July 14, 2017 with guest host Jeffrey Wright -- Hour 1 with guests Geoff Calkins and Joe Mullinax

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Friday, July 14th

Segment 1 -- Jeffrey welcomes Geoff Calkins to the show to discuss the Auburn Tiger dog, acceptable dressing behavior of your dog, and SEC Media Days final thoughts and predictions before turning the conversation to the Memphis Grizzlies' summer league performance and the future of the franchise.

Segment 2 -- Jeffrey welcomes Joe Mullinax of SB Nation's Grizzly Bear Blues to the program to discuss his latest column about the pressures facing David Fizdale, the importance of summer league, and more.


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She's still free agency for load coming to 929 FMP. Let us and he's Libor plus W and investment says. And ESP. Need sports columnist okay. The award winning Jeff co. No Geoff Calkins show. 829. ESPN. Today. Still it. Happy Friday. He had means you'd be home I am. Wow no better and oh man who values here yeah we're trying to get some runs slug fitness clubs and bad and everything in it was. It. I have a dog back with me man it's pretty fired up about that I miss my dog. So I'm officially that weird spot now where I'm at the age were sleeping in my bed and Pena my dog is like a cold wind that's I think growing up. On today's show we're talking Jack here in just a second. He manages the grizzly bear blues that is eighteen site. Or as being nation. I guess you can always follow that on blogs talk radio you can also search for that on iTunes. And other android devices. Eight minutes and on we're gonna do and I don't wanna settle on the data once again here shortly here at commercial appeal dot com we'll hear and speak with Chris Harrington yeah about summer league and it's. Two days and not a one bill without further ado. We bring in the man that lend his name of the show today Jeff Hawkins Karzai. Some of the things that I saw SEC media days most notably. The guy who created laws. Like Auburn tiger. There are a a an out you saw that. Oh it was about two feet in front of me for the better part of so radio wrote Jeff was essentially the hallway between like the lobby enlighten going to like it the eve of the road and yes. I and so. So it is basically. The is basically the spot where all the local TV. Would. Basically walked that dog up and down the aisle to get like a reaction shot you know like a scene setting shot. And so I sold that dog go up and down that up and down that hallway no fewer than probably fifteen Josh meant the end result brutal for aren't. Durable what they thought appear to be happy and was or what about the one shot I saw. It looked like a very will be gone dogged out like it better or all of that have been painted and that why are doing and how like. I I'm a bad name. This isn't like a gold bigger deal where your actual pain and about the united till dark and let them look these subtle kind of guy or something that is dog friendly. I do have. They you choose to do though it was ready for the I think happy about lute is particular. The dog seemed happy and win it wasn't in the middle of utter chaos like when it was a week when the dog was like more off to a cyber wasn't surround about like. You know of the key people but maybe this is surrounded by the owner. And surrounded by you know one or two Kaymer people. I am dedicated itself didn't seem to be. He didn't seem soft cut to. Lower at a lot of dog database code of white here and appeared to me that he what they guy did was keep people like orange light bright orange highlight or orange haired guy. On the back of the dog and then like would kind of spray paint black tiger stripes permit a straight face on org a haired guy like that there's like some dog does all the other side air assault that was used to make the black. Tiger sharks. That guy you'd partner try to pick up the right there. All of us all. IIS. I'm somewhat I don't even like I had never heard need to create my dog. But. I don't like dodging what I think put clothes on about your Dugard and arm but I have a look at me yeah critical look ridiculous costumes dogs. I ridiculous I guess if you have a Chihuahua you live in Alaska and the infantry unit that off. Then you can put a sweater on that it is if truly it for comfort purposes. But decorated. I think that dog. It is it's it's uncalled for and it's should be outlawed. I need a ruling from U. Because because for whatever reason the average human being when it sees a lab we all just associate allowed is a mail for whatever reason we just I don't know what it is we just wrote yeah I just think the natural inclination you see it a big dogs you think it's a male. So my dog is is obviously a female. What about when I when I take her to the bad and they do the training in that the cleaning in the bath and whatnot and I just leave the bandanna on because for whatever reason when they use like a pink or purple. Bandana are when associated. I don't like remembered here I mean I've had been bit about my god or. I think about well I like that bad of idol if you like if your candidate basically like probably got the AP. But people keep farewell to you didn't default what I can't I had the baby had a good girl yeah good aliens that could've been a lot of to make sure everybody. No particular girl. Is that the same thing happened. With regard as a candidate top Democrat gender identification. I feel part of the global footprint both black rubber head with a big they ask well. But they could everything that I had. And I don't think they'd be I don't think they go I don't think the thought he'd beat them Bennett you look at what has not addressing god in any way shape or form edited this keep it Barbara. Compliment to be just it would it would have felt that a lot of what they haven't been dogged swallowed best. Well they never ever singles so that they don't just all the bow he can't do it to Abu. To register guard are a bit low note that you crede said yesterday. Deluca a lot. This sets up. This could set him up and the stat pop. But that's why they are all you started your doctor Hilliard picked us in there it's I don't have a good bad. The problem I mean usually whoever is vacant bottom of her filibustering and had I been in that exact position I would have started reading the phone book. I. I mean again like if I'm in that position I am not just that I've thirty minutes I have to be up there. I'm not disappeared rehash the same question over and over and over and over I told him. To me I actually thought. You know I I would have if I would have been coaching him to to manage that crisis I would have told him to do something similar to what he did. The only real issues here and that he has three Merrill Veronica de column all know about from about I'll. Basically you can pretty good drive certainly could 99% of the people. At that as you see me today saying. He will be back next year. And and it didn't couldn't wouldn't over there but you look at like he has he is being out there are quite. You'd have more won the first four feet and I think than any almost coach ever. He's but what five or money people around there to call people down there and if he could probably survived. Like people wanna talk to think of lawsuits follow doesn't really. And this dynamic it and it will come out looking NCAA does that make big untenable for keep them. Our. I think the idea that I ever was we'll rally and a true. General and nobody transferred hit that a friend is say yeah it could be big for our quarterback. In the at BP. What could get whereas we often want to be offered in the face of all of this. All of those. Bubble I think that is right they're goring and together we're gonna get through opened. Korea wouldn't people have been picked up almost three years in order what all on our following to a and that's what I have to say definitely go more quickly grateful. I drew hill and I mean what else to really that's really basically the only the only course of action you really happened and what else can you what else did you reasonably do. Well I yeah I believe that we'll have a good bit off or goes. Of the extravaganza. You have a bigger the local bought for about it while you are ready. Any predictions as to how the season will unfold. Going. We'll split our informed by what you're able to witness or you look if you needed it typically production Ford beat these. From in the lake about the humidity. I never won the Kevin some little bit because still loses job. Number I I mean look at their schedule they have the most to overcome. And when you play in the last like eight it's just he's still he still doesn't really have a quarterback established defensively they still haven't they still haven't. Really ever been a truly dominating force defensively and then I think the biggest the biggest factor of all for him is the fact that Texas just when you got Tom Herman. Tom Herman has put a lot of sizzle. Back into Texas there's certainly recruiting at a level that they haven't heard that in an all wild. And I think that that's gonna force Texas saint Anne's hand. I couldn't take it you put it back. Why are covered some of our book crumpled blue black you get eaten you get out of if you put if you political tool not the best perk coach Cooper you're running quote the. Are. Pretty similar to Auburn will wind up being second best team ASE say. Although all of you people call us if you asked them you know total market that is. Open championship it's it's god because I have a lot Democrat invoking it if you could. Right in the nobody in what order one of the big six all and why you are because without a doubt big. The guy the guy that very clearly liked his team the most all we can SEC media days was Gus files on. Yes he was. I don't what does he was like coming in brash in light you know so you know it it was yeah it was the ultimate gusts. I've seen Gus when he really likes his team he talks. He's very deliberate. He mentions the high points and it's it was there was an air of confidence and everything that he said their. There was no there was no mixing in mincing words and whatnot I just thought it was very obvious to me the way that he carried himself the way that he feels about going into the season that. This is the first team in a really long time that he is light going and court why that's 100% what it does. And then the third one will be. I have. A low third one is that I have. Kentucky when he seven games. Wall yeah. I yeah. They're wow. I think Kentucky can be sneaky oh sneaky guy or. You have is. Who was who do you have available globally in the left and we have one of these. So the west I had Alabama obviously and then below that I had Auburn LSU. Arkansas and them Mississippi State enormous. And then in the east all right well yes. And Dion I got just beyond obviously they can't obviously the third on Els why don't we just finished an Internet. I actually able to put it came apart last yet it like it you're glad you're. Well if you could be bad and I can. No I think they're actually very similar to last year and that. Except flashes for a while they at least had the thought audio post season play for their more things I think this season. If this season gets off to to kneecap the cal game game three for olmos is it is extremely extremely important because after that they've got. Alabama and Auburn on the road. And that middle part of the schedule they can easily. Just really rack up some holes. And they get they get a bunch l.s we start seeing that there's not a lot to play for so you think that Mississippi State got worse than from last year. They're the they're basically finishing in the exact same spot Barca they're the same basically I mean there were you thinking the same type team trying to. Already good into the whoever that other. I hit it better than what they did this five and seven now. I mean now it's old ball game down I still haven't had a logos. Quality SEC west they could be that could be if you. If you're forcing tech Atlanta falling apart though they could be better but and a. They did in an America that's the game was is that Aaon and so when it when it came down to splitting hairs that was how I and I got you. Greece and east I have Florida winning the east Georgia Tennessee. South Carolina than Kentucky Vanderbilt Missouri. Notable considering it obviously he was going to be he can't this coaching job yeah quality issues we think about. About you know people who wrote a piece of all the time but they certainly different people could Kurdish met. Did a magnificent job I think first just Infante. And then secondly. Mike Moore about bodily open Mike night I thought they can tell you about what I ordered a little bit like like Iraq and everywhere so. It's definitely got a bad they very clearly first blood after burial within the defense. Coordinator certain board the popular choice for the got ugly people in the people's choice for the job. And while negotiations about that he ended up going to Missouri which seemed like. Well that's gradient that but it better dig them they're they're better now because he played his cards exactly right. I'm sort of the first you're DiMarco well. Think that there's very broadly are not going well not just a couple Balkans but with the enrollment generally down that looked like a really difficult spot. I'm curious were very Odom what was to remove it and can you imagine if we don't normally can't control normal flu recover after two years. Can you imagine burial in a couple. He definitely had kind of analysts say defeated mentality already is and it wasn't entirely defeated. But you control. He didn't exactly love where he was and you can tell even though that he has true blocked coming back Andrew Locke has been. A pretty solid quarter racked. You can tell that may and he he. It was kind of the opposite of decibels on where it was kind of like. A quiet. Doubt about his team yet I mean. Well if this is an important quarterback we have had it doesn't feel like it is that we could play pretty SEC. Particularly Litsch time pro quarterback it. But feel like that it came to political quarterback for the increase seat if you want to follow. OK so I rated based on who if I were starting eighteen tomorrow witnesses who I who allowed one quarter. Our number one output. Should Paterson I really do you think the kid is special I think he's Mandel. Well Eddie Rendell the amount of working and elasticity. They use the company. Just they had checked Kelly in shape Paterson who could have made a legitimate argument lasted that they had the two. Most talented quarterbacks in the SEC they went five and seven and they still got blown out by being able to got blown out by. They get blown out of a cease daylight and that's the problem heat if you can't stop anyone you can have a leader. Yeah that's fine I I don't think it didn't really hit man doubt about it worked in the last well be better than that some of the glad I achieved one was from Lou that's left. I Austin Alan is number two he has the highest completion percentage ties yards per attempt I think he's the most he's the most at. Is that and also is the smallest. Number of off target throws I think he's. I think he's the best and a lot about Mike is the best pure passer in the SEC. And the number REI Gerris Dedham. If you go back you look at his numbers from Baylor I mean he's a key averaged eleven yards per attempt and an adjusted completion percentage of 80% of in the guy's incredible. Odd the number four I'd put nick FitzGerald I don't love the way that he throws the football again if you go back to the Ole miss game. The fact that he wasn't able to really throw on almost like when everyone was able to throw a message is not really a great thing but I do armies obviously. I think ID Dan Mullen is one of the best score and best like developers of quarterbacks and getting just production out of what he's got. And then odd number five I took Jay Bentley the kid from South Carolina actually think it is really got. What are you. Are you looking Jacob Casey so why I compared shaky some. Compared Gigot B son to Jake Bentley. So far Bentley got a better completion percentage. Higher yards per cent. More touchdowns. Fewer interceptions. He faces more pressure so. Eason is completing less passes wall also getting better protection. Mean I mean it's like Uganda and all that inflate it gave me the give me the other kid. Well I'm into the Google continue to roll on. And probably quite for the last night and I thought it would yes I'm a huge thing. A couple things one we continue to see Wayne album is. Thought it was thought last night and you can use the question are you just held me all the time it or did tell me how little look at this means. I think it's a totally different situation was on top. It's pretty damn good performance. Last year pretty credible performance last year and you do start to wonder if the grizzlies. Have. And I love how the over the proverbial bottom of the rough I mean eight I thought we were talking earlier today. And you made a confession that I'm gonna repeat and I think we have people falling down on the floor laughing but it is quite under. God I carry out of the little boot yeah I don't know if you are saying but there are similar or what but I think to Michael Green in terms of just discovering a guy who turned out to be a productive player that if something because we were done before it won't. The portion of the Michael grain at a point seldom can be regard version of the two dark version look at Michael Green. Bottle into the Google. Though it when I made the what I told you off the air about. What I see inquire Larry I'm not talking about the the actual physical. Gifts and whatnot it's the fact that coli Lennar has this attitude that every time you talk to them. Everything is like eight. Sure word to the point everything is about basketball all that's all the time like all he does is focus on basketball. Every every time I keep seeing wind solar and talk it's all basketball it's like he seems to have like. That same kind of focus about basketball obvious and not saying that he's going to you know I'm talking about just from in terms of when you're looking like a late round guy or a late pick guide it could end up in developing to being a contributor. I think you have to have kind of the attitude of that when someone asked. And then beyond that I mean it is what I can Bowen twelve and it's 88 gates got game plea was not his book game but he got married found a way to be productive you kind of get lost sight. I'm a double we talked about earlier in the week was. At last year's draft class was. Disappointing and particularly weighed all the little disappointing. And the other didn't give any expectations. Also. Disappointing and yet last night and not speak at their best game both really good the and finally gather data was productive offensively which we had been waiting for about a leader able to get. He wasn't as good around the rim he actually hit. For midrange jumpers and so I thought. I thought just in terms of progression. And again it's Pomeroy who knows what that looked at me out. Justin got the progression. You are seeing at least I'll from the affidavit and probably bobbled what you wanna be hearing from them in terms of getting better over the course of summer. I also thought it was really big. For them to do after it in the game on the defensive end. I thought that the fact that you know of the sun's come out and they've got they've got to look at at a time around you'd they've got the ball in the hands of their best player guy around. You know golf for 32 points I mean he's he's given the fits the grizzlies that's good every time he's played him in summer league and you know I thought it was really big that they were able to kind of forced a turnover awful player they're really just an absolutely crushing them. You can pick what I mean. I I think that we need it need any turning point oh yeah. I think people poor fit all we're building a culture here and so. It is great good food good group supportive family dog you development for younger players. Bubble popped the ball wobbles in the course of the developed world. Is. This club for the organization and it's significant in terms of they're developed are they thought would you want. College and back. And that the developer. Could impact. That what matters is. Are you get getting you developed incredible of the acquired. Whether you'd go. You know what you'll lose we're gonna give your there'd be confident if you goal at five all you. And you. Develop a starter coop they're better off with you I don't global political and I'm ordered to you to go to we'll leave the with particular. Let's what we'll probably see that seems right with you I don't think they're. If he'd probably grumble for a while articles that are relevant it truly believe that building the culprits pertinent I believe what matters. Is whether weight Baldwin will ever be it affect the backup point guard blues but what matters. Is whether the affidavit is going to be an effective or patient level data this year. And I think what matters is whether way to go but really is what it's being equally and ready to cripple the calling out to roll welcomed their position as to curry that's what matters on whether they out or go all important plastic URL. Yeah I would ask it this way what is the absolute best case scenario of number of guys that are on the summer league roster that would end up becoming contributors on the grizzlies. Oh. I could back and I'll tell you all seem kind of contributor queen right now you're asking me to protect. Upper deck like Wheldon will be a rotation. Level. But not starting level on a quality team NBA player that's. Right I guess that's what people likely to cover patient level. But much better level of a really good team. And vehicle. I think the I think David will be. I will predict that he would be basically the same thing as a bit pay rotation but not starting level quality player. On another on an NBA can. Com I would and I think that. In terms of I think that's the extent of my prediction the terms of rotation. To the global players. I think now out of state. I think that that's it would be that way Baldwin didn't want. That route eight had been the one that. And that I think Obi has enough. Yeah. It got a year to have to be read he determined to log book a failure could go pretty far with best case. I think if you leave I'm being productive so I will prevent that. Two years from now for example are anything but going to be contributing greatly afraid to army quietly contributed greatly. I think it added or infield in and the advocate. So there's no way I didn't. See you too mixed finish the point and let. But I forgot about filibuster could make him he could make him on a wild ride and you can you can you could go. OK if you go how you want to let people write on the Iraq. It would be contributors for other teams and so like my point is that when you discuss like does it actually impact for them to win the fact that there's that. Only basically 23 guys Max and we're looking uttered and actually end up being young guys are on the main roster like I just can't see how that has an impact when there are other. Helpless and sell them to be in the course of this summer there's a significant in the course of the list. I gotta be caught up or topical little extreme there impressive summer but it mattered he's winning or losing interpreted all personal development I don't know it mattered at all. You know I don't put it matters at all. I'm so I upon like it's a pretty light pat right now and so I look at the at and finally got the and one incredible thing. I guess you could make the argument but it's it's. It does extend the all of us because one of the things. There will be heading into next season. There will be two huge questions on a number on another trip with encouragement. What is. Typical too that always the question I was listening himself in the above it is going to be contributor accept that the that will be the perennial question. But the the second question will be. Oh. So winning doesn't see the that the element of regret and grind era expand beyond Tony Allen and Democrat. And a very clearly that the IO. But they've brought does not like the personal style but they've brought is not. And and what not but does for example. Winning more games than the point differentials suggest you should which is what company electronic gun. Does that extend beyond Tony and back or what little product. Connie Aaron back there he delegates find a way to win games with or equated. That consistently outperform while they could who went double or there that extend beyond talking and back it 'cause the personality of this team. Changed completely. With Tony exact law. And I guess you guard your I had not really you're a bit everytime that they go out and keep waiting it is whether it's family anywhere else. And that's significant and that would look for some relate but it will they actually question like that to me it's it's how much of what what we have come to know an absolute bedrock truth about the good blaze. Survive the absence of Tony and seatbelt and I think. We will be watching that that will be the question for the first. After the season and it's market what equivocal grit and grind is that it's quite quite clearly a lot of stylistic level. If you're still talking about grinding next year grit grinding next year. You're you're like if I credible law they say they have decided they needed new identity. So go ahead and embraced not that like Kennedy emerge it's stupid to talk about credited grinding. But I think still fundamentally winning over achieving personality of an organization. That will be anxious to watch. Another question that it just popped in my mind when we always think about like when you put together you know you kind change stylistically. Ever always talks on the NBA there's an adjustment period. Is the fact that. This this what this team this franchise has seven straight in a playoff appearances ever one expects a you know. Based on if ever until they did this they expect this to be a playoff team. Does that kind of shorten the amount of an actual adjustment period for this grizzlies team because it seems like we kind of think like. Come January of this experiment doesn't work there's gonna be real discussions about editing and possibly moving on you know running. And they're typical. I don't know how I think one more good news in other words. Mark Martin welcome news on the moon or it wouldn't want. The so called the ball all the political world is global market my who have formed the full complement. Opens up his name or want to hit. We have. According all of the plot well you won't puppet of the club less important away from the Obama supporters came before being brought about the book club. You probably already Islam is. I'll move in the open all basketball without it gets my go back out. No doubt 1000 Michael golden. Mark Martin. I'd have to be adjusted so the par if you go out with Bob bode well a lot of give me equipment that there. Actually think they should pick in oh well laid out whatever album. I don't see why in terms of just the way both quiet. But there haven't been that any significant rotation thing is I got to figure out what type because obviously they got to figure out where McLemore hit obviously. But that's not the relative to what happened with Libya Iraq since. The global market we thought we really. While physically and psychologically you can get them on totally. We assume well. But the principal global quoted saying. Boulevard and started the move all of last year at Michael's back event that is being made episcopal book of that the little off. Jeff we appreciate commentators on. Geoff Calkins. From Michigan I also want to save my thinks all week to be fabulous people from oh call for sponsoring. For helping pay for us to be able to go down to media days. Because that really was a great outstanding experience I think we had a lot of great content seemed like the feedback. 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Do an idea shop act boat call. Or to keep rolling on with the grizzlies Joseph Mullen ax grizzly bear blues is going to join us next rented. Discuss what he thinks about what he's seen from summer ball we'll get his reaction on the importance of summer ball and much much more stick around us and Jeff Hawkins showed 99 FM ESPN. Paul Murray but what does your joy and ribs smothered in a whiskey blaze would need so tender just falls off the ball. Or juicy melt in your mouth brisk you paired with smoked brisket sausage. It's hard to master so favorites are waiting for you slogans hotels for a limited time. Try our new summer cookout may slow cooked to perfection I'm located signature would fire grill. Barbecue lovers peanut cracking really good time Logan's roadhouse grill is gone and we've got a seat waiting. 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We always love having you on my man and I wanna start here you have a column up and I think it's of area it's a very interesting questions actually have a question that we've kind of discussed a little bit here this morning already so I would rather have you say it but. The grizzlies are definitely are at a key moment you know a transitional. Moment and David Tisdale is really what appears to be one of the first coaches is going to be afforded the opportunity. Not only to change the style but to be leading the charge in the changing of the style. How big of an issue is this and how big of a deal is this for David does deal. I think it's a huge deal and argue that I mentioned in the column I agree to Kirk lose dot com make sure your check it out called David has built about the be tested. And it attacked with David that they know get to achieve. They can never get that they departed they departed and David Yeager was never fully able to either complete or have a chance to complete cutting on your view other. De Jager bears it's been noted multiple times to try to change the paint stretching the style look they just wasn't able to exude that for whatever reason. Or what did in the coal means to do so by management whatever they'd be narrowed you have been a good bill and it seemed like this front office has seen it. That they need to move bought you know Zach Randolph and Carter obviously Sacramento looked like Tony Allen bought his way out as well. Is it time for David has built only implement his vision for the game and that's not necessarily a bad thing but it is going to be attacked. Of him and how he is the coach especially for the coach going into its second year. As a head coach. On the front office who bought it but you know there's been times working like mark salt a little bit iffy and it's not just about yeah who knows it's not just about. This scheme that obviously mark was an all star in Mike Conley had a career year in. Those things are obviously having some success and how he continued to decode moving forward goalie. Get used to score Mike Conley had three point shooting mark saw a bears watching. But the thing that. Could potentially be called for Woolsey. Is it it's an idea of whether or not this fall especially. Kate can try to be that leader to help implement that vision. Because a coach is only as good as his leadership on the team. And you know I popped up at the cap on the flight mark giving him the body and getting him to kind of see where the. Look bigger picture is. Getting it could be that veteran than maybe you need to beat before. Mark in my acre gonna be the only player on the roster thirty or older there that these two oldest guys on the team now there is no set veteran leadership with Tony Allen. Been Carter Zach Randolph. Back all of it is truly their team now as it takes a lot of fur coat she get those guys the body and I think Conley had. It continuing get mark to fully engaged with that buy you an idea and I think that the that the degree that we did have again changing the way the Barkley change in the way the Mike was used. Zach Randolph changing roles. And then all riding in that situation I think that earned him some credit. Towards you know maybe helping lead the front office or helping to sort all this kind of agreed to OK it's time to move on to a new Lara looking younger looking at more athletic. And clearly the most certainly done that in the article. I talk about how the average age of the grizzlies assuming it looked on Brooke are diverse signed. The seemed like a dream come back. In awe of all the players on the rock to the average eighty going to be roughly 25 years old. What are the younger rosters in the NBA what are the youngest. But I'll probably top ten close to talk and younger rosters in the association. That the drastic shift hurt for the grizzlies over the past few years. So it's a movement that being led by detail at least on the court and they. Not yet you know grit grind it and just you know I guess it is really a stoplight mentality a way of getting after people in the way of going about your business said the professional. There's a lot of young bodies on this roster now that kinda have to be indoctrinated with what it means to be a professional how you want to go to go about being a pro. And it's up to the coach is kinda help in greenback in their players that start of that leadership which is now market might. Inherently if it we all know it's it's much more enjoyable it's much war entertaining to probably talk about. The news you know the new piece is how does this fit in the you know there's always kind of that element with the NBA fans like. It seems like NBA fans care more about like fancy trade than actual like real trades and whatnot national fancy moves in. That's also you know I I count myself in that same group but. Doesn't this simply come down to the same fundamental question that we've been dealing with basically since the signing of Chandler Parsons doesn't the salt. Doesn't that inevitably the success or failure of this. All depend on whether or not he truly is helping. I think in the short term it does you see you the lines of those three players Mike Conley currently enter or detail and mark assault certainly in the Palin that is kind of the 32 years old. And then you got gentle person kind of entering it which is scary because he didn't do so well one of the year's event during his that you know the late twenties into the early thirties. But in the short term they're better than those three players you know for the next three to four years. Are in the long term repeated that they ought to get I'm not date is built mine I don't have a secret source helping me figure out what David has built career plans are. But if you want to be a member for extended period of time. That's how coach I have to think and that's what it means by establishing a winning culture. Are talking about this on Twitter this morning. It every coach I think they have a championship culture every coach even if they have won a championship they could just how we're going to get there. Whether I discipline whether it's by instilling work ethic you know all those trying to catch phrase in coach speak. Phrases that that we have come to note the following sport throughout the years. But we're actually getting the players to buy into that stuff. Actually having the success in the short term to have long term. And the success he got a examples from other sport the patriot way you know cheating joke. Pardon inserted on the side. Does the pick hard Norway. You know the all the different sport could have a long history of Spain winning eight out winning a championship every year. But being relevant in their division relevant in their conference whatever they beat. He even goes beyond coaches to some extent like colonel Byrd example but. You know Steelers or another example the NFL it's a culture that is established by ownership and also by coaching and if they don't want to have that for an extended period aren't. It's going to come down to how much except they have in the short term. So it they're kind of intertwine it if he wants to be successful long term we're getting these younger players to buy in these guys you would assume. Are the core of the grizzlies future that are playing out in Vegas right now you have to yet. The pieces that are so valuable to the short term future of the grizzlies to solve Conley the persons on board politician to find your workers built the head coach I think it's safe to say you don't go. Currently continue to appear that you go on board and he kind of fit that leadership mark trucks and mental. That out that they want. I think Paul is a professional I think this followed a very good basketball player. But in terms of leadership especially now that that is gone. He is really their head of the organization along I would Mike Conley he's gonna Eric you know our coach is only good at that this player and able to echo what these. Yes but how realistic is it to expect that because we've seen time and time again we're now on our brought our third consecutive coach that has been upset. In general at times and made way maybe hasn't been stated publicly but I think it's been pretty obvious at times that David is dale. Has been upset with the way in which. More assault chooses to be a leader he's never been the give everyone in line kind of guy he's the hey you do your job I'm gonna do my job as well as possible you're gonna do yours as well as possible that's kind of always been you know. In a hate to use the cliche lead by example but it seems like that's always kind of been his mentality so how realistic is it seats expectant all the sudden become. You know the general if you will. I would say that. And you're exactly right valued at three different coaches now. Three different perspectives and different ways of trying to build that quote unquote. Championship culture and it perfectly fine to lead by example there's also. Different types of leadership course. If not so much at how we choose to believe that much is it is. And buying into is dale vision. You know it they'll come they have asked him a question about playing time or roster moves in other times last season were marks and all I want no input on that I don't wanna be a part of you know you show up you go to work and then you go home. That's our that's certainly leadership that's kind of like I'm a high school football coach fired my day job and Dick you're going to want to be a captain but you're only got to show the practicing early in the series practice is over and you're gonna have the very reason could not do what you're supposed to do it's hard for me to view you as a captain and obviously specials or is different high schools or. But at the same time the same kind of cool holds true when your leader leadership to sort of putting yourself behind those others that you kind of need to bring up. And help try to develop that part of the deal and I'm not sure how much and again I'm not. Foliage in intertwined. With the organization. I just hope. Hitting that mark and it got people to be that outward leader which as you said history would say he's not quite there. I'm hoping that he's able to at least give it available space to be able to input is engaging in any kind of championship. Coulter quote unquote that he wants. Into this franchise and I'm not saying mark won't do it a long process here and are still getting to know each other and they'll leave and head coach for a full year now. Sort of process but I think that you're to a that is going to be a big one for that bill and the future of the group. Took all acts of grizzly bear blues joins us he is the site manager for SB nation again he is the host of the grizzly bear blues. Live podcast is available on Blog Talk Radio as always go follow Joseph on Twitter at Joseph Mullen ax. And the judge it when asked about that before we get into a little bit of the offseason as well as what you saw last night and summer league but. I've asked this question to Jeff and and he seemed to disagree but I'm going to ask you the exact same question. We see so so often there is the adjustment period in the NBA you know we start adding new key pieces even if you have a same core. When you're adding key pieces unless it happens just be plugged in place Kevin Durant. When you're adding pieces there seems to be a little bit of an adjustment period. Oftentimes it we've been looking at that the grizzlies have said they've given themselves the ability to you. Should next season not get off to the appropriate start should things start to look. Ugly they've they've given themselves the opportunity to you may be you re load rebuild however you want to say don't blow it up rebuild. With with the aspect you or inserting so many new pieces that are going to be key contributors. Did the grizzlies run the risk of perhaps thinking that the adjustment period is actually indicative of what they are. It's possible it's possible I'm I'm kind of leaning toward the idea. That you know and Kevin likes that this couple years ago and it certainly held true love of the past couple of seasons. But they're walking the line of trying to remain relevant in the Western Conference well also we go. You know Charlie you getting younger getting more athletic on the perimeter especially they've achieved that they they have done that to this point. They've made the playoffs seven straight seasons they've done all these various things well being in that process but this past off season has been the biggest step. Toward them moving forward from that grit and grind era. Jack we're not going to be unlikely dog and Carter bill. And you know obviously Zach and Tony the largest pieces of that puzzle that this group would have never won a playoff game without Zach Randolph on the roster. So it's gonna be interesting to kind of watch and see how these guys are gonna get it's gonna come down to guys like Mike Conley and Marcus all stepping up. It's not just the vacancy left in terms of the x.s and o.s in the game on the floor we had an article on the site. This past week about the silver lining exactly the American health spacing and offensive pace and it was very well done and that's completely accurate but. Beyond that. There's also a cultural aspect to win in terms of who's leading the locker room who is kind of being the guys. Who are being the guys setting back told. And for a while it was believed it was Zach Randolph and to a lesser extent Tony Allen. Now it's only on the shoulders of marketing might and I think that that is going to be huge. You know coaxing some good young players one thing but when it's reiterated by an all star like market fall or are. And NBA point guard like my currently it could kind of rings a little bit more true especially for a guy who maybe grew up watching them you know we have fighters on the roster now they're young enough for it actually realistic to say they might have been you know ten or eleven years old. Under twelve years old watching that first playoff series with super legal and and color in Tony Allen then did not greatest basket hitting the three they if you ask the next question they might failure remember seeing that highlight of that on sports center or something like that. So what continue to try to progress and has that change occurs there's going to be an adjustment. And I don't know that that's certainly by the time I think they still plan on being relevant. In competing. If Chandler Parsons is healthy I still think there's a fight even the Western Conference. It hinges on him to that extent. But I do think there might be a minor transition period but it does Blanco of it is going to come down to a to have the leadership of coach says dale. Instilling the values in the teens and all the things that he wants and he put his finger chords on this team more more so let's start with that Billiton trickle down into the veterans that are left. On this group as well. And lastly as we speak here is Joseph Mullen acts of grizzly bear blues as always on Twitter at Joseph Mullen ax. What has been the biggest positive that you seen thus far through four games out Las Vegas and some early. I think it's progress you know a lot of the players and obviously Wayne seldom. People are about when told to go get your client to I think he'll compete for real Coyne car all the our but I think that solvable compete and try to get some time from bad. Wayne go to post comic summer league if he's going to be an NBA rotation player and that's what he's gone and he's an NBA rotation player electorate so. I believe Ben Wright tweeted out the other night. You know I wanna shut down I would shut down wing sultan and I would necessarily a bad either I kind of want an equally good at that young corps are about all the winning culture. That's sort of thing even pumping its smallest summer league that has vowed. But you know wake older guys have been great but at the same time you don't wait all added back in the summer league last. Against the you had beyond think it is getting taken pop jumpers Serb shelling mid range capability the ability to possibly. As the pick and pop aspect of his game. Derailed mark has had strong gains of our had a strong game out bear eat you could be more encrypt it but at least he's shown flashes. You can grow you can development and to me that is what matters most you see flashes of them and their investment in these players. And that it may not come to fruition this year or even two years from now. Indicate to sell that it will this coming season but you continue to see that the recently hired David. They've failed to properly staffed together in development and trying to craft. The younger players for when they you have to take on expanded roles yuck they gave us that might be relatively soon I think they were drilled are. A player like weight ball went he might have a little bit longer probably darker are at a little bit longer. Bill Brooks I've been around they have a longer time where they can develop a little bit obese and in saint. But it talked in the deal that you're saying that. There are young players in the system now what the meant apostles starting this coming all that are in a place where they can learn the schemes be a part of their culture. And really try to develop together what it means. To be that professional that we were talking about they're they're playing the long game a little bit more than just. But they have in the past and they're doing it to the best of their ability. It during the mistakes they've made in terms of trading for just scream first round pick. But limited cap space and that might either be a mistake if Chandler Parsons comes back as healthy again after a top five in the Western Conference. If you're able to really load the root second round pick in Peru undrafted free agent trying we're going Kelvin and you can stay competitive. Only one can win the championship every year look like you're gonna be a Cleveland Cavaliers who gold they were that you. Sustained competitive and being in a place to where something happened. And you are in and you know it advantageous position to compete for further down the road in the playoffs and even into the NBA finals. I think that's what they have themselves set up back and it does hinge on Parsons but at the same time to meet. This summer league at about development and seeing how these players that come along and I have seen for the most part in every player that has either been in the system or neuter the system. There's been some semblance of growth taking steps forward and that's why Oscar's most when it comes to the young talent. Joseph we really appreciate your time my man thank you so much we again. As always go visit grizzly bear blues dot com. Also make sure you check out the podcast grizzly bear blues all live it's on Blog Talk Radio it's also available on iTunes and android apps. Appreciate your time anybody. Thank you very much happy to do it ambivalent. Not no one is up at 1001 we'll also continue. The grisly discussion with Chris Hansen we come back stick around you're listening to the job market share right here in 99 FM ESP NEC. 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