Jason & John - 4/20/17 - Hour 3 w/ Markel Crawford & Geoff Calkins

Jason & John
Thursday, April 20th

Markel Crawford joins the show to open the 3rd hour to talk about him transferring to Ole Miss. Geoff Calkins joins the show next to talk Grizzlies. 


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There you know I mean if I took place also due to this whole time I had a song lined out but it did they wouldn't let me play anything but I mean what Jason is dead I mean that what do they orgy. I'm trying to get out job try to get out what they. That's our last word on Matt Stanley for the rest of thought I'm never gonna speak its name again I don't want it ever sit on the show William I think that's fair around the embody else wants that either won't become and I. Marc Crawford committed Ole miss last night he made his decision he's our intern are very proud of him. We're gonna ask him to break that decision downloads Jason just just know when someone says the name more on the show will probably gonna say Gasol afterwards and also flipped out when you hear the name more okay yeah even though it all right probably going to be followed with Gasol Marc Marc Mark Martin met failure triggered by staging and Arnold's name on their loans I welcome back tell us and talk to mark Joseph Crawford about his decision and what's next for. And Jason John Eddie Jennifer and ESPN. What do you like best about where dike country club Saturday game man I just love golf courses I love the facilities are just top notch in the people are dissolves it truly is the best place to play golf and for your family they've got tennis and swim and lots of fun for everybody. Great golf courses family oriented all of my friends are out here we got to just spectacular golf courses to play you know. It's the best place to miss out play head to. 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Final pits today the wind be at 3 o'clock and your best tennis open. Castro's work to get right now you have until 115 takes the work this hi team just 7288. Just 1000 dollars got a history. Your life. Jason it's ninety united NB SP and there's one black bear. On the Lam and Fraser. I don't know how bad is that thing. Apparently they caught them they called like Maryland and Frazier I thought there was a black bear on the loose in Frazier so. He has been captured and hopefully everybody is safe and in the library included. There is another black bear on the line right now his name is mark Joseph Crawford. He's our intern and the federal miss last night he joins us now Marcello what's happened and. What do you do all. Quote sir your third walk. All my primary your friends close to home. Agree militia local community doesn't unlock or national. And Notre Dame recruit musician not a doubt elevenths and America heard there's their character courage while I'm on the peninsula. Demeanor it was there was kind of no burner won't. Another kind of know all of us or them which are looking toward Myanmar my mum on most of them and talked about it noticed I had a home. Mentally you're always you are notorious Hillary wears you down called for a starches Burt. You can come home and are actually people are you if you saw. About those things are really no parent and expect different. How quickly did they jump on you Mark Taylor do you get the release how quickly Donna Matlock Andy can react quickly and those guys on your phone. I quickly you're talking to them. Talk Herrera ordered my the militia were similar words or taught. Another worked hard and everybody you know the members of our favorite coat pocket were coached. Normal Saturday about it and an opinion. About is if there Alicia OK you know. And it deliberation and no my mum on insurance costs cooler yeah I've played and played a really important. What did what do they want from you what they told you gonna do what's going to be your job. Don't know much W unbecoming and Macromedia impact. Probably in my hand go beyond Barbara didn't make plays and you know what can he really. Remarked I didn't know I was pretty good distance well over four. You know my last year Manchester to be free to support around the total my total. You mentioned when you were in studio with us on Monday that your mom doesn't like the fly. However how much of how much of that donated his decision when you're when you're considered a yeah offers from you know tag says and and you're targeting him back in Iowa State you know schools that. Aren't necessarily just down the road to how much of a factor was it. For you be noted does your moms to be able to drive down and and watch you play and vice Versa if you come back up here. Our amenity America media and it is very important week an hour or are they do so. So normal modern martial I met your ability are sure. As far as certainly didn't come to you I know you're right RO. Nomar can connect to continue to be just sort of but also that it didn't it or not my candidate but he. The play at my boot. How much criticism have you seen whether it's on social media folks and whether it's in your face are from men fans or fans of the program that say. Emanuel you let us down without a UN we we had you on the show earlier this week. And we had people as soon as we edge on saying what you got that down for he says today he is no longer part of this program he's not news. How much of that kind of stuff have you seen since. Hum announcement today at your release that you have transfer. Why are there are a lot of did Obama call him on his former Obama more. Not a good it and I didn't weren't we have got very good thing I have to do their citizens. And they've done offensively birch forests no position you don't see it cussing and a lot. And not a got a problem and brought him to talk about. And this summer. There was a lot of negativity management. You know be happy with the decision be out of work you know the Pentagon introduced or are they native there is. Our job hunters report unbelievable. You know you're at a point in my career no orders Kurdish people do business from the front are. Tony would have told coach and there. Well tomorrow but also our there's a man you sure it goes through the. We are of course talking to mark. In Oxford you may send when you announced on our show that she returns furniture looking for a coach that can be trusted. And a place where you can go to the NCAA tournament obviously Ole miss is bring him back under Burnett Terence Davis. Who's from from the area has died and on top twenty recruiting class reported 24 sevenths sports. Have they made use sort of feel like you're the missing piece to an NCAA tournament appearance. Well right now yeah until I don't Gardner noted caller I got a pretty good came in you know. I call you an idea there once he's there one piece at their home in northern Taylor coming and popular and coming in under their nose guard was over the hump and her numbers alone. Or Bob can you name wherever you go. You know it's a resource there the worse before it serves so all the women don't have you don't want me to go return or won't he your power. You know some of those guys on the team Randy some of them are from Memphis you know some of them right where. Thirty beauty you know who who are you idiot relationship with a that's him right now. Where it made double and what is she doing it over moderates I know Felicia we're pushing believe what you believe it or are. No no more pain as I'm no more hey sort somebody got baron and Amanda will remain open moms are limited to work you. That you tough enough living out their roster that this is an NCAA tournament in mr. There's got no doubt a lot of work to do you know just like a camera problem covering the computer. So what is your plan now like in terms of the timeline when you graduate when will you head downtown Oxford. Our graduate made big charm their down immediately. Get the word regular British. This you're familiar reddish. There's not going to be buoyant market and you know motivated taken off and directives could be four or Merck. Do you know in America today it meant they have to be done and you need to not plant not a. Oh what was file a martyr what was your mom's reaction when you're. When you're when she knew the news when you knew the news that your though must. That you are different. Did you do have annual noted they're burners are sort of aren't sure your first time really being involved recruiting youngsters not actually see your. It's been a whirlwind for her problems you know difficulty. Spelling and content that they did but if he was a lot of thought to undertake certain religion. Proceeded target for me. The process for you you you mentioned it over and over again when you were in here on Monday when you're going through your recruitment process and high high school. You have the you have the ACL injury so I don't know I don't know if you really got to fully enjoy it. Like you did this time around was it was this the process that you read did you get out of it what you hoped to get out of it. To hear from all these coaches and the really feel like you know you're good player and an end and that you wanted to what did you get out of it what you hope to get out of it. There. Like Obama mama didn't know he knows how many you become a close call. And noted those just let him and I think our approach is to be an evolution. And very I just do that sort of bigger problem in the word and there ought to stay humble and you do are supposed to do the right way so. I would no doubt there would have local schools were. Don't split out just want to thank you double the total community. You know sort of immediate nor can the Paramount to come visit. So noted that it did for me it wherever you mushroom. He is a march out Crawford. Former University of Memphis guard now headed to Ole miss for his final season of eligibility march our product and grandmother regrets and yep that is march Joseph Crawford I say you know listen I mean I don't like I don't think it. It's I don't think it stings particularly. Bright that he's asking him. And I won't vote for a little bit. Antonio Barton left from Memphis for Tennessee in his final year of eligibility well which I understood because they have a slew of guards that his spot not a done member abounds on remark he was willing to come back as one of those guards at that time was necessarily a day you're exactly right it is a little differently or are you went where there was playing time so it's a little different little different there. But I mean. It took us on that I'm with US audio things that he wants to get closer to his daughter and me yeah. He got about I mean a technically did get close to his daughter but it now if he's still Tennessee and she was in male and Baltimore. Innovative. So like that and I don't remember his daughter being a big one about a playing time for Antonio was well he said he was in what is it at all. Number he almost all Tennessee get to the elite eight they lost two other loss this was sixteen that Michigan team they locked up their unit and Drexel beat Democrat Jay. Everybody that we got they got an easier they got an easier path and the almost beat that Michigan team which went to the championship game and lost to Louisville. You guidance I think you are right now that is a little bit different with mark down as opposed to. Antonio because but I don't I don't think it's things not the right I don't I don't and there are a lot of there are a lot of it is they have out there and I ides of course I just got a tweet from. A guy saying how you gonna have that to trader on a lot of that comes on comes on about I don't think. I don't think. Knew there Ole miss fans in this town as a ton of them like ordered just as a kid leaves and and does that mean he's no longer news to a stop with that job yeah I sickness and that's what this three words three words I got a response. Cho last saw. I like that room well first I mean I appreciate all listeners I I just I don't think this is 12. I don't think this is one great upset at march hill's going on here thorn of the double birds insane F tubby then yeah IQ what's your feeling on that and gone out here on the high road he said great things about the program and so being great shakes a great thing about Tubby Smith. Let's move on and as well. Yeah add to your point like we we had target black on the other day in and I in his this thought occurred to me after were perfect example but Tarik Black was. Destroyed when he left that destroyed and and in outlets and I'd fully admit that I was one of them I was one of them who was put on my hand is up harshly critical and is hardly like further leaving and I said you need to look at the mayor did you know he people we talked about his his personality we talk about his aversion to grabbing the rebounds we criticize his game. And oddly enough target black as someone who transferred from Memphis has gone on to be. One of the most vocal advocates for the city in school more so than honestly most of the people who just say for their whole Korea absolutely. And Tom sometimes you know you got heads you know see what else is out there. You don't mean. I didn't get the ESPN job. Honestly. I'm I would imagine because I never left Memphis. You know like they've looked at my resonated and they were like you you've never left Memphis and so I do think that it can be a benefit. Now on the in the south he's coined the now. Halfway across was gonna miss but I mean it's not get a bucket for what an experience as an SEC school they get out of here pretty class cumin and you know I generally simple this is our staff. My coach yeah he's never played in the NCAA tournament and you look up at this roster and there's some of those approaches this with this roster making NCAA tournament this year this it is this kid it's just last year when he wants to experience that and Ole miss gives him a better and that's that's that's sad dominated the sad part of the power five thing to dads it's part of a sad truth the settlements gives him a better chance of doing that this year. Know too much about the kid out good acuity is what he's overcome yes hump with his own family situation to get where he is a count of charisma he exudes. And too much about that in just thrown by the wayside because he's transferring from the University of Memphis Minneapolis I don't think this is aimed at U mass large sentiment at all I don't think this is on the that most Indians are are feeling today. But it at any rate congratulations to go to mark cal let me come back game three is tonight grist birds. 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Whatever look whatever style you want you'll find its workforce solutions and if you can reach them and not a 1755. 557 or shop floors is celebrating its fiftieth years and come take advantage savings. The special financing points list the business. 7555574. All right as promised he is an award winning columnist for the commercial appeal Monica was my former colleague there is my colleague now here at 99. Where you can hear every morning from nine to 11 AM. On the Geoff Calkins show he is Jeff Hawkins he joins us now Jeff how are you. Very great. Doing great what do you expect tonight expect bedlam when you walk in a sports it crowd going nuts there's Dale's got us all in the right frame of mind. Yeah I mean I expected eight. Google significant like come back from San Antonio. Won at all like you did in 2000 all where it woes. Expectation that they might win this series east and all of that so going to bat lovable bad remark but look I think that. People are realistic about this team and and I think that. I think that keeps the excitement down a little bit my program all over bristled at yeah I think it will be. I imagine they'll not allow an ounce as well out but it will be a walkout that nobody else but so. I want to overstate. But I do think that there that love the Starbucks is is an original older that the it still lamp has changed the narrative I think that it got wrote about the that in some of that is. That is of real anger on the part of a lot of sands. I think a lot of that is. It's an incredible theater it's play acting it's you know there were a pig you really outraged Jason program or Java you go to. Really yes oh yes. Absolutely yes I am I've I've done it once every two straight hours without a wink of sleep yeah. Exactly that's my point I think I'm a this is just play a role and that role is. We are we're very good experience. And their community and I think we do that extraordinarily well I certainly competent people who are well good barbecue well. And what do you defended the community well we are under way in Cleveland takes a rock and roll off Spain we are friends didn't. When the titans go to Nashville were offended when jumped out buried so it's like you let the kids table coaching here were offended when they're. Or magazine called Google livable city in America won't really good nursing care and being offended. I think it's a wild up and it just. Thought I think it ought to play that role because well he got well exactly doll then yeah felt so I can take. I don't think it'll be trying a little bit but not by twelve in the first quarter. That'll change requests. And so. No jetted its corporate travelers still weren't on it we're still no matter what happens Jeff for I can promise you this. For one night for 48 minutes of basketball. This city is going to be dropped and mad no matter what now I can't process for game four but I can promise you got you girls and. Deputy at if they're down eighteen and perhaps. Let's look at the Bach scored the last two national. Now you don't need you don't it's like you don't get their master will actually you don't need to do that. I'll tell you is that because it's an 830 tip the hate war have been in the barn. And yeah. Yeah I know I think. Don't you think I think the drug we'll replay the broadcast. We won't we won't we won't record set to walk lunch or are you still a better yet. Yet to be like two weeks man could lead to protect and I brought back old nasty cough. So so. What would happen. After you get to walk in get mad and it. The orca that apple the next stage but they agree but it's the State's drunken. I got bad boys saw you start to note that the west stage and and I think. It's bad it's bad either. Know you have gold now it goes like this you're mad. And then if it becomes apparent that you're gonna lose a basketball game you begin to have co maybe the players may be the officials don't know but you did you tackle Dan. As you read it as it's daughter it's like a lawyer popping off there yeah an ad. And it. Oh now had a goalie that is Orszag head was look Orszag sad is after Michael dramatic and sudden I had yet and bad I don't yeah Mac. Didn't really angry tackling. Yep and that it sadness and that it's there and it's that time that's spent time. Well what can set a pick in the at halftime of the third quarter. Well that's they help man that if there is going to be a game in this series where sadness. They staved off until the end it's gonna be this is what it's game. It is the best so I actually do you snake yet. Oh what happened is that. The bit players have played terribly. Point albums and that he played better the second half of play beat the technical out and ash but but. The editor from what we don't have to applaud him again we we've we've we've taken into account courteous polite throughout the season. But I do think that. They were on done by the scene down there and I do think they will draw confidence. From the scene here from the comfort of being at home and only a knowingly tranda behind him. To open the lookers very good at a much shorter bench if you look at Pete. There have been. There are four previous series against disperse there was three they're the first series of the old group was quite how good we've played. There was apparently beat them. And then they would have laughed too which provoked what. And the first securities. Inquiries. Won't both incredibly memorable bearer among the most memorable games in grisly history in one word if you beat ground game. With a towel waving in all of advocate coach of the year that thing even though they lost incredibly memorable. The next one was back destroying. We. Spurred and that winning their first home playoff game that was incredibly memorable game theory and then the last two games three Q any recollection of the battle against of course. No I do not know. Blank. Sort of static I can remember game four last year because there's Jaeger crying and get the real power outage. I don't remember those people saying we can't look at some I hope is it's a memorable night the whole eleven years has been killed was. Memorable life. Back in the fun of it we haven't got the title operator in the gospel we got a series of memorable night so the hope is is that tonight. The cover everything. In a memorable night at my hope I think the odds are probably will be. In terms of the starting lineup. What do you expect David is still said there will be a shake up. Is it going to stop with the James Dennis for Wayne sell them. Our exact whereabouts have been starting lineup at this point what do you ultimately suspect the starting lineup will be. Well he's dead. Yesterday. That. There will be a secret question was would there be tweaking or he said our fair share. Loss fair share of immediate and one point. Fair share is too close and the other thing I would say is that. It should David as stale. And you start back in you start seeing them less and you lose that a lot people say hey he pulled out all stops and it won't decide directly bad because partly because it got garbled. And blow out there and you lose tonight. I think they're they're relying career critical he had so you can blow people like he had something little look at. Anyone who won in one hit wonder what the hell. I don't know that people Coke. Scared himself from criticism and I don't want to accuse him of doing that but it does it seems it seems so obvious to me if I would on the fence about it. I would start Zack exact comparable outlet you need a third scorer they haven't been getting. It's from to Michael a better I think it makes sense sense strategically. But beyond her. If you don't do it and then you lose I don't know how to help you live that down I can get I think they ran. I think a lot of dual Iran go to white you know start if you don't start people are you lose. I council get the calls is my right. That's gonna happen what are my account has got to get the calls tonight right that's going to happen. It's going to happen I don't know I think I think novel blink it's a big insisting. It was a dangerous game. We have. What is anybody I can't the American era with a guy you can work Obama probably would. There's Davis Bruce Davis Brian would run was more. Thank you the great Broadway books and I'm all want to keep up the great Brett Morse on today and. He pointed out that the last year during the playoffs. Get coaches we'll find full comment Patricia. Who graduate very comparable OK and you're not getting a little blue amazing. And last year player out either pick who played the guitar. Any also that he believed the proportion built up. What are the political history that can get himself they have stopped yesterday in terms of what he was just over com or cued up fair what you need to rein it. Or whether you're not play an indirect well he said yesterday that he was. He didn't know that it was gonna go harder when you but he let up he's that I look at them my peaks. What would you would say today is that they probably had that conversation and management and coach. Before he went off today if they said the go ahead we need a ticket they they talk about it strategically they talk about it and actually. And I could go on black officiating. We got to find you know that's what it's ServiceMaster negatively that nobody else looked encrypt the most. We're going to. You offer to pay that fine. And today it was strategically planned between management and coaching look at what should she didn't amber station probably happened and I'd be thinking about it. I think that's accurate and so. They have the company to play reasonably likely they think they call there's there's some conversation before they go up there a body bears right. I think you're gonna let you appreciate. I don't know I don't I don't know that I never imagined that I'd never heard that before but the fact that. If you said it is fairly frequently that sort of thing will happen. It was interest intimate and patent and that is to be reminded that last year we told you don't feel like they're gonna look well. Sick different coaches were fired last year I actually think. It will my. I do not believe it will work and if some grain like I don't think. Tomorrow. We will be a million because it got all the calls I don't believe that you might not. Be completed until just is saying they got more energy while yeah yeah exactly I did the did the biggest. The biggest reason for that rant and and the reason why they give the biggest and there's gonna have. Is this that it's going to it's gonna readers as a fan base in the players on the team via the players feel like they're coach stood up for them a uniter. But you'll but what can't see a battered players heal better. Federal and killed another as you quantify that don't know what it's I don't know what that means but it you know it's about why it does not stop squad that is true but it feels like you know I mean even though you're doubt it's in the series we haven't spent much time talking about back they're down 02 in the series so. A beautiful thing we haven't talked about it at all there's a sort of funny I got an email I just posted up on pushed other comp I got an email from a guy in New York. Who says he was leaving his apartment. In Harlem today walking through the main lobby. And the doorman pompano park and he said well how well. And it dormant I hear your mattress you can do that you won't go to Lou normally only. Who we're gonna mad and that he'd waited walking down the street reported her shirt that rocket Richard at some people level. And two different people shouted out to him. Take that for data. Why won't that happen and in New York. Now let dog doo and like all I'm doing and by all afternoon now is saying in. Take death a data tape to adapt a data that's on doing his thing and that's a must have a gun laws that drives us crazy yet but it's awesome it's been awesome we are quesada. They've been trumpeted their yellow and out do or die a man and discouraged that keeping New York. Take that for that up is just beautiful. Not where we talk a lot about what if it does then his first year you know going Zach Randolph and in bits and Zach Randolph and on a lot of the other two weeks he has made but. That's by far it. Whatever he does the next five years that probably is going to be his biggest march ever or the build the biggest marquis makes and his friends is gonna be that rent we are quick targets if Jeff Hawkins from the Dumars goes zip code itself. You can hear right here are gonna tonight. From nine to eleven RA you did put together the best 45 Memphis Grizzlies quotes and I have to tell you man. I think you did a pretty good job O'Donnell of ranking I agree these quotes I have really no issues. With these quotes in the and their ranking number one is. All hog grit grind Tony Allen number two was only in the movies and in Memphis number three is I'm from Memphis we don't bluff I have to tell you. I'm very glad that you did not include. That awful Rudy Gay quote that awful well I can remember all. I don't even know a bit rhetorical but they're a mobile home ash and there's some luck there and think that I wanted to do. Local people at Y eighty you've put in Ewing right now and home. All air and right you're also got just about and I didn't war. No I and so I know I know you've BellSouth content. And one of what a quote we've directed at me on the list of the top apps you go to the Catholic article and good luck. Chris Harrington took me to task for not including the Ahmed had daddy quote when he dumped on Shaq. And I think that that is in what was the quote that the editor Dominican. It probable pre. It'd been over looked like good little quote yeah close he is the quote something like I saw him like some I trucks that and I don't. And as they would have cost but he is very powerful. Oil is an expletive and then and that kind of makes it tough it's a family newspaper. We're gonna ask the could have said at yeah that does anybody there. And they hadn't Shane Battier quote I'll remember that quote I just found weak and the truth of the matter is is that if you went back. And read stories and Shane Battier and you hear. He is what we're told me out. The most quotable as we all talk and change it was a quarry. And I the editor of the real recently I had to vote last could I don't have. All of changed marine quote yeah in the air but he was great what he was working with great and so. If I went back there's probably some quote there that I would have included. In the and who knows RP well there's some of the crazy year you know what else like that I don't really. I don't really know the top five or trying to indisputable. Surely tiger that. I ordered. Either number one number two is only in the movies and and have the number three's I'm from Memphis we don't glove number four's first team all defense number five is hammer and nail coffin this baby is over so. I again I have been. Definitely want to speak really only started saying Matt. A few years or lack there. Through a big one I think one that you. It wasn't so much a quote but it was so awesome when Tony Allen was Mike Duncan called Mike Conley when I'd Charlie. Yeah that was pretty going. How did you why Charlie admitted that it felt good seeing the man. It's not a quote it's like it's like it would be at all times sound byte for me. Yet I mean. I I agree with that isn't all and the other thing is is that. I don't know that include I ever included felt the creator but there was no real great quote from that. Yeah you you would use it the quote was every day they came out they fought like crazy in that is quote that has been said about. Three trillion times by a bunch of different coach they just are crying I want to. Any immediate what made that. Great was it delivered a bit in a year a year law of gravity Claude. People sort of crack pot less saying initiate insincere. Or whatever else. I'm great but I'm gonna happen. I thought it was great I don't I don't problem that I had no problem I celebrated but there was no quote. In that scene that really stood out so I just put back quote indirect relent. That moment but there was no real quote they're they're better to capture. But is Geoff Calkins you can read his debit commercial deal dot com listen to on every day on the station from nine. 211. Thanks Janet yeah. That's Jeff Hawkins I will be back wrap it all up here are in the game three days we've also got. One more pair of tickets that we should do and display now where and give those away now. 53537765353776. Call their number five Carner five you are going into spurs' Gregg is tonight. Inside FedEx form 830 tip back in their route rather have Jason Dunn and he's not a fan ESP. Coming up at 3 PM once it's still playoffs. The result of the playoffs and we'll pay a new strain can actually look. Your chance to win 1000 dollars in free money ghetto word takes that word 272881. Within fifteen minutes to an extra supply is still play. 929 FM ESPN national contest. 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The fried pickles slowest dividend of putting it's all good Don Don junior and to get over there today or call about the 9150 man portable by the Russell follow them on FaceBook. Get out of online as well and on these suicide dot com. That's down Downey junior 569. Iron from Iraq postponed and excited to look at Hillary's positions us and shop we're back days and John any genetic game. ESPN game three is tonight. Down a FedEx format man leave from tiger promotions or stop by and he's got us fear did. We thank you we are ready to go we've got are they not gonna rook shards these are available by the way tiger promotions dot net not class or is. They're so soft. They are very soft they are market leader of the sub leave. By the way says rose and that he is the original Christie guy did great Grimes he's with rose there. With you OK actually yeah OOG phone on the table with with Biel. Yeah and so you can you can get these shirts again ever get any allegedly there's so many great companies out here that we are when support. The mummy leaf hooked us up tire promotions dot net slash there is if you wanna look good. For tonight my man's skull that tweets. And since the days play out search because he could never fit in them because he's fat. Once the Congo but one lap steady all. It can these be back. And it doesn't there are devalued and I'll like skull of a guy I don't know what does all the egos of grew with the residues speaker at a rose had to run lots of laps federal law remember when the positive thought -- when the process started for resident this man who had a real MP3 player are we joy OMB do you understand each that this full. Head not even an iPod are. And I thought it was an iPod now are gratified yeah I was OK I didn't appealing their iPods anymore he had an iPod yeah and he would run to see Al park. And he would do some laps I remember when that in that process started a long three years ago. In aquarius today he is fitting end to a large and he is looking better then ever he's gonna be looking too good tonight our guys throw when he stands up and cheaters for day. Has been there are cared enough about me so I Jose Baez who is the a sorry for Aaron Hernandez. Says that the family there Hernandez has decided to donate his brain. For study. While miss so I clay clay Travis surgeries isn't says can you imagine if he has advanced CT. Yeah I just imagine wow you know that you guys not feel about pro football. You guys know my theory on NFL center around in thirty years that's not very that is my theory Ozzie stalled at laugh out so well listen all that goes for this. The reality. I mean not much is going to be around in thirty years because. That the world will what in dudes in nuclear warfare. But I feel very confident in saying the NFL will be one that's saying there's not around because when the world ends. Another angle predicted a lot on the bench I am but not clear warfare on got a bomb shelter. Aren't enough Bob I don't know to do our note to do if what if rob if somebody drops a nuclear bomb within ten miles of main and out today. I have to run to the most deaths of the most densely the most it's building. In my area what is I don't know but it I have to be up to get there than five minutes and grab tighten otherwise. Otherwise I'll die of. I just welcome back that is I'd hope no I just hope by survives it and emit X-Men. The X-Men in my next life I'm a mutant and that's an act and I compete like meg need to go and control metal my favorite excellent by the way of magnesia and controls medal of love that yeah I we know wed may need to does rather yeah. Not all the people out there to I think. People can pick a quality that you don't like these guys yes they should yeah. Well on the show on show. Fun show this morning as John. I don't want anyone feels yeah I would probably we can talk shop about magna ego. You can tell me who backed NATO is best scheduled for us gave there's going to be a blast I am going to attempt to redeem myself. For the last playoff game I hit it well I fell asleep in the seat my. I won't tell you all about it tomorrow. In the meantime. Fixes that bug tips thanks to Jason Wexler thanks to mark Joseph Crawford and fixed the Geoff Calkins for joining us all throughout. The day's show let's go to a throws Erica time is up next Marc spears. From the undefeated ideas Jim would join us tomorrow to break down what happened in game three hopefully we are talking about a job. For Jason comes on. There's only one thing you need to remember. 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