're there's they're all over the place all these young in this is a once this this debt this draft coming up. We've we've discussed is super deep. And you've got a ton of these guys these first you guys in this armor not been to an end just for those guys who will be great story of if can zags a filing makes a final four. Doubt be a great secret store. But outside of that yet I'm not super Sean Miller found an isotope found Edwards at the store for him and our prayers obviously have been trying to dry drowning and celebrate their final form yet. There's there's stories out there jock does things on that there's been stuck. It's been a crappy time added I feel like it's the other way around I feel like beat the entire season was. I don't belong. And finally we've got back to okay well this is why we like college basketball again South Carolina so there is South Carolina had daddy Dick yesterday. I'd view you're agreeing with me right now. I'm not a so I think it's been defined term another first day of the year go off at first they always everything just on one accord the play and we got a bunch of upsets now we've had some good games you mentioned which does they can tell if you want. It's been the target and thank gosh because the basketball season selfless I disagree I disagree I always considered it. But I think that Jay John cal Perry come back to Memphis wolf in some noise out OJ. If when this yet like gonna meet a media available are is that magazine Havel before that but elections are so I'm sure does before they leave it's Thursday. This thing is that his is media availability is Thursday with the with the form you're dumber here on saying usually you surely he'll talk to local guys yeah Ali and where you're going I love life you want an easier when Gary probably well yeah and that will dominate the conversation. Well that's out of that I when we come back. Tell Parsons underwent surgery. This morning I talk about that David does have some interesting things to say Antonio Daniels will join us at 145 you talk about all the coaching changes that have been. Over the weekend and things that could it is that are about to happen with evidence will do that at 125. Stick around Jason John and it's not a fan ESPN. These days 5 AM till 9 AM. This is my life. Just your body shop is the best body shop and down day. The original location at 2916 summer avenues. 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And no rewards member it's free it's easy it's fast that way next time you're there you can earn points while. You spend a run out of parts better parts better prices every day. Which our numbers fully. As we talked about earlier sounds like Jon Mann's Ali come on board. What's your Memphis Grizzlies are playing well all of a sudden all the sudden they're looking like they're old. Successful cells having won four in a row after Saturday night's huge win. Over San Antonio John the defense is back it's that simple but filled four straight opponents to fewer than 100 points. And all four of those games now are w.s and I realize. I'm on I'm not saying this to say John I was right you're wrong on what you see now you see now. The ripple effect that that plan Chandler what it wasn't just about. Next year are related and that's important only give you that and I had Currie told the next three B that is truly important. But you're killing what she had right now and you had to say for the for those guys for the rest those guys on that team that. You know are used to a certain way of winning are used to a certain level of expectation of winning here. You had to think was wearing on the costly China to fit that that that round peg into a square hole. It wasn't working you sat him down. They're playing better candidate and now it's just an all share a we said the efforts have been better. Since he's been gone gotten guy guys' effort gotten pretty shoddy quite frankly before and I think Tony Allen's one of the guys that you got the point that. Hum and sitting him has worked he's come back he's been the face again the juice is fair and it's it's it's it's look like the team of that we've. That we've W. Houston that we know and love and did you hear would Tisdale said after the game Saturday when he talked about Tony Allen. He said it's not just on the court mom it's in the locker room who says not. The staff spear that's what that's what that's what I have been sent a hole that's what our residents wonder does that and all done is that spirit on the team is our spirit whisper. New genre there he knows better than anybody about Tony Allen's. So you're ready to come on board and dad both your eyes when you say that next harmless. You know and you realize you realize that. Look I noted there and we we officially close the book on channel Parsons today without surgery. We hope will be you know finished here but you realize now. That watchers that there's enough here jar and I realized K because the basic argument was look you're not. Don't win a NBA championship with this clock yet but. What we can all do is be happy with how this team plays in Yemen and have and then whistle thing you know whatever dude you can be happy with the way the squad plays and we've seen and they beat the best teams in the league when their own when they're on top the other day when Tony's engage in you've got Mike and mark played well. They can play and that's you roll the dice fascinating days basketball Sabrina yeah exactly so you do it right you rolled the dice out there in that book that's a we're wee bit OK with that we have been OK with Heyward I don't know you know we're not at a an NBA title contender. But we're damn sure gonna have fun being a playoff contender that's ever. Look these guys are good enough men that they can. They can make some noise no Alia beat San Antonio Golden State now Marie go that far but they can make some always make this thing fun for olympians well it's a good thing they've got a bag going. I will tell if they if they end up playing Golden State in the first down and terminal and it's not healthy. They would be Golden State. They ads they would beat them who you'd think they'd be goes say yes in a first concert I don't Kevin Durant is not healthy and not really able to play that well yes they Beagle I would say that if Golden State hadn't had this little three game set where they played three really bad teams and got a chance to get steps curry got a dozen I'm wrong yet match got a little bit of the group because he had been he had been. Unbelievably. For him but it is not eat do when you talk would you say Golden State it is not like when Kevin Durant is out it is not. Olson for the bulls a team flustered year's motto no we know not know it is not like on the race is the rim protector. There binge isn't as good movie they don't have Barbosa right. Barnes and Bogut manages space heaters space suit they should come every every you know always do more or mostly to committed like five minutes in either go. Over five or four or five that would determine if you don't play anymore the rest of the game but he can actually eight that's who come in and get twelve points and like a six minute stretch. Yeah I don't know if I would pick here is that a series but I now realize that competitor and I pace and I know that you know with coli Leonard if you do you talked about the the lack of success you've had against the spurs. Obviously Saturday night with with coli Leonard this time you beat them. But the John there's so much that Chris is so much better at the point guard position now Tony Parker has fought so much I'd stop. I'm not now I'm not non I'm not so you try and sometimes I get roses gonna do but I'm telling you that. It ain't like the old days where was the young fresh Tony Parker and you'd get killed at the point guard spot because you got the vet. Going against the young guy Mike Conley deluxe gonna win that match up now just about every now. Now now they missed I mean they opened up old for not a lot of shot of re in the in the first quarter oh for an hour for three but they finished up nine for the last nineteen from three which is which is good arm. But they they just missed their first nominee and the what to boom were open. The thing with collide. I would say he had eleven points in the first and scored one point in each half. That first half and I would probably say for the entire game he was something light. Three for twelve most three for thirteen. With Tony guarding him. And he scored those last five points in the first half we events on him he had the three in the he had the buzzer beater to in the first half Lou. But he was true for seven from the feel with Tony garden in the first half. She got locked in Tony Merritt didn't he go David we need so many keep this up throughout the regular that mean that that's something right because it goes up and down can he keep up this kind of level. From what their twelve games left in the they would have a 1213 games left a regular season has always got well if you don't it's a bit from this thing to say words that more on. Always got to stay at that low kink game drop back down when word was before the it'll for the losing streak. Yeah the the other thing that we had not talked about two in terms of the grizzlies developments. The title there is over yeah we did we come on do we found it also eleven when the Toney Douglas there is over. In favor of wind seldom salute to atone for its own don't Solon will never forget thank you don't we'll never forget. I'll say hi for your service. I give injury or so a lot of credit there but Tony Douglas margaritas delegates blue and it's harder to beat out. You know an amazing point guard to get to get the backup spot. But when they signed Toney Douglas that is basically them looking injury paerson and telling Andrew Pearson. We don't think we're good enough. We view as our backup point guard we are not good and we need to be better than you war even. And you just played better than Toney Douglas and he took a spot on the back took the backup point guard spot from him. You know that's a lot that's a rookie and it's easy to get dejected and it's easy to get down on yourself. And you that there are took the job back for toll Douglas did he. The folder love he could have folded a lot of he's put a lot of will a lot of rookies with his skill level and that kind of thing and just do what he's been through and he could unfold obviously I guess if you are gonna say some fringe airs and it's the stay tuned this install hustles that has never stopped in his eighties he stayed that way the whole time that. Don't wanna shoot better care but. From an effort standpoint. I know we say how he should be in the yet they need is still they need to get to five. In order for me does it feel any level of confidence about their first round odds they need to get the five. I don't wanna say Iraq it's I don't wanna see the spurred an illicit warriors I don't wanna see any combination of those things. Well I would odds I'd say dissolves say if if there player like if they're play like this one of the playoffs. They do they're gonna make it held one of those came here I'd they're gonna make it off they won't make telephone San Antonio they got to say they don't wanna see an end up played exactly it's gonna be San Antonio or Houston. They won't make it. Top form them. They have a chain usage and especially they won't make San Antonio can deal with that the San Antonio is as I mean there and saying you know that the that the like arguably the best. Franchise in for professional sports. But they will push around Houston they would you don't play like this there will push around Houston and make it tough for what is. What is won't include joy because I'm not a lot to you I thought I was out on PBS is seven days ago oh yeah you're one game on Pampers. It's set up is it dead they have a pretty manageable schedule like I could see them. Create some separation but it's not technically a minute they're playing they're knicks. The lakers and their ad Dallas they got Utah at home the kings at home what the wizards at home at Phoenix against the lakers again. So my outlet allowed w.s you would have to really bad teams and you'd the grizzlies really couldn't stub their toe in any other games coming out. But here you know you you're you're certainly within striking distance as of today. So serbians in the C. How that unfolds there any rate they are Roland right now and that is good. To see what we come back Evan Daniels from scout and fox sports he did join us we'll talk to him about all the coaching. Move it around college basketball the last few days and some movement he might expect. In the coming days and weeks Jason John Beckham at a night out event ESPN. In the 99 Simon bracket challenge. 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The year again time for the he's an infinity of Memphis today at least 5050 for 339 months for 39 month. It's 4499 initial payment expired license options extra help. 1808620. Or 06 for details call friends 330 on seventeen. Infinity is an official partner of NCAA men's basketball NCAA March Madness are registered trademarks of the national collegiate athletic association. Empowered to drop. To Jason and Jon. I don't know thank you Gordon studio did download on the 929 FM ES TS pass through your App Store on line. Espn.com. And 688 M. On that these two time. ESPN. I'm Smart she did that means a great time. To get out to Memphis to escape rooms you've hardly thought about mr. Abrams there for a while. It is truly an experience unlike any other in this town's. It's got an hour. And no way to get out of his room. By using clues and puzzle solving those puzzles. To get out I think so bring your Smart friends did you bring them friends. On the IQ level of rows or you don't the American we have a time just trust me on that's. Say it's a blast doesn't quite like get in this they've got seven different experiences that can accommodate up to ten people you just look. Through different rooms and race against each other whatever the case maybe it is always fun everything I think people they ask you John would look best seller going back. There's 500 and just like people never let her eyes of their life. Good evidence out there on FaceBook or Twitter there it's experience admit this to escape rooms dot com mobile homes tools today. I cornerback Jason had done anything that event ESP. And the sweet sixteen is set. There is movement around the country and every single Monday. At this time the one and only emanate as he covers college basketball because basketball recruiting for sky on fox sports one. He joins is now Evan what's up brother. Not too much on man how are you. I we are all good here in Memphis because we have a very juicy story. To talk about John cal Perry is coming back about that. Well I joke and so our boys cut it back to Memphis he's not coming back so coach he's he's going to be coaching Kentucky. Inside. Our building. So it's gonna go and act. Back then then yes that's right it's gonna feel almost like he he's coming back to save the program we're ready for. You're ridiculous (%expletive) but you live in Kentucky so while I wonder like what's. IRR of Kentucky people talking about him coming back to Memphis is that topic of discussion up there. No it's not a message for a symbol. If you want me to be honest. Listen you broke some pretty big news last week you broke that gonzo mart was up and down at cal he takes the Missouri job. Ozzie and do it in the zoo Evan and and nice scoop brother. Thank you and I think you've got to do a good job I think people organized app right now and in trying to figure out who you gonna have on his bat but look on bill. Did a real good job recruiting picture out. In terms oh gating item rabbit Jalen brown owner and guys like baton. You know I had Amer Missouri in terms those where he's recruited in the past. Is a little bit more in his will house I think he can do you good job there. Why does he get the rap I mean I talked to some people that's always got a good recruiting command down Martin jumped on me early on us Donnie. He's got great players at cal you put him back where he belongs which midwest whatever where he's comfortable volume more. Why is that out there what some people want and what a dump all man is it just because on the court he doesn't have the the big wins a lot of our people not not as fond of him as. As I guess others are. Well I mean he did that tournament this year it with a guy that. I think last year would have been a lottery pick so may I think people probably a look at that some I com. Well I mean he's he's got a good job. He's a good coach is. A good person and I think the cable like him. And you know I I think he's gonna do a good job of military I think that's probably why there's maybe. I'm old MacKey didn't make it turned it this year won enough. Rick and they've reported a better job got beat by Bakersfield so that Obama could. And so you know the crowd would be against some probably point to that stuff but there's plenty of reasons so I called the mark. 11 guy I really like in college basketball is Brad Underwood ever since I saw him up close and personal beat Memphis. Here at FedEx Forum I've been a fan of Brad Underwood Siri and I know where he gets the the Illinois job. What happened what went wrong. At Oklahoma State with Brad Underwood. Well my understanding it he was wasn't getting paid. Undercard put money. That he wanted to get very smooth air and hurt older saying I understand what. In Illinois is obviously willing to step up and I heard from the beginning that Illinois. And open checkbook. Well our I even had a source tell that they are willing to basically replicate the contract they have. The little awkward while I think around real happily in a year low but they were they were willing. Compact. And there are lots Brad Underwood a tremendous coach he did a really good job. At even at all. And I thought he did a very solid job with Oklahoma State and just one season and I think Illinois is it won't look I think Illinois the very good job. A year and you're gonna have to mine a getting recruiting and stay in Chicago was a little Dicey. You're at the sisters some of that and you know I think some of that will. Depend on who he hires unleash coaching staff and I'm sure he's fit into that right now. But look at I think he's a tremendous coach and I think he can do really good job there and look at often Illinois eighty. For moving quickly and moving in a guy. That it is a really good car for the. I'm with you would talk on course to Evan Daniels covers recruiting and college basketball. Hospitals got dot com and fox sports one Evan. I was surprised were you in the Washington higher. Mike Hopkins was a guy I think we all thought he was goes away as their keys and we all figured out though I did he would replace Jim may harm. Did that higher surprise you for me I did and how do you think Mike I don't do it at Washington. Look at it definitely surprised me I think it makes X and you know I think. Really a lot of these these these coaching jobs that are moved so quickly I've been really impressed with hires and that that little one. Arm for my type Upton is a tremendous relationship. And he's a guy that has won it to the West Coast. Is a god it. I'd been waiting for the opportunity for some time I think it was clear that. Jane they wasn't ready to step down and you know Hopkins says turned down jobs in the past and not gone after certain things in the past and still Washington. Offers you head coaching job except and you got to look at pretty strongly especially for a guy that has been associated coached Arkansas law. So yeah I was a little surprised but I think. It was a very Smart move it's a tool that didn't have a ton of money that played her head coach you know they're gonna. I have to pay a pretty significant buyout for Lorenzo Romo arm but they were able. They were able to to get a really good coach. In their budget. There were reports over the weekend that will wade from VCU had emerged as LSU's front runner at least one of LSU for runners. Then I believe Gary Parrish reported that LSU had contacted. Via a third party. Recently fired Indiana coach Tom creed but do you think the guy's gonna be at LSU and if it was either one of those guys that get higher. Yeah I can certainly confirm that will waited. Incher on the strong consideration to be the next ten Coachella this year Willie and that there I don't know. At least not yet on the Indiana or Tom Green being contacted mentioning. I do know and believe that Tom wants to coach next year. So it is I know who's gonna be the next head coach and LSU I mean that the guy getting all the buzz right now is is is well wait. So if it you're handicapping it is you cut it out at the Hyatt but I think that some other people involved potentially in the about it their muscle man. I thought from the beginning that LSU would give a strong look at Kermit David side that you have heard his name assembly I was taught me made a lot of sense. What do you think it because if I was out of our five job I would be lying and out. To get Carmen that it's because I've seen him build in the issue I mean this was not just a fluke and it wasn't just. You know one win fluke in the tournament like there there really he's really build something there. Why do you think he has a gotten more love I guess across the country from openings. Did he has. I'm sorry John muffled. And the Davis a flat why why having all your why haven't we seen just more interest you know. But the great question and may be told it is cease. Or grenades yeah. I had him I had demo up aren't we don't really enjoyed talk send it to god it like really. There would a year can literally exactly you know some years ago they had like I'm an average seat that best. And it ever sent back in the nation and absolutely row and anybody that bought them this year if you you know roster full of a guy that can really flat and I'm major players and he did a good job coaching and there are equate all heard there were physical. I don't know audience that gun except certainly think that you think could not coach. We can get to our armed army dual what are we. We think is gonna happen at Indiana. I see Gregg Marshall. I mean listen we we you we you and I we had this conversation I think maybe a week or two ago about how comfort level is more important than ever when it comes of these coaches but. Yeah you kind of have to wonder for Gregg Marshall you know he's fight and he's he's going to war every single year with the selection committee because. He's gonna win thirty games basically every single year. And he's gonna have a tougher and tougher time. Getting schools to agree to play him. Simply just because you can easily lose to which does say and nobody is going to be signing up to do that. So is is this the year where he's had enough of a scratch and then call and despite the fact that he's big he's paid very well where he's just kind of strong armed by the selection committee. And to take it up how are five job because that's the only way you're gonna get to see that you deserve is this going to be the year. You know I don't know that's a great question I think it they just think god you bring him up. And a lot of people ask me about Archie Miller and interstate saying it looked so these guys can build a comfortable where they all. It comfortable in the import as there are familiar. With very athletic department of their most of the school it was update Dayton. They can pay a coach pretty well there's not a lot of pressure there used to winning there I think sometimes as guys like them. Is is it going to take the perfect job to move them Knight at Indiana the perfect job for Gregg Marshall I don't know if only he really answer that. But in terms of the Indian it job. I think they're our. Quite a few names that make sense. And I I think. He's out Purdue is a name that makes sense it's basically his dream job Bieber grew up in Indiana mum played in Indiana there's just a lot of reasons for that. Marriage to somehow. Four I think that Chris holt met Butler. Is a name that makes sense. Chris Mack at Xavier is a name that makes sense maybe one of the hottest coaches in the country used to pass herded in Vienna. As well anybody really lately. And at a very in the midwest in general. And what he's doing what they direct out pretty impressive I mean that you get back in in the sweet sixteen they all the potential first round draft pick. But he got a in this week fifteen because Florida State is full of talent. Thousand. Yeah now I think I solely owned any Indiana and it doesn't want Chris Mack is an idiot exactly. To me. In that at midnight I think you have to talk about Archie Miller not I've ever said this earlier and Archie Miller but the next guidelines like atop its state job. India is the top sixteen to six they doubt no doubt. Oh I I think I think those those those names makes sense and there's plenty of others and there's plenty about it you can make your case or. But because of proximity because of how those guys have done over the last couple years. And because relationships those those names makes. Absolutely turning into the tournament now eleven team you're most impressed with maybe maybe one or two teams or most impressed with in terms of first weekend performance. Had a lot of good ones. Kansas certainly looked good but for you who was who was most impressed if you seller look good to. Yeah yeah I think Oprah goes into what occurred candor. I think and does is it going to be really popped out and not had them a number of coaches gave me this year amid Josh Jackson playing that. Or spot yup it is in the movie typical for opposing team to defend. You know more. Outer toward the very top of the list of them. Anybody that watched Michigan against or what I have to be thoroughly impressed with the job that John Beilein is doing what then I'm giving Europe about to change that. Well it seems that. Up but. Is coaching job in that game would turn that some Wagner loose was just awesome. And they they made key shot effort he shouts of let down below I'm doing a good job of associate with Rick Wagoner because global kept switching for some reason and I'm Wagner was just having a field day in terms of a more dirty taught them that the mid post a cottage down three point line and drove me eat. Yes he was trying to. No doubt about it he is every day yells bomb on Twitter. At Evan Daniels for all your coaching scoop this man does it off says god is podcast. The sidelines Evan always a pleasure to catch up my man thank you I said. But court wrote are exempt up. It is and then Dana aside when we come back we have got to discuss Gregg marshall's life a loss that tell you. 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Said she has way too much time on our hands. It is embarrassing. I feel bad for him some people say that. She's a strong third and needs to be an AA meetings. You know what I say. Gives you a wife like Gregg marshall's wife Mae and it is you sure like that. Because she is like she is so into it there she's not daylight LN. I was just kind of like clapping when the cold stare to aaron's own you'll see the cold stay what's coach k's wife's name Mickey I think maybe if there ever. But don't you know this kind of there yeah like you need a woman it's gone be into it that's got to live and die with you man. They if you win. She feels like she had a hand if you lose she's got a commiserate with you. You know it was like I need a woman like that who's like that Donna Smith Basie and you see America is like that you're exactly right lead assistant so did you see all the way. I have no problem at all like security went out to her and and said some than. It elicited what is she using her lawyers and again there's it's a go across louder you know if you didn't OK that's fine yeah yeah but I have absolutely zero issue. With a woman I wanna to have you back ramping. Up yet remained ripped your man. She got she if she should. I'm a little too far though you're a lawyer you drop those curse words and then she had somebody. What the guy from Qatar Sports Radio what it was sweet about her at a video Vernon she had some people take that down the NCAA NCAA caimans that he can between a matter but the bad video and I put it back up afterwards at the end I got. A hum. I'm glad there's a golfer Greg Marshall. I think he's got a good one. About wonder what what's what caused their fights are like because you know Gregg Marshall Kershaw got a many you know he's and to inspire me say is that hard landing area residents are you imagine what their arguments like about home. I I imagine they're very intense cool I'm I've heard that about him that he is not easy on that week is he's very casual rounds Melancon meg show day one when bad light athletic department -- is very tough to work with. The other bit of news that I wanted to touch on and I wanna be very careful with the way that we discuss this. Mean page. WB diva she's she's already a lot of reality diva. She was hacked. Over the weekend you know and her private. Pictures and videos were leaked on the Internet Ellis has really done there's a cup and one of them is a sex tape ogata involving two other WW wrestlers won is Xavier woods in the new day. And then another guys dramatics I think has since been fired homage gosh. But that is in the tape. There's another picture of I don't even know how to explain this honestly. Com. She is a there's really no way I can explain this I spoke to say acts. She's been for well this is engaged and as I say this this is all you into their the conclude this is after the conclusion of the act of and it's. Send them a fluid. Say no more on that championship belt it's a bold replete. She's shot she's holding the belt no she's not and it's got that substance on it Donna I don't when she says no one heard about this. And discuss why would you want to do that on the back on oh. People won't have to of. Where that. Why would you wanna do that I imagine all wrestles out of fairness why would you wanna do that all about going on the bill for them right why would you want to go on the doubt. Because it's the wrestler it's a wrestler is fantasy. Why. You worked so hard for this belt and it is good to have somebody go and there's got to have somebody just do that clean that out. Claim that I feel bad. For what a strange story you know zero. I had but it was evidence that you used to talk on the Internet that poor woman. It's aides say she's not the only one by the way apparently Emma Watson was had no gab Emma Watson had a bad tub video. It's like you know that's happening. Yeah this is like that happening to point out. Yeah and it happened this weekend and so one of the things I saw was. On his belt. An ounce guard. And people are saying at the deputies got fired her because seed it's the belt. He'll be on the belt but he is one thing if your stuff leaks like Seth Rollins had a tape as well are not a table like I picture. That he's texted to somebody and you put it out there. Right that's good for what you bring themselves into the equation tobacco itself. I don't like the cells in the mug shots. Yes I don't like it's so yeah. This report brought to you but made. All right I'll be out here you might prove my best we'll see what happens the page as absurd and maybe it's green trying to figure out all of that that's scheduled for us. Face the Jay McDowell for joining us thanks to Mike accorsi thanks to Evan Daniels. Should be a fun weekend. Well attorney John cal Perry on the show tomorrow when or where I don't know we'll keep you updated we'll keep your prize that situation. They're plus size up next. For Jason I'm done. The word on. Her intended. Defeat any car I'm campaign. And the reason my name is on the site is because Montana did you inside Poland now no 177. 44 were all better looking now lizards and yeah you can watch the tournament what are your body angling your needs the world famous figures girl okay. Yeah and. Custom property to take care. Known worldwide as the leading seller. Chores on the phone take on your toughest job. Your local dealers. Bridge West Memphis calling 707352510. 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