Jason & John Hour 1 (7/14/17)

Jason & John
Friday, July 14th

ESPN NBA Insider Seth Greenberg joined John Martin in Hour 1 to discuss NBA Summer League 


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Or that's MVP on I. Their legendary hot self becomes a chilled talent electric charge him to stop by today for the sport this instant replay a double MVP for the price of the same. Passport sport clips. It's good to be a guy. Memphis and sports station. It's real quick if I mean it's getting myself and oh yeah. It allows the job done if Obama. So it's not a remember how. I don't. But I'm in the building. This is Jason had done Jason is out today. So it'll be me. Pitted Doyle and a lot of love for for way Volvo on this show today okay. No rogue wave bubble and off a little bit too soon. And we're glad about that all day today I I hope. The the idea is that weighed Baldwin is gonna join us a little bit later a guy go from Las Vegas so we will talk to him. A little bit later still nailed down final details on that good good good day on the show got a lot of stuff coming up including. An eleven point five Seth Greenberg. Seth Greenburg you should be caused basketball coach at Virginia Tech. And now. He's hideous things that he is here for a few years he is he's in Vegas as well he's caught a couple a couple games. In the summer league. So we'll talk them about how the proper way to evaluate summer league is in charge of Calkins earlier today. And and he says that when he doesn't really matter his or his view was that winning doesn't really matter. In the summer and maybe it doesn't but I'm gonna ask a a former coach who's been out there. What his opinion is about the some we will also ask him about lane some who continues to look. Absolutely amazing. Continues to light up the similarly I think he's fourth overall. And scored average of about 44 point four to lower once again he's fourth overall Academy Award of the unity and I want to you about an update this amid calls Gaza Compaq name was number one and I don't wanna hear about no Dennis Smith no more. Good way sound is the truth. Like frilly white cell then has. I'd I'd I'd thought I. Saw it. From from the moment that he sort of get playoff minutes. And it's confirmed in the some really I think degrees have a play on as yes it went down there's no doubt and that's that's a positive development I think that's the most that's the best to go for. In an undrafted free agent that you pick up from the couch a centrally. So will get to that with Seth Greenberg and eleven point 512 point five. You guys might have heard Larry Brown. Is mandatory David is that he was out there in Vegas. With David is dale. Earlier this week he's no longer in Vegas but he has been working with David is it does though those everybody's like it's crazy loon he just from. I don't know if it's because he was he's been all over the country. You know he's big Coastr coach he's on the red carpet as these men was on the red carpet at the as these chilling with with with Mike Conley in and his wife we didn't we talk about. The outfits. Up by US and a picture. What was though you mean with them without Marcus saw yeah. I mean they do look kind of similar Morrison and brother Mike Conley they look kind of similar bro when you put Marx Brothers. Head on Mike Conley is body in MP I mean a slight. It is the white might come as a white Michael Willis the Spanish Michael Spanish yes. Yeah got to be PC yeah eleven assists three assists right hash brownies Spanish I don't understand. I I I look like I'm just telling it like for me what I what I think about. You know basketball players in the NBA. Like mark a solid Spanish okay you Chandler Parsons is why okay. Yeah you know I mean our league I go on drugs and if for Vermont in the present for my purposes. Because I think the obviously though Bill White American messed up players going extinct in the war on drugs I do not count as white. Yeah what is his nationality I think he's like. Slovenian maybe probably something like baton. Like you know I'm I'm I'm bacon on the loop canard it's the TJ leafs. Those are the guys who would bear the torch right now the white America and our basketball player but. My colleague was very well dressed. And like I said David David fifth they'll those everybody. In the in in the world when it comes to basketball layer brown as one of them and they're working together. And so Larry Brown is gonna join us at 1225 and and I see there's so much to ask him. Because I mean you thought about the accomplishments and everything that he's done in his career. He's the only coach to donate a college basketball championship and an NBA championship and is that it edit at the highest. Of levels and in both sports so we'll talk to him about you know how I got a double dip is dale what he's doing with with him what he thinks about. In other bid big the young grizzlies what he thinks about them. And the whole lot more you know obviously he he had spent some time at SMU. A few years it did in the American athletic conference on no he's probably familiar with the University of Memphis program and Tubby Smith so we also ask him. About all of that so looking very forward to be joined. By hall of Famer Larry Brown at twelve point five. They said wade Baldwin is scheduled to join us we are still nailing down that time so hopefully that will happen and then Jason Smith is gonna join us. I believe he's got a he's got a family reunion that he is doing I can't believe that man's never taken a vacation day what are they let you do that at the commercial appeal. He's been there for awhile now ha are you mean here you have or it's been before. Yes take a vacation days he tell you that they can vacation days now I'm just say no and no I'm saying like Whitney would you hosted the show you not know this is the first time I have done it by myself since I don't even know how long. So just bear with me as I remember how to try to cereals like the old days and they've done the guys to fill up for talk Italy on him because immediately you know part of his six month at a time so I I used. I used to do this all the time for Calkins is an hour and up for awhile I've done it from eleven at two of adjacency in my bag nicely. Thought about believe god willing he'll be back in Jessica good goalie Jeff he will be back so Jason Smith is that a family reunion. Which is like. My and my ultimate nightmare by the way like I can't believe Jason Smith is excited about a family reunion. Like that to me is Baja is decided how many yeah like you believe you know yeah like he's ready. So we'll talk to him and what we've got to get the update about everything that he is doable right now. Chris several league they've moved to four and oh yeah I hotly contested game. Against the Phoenix Suns and Robin close man yeah yeah game they have. And they got the win they moved the porno so they advance. And this summer league playoff format. A few takeaways I had a really really I just from last night but from. In other summer league overall yeah because they are Florida now I think that I think the number one thing that we have found in the number one thing that we have learned. Maybe we knew this going into summer league but. It's confirmed now Wayne sell the news is a rotation player on this team or for yet there's no doubt he has. I mean he's too good for some relief. But it's good that he's playing and it's good he's playing well it in the you know just. He's just playing well he's played awesome he's one of the best players in the summer league in Vegas so I think that that is. Real peace of mind and that's what you notice with the summer league is like the guys that are going to be in rotation on NBA teams like they stand out and he's clearly standing out there see it yet. 33 points last night about. 33. You know points and I said this is by far. Bin for me the most encouraging development of some early he is fourth in the summer league and sort average is basically about points again. And so I you know I think. It's more important ways because. In a really do you can tell you care about the wins that we've been there and we've we've done the summer league when things with the rest left you know we've done before. It doesn't have a that was Orlando. The the Vegas some really has little more. It's site that's true and I think that's a good point Orlando is a different you're right there isn't a light summer league. It claims summer league you're right Vegas is the gold it's like west to east it's like all about right and other bad players there in Orlando subtly yet you know. That's a point but I guess I think they have really found. Themselves a rotation quality player. And Wayne saw that I know that's not that's not like a sexy thing to say. Oh they found a rotation level player and way and so on but I mean this guy that went undrafted. You know this is the guy that they really found. He's got a contract for nothing. You know he's he's he's played and started playoff games he's played big minutes now his minutes went down as that spurs series what are a bit. You know he's got that experience and sometimes honestly like it's it's OKE. To just be a rotation player you know looks like somebody's gotta be your rotation player at some point in other a lot of questions on that Wayne. Yet obviously was under bad circumstances but I think that the fact that the grizzlies threw him and the fire for that playoff series last year it's gonna work out to their benefit. I think clearly yeah I mean like there he's I have to look. You know roster roster but I bet your say he is the only he is the only player. Players normally it's gotten my playoff experience and I admit real minutes in the playoffs I would venture to say that. I other some old heads out there trying to get back in the league made today at Saddle River new. There's some got other night for Utah that was I like and heard and in nineteen years still chasing that yeah I think at some point if you're if you're like 33. And your players some early. Like that's a pretty good indicator. It might become the let it go down to me like that some early checked. I don't know how that worry you will check in how beyond a little money go play basketball over the summer I don't know how that works at that if I was like thirty something right if I'm late in my early thirties and I'm still trying to make it happen in the summer league. You know I would I would just take that Al and I would go play Croatia or wherever I had an offer to play. In just take the money. Speaking of older days China Megan's Ali I know he's not he's an embattled bush Jason tell me Joseph Jackson was on the Phoenix. Squad out and see him last night I don't know maybe he's gone home but he's taking his ball we go home gone home but he is there he has par on that but he's he was garden that as he was doing his best to guard Dennis Smith the other day like he's playing early I don't know what happened. The acolytes and you know I think you've. You've got a guy here and in him that you know he's got the NBA body my god did you see that put back on Josh Jackson yes I was jayhawk or JR crime right there. That reminded me a little bit of win win. I don't remember that there was like a regular season NBA game but it was two years ago. Will Barton Korean won on target by oh I remember it was vicious about feel bad for those guys and it's like you can do your teammates your you know you were to state college. But no mercy. And you know you get he'd be he's got a can guard multiple position he's destroying competition and several league. And so I think that's what you found you know he's clearly ahead above everybody else in the similarly I think that's over the glove of the grisly there are lots of questions on that wing. And I don't think he is going to cure all of your issues there. But I do think you can feel pretty confident going to the next season with Wayne is one of the first wings off the vets discuss them. Of what he's got in his in his school bus yeah I did feel like that and I think this heavily toward compartment the other thing that I that I have found and that I hope people have have learned. I think people frankly have written weight ball went up way too early. Like I IC tweets I everytime I listen I get it it's not the most bombed consistent experience watching waive all play basketball. But there is real talent there yet there's something there and saw last night as such there's still something there it's it's too early like it's this guy is just got to be harnessed. Like that's the only that's the thing with him is that he just has such talent and this was a big week. For wade Baldwin I think more than anybody else on that roster may be zero margin. The more than anybody else on that roster this that he had as much improved in some early this week is anybody else plus we've seen it with guys in the grizzlies organization that you know partially comes to mind is DeMarre Carroll we're talking about another date guys that. They kind of gave up on a little bit early in they became good players in the league you don't want that to happen year would you seventeenth overall pick right just last year's draft you wanna give it time well as we talked about like that is like ask anybody that's been in basketball that's coached in basketball that's been around again a basketball. Point guard is the hardest position. To develop it takes the longest time to develop. Point me to a point guard. I'm jumping I'm trying to think like Derrick Rose what it happened for him immediately. Right but he was that he was a number on a world exactly it happened for him pretty immediately and then he had the injury issues but most point guards that don't go. Number one overall they take 234 years to develop the so solid Mike how he used for the overall pick it took him for five years to really become who he watched. And I mean even last Cilic he's still develop it he still changing his game. So I think it just. You have to reevaluate that position differently than you evaluate for example. Ads around mark yet army doomed west burden but most people projects and the best point one of the best point guards in the league I mean when he was drafted it was like OC a point guard down really no yeah obviously now last night was the only way below its best game similarly. I raise it was you know you it's point one points seven rebounds only two turnovers with plus thirteen from the field. Be clear I'm not comparing weight ball wonder Russell Westbrook put out in college Carlton started I mean you wouldn't be the first person and that compares and so. And the attitude or tuna to ten turnovers last night plus thirteen you know I really. I think the biggest question for him is just can he play under control you can he find. That first year. But I did and it got a high gear but I know that's how you play I know that's cute but do you have a cup can you take it down a couple gears. And really orchestrate an offense tick guys what they need to be. Can you do that and I thought last night I mean I thought that was one of the more probably the most encouraging performance. For him it's just about Cheney harness. All of that talent all their raw athleticism and run and off and can it be cool calm collected and I think that's really word David is the outcomes and you know they're they're the master developer here of young talent you if you can find a way to channel that indeed airport general I think this is that he's gonna have a a spot on the team without a doubt. I know there's not a lot of confidence in him because he can be frustrating at times to watch him play and his first season. His rookie year was not the most. Awe inspiring. But I think that. There's something there there's talent there. It's a matter can you harness that talent another thing and I hate to say this I really hate to say that's another thing that I'm noticing and seeing and it's becoming clear clear by the day. I don't see you Woodrow Marin. Do you I'm not seen which are marred I don't think it's there. You know I and I and I like to rally not a member hung out with a little bit last year at a party. For Alley Allen who who's been battling games and you know for milieu with with Elian she's been battling. An aggressive form of cancer so other day about the way that she's gonna be enroll and Ole miss and didn't moved in there so that was cool news. But he was that Mariah last year so he's a good dude. He's he's he's been a part of the community but I just don't know. Others don't know of the grizzlies have the time. That it's gonna take for him to become something. Yet our deployment that's good that's the biggest thing I think this is his first summer league and I heard that point made but it did it the same time like you've played in NBA games so in. You can't really use these use of it is our summer league is why start now right I mean let's and he's he's. You know which are getting with Terrelle Martin like he is incredibly athletic. I come here and he's raw like that's that's that's these are Omar and experience you know he he only had played I think when they'd. You know when he's when he came at a high school he only played basketball for two or three years he was one of those deals. And you know there. I just don't think they have that that time. That there really dedicate to him given all of the questions about their front court yum. I don't think they have the time that it's gonna take to dedicate to hit the I think that's the big point is because you have someone who many issues right now about front court you don't know what's gonna look like next year that's been really comes anybody's night and a position like analysis that just bed his drives home. You know how how imperative it is to keep to Michael which I'm sure they know you you know and this is just that this is just a scenario where. With the Michael we talked about it yesterday. I think the agent is a little bit frustrated at the tally hit like your head hit the wall over and over you're not. You may have to offer sheets right you may have to offer she's to govern it but those numbers don't look like how you want to covers the look yeah it's so you don't wanna sign. A deal whether it's for you know four for twenty Nader four for 32 or whatever it whatever they offer was you don't wanna sign that I perceive because you know what's gonna happen. You know the grizzlies are gonna match that. In a millisecond Luke and what you want appeared to Michael's agent is you want. Post a twelve to fourteen which as a restricted free agent in this market is and as as the money continues to dry up you might get. You may get so you know I don't know I don't know if it's going to be a situation where display that is qualifying offer. On you guy and you all saw that. Jonathan Symonds had his pulled about a San Antonio Spurs are certainly say that they gonna happen obviously with the grizzlies. You know I don't know the situation where you play that is qualifying offer and then test the market again. But to Michael Green and it a would be added in a incredible upset to me if he's at a Memphis grizzly the agent just does not. He's dragging this out as long as he can because he's not getting the money that he thinks to Michael Green deserves which is a common so that's what I thought about the summer league I really think they. Out of rotation guy. And Wayne sultan bag that that continues to. That continues to be confirmed wade Baldwin is showing flashes. Thought yesterday as his best game and then I'm really not seeing it with Terrelle and and that's unfortunate Gionta had sixteen points beyond then on Wednesday night's game will last Larry Brown what he thinks about beyoncé Dave's a little bit later. And as the shows so that was encouraging did Jason Smith does not here to crap on the I think davis' performance. So that that's probably a good thanks so I think rod had a pretty encouraged await their Ford know the young guy you look at look good I mean that the major. Young guys to nudge around not so much but the are they Davis went so that would ball I think their reasons. If you're grizzlies fans took to feel optimistic about how this week is gone in Las Vegas without a doubt and they went Selleck what. You came out about nothing really only come back. Seth Greenberg is out in Las Vegas he is basketball analyst for ESP he's been calling some of the games we'll talk to him about what he thinks. About some degree as a young guys Alonzo ball the summer league as a whole lot to get to with Seth Greenburg we'll talk to him we come back Jason and Domenici not offend me as yet. The Wayne guru is located over 5699. 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For ESPN he joins us now set what's happening now baker street yeah. I'm back from Vegas when it was got great experience got a chance to ask you some of the better young players that are trying to be and yet it. Yeah a lot of people also was it was described as quiet. How much does winning. Matter and the summer league because we were we were talking about it a little bit in them on the morning show and and one of those on the morning show Geoff Calkins doesn't believe. That it matters then and obviously coaches say it will matter to a culture when you're trying to develop young guys and in the end and emphasize how important winning is. How much does winning matter in the summer league in your mind. I think it matters let me guess accurate senior player to drop the matter escape its best opportunity to play value waiting talent batterers are developing a work at particular. Chemistry and trust matters. At winning it all part of what got out and let me. You know committee Italy began exporting I mean more or how would you like. Wait a byproduct of how you play and how hard you play the good shepherd ship ask all our dear guards make good decisions. So good to me it's the bar park the tower you're playing Serbs just record of winning or losing. I'm not sure some early this track. Duties should be get caught up with how you play it as a culture that you develop take part you play. What's the best way to assess how how a player in the summer league is performing because we've seen. Both sides of the spectrum you know for for example in Memphis we've seen Josh Selby absolutely light up the summer league and then. You know doesn't really do anything once he gets in the league and we've seen guys who go to the summer league and maybe they don't have the greatest performances have been going to become you know longtime NBA players what's the best way to sort of a evaluate. How much stock do you put into two way two assembly performance one way or the other. Well certainly our source for directors computer data charm make a roster like last year rock block from shopping actually score this summer. Can there be a rookie of the year. Well he show is all those intangibles to top instead of being a winning player or our data connection people last year Tory tradition there. So factual actually Richard struggling you know these are solid long term archer rebels back so. The potential what you would look at shore you know and and who they are people a lot of original brat doesn't play the Cirque chievo I'd be a film books is transitioning. Put mattress to a new position per say. A little bit with the new role compared to hit the ball was always had changed. You know what was sort it sort of you know you look and see how he transitions are they haven't had apparently so but who's we your organization for here. You know there's a dark side or has signed all talk contract. You wanna see you take a leadership role I have put all the chances you gave to Sharon don't want to defend. Are part of an actual get them get the other night when the idea that you talk it should help it really depends where. You want to guys we've got to play your logic I simply don't like you guys that compete Dorsey got the play they're stretching. For guys try to make it even try to find a niche got. Site is circuit or lock on the center is built all Kirk is pure trash a specialized three point shooter. So let's face to guide at the end. Are you pack your star players the guys if you hadn't. All right two basic role where it's almost put airs it will most of coaches that's what at all. You you brought up I've been rad and Dylan Brooks obviously that the two most recent grizzlies draft picks and you watched a lot of them. In your and your other job Collin college basketball. What did you make of of those picks for the grizzlies I think I've been rad to get him at 35 you know he was the you know you the number seven player in the country two years ago and it would have been a lottery pick blaster what did you think of of those picks for the grizzlies. I think that quote early detection are you are correct authorities say that steal what is still birdies are we construct as far for the duration each actual. She did have a great year punitive shooting percentages were Paramount in play with a real point Arctic or. Is more scoring political art. What he needs it more sort of vision really really skilled. I've got good hands should contamination. Well he can't disappear he's got to be much more sort of be your site to position. You know I expect that at that position I think she wished. A really good track toward southern Carroll again. Why do you support a tick and picked up the ladder last year people would have been happy where bit by US for a guy that was where he. Personally it. You know that I think bill works as a Garnett. You know he hasn't. Get a chance I don't have a true position Irsay. You're hee-seop hyper walking. But he got toughness to one thing he doesn't do is rebound the asphalt but it. He's not afraid to take your making big shots. I didn't get to the basket. He's got a tough disavowed him for some it is much are those guys as it is about the which section you're taxed our consultants the other day pistons. And those guys a year later the wait all it's getting their experience. And hopefully being a position where you can out perceive them as contributing players actually do it out for persons. Talking to Seth Greenberg college basketball analyst for ESP it was in Vegas earlier this week calling games for the somebody's on Twitter at Seth. On hopes what kind of go down the list here of all those young grizzlies that you mentioned you brought a way and so then. And he certainly seems to be a guy who has turned himself from undrafted to rotation level player. In the NBA spent three years a Kansas came to lead the hard way what do you think of his game and the way that he seems to have submitted a role for himself with a grizzly. I I think that he gets it he understands he's got it to heart played attack there. He's got to live picture of the Basque watch Larry you're a little bit mentioned the ball. He's got just Khaled reachable which I think is really importance. I think you see allege that they're. They're people did a great job of evaluating him or call up getting him an organization and I think he'll continue to get better. Way Baldwin is. A guy that I think has frustrated some grisly spans seventeenth overall Dickey was predicted to be a top ten pick at one point. Armed did not have the best rookie season but it seems to be clicking for him a little bit great game last night I looked under control and I think that's the biggest question for him. We have to evaluate point guards a little differently don't we Seth. In terms of how much time we allow them before we make him the the ultimate verdict on what their careers going to be at a different position is that. Yes those session at fort Gordon Moore in the call all guards got your scorecard you gotta make good decisions. I mean Kuwait's biggest they can connect people I think you know getting guys to play together. I earning their trust. Are is what I. Decision making is really import trend will make the right choice. You know apple right tired and that can make it out shots. To keep people honest so that's going to be his challenger to athletically he's art school years he's got its leading get other people check page. He's got make the decisions in Asia he's got hurt you know outbreaks shops. And ultimately I mean when you're talking about the decision making in Vienna control an arsenal that we've not been ideally. That is where David says they'll who has been you know held it as they developer young talent that's where he kind of steps in right. Yeah I like you are I liked it and try to particularly at long beach state so we'll live with actual true about high schools. You know he's he's a really good communicators passion you can shoot connect what is players. I think that you know cocoa tremendous strand consult with local people could ever got clutch at all later. In our coach Bradley looked absolutely didn't just beat up the bounce things off followed. A guy like Larry brown and what invitation for a young approach. No question how did they. Had their recruitment of of of coaches got. What you don't really want to say we're pretty good players that we sheriffs are Russell. We had once we get a bunch of pros and he went to their you know. The other impeached San Diego and he was he was if you look at why earnings release you got or are you look at people what. This is get like do you remember what his game was I'm just curious. Yeah you that he could really dark if you get you know starts I had acute bought this year shallow angle I. That we had to play an NHL will abide he was a good player has good last few people who are really. Two retired school program lecture him on our schools. He was used to people are spent a lot of time for mark actually execute. From his tires go on our team that we inherited it. Fraternity really good player. We are of course talking to Seth Greenberg caused bass finalist for ESPN. The other young grizzly that I wanted to ask you about as beyoncé Davis and he sort of is the same story. As I've been ravaged it you know if things would have been different maybe he's a lottery pick but he ends up going to in the second round. How how confident are you in the I'd say Davis becoming you know rotation and rotation level big man for the girls because honestly given what their personnel as they may need him to be that incident how confident are you and his ability his ability to be that. Well toward block shots rebound and trying to Chicopee sorry I think it is still out of be a Christian trauma basket. Usual camaraderie you are searching refineries really moldaschi. I'm very proud I think that is ask ask all the there's maturity. Our purpose goes along with seeding in the head you know you see young players counter the war will quickly. But he's. He'd get where he's gotten he's come along and I got you know he caught it pretty good around a basket keep track of Easter actually is that the default screen to charter. Got to continue to stay in the moment be a little bit or circles that are like eighty. Alonso ball every time he plays there is a ton of hysteria he took over the summer league this well this week in and and listen lots of extreme reaction. One way or the other when he plays. What do you come down Alonso Boller yard is he going to be an all star in this league and us that's a high. Bar but is is he going to be an all star on the sleek look at a career do you think he is gonna have. I think eventually get beyond me at all if they truly a little earlier that first gamers get torched could keep all the little I could face shots. Still that you could go well we'll put a crazy numbers really good rebounder from their positions are incredible issue. He creates an epidemic of passing because of the station because. It can't catch the balls walls and carpet or sheet. They can get to the basket I think the big jump was when he got to pastor actually try to score some. Which is important is that bad opens up passing lanes where each either they'll dump it off arch that talks are kicking our history's. If you can get a Turkish burst late summer which stack I don't get caught up to them triple doubles are continue to sorely felt he had to welcome. But you don't bigger players you get great player had a chance a I think that you know it's tired it's a little bit too early to say that the latency chill out the lakers because she's easy to play within. You're actually import triple heart to be easy to play it looked straight at her what's coming up strange heart of their order core car. Are actually willing to make an actual test is particularly if factional. I like his game. Did you see anybody this week in Vegas that kind of surprised you with with how they perform. A different car counts. Yeah it was really get your asses historic church he says. A typical power forward type body can change around the basket he wants the court. Re balanced have to out of Mitchell was better in precious to me. He's got access to go party for Clark shot a little bit better look better actually thought what we know Shrek yet. Actually heals if I had abducted. Post who got some good drive shaft that I struck the arch Cox a large job. The truth of the child this year it was in price surge yes I took me an impairment pilot thought he was tortured begging his interest DM BA. Or more physical he can ramrod and you'll start off all screeched. He regards all that it is Gerry Appleby was really good. We are of course talking to Seth Greenberg college basketball analyst for ESPN. Couple things because bats before we let you go Seth obviously you know the met this program well we've had gone a couple times during the college basketball season. The first season and Memphis did not go I think as well as as universe him have his fans had hoped that it started promising we enough but it kind of tailed off. There at the end some what do you make of of the future for this program is tubby still the right man for the job what do you think. The patient I mean it's you know obviously they're total results should split it should be you don't ever want that shirt and same vision. You can't quit and it never will insurance addition last year there was that went sample. They've got to. Basically bounce their classrooms they've got a bad got to recruit players that are replaced it'll actually be an option however believe probably watch some. So look I don't think it's a quick action. I think it's a two year affectionate probably before they're backing condition with the NC double a term of I don't seem like top top issue. And then last thing you you personally sensed I mean you were successful at Virginia Tech which is is not the easiest place to do it that you've been coach and for your entire life it seems like you've found the pretty comfortable niche though. On television I'm just curious is like have you thought about getting back into coaching are you at a point now where it's like man out I love my life in television I don't have to worry. About winning and losing and edited just curious about your perspective now that you're on the other side do you get the age anymore is it gone and where are you now. I would have immediate IPO rights situation where oh it AP the president and myself what the ally and people really sure wish I went. Pakistan just coaching the coach to get back into it at an election turnout a couple positions this year. Do the right situation I've got a great job I work with incredible people I've watched. Pulled in the same direction we've got a great chemistry customer game they show are. Its content. Are still engaged in child and I really love the passionate about. Not accept that it be I. DL situation came up which I don't think it would remain because. Of these young 61 years old I have or aggregate almost I want to be a better. Obviously we're fresh and to certainly spoke. It never say never or be one of those guys as hypocritical so I have to search avert a shortage situation. Why is remember you know when Josh was here talking to Josh and and I don't know if every coach is like this but. You know if they lost a game he would not eats. It is they want it or sleep in if they won a game he would gorge himself. And it was like up if it was like it was like I'm sure that you would say you're caught easily out like I mean all the Eminem's in my house right now do we wanna game it was like it's a very very extreme. Way of life and in now and it because you don't have to worry about in your job you don't have to worry about okay we'll. Game planning and and and yet you get compensated very well but it's such an Immersion it. And it's such a high stress job that you know there's a lot that goes into that coach at a basketball team beyond. A high salary isn't it. Here and it's there's a lot of predators also brought a lot of war you see your vehicle to proper temperature or declaration and exchange why action. If you impact people's lives you'd accurately slaughter each. You know you give them a chance to change source they shouldn't lie cheat you've purchased cycles so. There are a lot of their awarded they're gonna get it but what we're winning usually are we changed history. Our backs that's why you're here you gotta enjoy it Iraq coached together once regardless it was I would really. I'd be as passionate as ever probably work part level work by. You got to enjoy it if you don't enjoy the journey. There's no sense of taking the church and I think I have it up. What are sent poppy appreciate it more because so he had a good seeing how many guys don't enjoy stretched. Right he is Seth Greenberg 'cause best size for ESPN's. Seth always a pleasure man they sort of brought right here we'll talk he says he is. Seth Greenberg college best violence or. ESP NN and yeah I mean I think when. You know. It I know I'm I'm I'm good friends with a couple coaches some in college football too and you know their schedules man it's it's insane. You know because if they're not on the road if they're not doing camps if they're not you know if they're not practicing with the team and there's no off day. Like whether that's during the season. Offseason because it you know even when the season ends in December. Citing days into monies. And then after that you're still recruiting for the next year so there's really no law stay in so when you just when you do it by our right if you just. If you if you do this out at that they're salaried U divided by the put the amount hours that they put in. It's not that much money. So. It seems that there. But said Kramer wrote come back and just in their way involving gonna join us. At 1245. 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So we will talk to him at 1245 about his development his week in the summer league. He his reflection on his rookie season wade ball when will join us at. 1245 Larry Brown gonna join us right before wade Baldwin. At 1225. So don't miss that. But right now there was another press conference. Between. Connor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather this is three days in a row yeah this was in New York City. Right diseases in Brooklyn you know Brooklyn and they were late I know that much they were late they were about like two hours late to it to start this. The last two they had a lot to live up to let's be honest that a lot of up to from the last two and they fell flat I think well I think that the problem is is you can't do these things like bag to bag to bag daisy got a spread it out a little bacon it's getting stale the running out of material army may Marty lied. Cust each other around and Connors who you know said he's broke like a million times and in and it then Floyd with the flag and all that at some point you run out of things to say there's no doubt about it ray Floyd says hard work of men like a million times and I like what did Marty said to me what I really thought of more serious man Lloyd ran things the say on they want heated about forty minutes into day one and now he's got to the point the way he's saying. I just went to the bank it's an idea of hard work so car work so Connor yesterday. I don't know if it's necessarily ran out of he just kind of like. Went all the Orioles of was do I do yeah are I think it's hard. To ask them to deliver at a high level for three straight days yup especially when you're flying across the country. And I think they're going to London on to say. And game. As it's a lot to ask of of of people yes so we we got the audio and Connors starts in India he is in Brooklyn so it pays homage to notorious BIG. And he talks about people accusing them of being a racist issue yes so I you wanna hear Saudi announced yes I was Jason was the epic attitude yet to Lehman talk about the past couple days because Connor Connor McGregor has called him boy. So this is this is the audio from the third straight press constantly come rigor and Floyd Mayweather. Yeah I don't. Brad yeah I don't O'Donnell and you'd they won't. You want me. 88. These tiny girl and you look. And lead in the. We help college yeah. If you talk pile on it and outside of the way in the hunt and almost no time it's good it is an open it's not rocket Pollard met tonight. The showdown yeah yeah on that again. Yeah. I'm against the I've not unduly. Negative yeah. And yeah. But. I've been on the petty its own. And you realize yeah plus. The loop Madden. From my beautiful. Black female bass. Enough points you raise some money on this page. Yeah. Susilo. Finished runner on stage acting crazy now. So that's the earth so Floyd Mayweather came out. I guess after after the big press conference and said. Racism still exists. I was flashy where I mean coach and you know I've been drum Ferrari's abilities for over twenty years. Others flashy stuff I was doing it was so he's there you know he's cocky always this these days and a Christian to the U take the same guys in context force feels no blueprint. And he gonna do it in they praise him for. I have a diverse team of that a diverse staff and when I was young I may have said some things I shouldn't say when I was young what we live we learned you don't say those things when you get to a certain age. When he gets older he'll probably look back and they Ashton said that he is of course referring to the boy comment again and so I didn't listen. If it ain't my place necessarily to toe somebody what they shouldn't should not be offended about. But. I think this is insane. To get upset about yeah president if if if of calling his opponent to boy. Right and if this was the first time that he had referred to an opponent as a boy and said day it's very boy that had never been anything he had said before. I think then you have a little bit more of a case but. If he does it mean boy in the sense of the it's not racially charged it's a form of disrespect then it's like Europe I'm a man in Europe boy. Who I think to extrapolate that and that started in the something that it's not. Shows how desperate Floyd Mayweather really is well and. As far as the flashy point as a dad even said it's not racially charged in the black what the first two days Connors Wear suits so you can't really say that he stole your whole shtick I mean he's just do once trotted switch it up because again as the third press conference in a row three days in a row. You know they I guess they're trying to come out new material because they've been doing the same thing the past two days and I love out now for. Mayweather is the one who really is offended about something that Carter's that I got it right now Floyd Mayweather. Is offended you about something that somebody said yeah but I think like this has gotten ridiculous and pleasant I. He said C says its total suspect and he came out today needed again you do that disrespect I don't care if it's white women black and white man black men Asian Latino Latino. You don't disrespect people to get respect you have to give respect and to that some would say well you also are not supposed to beat up women but you did that it. So. And I just don't but I think this. We've reached the the we're at a point now where it's a little bit jumped the shark. In now it's like Floyd Mayweather is offended about things that kind of murder said. And the press coverage was bizarre like even if I think the stupidest thing Connor said was that I'm half black from the waist down the daily that's ridiculous dated. Let us very are you kidding me man. That that. That was silly like it's it'd take a stupid turn yesterday without his name was not funny yesterday and it was not photos you want if I was you fee that was what it was Helio was goofy but it was group in a way that was like what are yelled blue yet my iPad deployed granite I mean I thought it was. Listen it's it's kind of stupid considering that he's Mel kind of known for having money issues boy. It was pretty pretty demeaning throw in the money in Ghana McGregor space the rails pretty good I gotta get credit for that yet no I'm not just throw a lot to cash it didn't it could I just thought it was. It was by far the worst day. And wanted to they have another one that they're gonna do hopefully they will allow. They gather their thoughts and put on a little bit better performance it be nice if they were just completely civil like how great would that be a flight in and in the nineties I don't be stupid. What do you see it be funny like what they both come out or just like I have nothing but respect for you I I can't wait for that but that does not make me wanna by the fire if their civil. Only did they only did it makes you wanna buy the fight it was the first two days and others you know. I mean is is it is a spectacle and you know it kind of order coming up there in the polar bear thing India you know and he's he's out where anything's of the polar bear Allianz. It is it is wacky as well which is what I guess you hoped it would because you you'd have you give you get a pretty good guard out of five it's gonna go. But I thought yesterday which is it was it was like that is Q fee and it was not fully with that goofy and a funny way. It was goofy and these guys are just desperate at this point to light yet.