Jason Smith comments on D2 prospect not coming to Memphis

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Thursday, April 20th

AUDIO: Jason Smith comments on D2 prospect not coming to Memphis


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I we talked about this before the show. And so that I was triggered and I am. Shall rigor and. This started. Basically with. A tweet yesterday. That potential Memphis target Matt Stanley who signed with division to watch top Baptist yesterday. Came from Margie and out of the fire in the Memphis Tigers bus will be writer for the commercial appeal after that tweet. Our own here perish took that ran when it so basically what 2008. Program that was a one time didn't know had Derrick Rose lenient W. Recruits like the heroes is now losing out. On recruits to a division two school that that we was piercing. Well when national pierce are a lot of people jump on it and it became quite a bit of a joke about Memphis and and I can understand why number one. I don't blame Jerry parish a bit for running with it like he did because. He's doing it with the impression at least we might when he tweets that out. That an emphasis still recruiting this kid. You used the words potential Memphis target. Like they're still on him now we went back a couple of weeks ago when this came out that. Thought the Janata wrote the story and that Saul Smith had offered this kid that came from the kid and they recommend for visit is coming and who's coming in for a visit that came from the kid. And I know Janata is said today he dead dead dead dead dad has email and they got a written scholarship offer that's fine you know what I don't K here showed me. I showed it offer you show we don't throttle I want a picture because what happened if you all will remember. When this news got out and we all thought we all figured we roasted it because we figured. Gee you know let's talk the staff and a staff had solve those guys are confirmed the offer so we run with a two we say what that takes all duel and he's reached a. We roast them four and rightfully so because this program has no business region that far. No business. That's sad. You see the news on this did you see what happened I told you a week ago Matt Stanley would never be a scholarship player at the University of Memphis. All right they backed off vacated as soon. As soon as the backlash came out. There was no visit the kid never came. So there was no losing him now here here's part of what happened. You tell that kid after after you're embarrassed by the fact this big big gets out and you stop look we'll take you as a walk on. But load and you got a free ride over there when not 'cause we said that was the right thing to do we sit right here on this on the show. You got a free ride over this division two school. Take the free education to win the war is a walk on the we're not a previous scholarship pretty obvious they had a tip off for a visit he never came. And I route realize what jaws and a tough spot he got the family tell you one thing apparently you called the staff they won't confirm it or not but that's the job manned. You can't just go on the word of the family you've got to get it some kind of way to the staff or at least get in the next week or so that they're not recruiting him. Because when you put this out at eight you know and give off the impression that they just lost the kid to a beat his goal the national guys I eager to jump yeah. Look Memphis and that is Gary Robb duster oh they don't yell and his fiancee and and and again our I gotta say it looked. Look I I think Gary Rand with a topic it was it it's a bad look. But again I understand why did what they got it figured at that myth as it looks like way to put it up at Memphis lost this to a deep that they work anymore. They didn't want this kid is a scholarship player man that was overs would like two weeks ago we senator told you last week. Could be awhile called for somebody's not be a scholarship player. So to have all this it's it's an under it isn't they don't does. The dares point Gary's point and the staff should of called play got a carries weight visited the church doesn't matter anymore. The good because it it it it's what it looks like. If they did what they operative what they didn't. After Roy was if that's true truth was out you wouldn't have this that you this wouldn't be out there but we do acknowledged a bit of trouble always mad at this point they really wanted this kid right at one point they were really recruiting this kid to be a member of their team on national Uggla we were wasting chilling Saul. Beat listen killing salt Killen who as well boo boo Gillingham because they had no kids coming and home visits. Pretend Joseph asked busy go out here god bless him has got every visits you've got lined up he's done that you fix all of them you think you'd think tubby when Chu and solid lap he was. So what does salt do egos and riches and SARS litigated by told a kid. Yeah we're gonna we're gonna we gonna make you the star but he's trying to look like he's working and when that mascot back to Teddy credit kill that stuff this tubby never solve this kid. Never talked form. And so to say that they lost into a and and look at. We sang about it last week and people people hated the song whatever. But but the gist of that was look the bad news right now for the university that does is done. Marco Crawford's at a here's the last bit of bad news for them right now you know what now's the time that it is time to sit back. And seat because we said it. See terrorist network let's see what he does right it's time to lay off and see what he does because of the real bad news is done we told you that on this show. Yeah like it you know like the way we gave it to you but is the truth. This this should try to pile on in the program doesn't deserve this. Jane park Chu as a program I know I've been on the other sucked all of the people thought and Joseph can hurt the program when you when you constantly bashed him and all that's that's our you've just like you told me at the derby in the show. We we are our concerns. And their freighter. We're not bashing them are in this instance. This is not fair because this is not true they did not lose this kid to a period right it's about in it it it can't that can't hurt because when that goes national. Other kids at our dear joke you're an absolute joke if it to me it's more about. Because you quit so. We we have to sort of separate these things the Stanley family is gonna say if they got off. Right let's Fonda just so tough you know what it what its own needed to check with the staff man. You have to Zoe blaming who are blaming for this miscommunication are we blaming the Stanley payment every blaming I'm not blame in the Stanley that I recovered the getting off right on the beat writer. That's where this all started. You've got to know with more with mad stable Starwood Mets Daly tweeting. Chip should that stitched to the staff cannot publicly come out and say we're not recruiting this kid what they can do is not have them on for the visit. Tell me he's gonna walk on and I understand what gears there won't go to LG and out of that he apparently called the guys you guys aren't talking to a that's a and you you gotta find that out you got a note read the tea leaves are not recruiting acute. So the whole bit tense moment as it's what Jim Otto I to say it but I look I've been in that spot too before. Well I told you stand Olajuwon since it was gonna be awesome I told you Chad Rocco was gonna be good at soldier will Barton's going to Charlotte. It will want to let it report. I to stand up and take it. Right yeah. Do you you you have to have a relationship. With the staff if the staffing talking to you. You can't assume that they're still recruit an acute. Period. I try to figure out who we blaming. We blaming for this all of this job for this junk that no visit that at face right now yes well we brought. Imagine what it in no uncertain terms of who we always on the beam router right now there's outlets that we can't blame the staff forever critic in the first place. We did that we get that two weeks ago and that's what they stop a guy that's that's that's done OK do you think Saul. Went to margin does that they may Andy got right about this cake is how we're currently not. I would tell you know if they're not talking about what I covered recruiting that they've won called yesterday and found this stuff out with what I cover recruiting that's how I wish. Is being on YouTube it don't matter who initiates conversation but you get word that out but you look at who you got coming up for visits. If you have a relationship with staff they will tell you. And ice my assumption again I don't know but my assumption would be that because they were just getting destroyed. About not doing anything. Right now I just say if you're not named your dollars when it reached so so he was like yeah I met with us out Alibaba Group miscue coming up for a visit. Are apparently not. Mean apparently he hasn't talked to does that does that doesn't talk to on and dial out again you're in a tough spot this afternoon talk about much but you gotta be able to find it out. In I'm saying you gotta be able find it out because you can't put out that this kid still a potential target. Like they lost in the day it is an act it has not felt like he has been a target basically. Since the day he said he was coming out of his. That is I told you last that is just it wouldn't come out well what's that I'm telling you this now for the first time but at one point he was a target then can we acknowledge yes also let's start out at you so grace why you say that way. Why you say it that way sauce missed targeted not met the start 'cause that's who the kid says came out and even talked to tubby. But I'm telling you bet that if they got shot down assistant coaches cannot extend offers its which is a that was that would present. Ups aren't you taken it extend all the offers they want out I have tubby does business what I'm telling you is that if if a real offer was made at that was really going down don't you think the key would've seen tubby Smith and talked all okay. I this what do I does what do I saw probably came back got his hands slapped got chewed out freedom put to let that mess gap in the first place OK let's look at so I. I understand how it can be miss communicated in football. There have been a lot of football we kids think they have offers and they don't. Because you have so many bodies and coaches are calling you you don't know the difference how can this kid think he has an offer and not have an offer. Yeah I mean. How could you can't misconstrue that no like I you understand that you can offer of June. Go get other kids whatever. Decide or decide that you know what this does not good enough and you could pull. Like didn't you stop that's what happened so his offer was told us what we think. That is the operating theory that on this show that he had an offer a one time and that he got a pool because. They react to the backlash and say we cannot take this kid. It has it played Memphis I gotta hope G and autos telling the truth on the what does that tell you that there's really all of written scholarship offer and it's got to be from salsa. Today from topic I mean that's that's a that's an even worse or die another stab they don't believe there are about anyway so all it takes his menu to go Obama aired blast there evaluating in the Opel the kids off you know damn well they should have taken that I felt like amateur gonna do what happened conviction about it you know no I don't stand up there and even joke stopping it and move all on and they did. And other getting crushed like they lost that he would. Bid moved all of period. You've covered recruit you know how this goes now yeah Q what do. Up what what happens as you just had it was absolute disservice to him to even make it to even have him thinking. Bet you really wanted him that you want some Scott you know you have some scholarship offer lined up form that he had a spot here because look dude the I told you this I said the exact port the truth of what he's gonna get here and never play. Right never play you'd be waste has got to be be wasting his time I'd go watch at all Baptist or whether the heck it is and go be a star. Yeah but did this for this program has taken so many shots. And is being criticized and rightfully so. But not for this is shouldn't be for the us. They've backed off it did it and lose into a DT school. Period I think I think there I can't is that a bad looked at their fish and indeed to water here we set that I think I think there are way I listen. Aren't there are things over their screw you know our argued do we still have major concerns. Heck yeah we didn't either way this went down it it. I would of waited this unfolded is a bad look for the staff dude. How many times about told you the only one mess after two and anything in terms of recruiting is still has to Zito we already know this that's already looking bad. It's already a look at meg yes although mountain region makes it look we were just. Just looks clumsy is a hell it just we already knew the staff that that staff. As one recruiter on auto but we can criticize them for the fact that this looks like they have no idea what they are doing right whether or not they get the cure or not they look like a bunch of clumsy dude they have no idea what they are doing with the program. I can't argue with you there. Okay are you really can't quite often can't I really can't per bit are you never give or visit like what the hell are you doing. Like that's the part to meet regardless of whether that because you honestly as a coaching staff. You have up a trillion did your evaluate right you don't mean and you're gonna talk to a trillion kids. But to me the problem is when it gets out that he got an offer maybe doesn't have a proper ladies go live forbidden maybe now I just looks like he. Chosen school over Memphis because the way the distorting unfolded and you didn't take the proactive measures to nip it in the bullet. I'm not I'm not a blame the staff for not talking would you be talk announce right now. How about some blaming them coming up at out of the wee bit unfair to them at ball. Honestly I really don't think we know it was last week that Tubby Smith we did it and and we may or may not give him. Battle that we have ever did anything on this show that could be mr. kick be construed as unfair or personal. At all. So I just picked it. Listen maybe I don't do I think that he chose a division two school over Memphis all things equal no Kamal. But does at the end of the day Jason does that matter now. Because it looks like he did. The Arabs and you know why it looks like he did 'cause people. Baby they've run out with this that's why it looks like it right nobody's talking about this yesterday. What do those of us that are in the know topic I don't know it wasn't a target anymore I've set it on the show Jon why no audible we're talking about a because he signed yesterday with a plot to top Baptist under African liberal arts school about a bill he should have been go into in the first place right so they shouldn't ever even probably we set that Oka a candidate that we see your talk and some stuff to weeks I don't know but I know I nobody's got it's good talking about why the story keeps going. 'cause the stuff like this by the he's a still a potential target. We sat. So it should of ended. And when he sorrow we would sub baptism went out and have a value per now why did not watch it toss a result another had a good for him. Good for him wait shouldn't every isn't and never even been. Goes without saying I'm in a battle that and how bad the. For the kid because he didn't do anything except take a phone call from sauls made about all that's the worst decision he could have ever made is take a call from Saul Smith. Because he has been opened like this kid. Was perfectly happy he was aware as well it is no division off he was whistle and kick the can down the street he was headed to watch top Baptist and then Saul Smith called mini book call. My point is indeed. Right when it when it's deserved. Our right. We send out we we we sent that we we sent out the criticism on this the truth is it'll backed off the kid weeks ago we've been saying he wouldn't be a scholarship player from Memphis. It right that he still a potential target it makes it look like they're lost altitude but the two team it goes national. And it's a mess they don't. They didn't deserve it already backed off pick it. Well I hope as a woman I hope they learn how the staff learned from this. I hope that that's what I hope help out to be run total. You know I think. If you ever help hill helped mark help mark hill mute. Loyalty and Otto hill Putin did here's our daughters or revise its free Ewing got to take it but it the kid is committed to division two school would I would stay away. Just for future reference I would never ever ever ever ever tried to recruit a kid. Who is committed to a division twos go down we said that two weeks and this armed I know you want in on my two weeks old you can go on. That this was an accurate and that it's a bad look from a gazillion deserve an a on this on our way that's fair and and I appreciate I appreciate you saying that because. You know and I think that is something that needs to be set.