Jason & John - 4/20/17 - Hour 2 w/ Grizzlies President of Business Ops Jason Wexler

Jason & John
Thursday, April 20th

Jason & John open the 2nd hour with The Rundown. Jason Wexler, Grizzlies President of Business Operations, joins the show. Jason's in a twitter war. We'll tell you about it to finish the hour. 


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At one point he was a target then can we acknowledge yes also missed target OK you saw that is why you say that way. Why you say it that way Saul Smith started not miss the start 'cause that's who the kid says came out and insult the tubby. But I'm telling you bet that if they got so I staff assistant coaches cannot extend offers is what he's a that was I would just say. Odds are if they can it extend all the offers they want out I have tubby does business what I'm telling you is that if it's a real offer was made it that was really going down don't you think that you would have seen tubby Smith and talked all okay. I this what do I does what do I saw probably came back got his hand slap got chewed out freedom would get let that messed gap in the first place OK let's look at so I. I understand how it can be miss communicated it football. There have been a lot of football when kids think they have offers and they don't. Because you have so many bodies and coaches are calling you you don't know the difference how can this kid think he has an offer and not have an offer. Yeah I mean. How could you kit misconstrue that you like how you understand that you can offer a kid. Go get other kids whatever. This side or decide that you know what this is not good enough and you can pull it. Like can you stop that's what happened so his offer was told us what we think. That is the operating theory down on the show that he had an offer a one time and that he got a pool because. They react to the backlash and say we cannot take this kid it has it play admit that. I've got a hold G and autos to telling the truth on the what does that tell you that there's really all of written scholarship offer and it's got to be from Saul Smith. Today from topic I mean that's that's a that's an even worse or die another stab they don't believe there die anyway so all it takes is mean you have a moment aired blast there evaluating and they'll blow the kids off you know damn well they should have taken that idea. They'll like amateur gonna do have some conviction about it you know I'm no don't stand up there and even joke stopping it and move all on and they did. And now they're getting crushed like they lost that he would. Bit moved all of period. You've come a recruit you know how this goes down there Q1 enough. What what happens is you just had it was an absolute disservice to him to even make it took it even had him thinking. Bet you really want and it's one sums got to you know you have some scholarship offer lined up form that he had a spot here because look do. I told you this I said the exact words the truth or was he's gonna get here and never play. Right never play you'd be waste has got to be be wasting his time I'd go watch it talk about just what the heck it is and obvious star. Yeah but did this for this program has taken so many shots. And is being criticized and rightfully so. But not for this position before this. They backed off the kid and in losing to a DT school. Are there are things over their screw you know our argued do we still have major concerns heck yeah we do what I always went down it. I would of waited this unfolded is a bad look for the staff dude. How many times about told you the only one mess after two and anything in terms of recruiting is still has to Zito we already know this that's already looking bad. It's already a look at meg yes although mountain region makes it look you're just. Looks clumsy is a hell it just we already knew the staff that that staff has one recruiter on but we can criticize them for the fact that this looks like they have no idea what they are doing right. Whether or not they get the kid or not they look like a bunch of clumsy dude they have no idea what they are doing with the program. I can argue with you there Little League are you really can't quite I can't I drinking ever before are you never did work visit like what the hell are you do away. Why that's the part to me regardless of whether that because she honestly as a coaching staff. You have a a trillion ginger evaluate right you don't mean and you're gonna talk to a trillion kids. But to me the problem is when it gets out that he got an offer maybe doesn't have an offer may be delivered as they may now just looks like he. Chosen school over Memphis because the way that this story unfolded and you didn't take the proactive measures to hit it in the blood. I'm not I'm not a blame the staff for not talking would you be talk announced right now. Now not some complaining now I'm not that it out of the wee bit unfair to them at ball. Honestly I really don't think we've got it was last week that Tubby Smith we did it and and we may or may not give him. Battle that we have ever had anything on the show that could be missed it can be construed as unfair or personal. At all. So I just picked it. Listen baby I don't do I think that he chose a division two school over Memphis all things equal no Kamal. But does give the date Jason does that matter now. Because it looks like he did. The owner of sand you know why it looks like he did 'cause people they've they've. Run out with this that's why it looks like it when he's talking about this yesterday. What do those of us that are in the know how to go out it wasn't a target anymore I've set it on the show Jon why no audible we're talking about a because he signed yesterday with want to top Baptist that a operative liberal article about how he should have been go into in the first place right so they shouldn't ever even I played. Expects Oka a tendency to at least you're talking some stuff to weeks I don't know about no I don't but it's it's good talking about why the story keeps going. 'cause the stuff like this by the he's a still a potential target. We sat. So it should have ended. And we found we would sell badgers went out and have a value for now why did not watch it's awesome respect and they're that good for him. Good for him weights and everything is should never even been. I goes without saying in a battle that I need a bad. For the kid because he didn't do anything except take a phone call from its ultimate bad although that's the worst decision he could have ever made is take a call from Saul Smith. Because he has been nobody like this kid. Was perfectly happy he was aware as well is no division one off he was whistled and kick the can down the street he was headed to watch top Baptist and then Saul Smith caught many thought the call. My point is indeed. Right when it wins deserved. All right. We sin that we we we sent that we we sent out the criticism on this the truth is it'll backed off the kid weeks ago we've been saying it wouldn't be a scholarship player from Memphis. You're right that he's still a potential target it makes it look like they're lost out of the two team it goes national. And it's a mess they don't. They didn't deserve it already backed off it. Well I hope as a woman I hope they learned how the staff learned from this. I hope that that's what I hope about should be run total. You know I think. If you ever help help help mark health Martell view. Let let the viewer not I'll help you did you talk to or this or revise its free you gotta take it but it became is committed to division two school and I would stay away. Just for future reference I would never ever ever ever ever tried to recruit a kid. Who is committed to a division to score Dallas about two weeks and is under I know you weigh in on my two weeks old video gone that this was inaccurate and that it's a bad look from upstate and deserve it on this whole let's fair and and I appreciate I appreciate you saying that because. You know that I think that is something that needs to be set. When we come back we will go through the rundown Aaron Hernandez yet more details on an Hernandez Jason Webster of the Memphis Grizzlies. Gonna join us at 1225. Mark took profits of the join us at one Jason John it's not a fan yes it. As the families Lamar looked at Memphis Memphis did not go. Don't look at us now 8209 MM PH. Some Angelos real by good savings on those projects popping up on your to do. Tackle your term by bringing home again John Deere T 100 series riding lawnmower can get a hundred dollar Lowe's gift card via mailing rebate. 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A visit next and you got Thomas was six Kennedy today with the Internet experience that you deserve Wi-Fi claim based on XP to give its service read coverage and speed. And a five gigahertz picked. Sixty yeah. You and says that in 929 espn.com. Via C. The. Yeah. I that it had been ESPN. Jason Wexler gonna join us at 1245 to break down everything that is happening in downtown tonight. Game three come on down one night one Neil street had one not one built streak tonight lady that was going to be a good time right now gotta do run down. The rundown presented by mass affluent nationwide insurance. Today's stories from. Jason and Jon. On 92 million SN ESP. Our stars I'll ride game three spurs grizzlies tonight I will be there if you're looking forward to go five meet. 1234. Rows. Behind the visitors bitch I'm gonna give coli Leonard. A wet Willie. Come on down 191 deals street. That's prominent that's going to be the impact I have on the series I'm gonna be there tonight Jason Smith is going to be there tonight he'll be reporting live from Pluto. It is a planet in our solar system that is confirmed that as where. David Tisdale says the grizzlies are gonna have a different starting line open game freak he won't reveal who. Little gamesmanship. From David fist dale. I wonder who it could be. It's gotta be exactly who you said it's going to be Zach Randolph. I'm going to be. James and plowed snow brand. Yeah that's gonna happen you have nothing to lose their better team ripples through in there and an immature that's a I don't think you have to worry about that did dynamic between Zack and engine Michael. It's pretty obvious that to Michael is not getting it done in this series he cannot. He can't guard. It LaMarcus Aldridge he's not giving you anything offensively. So I'd like porcelain Zach is the is the play here in Damon is that a good job at second half. Uncle and I think bring in Wayne so and then to spell him Wayne's son has done pretty good spot minutes against Hawaii. I think as good as you can ask or from a rookie right so I think this is the most definitely. The play but that is evident tonight. Gonna be a new starting line up for the Memphis Grizzlies game three said Tony it was a three and a half point favorite should be allowed on next worry. Are we thought about there's a little bit with ten months and what we did we need to bring it up. Did you realize it's the what Russell Westbrook did yesterday's it's the high school in trouble little playoff history 5113 and ten. But as we said it was not enough for the thunder named 115111. Game two loss to Houston Rockets he's he's now up 20. This of this I'm pay more paying attention because this was the series. We all said we were looking the most forward two of the first round battles or at least at least double speak for myself and I said that I did. Hum but I think we are all format I'm a match up of of your two top candidates for MVP. And I have known him because quite frankly it's turned into a good. What has been shown in this series. Is how much stronger. James Harden supporting cast is. Then Russell Westbrook number two is that Russell was Google still. Try to take an opponent self to win that thing on his own last night do in the fourth quarter went for eighteen and it was a bad plan he shot them right out of the game. Well what what do what it's showing I don't think it's showing just how much stronger. Pardon supporting cast is I think it's shown horn's willingness to actually get his supporting cast and vault. The end of that game. Hardened sort of doing some of the same southwest for denial Horton hit that one step back three Robertson agree its face which is just insane drink that that was nuts. That he made a shot but let's make it was a it was a bad shot. As a bad shot and he took it never that there were a couple possessions are down the stretch where he started doing that same thing just. Not taken the pick and rolls am just trying to go won't want to in the same thing Westbrook was doing. And then I think they came out of a timeout. And boom ball got -- hardware around the screen with that which it out of the court order to the to go to the right wing and then booms that they've zip over to Beverly in the right corner wide open three nailed another would hardly born right to the basket the next possession down. It did back out to the right wing air Gordon wide open three. Bank nails it. And that they Westbrook and that gate late night game. He wasn't even accepting picks now he's just literacy it won't fire just trying to go 1 o'clock and the one time when he didn't. They got all the deep hole opened in the corner and he just had been able to make shots Yemen of making shots it that's the team yet the right thing I think that can change for them in Oklahoma City this is what people's first play Austin brightness for severe plus I think that can change Obama's it is going to be insane crowd. An ethical depot can. In a typically as we talk a role players tend to play better available on the home court. Ryan Anderson isn't making any thing for Houston yet he's oh for eleven from three in the series. The other thing that in this is what really hurts Oklahoma City and it happened to him last year in the playoffs. They can't play in this cancer he can't defend. Think they cannot play at a show in game warden Billy Donovan to show him what to tell you is that if I can't play Venus I can't play them. He plays eight minutes last night. He's minus nine and eight minutes TSE PS3 blocks so you think like always protect the rim it. Minus nine or eight minutes and he's the guy they rely on for all that he's he's he's one of the guys he can give them fifteen to eighteen points he can do that. Put they just can't keep him on the court at all because they just keep teach toward right below agenda on the defense event with him out there. Jeremy Graham played 26 minutes like I don't I don't understand that. I don't know why you know McDermott's played and playoff games I don't know why he wouldn't play more now this may be it's his defense but he gives it to somebody out there who confession knock down open shop can knock down an open shot he absolutely KM like. I did it would Robertson man like they love his defense and Roberts not a job to playing for seven minutes and something from them we should not be playing 37 minutes and McDermott playing fourteen minutes that should not be adding I get it they like Roberts is defense. All important book like once it got them right with the got our hearts are gonna get to the free there are no matter what he what got there 1840 times less than Yates when he timeless and he missed his last two if he was eighteen for eighteen. So yeah I mean I. But he's got that west was got to get guys like that that last night was was eight different level of it is he wasn't an external level unless you're taking pick and rolls from his teammates that he is just trying to go one on five right and he's looking for foul calls and it just he's tried to play for the foul calls like. That was a bad down the stretch. Performance and gave them and that's right that's right and on his Russell Westbrook ya play team ball and whether it's you know hard and be more willing to do it or that he's got the better supporting cast which I think they got a balanced effort Louie and such when one Gordon. Gordon aired 122. Beverly isn't fifteenth yet play team ball when the playoffs. If Russell was for keeps this up. So I'm going more velocity that's not going 42 from Gordon 21 from Lou Williams seven from their fifty day it was less and that's been you said you said. Anderson's old eleven from three in the series is over he was over seven last that he was over for I realized you got to know that's an event and it's anguish for that's so change I mean does this is not going mourn five Dave Barry. Dagger well look at I think DK and I think you can I still think he can go six up eyes that's a role players us and I didn't Russ given that they're they're playing that the same frenetic pace. And the rockets are better and it has a much evidence and in a memo also Russell has been terrible amount more fallout in the book series yeah. Now next worry I agree is that Louisiana throughout his status is. Make it that serious fun to watch I they really quickly on Aaron Hernandez. Quite a TMZ he was found in his cell. That's it musica creepy enough he wrote John 316. With a red marker above his eyes at initially the report was that it was in blood. There was blower has bought on the walls was so but date later determined that it was just a blood red marker mom and he had a reputation I guess for being a religious person. And the the verse. Of John 316 in and you know this is a deacon. When I was John 316 I'm I deny. You know John 316 no I'm not the most popular verse in the Bible and lost every sixteen but I know John 316. For god so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that whoever believes in him shall not perish. But have eternal life. So that is acting as his net. And write a note while. But I think that pretty. I think this. Pretty much confirms that I don't know how you write it on your head and Amir and his I don't know older you know you would think not. Because that's glass. While they I think they they use discount metal that doesn't actually give you a clear picture but you can. Got to reflect somewhat of reflection and he's glass and I think this guy is like and anyway what is pretty much confirms that he yeah he did Jonas and this is this was. This was his suicide note and also. A local news station in Boston is reporting that he smoked synthetic marijuana. Shortly before his. All there so as the latest twist in the Aaron Hernandez story I wanna come back. And if all night downtown. Game three spurs grizzlies were thought to. President business after the Memphis Grizzlies Jason Wexler about everything that's going on who the hell is paying a fine and I got to find that out it ServiceMaster. Is it dies at the players we must get the bottom of this Jason Wexler woman get Bagger to benefit and yes it. Aides Aircastle signed for Memphis or doctor dot com new body concept spring has sprung in the weather is changing it's going to be beautiful and we're all going to be out by the pool and barbecue and very very soon and you're looking in the mirror thinking I. 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Take a good job 9829. Advantage ESPN has promised. His name is Jason Wexler he's the president of business ops for the Memphis Grizzlies it's a big night in downtown Memphis tonight. Jason joins us now what's happening man. I yelled don't predict have a mix. Yeah glad to have you saw how are you preparing mentally for this night. Hey you know I I battle like every other edit that yesterday trotted. Did do some paperwork and not look up my dad and quite and it's only been you have two and a half minute with a black -- up my dad who tried it out you know wouldn't it be until we take into Yaroslav mom. I'm like it did make you a lot commercially no walked into the office they normally do that the mill. Now that the idea. It's gonna be a fun night at FedEx form and I think it's it's it be good to just sort of take a second. Because this has happened for seven straight seasons and regardless of you know what the grizzlies chances are avoiding this series. They what does it mean for for you guys as an organization to have at least two home games in the playoffs. Well I cheated did this one of those things where. You deceit and build up towards right and so. It didn't deal before I would in this doubted that that's a long we added he's an ad did do you have mid April at the regular season like hey you know. Arcane number don't remember what that is right I don't remember what that feels like a member didn't feel that good so these get out of debt to have the opportunity to have graying. Everybody together or are you know edit this culminating experience at the end of the seeds and it is important but come right at acted like you know everybody's got their playoff ritual that this point outfit statements they've been you don't. It's kind of like that seeing a fire that spring's here at school Obama so bird. You know all the good things happen around town. To solitary that we love service faster here in 190 yeah and ESP and how did that all come about men they can they reach out to you all first out of they come out how does that transpire will do what they pay has ago. Carry it out that was does that tactic they've gotten pretty amazing partners and yet demo demo Monday bed. You know I think I believe they got fired up about we're gonna do that says lead we could relate. I pulled out there can be up I'd a hate crime yeah the deal after the fact. Yeah how is it the way and a working out is. It'd all sorts of NBA league rules that we have to deal with our disease that people don't you know get to see lord would have no reason to seek. Our meal ultimately. You know the fine have to be paid by ID personhood to assess the fine. And it travels through the GO so he has ServiceMaster is gonna work without we're going to be on the great car greatly salvation wit that. And you know it showed bag they're going to be our game. Or presenting partner and beyond the route Els regain or doubt that there are excited about that those DO. Great attention great attitude great you know great partnership. They just always some. Legal be dealt to work out until way after that that. Well now what about the players that I've read a story yesterday that the players were so inspired that. They wanna pay the fine so what how we got to divvy this up Jason how we get ready to get a split this up between the players at ServiceMaster. Yeah ye into all the finance does not divide but sometimes it doesn't it validated and one of those situations where you know I read their biases dinner without a road. Yeah else. And yeah I really cute to make it up you know that they might that you can make it out you know menu now Mike Garland guys where you got his word is good so I'm sure they they've got. Yes some some met that are priced ticket Arab. We are of course talking to Jason Wexler president of business jobs for the mid visitors as I know it's always a good time. A playoff basketball comes round in Memphis. The greatest line stopped in a 99 yesterday had a they've been making the rounds yeah what are some of the festivities that you guys have going on for game three and I know it's a later tip at 830 so what's going on. In and around FedEx Forum. Yet we've got up while the party that starts two hours early the 632. We'll have yet you dig out here on the plaza we've got stuck for the kids they paid her balloon artists. Mardy do you get in the door two hours early general public in ninety minutes before they're also trying to. Well everything out a little early very got to come early on to hang out early atmosphere and good music and you know build up your enthusiasm. And momentum yeah who got caught group Gregg I'm all around down today did. Get people and. Is it true that people will be able to purchase. The official grizzlies take that for data shirts tonight can they purchase those at the format. That those will be at the game for sale at FedEx Forum study got a the unfortunately. Job. They're no longer available online. And for reasons that are Smart girl but they will be available in here today debt yet others. Curious I know every you know you guys have any a business to run and there is this amazing. Appetite for grins of merchandise and not strip but I'm sure you see it it's not just. You know what I mean there's a million different now companies that crop up selling. Gray's merchandise stores how do you view that are you like flattered by that there are so many companies that. Want to spread the gospel of Memphis Grizzlies as a president business Oxley how do you view all of that. Yeah I mean we actually don't make. All that much money mart merchandise so a lot of inexperience and brandy and Ed you have getting people you know build loyalty affinity with the they generally. Were cool what the we understand our city we understand our market we're cool with the bootleg culture and now and some of folks can be a little bit more you help. Create that a little bit more idea that we might otherwise be loud we do yeah. Yeah a little bit annoyed when folks trying to use our official logo and our official on and you're not as these Claire coach images either. Right. If you get the real copyright and intellectual property stuff there so you got somebody doing that all got a call from the NBA or get a call market and usually have pretty good about stuff. He's indicated they glad. It happened and other creative stuff I'd bet that happened like were great that that build the brand that build everybody's you know loyalty and where we're we're happy to have that happen out there just stuck. Yeah but he's the bad. It's it's it's like it's so grassroots I don't know if it's like that for another I'll a lot of other NBA cities you know and I mean. Well I got a solid day like that they got the idea whole experience pathetic form part ban to be 181000 people where you can doubt different teacher turned back part of what killed the playoff featured ever want to show off their own. Special connection the team how they relate the players how they relate to the organization out there late this history. And I don't wanna be force fed some thing here and you know holds to dressed in uniform and that's kind of why we you know our Google Wave that he would be out. And you know that are why we you know encourage it here's what folks are being created it's great in elk they're just trying to knock something off. You know that's not its cool I think that's where most other teen daughters are a lot more. Knock off called turn some of the bigger markets whereas here everybody trying to find their own one in the door connect with our fans. Are you a superstitious man Jason what what have you done personally to ensure victory for us tonight. So I do you have this I'd like to think of it looked particularly dapper navy seersucker victory GC event I don't breakdown on the play out every year although I you know. After a discard the tent where my deep blood out. It out that that dog got that going on I've got this one little greatly caught wind that you know I I hope we have a little more luck what they're not yeah. In other than that yeah he does kind. He's fine you're better video card out accelerated. Maybe he's got that military parlance as double play update that was started the conversation wickedly you know you have these things you bring new table every year to your every year it's gonna happen that's political part of. That's what we are talking to Jason Wexler president of business ops with the Memphis Grizzlies spurs who is game three tonight at 830. When you saw other ran regardless of on the gonna ask you comment on the content now that I'm not trying to get certified to Jason. I. I know Larry but in terms of it taking place right you're down 02 in the series and it's not looking great and then you get this fiery dispassionate. Ran and everybody in Memphis is steaming mad and raring to go. And be there in the building for game three so as a front office guy as an executive is there was a level of appreciation and on the business side that. They Dave thanks I know that might cost him but they did because people are mass obviously. Dead out of luck guy. For some form but I still do come out it looked and so looked and you appreciate somebody from the organization you'd blown it. Take out step up and take one for the team and represented team and organization that I write myself. That's fantastic. Yep look bad perspective. And I'm you know a business perspective yeah it's really cool that you know. I owe us something to really engage with the talk about fire out and rallied they treat scared that made you know we played better in the second half the other night you it's CR and coming around social media like OK we can we can see how that can come together. And then neo code stated this you know. Really amplified everything you know really get a meeting pull ahead in the same way that there's. You know to connect with. Our city and our approach and our team identity and our culture and all of those things there was just sort of in a perfect storm and that's part of why the national vote picked it up so much because it was really. You know if he showed that ran and tried to associated with a different team. It would be associated well all right I don't representative of who we are how we play in our organization and end. You know where we. It been inched a couple days that this quite my own the auto correct it's flipped it now I try inside look at an auto correct into rocks you know those kind of things happen to us or. Not a guys gonna be a fine that night down at FedEx Cormier is Jason Wexler. President of business outs for the Memphis Grizzlies Jason appreciate you say thank you are on a busy day man look forward to seeing you tonight. Thank you all and the gravity they could they're greatly dot com 1804 NBA pick sort of FedEx orange box office. Sounds good so that I Jason thanks man I spat out there to. He is Jason Wexler we had a pair of Gray's take if that we're gonna give away. Right now you can be in the building for game three tonight grizzlies spurs we will go. Caller. Number where. Very purgatory. Right collar number three. To get into the building for game three after about 3776525. ESPN when we come back Jason Smith is getting into an argument on Twitter with beat writer we will go over it. 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It's easy it's fast and in the end it's gonna save you money O Reilly are pars better cars better prices every day. 99 FM 688 am on the WM SS and 929 espn.com. Obviously is. Oh. Goodell met last night. I don't know mess that is where he will spend his final year of eligibility. Grants Martell and we're gonna talk to about the decision. That long and old clock so don't miss that it's gonna be our sendoff for. You know and get rid of editors as. Greens is late grows over don't yell cry no new news ladies whose leaders like these relate to that it's okay. Every which has put sadly it's through it as a better. You don't pass this class don't I slugs it about it was. It's like it or go to what will batted through but we're we're gonna reschedule dog will be grows old but Pablo will be emotional orphanage. Compose myself mentally composed myself well for the Bartow Crawford at 1 o'clock before we get to market Crawford. Jason Smith menu our user you are going at it. With margin on you have boy named. Margin out of for the mess that is may have his basketball at this Mets daily recruitment all of the blame. Balls on his shoulders who you love and Margie in not out. Aced it himself. Good for him busy guy. Thanks a margin out of who I assume was either listening or caught wind of what you were saying about him between did you. And because I guess we got I guess we are getting stuck on the fact that it's semantics now do well I don't hold anger at the miss it don't they is semantics though we agree write the whole thing is just semantics whether it there was Oliver whether it was it weather desk should have been did two weeks ago. That's my point so are you are you never visit these same margin I should never written a story. Powell and Albright the story that's what gave us of the g.s in the first place that's whom we would have blasted it for them doing it for going over there and I'm sure it's all talkative. Or or wrote them or whatever he did but I told you right after that happened that would not go down. That would not go down. And out of a kid of this caliber player at Memphis on sky. Kamal Matthews said to see this column that hundred miles away said that he did did he was not a Memphis target. Yes Janata tweets you and says I disagree. That he wasn't a potential maps target legitimate target means they were recruiting him recently and and they war. To just overlook the initial scholarship offer which occurred just two weeks ago because staff pulled off wouldn't be reporting the story accurately. I did you see the offer. And it is an offer following a site that you see I need album go that far has LDS I need to see it on us worries me like I need. Donald Trump's tax returns you wanna see the ride need to see a picture of the written off for a walk off. It was like it would it be and would it have been like a bit better walk on the band. It's awesome people sent us targeted at a Texas Tech out I'm not I'm not. I'm out in or what I will tell you is that once they got rights Teddy got killed until we never saw this kid can never came for a visit. A pace that he was not a he was not still a potential. Target for Memphis. And move don't. Period. And so when you put that out in the national media grabs it runs with a fundamentals also DT can't. They shouldn't be patient and that on our hands right now well I would argue that day. But this is the part we have to we have the could agree on. Days shouldn't be in this position. But they've put themselves in this position. You correct you keep going back to that some that we discuss two weeks ago nobody wanted to settle on that we kill them for that and rightfully so affect. What bull when we talked about a two weeks ago it was a real. Right. It was real disorder try to get the key yeah and I think you and I assumed. That Saul Smith had talked to you not love. And that that offered been confirmed on the backside. And all I can tell you man is how I did you. I'm not and how I would think most folks do it did yeah a kid says he's got an offer you take it worked out look I believe what the kid told margin not a man not a matter at all. But it is owned you man has to be around you gotta go back on the other side and make sure that offers real and if it if it is and it's real. You write the story it's it's done and you keep up with that. Over the of how did in two weeks. You and I've been telling you for days weeks is give an obvious gossip but it's been pretty evident that come on the visit he doesn't come is that reported. No it's reported that he's still a potential target then if you're if you're gonna stay up all that. Then say they backed off. Look at the last story was that he was coming in for a visit and there was never an update right let the last when you're fifteen free those other today. Amber 'cause tubby has class. He's not gonna say anything to anybody. So I think OK let's see let. He had this is. This is this is this is this as. April some mystery here it is a mystery muscles as somebody who want to get to the bottom of I'm Mara knew about about programs what it is. The stories in the commercial appeal nationally when it tells me is I'm still most blood didn't do it on tigers basketball job. What tells me. Is that what you wanted to hear yeah well there it is. I'm just like a follow me like a fifth day our. And let's look at this dale rant and they write that a fake news. This is even better then has time to ramp I didn't know if we could top that. You went on to come to 1835. And badly for scoops sweet one so wait number one and it. It's easy to find you just gotta come around back tell me come on my face and tell me there's still recruit MacKey almost spiritual peak. Okay that's false OK so the story. On April 7 which was. You got more this garbage two weeks ago I'm just telling you what it's what what happened what was written. Here's the story Matt Stanley saw Memphis assistant coach Saul Smith number appeared as well Wednesday and didn't initially know what to think. After years of hoping for a division was scholarship offer he had already come to terms with the reality that you can only wait so long. So the Cabot Arkansas native recently turned his back complaint made to play basketball division to watch star Baptist university. Now though Smith was telling Stanley about his upside potential and how that excited the tigers were about him. Then came the scholarship offer just as Stanley's parents returned home from work. They had been recruiting me but the offer I wasn't prepared for. Do you think that staying Lee was all are being. I don't care. I'm like that's a time. I don't care. He was supposed to visit last week he didn't see us. That dude is big news in the judge how well let you want it more like flat Stanley. You can under trying to tell me hey man is pretty at Lowe's or had watched the film I. Once the film the gates to the tight. In a dorm room and he did his homework he was hunched over watching film of well I got I have to move I think the tigers are offered beat duke as part of my responsibility. I got a lot like it's got to got to evaluate. I mean just like John like you told me that race number I was will Barton and that Dave Avery Woodson was Malik Sealy and do. Let's OJ we're all guilty of entrees are morale was a mix between Malik Sealy and the trail spree well that's what I. Yeah. I let's be clear yeah. Especially in a bad man we've all had though we've all been around now in the daily. Do you step Simpsons and Franken would Yugoslavia with Sam's dad owns a McDonald's. No he's not as he really now I was concerned about that America's mcdonalds workers are the ones who caught the killer of all baseball. So set out to McDonald's. Slightly that's elegant that was it was ease investor who they catch. They got the FaceBook killer Donna the personal failure unlucky but Thelma hold up a file of the prize. Over the side of Fries and remote disabling yeah so I gotta yeah they held him makes all those others. Yeah man. It and he was in Pennsylvania thank god for them yeah I Erie Pennsylvania when that yet what McDonald's. But you know this is listen it's not as somebody that's code I've Manila envelope. Marked them good job. This is there this informant dissidents are some war art or not I'm honored I'm here now. I did it better ratings are ratings are good we made was we're doing far there are operating. Last I don't know what he says the odd not that is what people will always pencil say number when I did a fake news on February 22 about how to glad discredit me about deedrick potentially lead in the University of Memphis. And yet the Thomas that it was to go to the draft to go turned broke and that changed. But the story didn't they were all out. But never what K based news they're trying to raise the most important ratings and is trying to get ratings well it's such a common excuse you have a lot of them out of the labs of garbage like this that the one winner didn't hit win at a point they shouldn't buddy. The biggest people like I don't know this week to go out there. Tibetan obviously now there were no clue how ratings war. No clue how ratings works a sub saying that because begin repairs just on there hasn't done does opener call gives us something we do something that's ratings should no clue. Other work when I'm about as is the truth done all right I'm about market down the bottom of the window to the bottom and we'll download concussion. Trouble right. Also we'd never have to generate calls. Ever people call and all the time people call and all. The oh times did you dispelling all the radio myths that I guess somebody said did you try to generate calls no word on mass we don't have to do that people call and an Astros are about Serena Williams asked that we don't have the gentle want to hit it yet. I keep a close on busy did not rise or rose or a lot of the phones on busy roads there is a player hater. But what we have here is Osama and SL that's those are some personal war bargain now the truth of things and other things is they stop recruiting a kid but it and I am partially so I appreciate your war on truth I didn't. I do. I think it's important that we have somebody in this in this on you know in this world who is out there. To get effects on morph I mean failure and not just on power on just about how all you do have you well there's no reason a finals right now which you do under -- Jeff Warren burger ever hear recipes suggest to you Marat he just warm there you have the black of one murder known ongoing Mariano and I don't know if you would argue really is it. I'm amen birds George. Don't make me the black Jeff Weinberger so. What what my my point is that I think what Gary's point is what everybody else when his about it is that yeah like I believe the I believe it's actually cleared up at what point but it does but the perception is that they'd lost a kid do would be to school at their perception is re out. What what are we gonna do we got to. Then two weeks ago when they reached that two men recruited him and we did it there and then it ends because they backed off and you move on to the next thing. That's what I'm talking about but I got a completely absolve the staff I kick you look. I'm a big surprise I don't like the way it is that's put together upset they oughta bought one of the assistance database clear on this stuff Joseph Esposito doing all the damn work it's ridiculous but he's doing the work agreement. Been highly critical of the staff the way it's put together I think it's a Orly put together recruiting staff and the way they handled this. What does this is is evidence of how bad it is on the implement recruiting side again what solve brings is the x.s and allows its history does not recruiting coup. Not sure what his strength is Esposito strict as did players. That's that's your that's your bench. I don't like well like I think that danced I'd stronger. And I can see a scenario where a kid kid can now written offer they ever offer I mean that's that's pretty bold lever and offered you ever an offer. But I remember covering the terra Wilson a linebacker or white station. And out exit polls and out there he's like a force our linebacker at our. He said he had offers from LSU and our stayed Alabama and all the big time schools. And I asked them about Memphis because he was amid this kid right and I said what about the University of Memphis and he said. Well my mom won't let me. Because that. Frankly that the Sox. Basically what he said. And I wrote that. I process was with with Wednesday they cross check with the with that staff obviously. And and you know I honestly can't hear what they called the next day and was livid. He was live it like he wanted to care my hand off. And the reason I went there my hat off is because he told me. We're not even looking at him even a little bit naked eye even after you know he stiff. He slope. Would in a no no and Eminem and on the sale like no no offense that there will start and I Baghdad that is just what was was set to me right and so if you don't. Verified right. Capable site that ticks can say that I don't I think you're emotional you get confused about who's really offering you what does that you codes can imagine they say they think man we love your game. We think you're gonna be a great player. It's easy did confuse that if you're seventeen years old. For scholarship offer the written saying that's a different died and dad says the president that ever written down but at the end of today. Masterly collateral of the university Memphis and I think that's all that there needs to be said.