Jason & John Hour 2 (7/14/17)

Jason & John
Friday, July 14th

Hall of Fame Head Coach Larry Brown joins John Martin at 12:20pm & Grizzlies PG Wade Baldwin joins the show at 12:45pm 


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Origin of pitchers but his righted it's not working I'd do still I love him didn't. So Tom CEOs face compliment them we still. Weasel turned their condition couldn't that's a good little lesson that's a nice stick in letter that I we come back Larry Brown got to do it is at 1225. And then wade ballroom will join us at 1245. Don't. Miss that Jason Smith there one point five lots still to come. And Jennifer NBS here. Do you have persistent knee pain is need pain affecting your daily life you may have an option medical researchers are evaluating any investigation a device for people who still have knee pain following meniscus surgery. You'll receive treatment from an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in sports medicine. Your physician will monitor your treatments at regular follow up visits using advanced diagnostic techniques. If you were thirty to 75 years of age have had meniscus surgery over six months ago. 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So we are better is one Memphis Memphis will never heal if we don't come together as one the community needs to police but more importantly the police they the community support. Tickets are still high but are hoping to continue that continuing this event. Was what ease these tensions and keep things going in the right direction I'll be there to kick it off at 10 AM there's going to be food soft drinks tired eyes and more. Hot temperatures are not gonna stop. Us from having a great day we'll have a water slide for the kids that don't take with a chance to dump Michael Williams and many more. This event again takes place that's Levys he's located at 4790 caribou road Memphis Tennessee 38134. From 10 AM to 5 PM also. They have the best matches and furniture in Memphis come on out. I'll be there at 10 AM sleep means these everyday around this town. We do the rundown. Onto it now the rundown preserve my marriage went nationwide insurance. They stories from. Jason and Jon. On the 829 of them ESP. First story all right so interesting news in the NBA it's from who else Ager was nasty he was talking to. All sorts new Oklahoma City Thunder swingman Paul George and Paul George told loads. That Indiana and Golden State were engaged. In talks that would have sent Paula towards to the Eagles they're warriors in exchange for clay Thompson. Andy warrior said no. That's interest in the warriors said now there was some confusion about who said no but loads of definitively said. Go on states that note and that is where talks. In did you know I cannot even believe. But I can't even imagine. Step Currie Paul George Kevin Durant frame on grain like acts that would have been. I is only in play to see what is the point at that point on in and play the season it appears clay as good as he is. He is clearly. A product of that let's not take it away from him. But he isn't it amazing three point shooter maybe I personally I guess yeah. Yeah like he's no question a beautiful form perfect form good defender yet but he is a product of that system. If you put in on any other team. I keep my average eighteen game. But like he's not. He's he is not a he's a star. Outside of Golden State I firmly believe that you and it's it's I think when you're at these it was in great three point shooter and that is that is. You know it's it's amplified by the fact he gets tons of open shots because of the way they run their offense at just the truth and if you exchange him for Paul George I think that's a better to. All of the pacers clearly. You would've won that instead of what she got which was like. The sabonis and Alitalia oh yeah I hotly hot sauce of baggage he goes and some catch up with that like that's what it looks. All of the months of dollars in the ability both to guys who were fine you know but I'm not gonna change the course your franchise you know did their meddling players in the NBA. And Paula George says he knew that the pacers had apparently the pacers made the offer to the warriors. And Paula George said yeah I think that would have been the Chris Paul to LA situation where they deny that straight a would have looked forward to would have just been a good situation and it's compete for championship. But it did not. Happen it's still fun to team up with a special talent have a chance to compete against that team I mean listen I think Thompson. In that system very good player but Paul George is the better player. And in our I think that would have been. I think it would work but we're I'm I'm a little bit skeptical about Hugh stand for example. Like I think adding another ball dominant. Guy Chris Paul why you might think on paper that makes them better I don't know like I don't really know about that I don't know how that look. Student if you're Golden State like you need you have all Georgia new GE. I guarantee like once a week their Reston you know one of those guys in. Right now maybe less and maybe it would not have worked in the sense that. Klay Thompson is probably a little bit better equipped the third defend guards than Paula George because that's probably what he would have had to do is defend. Yes regards yes you know and maybe that would not have been Shaun Livingston there. Yeah but you're not gonna start showing live and now I'm just saying in light if things start going wrong in it in any giving game. Yeah I mean that's a question that their cup brought us over. It would have been even more so I think if Paul George ended up going to. Golden State but thankfully that did not happen I think he can finalists and I mean I know he's he's still gonna be as an in LA but if they win. A Todd in Oklahoma City which they will but I think they could be had two were to receive. Obviously to see if he he makes Oklahoma City is home I don't think he will though because. I think he's a big market guy I don't think Oklahoma City is going to be the place for him but it will be a fun year when experience. An X experiment. In Oklahoma City. Next story the core story of yesterday. Was that there is a man being in the LPGA US open. Who is liked. Fifteen years old you are about as his playing really well her name is Rachel heck she's a sophomore at saint Agnes guy and she is committed to Stanford already. And she has she she shot she was even she was even yesterday threw around once she was up to a belief three under. Yesterday ended up she ended up finishing at even and now she is she started the day to wander and now she's back to even which puts her at. 35 overall as an enemy is like fifteen years awesome and amazing she's planet I think she is see as the seconds. She's the second overall nuts third now she's the she's the fourth. Highest. Amateur in this field the right now according to the order so. Set out to her set out to rates are back fifteen years old. Playing extremely well in the US open I want to come back. Larry Brown is gonna join us Larry Brown has been in Las Vegas this week hanging out with coach David is they'll of the Memphis prisons we will talk to him. About a number of things were talking about David this the young grizzlies. College basketball the knicks. Tons to get to a hall of Famer Larry Brown we'll talk to him next Jason and Jon NET nine FM ESPN. I am so ready for an epic road trip I just want some of the newly funded drive if you can head out today what would you like drive we're so lucky to have members auto market on yellow off to forty I love that does auto market I'm online right now admit this auto market dot com and here's an Infiniti JX 35 a Range Rover and Jeep Cherokee a rogue Palmer an armada and it's titanium and here's its up slope. 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I have some America will donate one point 3% of your purchases until they're seventeen at all US locations you can buy assets public safety foundation for. Today minimum donation a one million dollar. For full details visit firehouse subs dot com. Nine FM 688. Whether it says that 929 ESPN's. You know. Listen here. ESP. Incident John on Friday and as promised. We are in the midst of a legend his name is Larry Brown the only coach. To avoid a championship. At the professional level and at the college level of name is Larry Brown he joins us now coach how are you it's an honor. Yeah salute and I saw the news. All right so the first question as we saw you out in Vegas hanging out with grits coach David fizz dale. So how did you get hooked up with with kids exactly. Oh wow well. His work for Mike Woodson. And Mike Wood and an iron like that that that they have. And then Bobby Ben door for me. And also or for David when they were together in Atlanta. And you know obviously daughter went from college so the pros when I was meeting. In Philly and we've remained close so it's. In so like you've been that far as the trees so whatever people all together and David's been kind enough invited me numerous times. You know I try to try to stay where community did last year and in he'd been on the Internet data come out was some really didn't. Just participate. You know with Karen. And his co accused in this stay involved and who's who's a better experience than ever imagine. What do you think of of coach is I mean we obviously early like him in Memphis and and you know he was successful in his first season as a first time head coach make in the playoffs. How how good is is dale. Always great. You know he's got he's got a real salt compassionate side and that he's got a real tall side but it's. It's like young kids needed here I think. You know to me one of the greatest gifts you can have the ability. To get on somebody. And have them understand you're just trying to coach him and also have my understanding love and care about. And he has and most of the great coaches I think. You know the kids know they pay loan. In all almost two and I think four. And then he's got an unbelievable background you know when you come from that Miami cultured. You around patent it's all about winning and winning championships. And then you would toward the end and establish that would be had in Atlanta. You got a pretty good background and then. You know obviously is from that San Diego triage I go way back with Nike and from the airports turn. And coach Egan. Is connected to coach Smith threw about here. So. It's almost kind of comical because some I feel like I'm connected to David. Even before he was Boris the old. But I guess I just. I think he's surrounded himself with a great past. And then they did a remarkable thing when you know that after so there's this summer and you can come upward. You know Kobe Simmons and Brooks. And ray have. And then last year you get dvd. You know at a good draft I mean. They've really put themselves in position for the future cities could have which has grown develop. On. So those are pretty pretty neat thing to do. All soldiers. When they go about you know prepare for this summer league game. You know their values about holding kids accountable and play in the right way. You know it was really fun for me this city. And I saw a lot of world you know over the seminary days I was together we're those two. Oh. Yeah because you're obviously out there and and and I know that your sort of mentoring David is doing one of the things about. Him that I think people have have really grown to like is that. You know you hear it from from guys like Zach Randolph when he got the job just how straightforward he was you know there were there was no BS with them to put it to better frankly he just. In how he felt about roles he set those roles immediately isn't as he got here is do you think that's one of the traits that. That helps make this successful as a coach the fact that he is so straight forty doesn't worry about politics when he is a situation like that. Are absolutely you know guys wanna be coached they got to know they wanted to know what you expected them. And and I think he's really ferried to and ask them do things and are capable of doing. And generally good thing you're asking them dudes and me. It's been reviewed and it seemed. You know that their culture is all about winning. And making sacrifices. To make it teammates better. You know caring enough about your organization. You know I'm I'm real close to events. And I saw events invaders. In Rome and I told them what I was unity. In unbelievable thing society. You know about David and the note you know we coaching staff and the way to do things. On. And then I you know watching. Them coach these kids. You know. When you have you have thirteen of fourteen kids do better there there all aspects of being an MBA yeah. And the reality is there's only if you room gonna be on an NBA era. But he coached them all like they were the most important person that came out so now that song that I. I really admire because you know. I was in college. Left for years the last five years in our Sorrell these kids play a huge ball. And every one of them basically going to be a lottery picks visitors sign of the NBA. So many of them come out too soon. And the way Memphis approaches it. They assume these kids are starting from scratch so. There and wrong they're decision from the minute they enter that Kim. So they get up the next morning and ready to go again. And every single one of those coaches. You know aren't powered by David he. You don't have an eagle where he is not afraid to let people. You know contributing coached. And they can see that in the end it was pretty pretty pretty unique for me. We are of course not gonna basketball hall of Famer Larry Brown he's actually working with Briscoe saved his death coach you better on this day a long time. Hoot who who intrigues you from from the young grizzlies summer league team was already by that that Kutcher I specifically. You know I control computer open one to thirteen girls say. But a lot of them did want I think DB. You know you know it's gonna really blocked some will be coach except they have been number. They might not happen overnight but if he was an address this year. There's no but I doubt in my mind would have been a lottery pick. On. You know you Kobe Simmons and into what they've been drafted to news. And the incredible thing because I watched Soviet KU. You noticed what happened to really get your after his grandmother's situation. Our own. In this city and respondents. It's pretty incredible to me he's got unbelievable speed and quickness he's competitive. He's a pass first kind of kid. In the upside is huge and I think with the respect they have. He'll just really grow our. And I've always had a real good care. You know you're not a true point guard nick sort of move forward Carty got better BJ. You so long. Defensive minded it's competitive. I know I've been didn't get to play but I I've been wrapped around and a unit. Got up high IQ. I thought that was. A huge pick up broke. I mean Brooke's going to be really terrific outcome and Morgan east. He's got unbelievable confidence she's got awareness they can score the ball better defended. Off. So I got I got excited about him and Sheldon. You know he's he did really really well I think out. One thing a lot of these kids don't realize in this some really. You know they might be the first second third option all of a sudden they get looked. Yeah NBA training camp in the roll out changes a little bit. But being around him I think he's willing to do baton. And Martin struggled shooting the ball but he did all the other things which which excited me an idea. You know we played LSU when he was there would hope Bryant and Jordan Mickey and you know I I like him as well why I don't know the whole experience from news. Unbelievable because I learned a lot they allowed me either. Contribute without overstepping my bounds produced. Just spending time would Bobby and David again was just wonderful for me. Pressure you're one of one of the select few who have Bennett at a high level at the highest level. At it in both college and in the NBA. For you personally did you did you. Coach the same way regardless of whether it was college or whether it was professional that'd have to be different did you have to treat college players differently than you did professional players and just curious did you did you did it so successfully in both places. How how did you handle that was at the same all around there did you have to be different. I don't know I'm coaching you should do the same way actually the way I coached. In the NBA was exactly how I approached. I approach being a pro quote cheap home. I was a little more sensitive maybe my guys would tell you that about. The fact that you played so many games in a short period of time. But everything we did was sports specific. You know I don't understand the game out of Venus who's like a video game debate. And everybody's trying to play like Golden State and I just. I can get my ground my hands around that I've played the game should be played inside out. I'm not an analytic guy even though I did analytic way before anybody else. You know I think he generally excited used by god from all the great coaches like coach. I've played for all the great coaches just sat next to me you know what a good shot or two bad shot. You know we gotta out rebound people we got to hit it pretty Carolina we've got to take. Take care of the basketball we can't give up give up easy baskets we got to get to the free throw line. So we can you know. Put it came back on it feels there's so many things that I think. We've always underestimated but they're taught analytics but at the end of days it seems that. Played harder they barred. Share the ball. And rebound the ball. And at the end that they can defend like crazy usually the ones that went. And you Golden State is so unique because of the people they have and that not for everybody to duplicate. Do you think coach that Golden State and in the style that they play which is to say like there are shots that stepped curry takes. For 99.9. Percent of the population you'd call there was anybody that's caught a bad shot in those are shots he takes regularly. Do you think that play hurts that the sport. You know at the lower levels in in middle school in high school when kids are watching that and think that hey I can do that because the other the NBA champions are doing that. Do you think that that that may produce bad habits at the lower level. Well I think I don't think we have enough teachers now I think a lot of times media. I've school coaches out of the equation you see kids. Planet four different high schools in four years. Things go go quite that way. And I never Allen Iverson never took a bad shot. And isn't my mind because he commanded so much attention on this offense. Besides Allen didn't obtain it was rebounded the second shot. And you're right I wouldn't even have a three point line so pins got a polyps. You know I've wanted to learn how to passing catching take good shots and get it free throw line. And learn to keep people inferno whom now. You know the way the NBA games played have been game has people worried about close out so running guys off the three point line. And one hour's talk. Didn't do the free throw line getting a high percentage shot a mid range shot was a phenomenal job because he. You know make more than you're gonna miss you have a chance to rebound you have the chance to get well. And it all that goes you have a chance to get back from the break. And if you look in Memphis I think they'd be poems they try to close here on and they were more inside out. Even though David gave. You know to solve the ability to step out on the floor which was. You know an area that people didn't believe he should do they did pretty well most for your mark Colbert they've retreated. But you look at the background though while they tend Zach Randolph is. They catch the ball in the papers did foul they get a high percentage shot and they opened it up for everybody else so. That there's so you need to fight review is unique in that shot that beat so. In. You know I know talking too much for the kids sanctions. That made that shot to beat North Carolina. If you'd heard what he said it is mom never let on shooters shot out that it Christine C. So you got a high school. If not he's one of the best young issues good I've ever been around that's not a bad thing. So there's only one so very in my mind. There's only what the third period and I admired my fears that are gonna have a lot of people that think there's that carry and are not actually that curry and they're gonna drive coaches crazy. What do you think of of the NBA today coach where. It feels like it's it's an arms race now for star's death. Join up with one another and and take their shot a Golden State is that is that a good thing where players are are joined an up and we're seeing some of the best teams. Ever constructed is it is it detrimental for the rest of the league that can't have superstars like a place like Memphis where it's not a free agent destination. What do you think about the way that the NBA has sort of what is sort of become now with free agency stars join up together. How loud the NBA. You know it was an unbelievable experience for me to be part of that but I don't like the guide their gunners came in. You know put. Everybody got to make their own choices and in but to me I don't they Michael magic. Well Larry Bird or Korean people like that would've. You know demanded to go on a team where they have a chance to win I. I kind of like to see you know. Competition throughout believe. And not all of this season where you period out there's only going to be a couple of changes and have a chance to win a championship. I'd like to see people have the opportunity to develop their own players. In the and I think that it is just it is really really important. I have a hard time I love Chris Paul. You know I don't like the fact that he hadn't won a championship would be contributions she's made now already tries work. You know it's it's it's just a little hard for me out duress one might favorite players of all time. And I'd I'd I'd do anything to watch him play and I do anything to have kids. You know be exactly like him but he came from a one quarter away from beating Golden State. And non you know he was when Russell when. And I looked at that team and the opportunity that team had a few would have stayed. Maybe it troubled me but you know he won a championship. Every time he steps out on the court you know coaches because you play as the right way. But I do so it was a little disappointing would that and I. I'm worried about some of these seeing that might have been not have a chance to be the final destination eat. But. But it is what it is and I guess you have to be like you have this right now I'm getting. Surround these kids were great coaching you've got to make great decisions on the people you bring him. And when you bring it you better do everything you can just see that they grow and develop and get better. And there ought to me being Merrill we go multiple. We are of course talking to hall of Famer Larry Brown here on Jason's on court things or let's go coach. You spent a season and then in the in the Mecca in in the center of the universe in new York and just curious on on your take of everything that has happened in in in New York with the knicks organization certainly seems to be. A little bit of chaos going on is is that just New York Knicks basketball. What do you think of everything that's happening up there. Well you know I held there are so it's it's hard for me I grew up in a rental and Torre had to play. I've broken knicks fan and I eat you know I don't think there's a franchise good. The more passionate. Then the defense. Own the NBA needs a great New York team. I was disappointed because I think Carmelo trying to do the right thing. You know when you do when you bring Carmelo in and put him on your team you know how employees and you know sometimes you can't put it square peg in a round hole he's he's an offensive scorer who can score inside he can score out cited the he had the big brown and he's gonna drive that it has the little guy own music on them on the block. And it's hard you know to change they eat people could get at 154. Games. When Mike Woodson was the coach. And they had Jason Kidd Carter wrote I'm Kurt Thomas. And Rasheed on their bench my mentor and guys like Schmidt and strong effort and Carmelo. And then all of a sudden I went and got younger although it is not a young kid who believe in yet or give them younger and younger and younger. And that the thing that troubles me. Our home I don't fault could come mass. At a high school and people like what LeBron and the ramp. There's a lot of these kids senator hardships and that they're gifted you can tune in golf and tennis. Don't let him come out at a high school and it hit nothing happens to make sure you. When they're done they can go back to college in India will play four. Paper and it paid faith. Let them pay more than one year. Because the worst thing you can do now is going to be MBA and not be prepared to play. You know worked on everybody that these issues don't make it. They're not prepared to make it a lot of times. And then not being approached. We have always work out coaches but a lot of times. They don't have real coaches over time Mickelson and colleges to me was the greatest. You know my belief system ever so I just hope the NBA triggers a way to light like baseball the make or. I agree I think I think they do their Internet for the New York question entry on trying to avoid that. The I completely understand and I do think there needs to be some sort of reform lasting for Lago coach you've been in. The American athletic conference the last few years so. You're very familiar with the Memphis program. It's not happening as quickly. As I think University of Memphis fans would have hopes with Tubby Smith. What do you make of of of him and this job is it a good marriage can it work will it not work. What do you think what do you think about Tubby Smith at the University of Memphis. By the way back and so do you know. Gene Katie and W and it myself who have qualified coaches you know who was Sydney Olympics and then because drew was sick. And then we all went together this in the I've known to be forever. There's not many better coaches than Lovie Smith. On that it is a problem you see Milosevic is pleased. That this disease that's going around college basketball. You know. Over 700 kids Stratford. Treated you. Meant this to me. It is one great job because. It is quality players all around there mostly kids wanna go and play for great coach like Toby. On I don't know many guys that are more dedicated in years cares more about kids so. And the American conference Needham. Mean it is strongly on this franchise. Program. You know when there's great tradition there and I'm I'm pretty confident you know get it done these. He's got a little uphill battle right now it didn't happen right away for John people forget that I own. You know just got to go home pretty quickly bit because you know the fact that John had to go. But some good news kind accused Eritrea. It is hard those hard nosed kids in there and I hope they get any involved. You know they've won the best thing they could do could pay to help Soviet and then some day. And obviously old resign and they are always there there's. I've been around watch and they use a lot not seeing what he's on his side school well be a great combination out. Apparently involved. I coached the U they are they are are ready column for penny today. They want you to have the job right now. Well. I don't think anybody that kind of guy and I think Terry would be a great assets and tubby. And I think I'll be rude welcome that I hope will not speaking at a. Turned out last Selena yeah. But I got a I got to spend three and a half months we've tended within it. And not all of sudden all star break he was gone and I don't know like. Broke my heart because in user unbelievable to you may be used great for the young players. There is an unbelievable. Advocate of what I was trying to do so. And so is my hero but don't give up on Tubby Smith there's guys and everywhere. He cares about kid he cares about kids playing the right way Korda beat. Really quality young man so. What's so hopefully it'll work out. Absolutely coach it has been an absolute honor and privilege to catch up today. And I hope we can do it again soon. I don't know. I'll look at the big implement this now roadways debuted in all coaches treated me so it's special problem. I would we will get shot again here's their coach thanks so much enjoy your weekend are. Yup he is basketball hall of Famer Larry Brown. Wow. Like you'll have about a guy that has done at all. And has has batted at the highest level again I mean the only coach bro. Who has won a championship in college and in the NBA and still plugged in light on just about every 81 on this breaking loss leader you get you guys it's it's pretty awesome EEE he's definitely like still plugged in on the collegiate and now I know in the NBA level it's wild. Thought it was really cool yeah man Larry Brown I cannot believe it when they said he'd do when he said he did and good stuff good stuff if you missed it please tick the podcast because that guy is. That's alleged welcome back in just a minute Jason and John's done today and it's not event ESP. 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There 855865. Hair gone my friend -- get -- -- -- -- free consultation today 855865. There nobody concepts. Now 8209 F six ADM on the WM FSF and 99 espn.com. This isn't. CNN. Executive John attitude that if they ES here on Friday and has promised. Played Baldwin is a point guard for the Memphis Grizzlies had his best game of the summer league last night. Hit the game winner he joins us now wait what's up demand procedure big hair. I am and everything is good how are you or would you sealed the game where there just ice so easy bucket what you see. Went a little bit too early. Eight gave me right back. Until well the variability and went out sooner or continue our to. Only she's your. I mean Yo-Yo take that look every time right does one on one and U verse and other guards your atlas is on the you'll take that looked every time right. Oh. That's what well. All of this week been for you you know because you obviously you were high draft pick last year lot of expectations. Did you feel like coming into this week. Obviously with the captain tag to that simple on did you feel like you said something to prove this week in Vegas. Lou. Tweet about it etc. mostly interviewed. A focus irresistibly communicate and a big issue only in that there'll winds are common a lot of close games. You know I think this is start from the leadership given the cart community talk eight on defense welfare. First puppy he's weighing in because skater in double digit. You know being that double digit up very negate. And or court in the coming back or wait those gators are. In you mainstay in the leadership in the communication and and it's one thing says to say that all I gotta work on my jumper oh got to work from awful worker. I got to work on something within the confines of of a skill. How do you work on and being a leader like what how do you begin to improve that side of it. Meridia had. Weird weird way to go about it sought to play I played ball. After the workout I would do it looks as those ever since the spurs all in all the spurs. And limitation any kind of just. He shot back structured waiting eight and that way you know frustration. Good to detonate an. When it cleared barred bonus to you know each play and you don't get me into other haven't seen it just it is triple over so. Early credit they gave a call girl. Open on in and indeed over mentally are you talk to guide it in a part of my whole life. So you've picked up golf in this is how it's viewed this as improves your basketball game you're saying. All different Merkel sought. Erected just taking it all players are you on this junk shot in the opening our turnover Beaumont and explode gonna steal two block but every barrel. And all the people that even kill. Attitude. And it just help me what was with leadership. Are you good golf is like is it something that you are good at or do you just play. All of our I'm not very glossy black low ninety's mid mid eighties very. A lucky mid eighties that. I am so bad golf it's like it's embarrassing like you would be embarrassed for me so I can hit it off the tee right I can hit it off the tee really easy. But once it's on the fairway. Like I missed a missed the ball one day. Nine straight times a brown nine straight times I missed a missed the ball so like what give me some advice how can I how can I improve. My golf game. I'm writing it sure I've never had a a close eye on just molded out there and they've swallowed as the bestseller about Diego where they have been my column in my college you'd like seventies traditions like low eighties. Nick an actual issues like low eighties. It coach Smart daughter debt after practice we were about the fate and cap issue a mid. Mid low ninety's on the consistent basis. Well you can't actually got this sounds. What is he what are some of the things that you learned last season. As a rookie I'm sure you you spent a little bit more out of the or some of the the biggest lessons for wade Baldwin. As a rookie last year. Also the subtle things you learn chrome. Took it gave myself that I can back you go in doubt you know pick and roll about in other game but. A lot of the stuff but I learned assists off the court. Sitting in character ability and being you know learn about ourselves being alone you know calling it slow. A grown man assist leaders you know coming out of the dorm room into. You know they're paying bills and now I don't let my biggest world. And let their allotted days. A quarter or maybe. You know 8888. Days so that you do all the court like all right in your situation if it helps you become a better bet well player. That's not part of the deal we. A lot of aren't given those you know circumstances that aren't. You know you have to travel I gotta get that three in the mortgage which is 266 AM flight. What happened and how did you have any situations that. Art you are charted a course that apple stuff that is getting out of bed at that but how do you go out and chart form which has global. Was it difficult because I mean it at one point I mean I'm sure you saw when. You know when you're coming out of Andy you know there are some sites that had you you know as a top ten pick it up going seventy Wasilla very high pick and I'm sure you have these. You know these these visions of how your rookie season is gonna go. Was it difficult for you last season and an NNN I imagine it probably was and how you thought it would go was it was a difficult. And how different is that experience. Spend in the majority of your rookie year. You know with the at that time I would energy as a spy as opposed the Memphis Grizzlies. It was very get go by remote so that they have been through. My car lasted just mentally. Alleged out of a suitcase all year. And that to happen that they gave us all of in the united he would figure seagate and every. Every road trip. No no to my big suitcase because you know you're called we have a full audit all of you're waiting to see what more I have to do here. What's going unseated got a question everything and all. Italy is hit it very get go so. The daughter the daughter like Vatican distanced that there aren't being being cared. Not create art with with a greatly. But if you're like that's the kind of thing though that if you can get through it like if you can get through that kind of adversity and and come of that kind of way. That it's almost like it's almost better for you right. Yeah you see you see a lot of guys play. Make way they may lose confidence loose so. Initiated some players they eat they may lose their their work ethic. We know why my blog might do without it's I can't go on this level but on this slope and there are very. Horrible it is what are no matter what situation and then you know I would get confident. In my work especially true. So it it did everything that I I think as the front office people coaches wanted to do wanted to do. And down missing progression chaired similarly. Opened furthermore through training camp in this suited coming out. We are of course aren't grizzlies point guard wade ball in the fourth at the game winner last night against suns as the grizzlies advanced to the quarterfinals in the summer we give us like you weighed. Have gotten better progressively. Every game this week in Vegas have been the last I was just firm from my perspective to the terms of the way that you controlled the game obviously the two turnovers it felt like that was really. Your best cancer felt like that you that you just didn't more more comfortable with each game as as it goes on to Vegas. Possible. I was ready for you know anything I was very happy here I've been to some situations either believe in Italy. Disloyal. Yes they want to game to come to me I think. Well what we did the first day I got out here. I kind of force or the matter. It's going to score there all that. I think a person that got our Olympic game come to me. And toward me and my team on a way that we have an a good coach usually. Who do you enjoy going up against the most in some early and obviously you have the the match up with the aired five slots a young talented guys. In Vegas review enjoyed going up against the most is you seem like it kind of guided me man that would you know you're gonna be up against like a high. Top drive ticket that's the kind of thing that you feed off of who who have you enjoyed going up against the most. That it area. Eight got a lot of attention a lot of I want praised Alito. At a Kentucky is especially here and you know you always Wear a seat well what I'm about and we played terribly good either outlook are a great job. But how it got that gave him. At it as a guy that will wait for the side is from New Jersey because it artery now the third base credit. The target KM well it was pretty cool having not played against things in middle school. And actually did I don't know it moving in ways that are marked it's sumo match at the. Mullah recorded a they know that it's almost netstat after the game though. Equity game I'd let him know. That's I have. What are the things that we heard about you coming into the league. We ordered from Karl pounds. I think even grizzlies coach David Thibodeau has said it. They have compared you at least athletically. So Russell Westbrook in any time you're gonna get bad label. I think that puts an incredible burden on you because people expect like Russell Westbrook is one of the best players in the world do you think that's fair do you welcome that do you see yourself as that compares them. What do you think of it. Are they outgrow it best to get there but I've definitely. Shut to. All model my game afternoon. Well I can see. Tenacious. Attitude. I don't have any set a tremendous job in his career be MVP Dirk spare me sort of BP. I think you're a bit today and it always have the it is far from it you know be better. And I didn't know a guy like oyster machine. They have be prepared and it is it is crazy. Just think he's done in the past our season. But let's look like you've got that for quite some time have you mean that seems to be. That's what I ever remember here in the most about you in the draft is like this this kid's gotta like that type of death was and how long have you been getting that. Is really high school. I think back I eBay that was really like gay you know get pat somebody go like Duncan away. Obvious shown a lot of that. Because the shoot out in defense through right those guys at the quake can expect up. All Ortega could feel the game so bad for me. All of I believe we're with that all located at this get a lot of more a lot or you got let us a lot more. I like tech plays like he has. All the negative this field down. You know welcome Fisher on the road. Obviously you guys I continue tomorrow is trying to. Win this thing it blessing for let you go are you using this summer league has not safe to say Ted to the coast is the front office take. I'm ready I can be. I can do what you need whether that's backup point guard whatever the case may be I can do this I don't wanna spend another year in the G league are you using this sort of as as the as the opportunity to make that stand to make that case. Possible that the quote a powerful platform for me they've they've headed. And out of let me Big Easy to act and title. The playing time minutes. It's now my job to you come through and for the most part. Four games. Through stats through leadership through there waiting and I remember last year we only one well ordered to gauge here it was not as though that you can. Can possibly be. Now we're here on. I am sure I you know a game on Saturday that I per game on Sunday. You know it's just a minute turnaround and in fact there'd be in a better position to it in local law.