Lionel Hollins on The Gary Parrish Show (4/17/17)

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Monday, April 17th

Former Grizzlies Head Coach Lionel Hollins joined The Gary Parrish Show Monday (4/17/17)  to talk Grizzlies, NBA Playoffs and more. 


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Gerri they're showing ninety not a bad idea here in the game joked Ripley's first Western Conference playoff that's tonight at 830 tip dedicated to audio. You can listen right here in 929 of them ESPN and I don't robber gets the spurs for a while now the back in 2011 not so much grizzlies defeated the burden. First round of the Western Conference playoff met on the sidelines of that series. Name of Lionel Hollins he joins me now Lionel it's scary pairs tight door man. Gary Gary join Don grade myself. Everything's good on my and I appreciate your being here just take me back to 2011. If only because I don't want to think about 2017. Much after Saturday night's game one that like did you know going into that that you had a realistic chance to. To get out of that series with the spurs. Yeah load you know where they've seen you're happy to be in the play out and I got a lot of flak. I said back in Portland. And I fit Mike back and now I'm mark down in LA and I last game we did have a chance to move out of our spot so. I didn't want to take a chance almost three guys getting hurt. And you know we just went into this series just happy to be there and it was a great first game we were down we are way back in. Next thing you know we had a chance to go ahead and and Shane Battier hit the victory. On the angle and tried to bench and we were able to take a lead and go ahead and get the win from there it. I think what happened. It has serious war on what mark him exactly dominant. Against the big people. San Antonio. The times San Antonio had a big kid. Well from Alabama. I can't think of his name Allen and document was there document regarding market that I have it the other kid on. On back exactly military that series and we've made some big shots. And we we have become aware with big series win. Talking a lot a lot of former grizzlies coach you're a 99 of them ESPN's to a fast forward to 2017. Any advice for David fizz Dell or the coaching staff in general like is there a secret to getting past Gregg Popovich towards the simple it. They're they're outmanned and short handed and it's just it's a tough task. Well one thing ms. Warren when I was with the grisly who's assistant coach we got swept by by this parish. And then after we beat the spurs in the Western Conference battle we got swept by the spurs I don't have any secret has it taken going out there playing well. And just still competing and you know obviously for the grizzly that collection of urged Daniel. They can't expect market might become crowded and shoot the ball that well. And score that many points vs what the rest they were kids they got to get some contribution from Jan Michael Green they get contributions. A little bit more from Ben's car Vince Carter's defense was outstanding. I in the first I thought that principally defense was outstanding in the first quarter but as the game wore on emotions. I wore off and then it became about the fundamental about disperse stepped up and do what they do they play great defense in their backyard as we have. They've been great as far as what a match it on the net. This one game then you know you would expect a spurt to come out in the first game at home home court advantage and play that way how can that spurt come back and Quaid had great again. And can group did get some other people involved offensively and the different things because who would have thought that there was a lot of fouling go on that gave the spurred opportunity go unaccounted different tack than. Just quite embarrassed about what you gotta do and yet played extremely well and got to be Smart as well because as vertigo and do those two things well. Talking to former grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins Jun 929 of them ES PM to work with I train a fundamentals. That's on Twitter ITF 217 that's at ITF two want several talk about that momentarily when you're sitting back and watching not only. The MBA playoffs but you want your former teams in the playoffs and your former players in the playoffs. Some genuine joy or do you miss it and what's going through your mind as you watch. You know from home these these these these NBA playoffs. I'm just as bad I admit client and I mean I've let coaches being a part of at all but I miss coaching and all yearlong I've had sent out and I analyzed gains. And you know I go through what seemed to try to do it. How maybe they could do it a little bit different it maybe more successfully by. You know I don't get into. This is my former players in my former TT tech they have like like the grizzlies. We know what I think they have a chance to win as who I think. You know I pick you know we may have my kind of every night we go down a list and we got tonight we got over here you got over there. And he's which back then that I picked a great diplomat and there's no way and it. And then when they win he's like shut it that they're gonna look that they did last. You know actually not that there's still think if they're gonna this is going to be a lot of tough series. I think bit. They're great match up with them very well and they just got to get all there are people going Yahoo! back have to play much better than he did last game and I'm sure it will. And you know they need some other people and you know it's a team game meant. You know mark and Mike can't beat a whole focal point of the outcome. Carolina Hollis former grizzlies coach you're a nanny to nine FM ESPN I don't know that you were ever more criticized. Some while the coach of the grizzlies for your. Decision to stick by Mike Conley went a lot of people thought he shouldn't be your starter when some people thought he should be traded. You word the one guy who who believed in him. I think more so than perhaps anybody else on the entire planet and obviously you've been proven correct in that belief a million times over. What did you see in him early that made you think he could become what he's become today because not a lot of people saw. Well all the main city has did that he's showing out he had dad he just. What they're prepared mentally or physically they're they're bringing it out if you could see that it was very it would cat quick he can guard the ball or court. If you get enough pain he could finish leader at is whether the shooter that he is now I mean wasn't aggressive like he is now I think that people expect. Young players you know he was. You know the fourth pick in the draft and he was little other eighty Al the what are we welcome. He was banged around a rookie year I came bed or in its second year and you could see he had talent tell people all the time. Players that can play show you that they can play they may not be consistent. And they made that. The only development they show you what they have and player that you're waiting on to develop we're never gonna develop me. If they're national audit our early on they're not gonna show it later on their those rare cases it's somebody that that is short of fifteen. But for the most part that is showing you every day impacted and I think that the thing that people didn't realize that was their practice every day would ever reliable players. Even become the player that we let go public where there were flying. And people are because they one game night. And a certain situation you remember. I daddy everybody that I that it should be in the role on the night that he played a role we gave him and he did it well but he wasn't able to expand that role. And you know if we move forward he's not in the league anymore I mean people were on the about OJ Mayo and I love OJ Mayo OJ Mayo made. Probably the most improvement on that out of all those players who were there in the trap that I was better he actually made a lot of improvement. And you know he was what it was embedded and alcohol the player being who they are they the fans expect them to be greater and think that there's there's going to be in them when they're not. Somebody's got to do all that. And it's it's okay you mean actually tried to do what I had to do left it's a part of coaching and it just. Valuing. Certain things and work ethic and well and has to be coached well and as you go do what you're supposed to do all of those things there are important. Four players to transition from what he was in college what do you. Going to be in the pros you gotta be able to work hard you gotta be able to accept instruction and know that you need instruction in your vehicle that. But you also have to be able to take bad expected and take it implemented in your game that you could teach a player are you want but if he can't take what you teach me. Onto the court. They never gonna get better he can continue to do the same thing at some of it is. It's my willingness some of it is work ethics some of it is basketball IQ and so. All of those things Mike added. We just need to let it come out and if we put forward each still. Made mistakes he's still got beat up it probably still made three throws and different things that. But we would start to get better as a team. And and I look back on it I look at it now he's the type of player that didn't need this scored thirty. He did need to have a budget shut. And they become what you would. Expect them to be a time and he is he's the leader that can be carried that came. A lot or in this field tonight along with our markets are those who don't really care it. But I will say this fear when I look back at the you know if that Brando has been traded the group it would have been a playoff. Because some of the work could be done. All the bench if somebody said it best there that think it was QB Braun city stated I would there's twenty in ten guy. Back when he was younger now age fifteen and eight. And he says if you don't know what happened minutes it is you've got to consider four six manatee area and I say that myself back has done yeoman work. And you know he may not be able to play all the minutes you may not be able to play against everybody but I don't want bank. When you win when he's been there he he creates panic and make an impact we make mark better he makes it seem better. And I hope that the grizzlies. We realize that from alcohol was reflected. I'm talking a lot of Hollins former grizzlies coach or 99 FM ESPN I know you've been out of coaching but just haven't stopped working you've been working with. I train fundamentals people go to that website I train fundamentals dot com. Via Twitter account is at ITF 217. And just. It creating tools to help people beat. A better basketball players one of which is did defeats of the defense a slide bar that I watched a video on over at that website again the website is. I trained fundamentals dot com how did you get involved with this you've obviously made a lot of money coaching you don't have to do this why are you doing this. Well that is about you know. Trying to get in his company in bed that it was about money when I got my develop this device it was about trying to help players get better defensively. I wish that I had degraded greatly with the Griffey's okay. You know they'd already been developed into a pretty good because if you but I used it in Brooklyn and training camp by solely to. Duke University adventure others people that really like it is a device that. As of a bar in between. Two wrapped it go around the ankles it was elastic band that stretches. And when you put it around your ankle you put it on either ankles aren't in the middle it forces you to stand with your head or your speech shoulder width apart at least. It would only could become again when you're working on Friday had worked in a closed it out. Because because there's a lot about fundamentals and once you get the fundamental in the technique out about about effort heart how much you wanna do it. And I think it'd it's something that developed strength. For young players and they're bad to give lectures it's also great conditioning tool. That allows players to choose who could conditioners their long. And and also learn the fundamentals. Defense and I have drilled. If you can get with the bar. And I think for any player from. Middle school on up to professional players it's a great device due to improve your teams continue to keep. If you're young player or the father a mother of a young player you can go check it out at I trained fundamentals dot com and it's good enough to. Mike she says he's Duke Blue Devils probably good enough for your kid you can find it and I trained fundamentals. Dot com wrapping up your what Lionel Hollins former Memphis Grizzlies coach last thing before I let you go he said Ewing his son in law every day get together and say who you got in this game he got meg game. We got tonight grizzly spurs game two of. Well I'm Bob ball within the grid tonight. I think is gonna come back one wanna bet that I think if you've got to be a long period and that I think the grid. Haven't won this year in San Antonio with San Antonio I don't know why. In Memphis so the grid they're gonna have to win because something's gotta give there this series and I'm picket benighted did that the group is going to win. What if you're right I won't give you full credit the website and I train fundamentals dike on the tightrope fundamentals dot com Lionel. It was good to talk to your man let's do it again sometime soon. We carry you take care Matt. Thanks a see a lot of solace form are a grizzlies head coach or not to none of them ESPN the only man agitate the grizzlies to the Western Conference finals the last man to beat. The San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference playoffs could coach catch up. With court challenge again that website to check it out is a really good instructional video there I trained fundamentals. As dot com will be back with indigo.