March 20, 2017 - Hour 1

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Monday, March 20th

Geoff opens his first show of the week discussing his thoughts on the return of John Calipari to Memphis as Kentucky officially will be a participant in the South Region Semi Final on Friday at FedExForum. Then, Geoff takes calls from listeners to guage the feelings of Memphians about Calipari's return. Finally, Geoff concludes the first hour by recapping the Grizzlies' 104-96 win over the San Antonio Spurs on Saturday night at FedExForum


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Don't believe there's a diminishing when mark first the Memphis Memphis and WM FSF now from yes sure. He can understand ESPN's sonic bracket challenge presented by club. He's not an event ESP. Those leads sports columnist Terry. The award winning Jeff cook here. Geoff Calkins show okay. Need to nine FM. ESPN. First pass him. Recommend. I'm doing this you know we even gallons we looked good out it is in fact first in Springfield like first they're spraying. And we have. A special 117. Hour day he has of the show today. Because that's that we need in order to talk about everything there is. To talk about. Including. The lives grizzlies. On a huge game Saturday night of San Antonio Spurs. On as impressive performance as there has been all year it is timely. A moment as there has been all year. I think we can move on in terms of figuring out what exactly the Chandler Parsons situation. Meant to this team speak and what Chandler Parsons. Is having surgery today Craig Brando is transferring. Jimmy Brazill died Chuck Berry died. Peyton Manning may be running for the senate lots of people hired as a basketball. Coaches over the week including Brad Underwood who leapt from one gate to another after one year Syracuse assistant went to Washington suggesting Jim Bain I'm isn't going. Anywhere in the NCAA tournament went on the end of the North Carolina bathroom Lawson looks too good right now as the cost duke. AA that among other things costs duke. A spot in the suite six. Mood they found me the scoff laws who stole Tom Brady's jerseys. Gay and the more. So yeah it's crazy isn't ridiculous today is the there's some days when you sit around you what are we going to talk about today. And there's some days they remembered it they sell my job how we gonna get to everything we have to talk about to debt. We will. We will have Chris Harrington. That will happen. For the 901 at 1001 that'll happen at 1001 told caucuses. In the third segment this hour we will talk about because this big one will play some highlights from Aircastle plans call of the grizzlies played well and I'll play the back story. To wrestling night which I wrote a column about and moved me a couple moved EU. To Dole's other stuff a lot of that his second hour. But I thought. Before I talked about anything else. We would talk about what is really the coming it looks like called homeway care. And Memphis Tennessee I Avery Woodson is coming back for a Memphis tiger shooting guard. Transfer to Butler and he's going to be coming back and player in the NCAA tournament here good for him. I don't see any anything other than to be happy for him that his that his. Career has taken that term so that's office. Just pastor. Lewd act in the area. As George tech plays all list. Tomorrow night. In experts who just passed there will be back. As old home week continues that's tomorrow night good for Josh making it. It yet another win in the in 98 and now he goes back to his old stomping grounds in Oxford. Ironically enough that'll be sort of strange. But interest thing and good for Josh. On the that one and then of course the biggest homecoming. Story. Is. Some one John caliper. Who will be returning to Memphis we now I know that for certain. For game Friday perhaps Sunday. It'll be the second game. It'll be the second game Friday night. As UCLA plays Kentucky in what is really the glamour game. Of the NC. NCAA sweet sixteen. Before that allowed Butler and North Carolina. Memphis is the only. Bracket where all four seeds the first four seeds advanced you contrast that to those poor saps for example. In net. Madison Square Garden east who only where they expect to have Villanova and duke. And let me just say this they do not. They have South Carolina and Florida Wisconsin at Baylor. Is that right that is a forty correct and got that is not a that is not gonna that's not the glamour. That they expected in Madison Square Garden so until we come back it is it is true. Until the question is what to think about that. And what to say about that. I'm. Only for save us. I don't think we spend our whole lives obsessing about John Carroll apparently. There is it been so much. That has changed. Since John and left this city. That in many ways. He wouldn't recognize. In many ways he won't recognize. Over to square. All possibly recognize. What it looks like now. Highland strip. Well possibly recognize. What it looks like now. The Green Line Shelby farms. All of these things have happened since. John left. The grind house as an entity. Didn't exist in the building existed but Memphis Grizzlies basketball. Didn't exist. In the same way that it does now. The core four. Believe Memphis. All of that. Is since GR. And all of that is really lets be honest what this city is about. So in some ways I think sitting around and bemoaning. The truth of the matter is. Is that as important as Memphis Tigers have been. Basketball is kind of college basketball relative to the NBA. Is a niche sport. And and the grizzlies are massive. This this city is a vastly better place not for his departure I'm not saying that at all. But like this said did he give the impression that I do worry about a little bit because people gonna be talking about this all week long when they come to town. To give the impression that we had this little town sitting around being bitter. About John cal Perry. Today it diminishes the town and it's just not true. But when we don't think about him typically. Or edit or whatever we didn't think about him. A year and a half ago. When the University of Memphis was going to honor him. I thought was ridiculous act that was ridiculous they're gonna have a quota put to death a homecoming. In his honor David read Twitter have a winner of fantastic. Today homecoming. In his honor. And and back. Memphis. Block dramatically. And appropriately. And very quickly thereafter. Could David ride was forced to. To reverse course. And he basically said Tom I apologize I had no idea of the depth of the scale and and they went on the say. And by the way today. We stand for integrity in all games at Philly took this shot at John. This sort of not particularly veiled shot at John and so you think about it that it like it is not eight. And then it diminishes the city to think that we're sitting around here. Sit around here you know fretting about the absence of down. The other thing it as I pointed out in my column today. Is that from the city's perspective. This is fantastic. Doctor Kevin Kane left I'd literally I was. The game ended with the two blocks. Of I'll Kentucky would those two blocks from Wichita State and boy did they their post team that game everyone has said this it's not a novel thought. That game should not have been played. This early in the tournament it was absolutely game that was worthy of the regionals at some point. More movement which Dustin was criminally under seeded they're a very good team criminally understated. And I am but as soon as those blocks happened. My phone dings. And I look at it and it's down to wheeze from Gibson's donuts whose text and he said I'm going to be solo adult that's still wild cats this week. And he said he's gonna get extra blue and white sprinkles there. And I talked to Kevin Kane and Kevin Kane could not have been happier over the moon for what this means for the city of Memphis. That typically. Today. They think that an NCAA regional will bring will be received will generate. 8500. Hotel bed nights. That's that's you know nice the people spend in bed shirt on and move generate 8500 because of Kentucky he thinks he'll be 121500. And all of those. People in those beds were leaked more ribs any more doughnuts and drink more beer. And nub of the hotel motel tax and a public the FedEx Forum surcharge pays down the bonds and it is this is a glorious thing. For the city of Memphis I was rooting for the first time in my life. I was rooting for Kentucky to win because it was going to be good for my city. So I think all of those things. But then I also think. Because you'll hear this all the time. Those small minded Memphis people just get over it just general Laurent idea that I just get over it it's been. But would he left for better job. And to those people I also wanna explain. And at some point I will explain. Why it to the extent that olympians think about this at all and it is not a civic obsession. Why I think. Meant tunes are Wear justifiably. Irked at John counter. It was not. A 'cause he left for Kentucky. It should not have been any it's a better job. And if it's not as as self evident as when. It should be self evident. It's not a self evident as when Justin put wheels ready just in one day. For want to Virginia Tech nobody's manager just because they've somewhere fuel fuel wouldn't like. Lou we're living in and in the lines here originally and the most people understood she takes a better job as a lifetime job. Memphis football is not typically is currently structured may be will be some guy. But it's not right now. And so I think most people understood that there's not this great bitterness. Towards Justin want to. Arm. And some of that through the difference and just put a lot of it is let's be honest. Because of children. Because I'll just take off a few thanks a guy. Because we don't know cut out and well on the one hand. He left the damn team and NCAA probation like he he he didn't but the titles were strict he got out once before the sheriff. And not only did he get out once dubbed before the sheriff. He got out. When he knew the sheriff was already had the poor like the sheriff had not. They had to be letter of inquiry from the that they've done a bit from me NCAA. The shooter was there the dual. And he escaped out the back will now. I persuading RC Johnson. Not to let anyone know that the NCAA was dead dead dead delivered a letter. And so. Part of it and indeed that's the largest part of it is the key escapes unscathed. And Memphis has the deal with the crowd that he created. Even though he was not personally charged. That is part of a guy and second part of it. He inserted in the end his bill that the above the letters in that bit there but what is what is. Recruits all sign of he inserted a clause that said if he isn't the coach they would be automatically released. You heard of that before. Well actually a lot of people are released from the blood yeah I am right to sort of on the back then they weren't necessarily. What's suggested that he was he knew what was common. I. So irritated people third it was lying and ice happens yeah I wanna be here forever he said that at the airport whenever someone or whatever that quote was. And that bothered people. Or if there was jump holed up in his house. Pretending to be agonizing over whether he was gonna take that job. So he could continue as the Memphis. As the Memphis head coach so he could talk to the recruits go to Kentucky could go she couldn't talk to recruits right so he could bring them all of them to Kentucky. Bred. Says the other one amendment. Is that this local machine which just became a symbol of things became a symbol of you know judge goes to Kentucky he calls back and says oh by the way I forgot the snow cone machine some of the truck load here. Like just leave Memphis stripped the best dogs. And then in the way he's acted since with a hole. I backed down I was eating at the kids' table now I'm entered at the big person stable. Enough. That has endeared him to the city of Memphis. And for all of those reasons. Plus the fact let's be honest it's just fun to hate John cal Perry. That's why there was bitterness it's not just I'm a jilted lover he left were man. Let's be asked if you'd be embarrassed yourself that is some of it. But it wasn't all of it. No wait it out unfolded and created a lot of bitterness. That lingered to this debt. And so that's where we are John as a return. I think for the city. Let's and one thing Janice always had value. Is cold hard cash. And for the city. No one understands the boards of cold hard cash what did you encounter. And for the city. This is a good thing. For the purposes of entertainment. This is a good thing. For glamour and spot light and everything that Madison Square Garden won't have. This is a good thing. I am not going to tell you that you are not entitled. To. You ruled that they are not entitled to continued to be anger hit ten children are. I am telling you that I'm telling anyone listens that this isn't some civic obsession. Once it was probably. But a Lotta Lotta Lotta things have happened since then. Well moved on. But since its thrust on her face. We'll tell you how we feel about it. I'm curious how you feel about it because I am gonna write a column. I'm. This week we'll have lots outsiders. Into and I'm gonna write a column. Tell people. The be donated sort of interpret how olympians he. I still man. Let the ten. One they're totally over it and and and and and wish John the best. Ten. They would like to bush given his backpack. I'm like where are they on that scale of one to ten. And I am curious. A what dilemma FaceBook page I've put up this question. And I got about a 183. Responses in and now. People are still work out. So I need your. You tell me under the total world how Americans feel. You tell me. How Americans feel we'll we get back 53537765353776. Is the phone number after that will get system Chris highlights Chris Harrington is gonna join us and a whole lot of the things talked about but right now I need your help. How does Memphis feel. About John cal Perry. 776 the just look at your first explain had to do not let let me ask you. Or do. Amphibious CNN is bringing you he would thousands of prizes remotely prizes for misogyny. Any team on Sunday. Presented by Nvidia members and Papa John's season. Now diamond next in Swiss watches as the mid south's number one diamond wholesaler with offices in Antwerp and Israel Opteron has an extensive collection of the finest loose diamonds and the law. Largest selection of elegant engagement rings offered to you at wholesale prices Tehran's collection of exquisite fancy yellow diamond rings diamond bracelets sparkling diamond earrings diamond necklaces colors don't jewelry and sterling silver designer majority is sure to satisfy any taste our budget. 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Will fall at least partly to me indeed already got a call from the Lexington paper I was interviewed for them by them last week. About it and I give it my best shot but you all can help especially if RT 776 factory factory 77 text we go to. Move Fella felt. I say yes Gloria. You know I can't say et Al peacefully at first did it hurt and it still hard seven its structure at the end of the day but it. You know I'm I'm watching thirteen now got a winner on TV the last probably couple years and you know. I got not ordered the armed I'm kind of all important you know I mean each especially especially when easy. What are we have not been able to do basically can feel I think it makes you respect in detail what he did while he was here. All the more. Arm and so you know how important form. I thank him what he did a year each get a lot a lot earlier this city. And now hopefully we can get back that I think it's a good stock they know me on them and then didn't start looking in the mirror a little bit but now what's got to happen here to get big. Thank you felt I appreciate their debt 53537765353776. Is the phone number. Still hate him you love him how do you feel we go to Ryan run you're on. Well Doug you and good. Well let's be clear our I will never pull for Chicago Bears in any way. Out and buy it. You know as far as like hitting them or whatever I don't have any. Hate towards them I think it's one of those things don't want to you go on. All the old almost. That the little things about his personality kind of bombs are you more because of all. All the things that happened that you didn't really notice when he was here. And it almost like he's such a good salesman. And I think that's why he's such a good recruiter and say you give him credit for being bigger recruiter and that's why it erred in the last couple years that. All the recruits tower at Kentucky yet could've been. Here obviously you can never blame them for taking the Kentucky job such as. You know logical system better job but I think it's more bitterness of how the Memphis program has been the last few years units declined. And yet you decide that China. You have bitterness about what the net this program could have been not bank more caught the auto. You don't hate them or anything but I will never reform them. I thank you very much appreciate it up to about 37765353776. We go to grad Qaeda. Good morning how you guard guys. Are very great as a match I would I doubt very respect I respect what matters but wouldn't it is called on. You are limited said that phrase that this is is where five air that we're in you've got to recognize and people now starter last auto woes. Do what you accomplish your. Hate how you do out to the paint. The whole cal Perry here and it plays into the negative mentality again that does that make it won't blame there's fop failure. Weird we do it got self doubt I doubt out there it can't stay connected to the mentality do negative image they want good national problem. Now these small minded and that's what you would go down like it had to go you just love all wait I'm over it only got. The lunch art. I don't know by the way that he had to leave because Memphis was negative or whatever I do. He literally dozens Kentucky's. For can't say it's a let's be reasonable here that's why he and in the end had to leave. I think he'd eat could've it was. Seconds away from winning a national championship here it's not that Memphis it was write that down and viability and are you trying to escape Memphis. I'm at all but will continue on five to 537765353776. And need to know what to tell people about how we feel about John cal Perry Dion you're out. Do you point to overrule a big fan of this hole about this one and I've made my point very clear. You can militant Jewish could probably only did you compared Purdue is if you like it usually gay district and we have we have guys go to the net agendas and every world war at least they use a lot of what is fair. People are so what you think terribly stupid number one years. Maybe more than blog. They know we could have kept the tradition and long if somebody is not going to be a bit. I was saying you go to college and I think about it I did I birdie this I mean did incredible work to keep. And their savings from all the wins that that particular season and it's an interesting question this and one of the great hypotheticals is. Would the NCAA. They have had the nerve. To do would they did had they had Memphis actually won the national championship when they stripped them of the national championship. We don't really know I think there's no question Dion that you're exactly right about. In the end. Like that was disgrace it was glory but it was also a disgrace and I think that does how. There at least casts some shadow over what he did hear as much fun as it was certainly part of the legacy. Of what he did here I think there's no question that that's true I appreciate it thank you very much. We thought they found 37765353776. Yellow talent mean what tell the world about how we feel about. John cal Perry return in the Memphis we go to. Milk. The hey I doubt I'll. I thought they unlike most Mitt is saying that I guess yeah what do bad week or category weird but they don't are geared around what AT. Don't agree with what beard. But it took the way he did it it wouldn't it did you jet paper or. Well they're they're out of baited you didn't. Know technically they're like they're that they're a bit. Of who always do. Anxious just to play devil's advocate a guy. Everyone says is the way he did it and I do believe that he did not act with great dignity and its departure. What my philosophies on life though is is that no matter what happens. We always say it's not that they did and that's the way they did you think back to the Larry finch far right. I must say it's not bedie was fired that he was hit a scientist. Papers at the hot dog stand you know and you think about how Phil Fulmer peoples that about full former self that he would head with a credible the way he was fire. Sometimes I think people take their feelings about the fact that they leave and say it's about the way they've eased but they would've been. If he had left gracefully would in a different away. I mean maybe it's clear if he had left the players I think people would have felt differently but in fairness both players only came to Memphis jump ball wasn't coming to Memphis because it's Memphis. He was coming from me. Honest he was coming and have just doesn't junk. In miniature of western way is Mexico was so bear and we have more weapons and let that included. I think we feel sort of way because we felt like cal Perry we don't doubt your week we told you love it admit that it worked without maybe updated their albeit. I appreciate it thanks very much. 5353776. Voted 53776. Yo tell me what to tell the world about how Memphis feels. About John cal Perry we go to nick nick you're out. Hey Richard Burt let me call and I. Again the way left he. We got stripped of massacre Jackie Burke of outback that would happen at least one we keep the elite eight the next year than we have arguably the best critic the nation coming man. John back to thank you can set up shop and just and they got it meant. And then things changed overnight so. The way out so bottom I didn't prolonged. Start. The bad start where all odds start to appreciate more. What he did because those are some of not years and years ever for me. But never root for the thank yet thank years. Still it's still sleazy stuff. Did you think it was sleazy when he is the Memphis coach. Everybody told me he was an update in the back harmonica but it did matter. My sleazy coach thank you very much I appreciate it 53537765353776. We got Toby Toby I feel about. I'm girl good how you go justice. I'm just going to spared the we meet personally unloved. And I don't know why you're in aid of because he gave us some of the Bear Stearns in Memphis was that we ever. And there have been people are saying that they paid him. Well truth be told so many people in their wood and then a beautiful horse eat eat here what could be directly or indirectly own business loans. Bartenders. Waitress say is someone that people glacial puts more money because of the great regard darker beard what we bought our studio where he gave. Talk or they'll probably have him on level appreciative woody woody do follows a skirt. I don't know. I some it's just human nature don't you think I mean listen AA didn't Nick Saban did a lot for LSU did he not. Do you think they love makes a bit of doing their loved Nick Saban LSU. They hate him. Here. It is usually we admit that we did carted out scientists. We we've got me kimono we. And it never available for a we ever lived Maggie. And did Toby let's be fair. We have been there before this team had been to two national championship two final fours before John cal Perry including a national championship. Anyway well now he's back. To tone down main army would be considered to that's out he'd love we will get the benefit of the doubt you'd. Yeah it is preceded origin though we even got on a player. There's no question that's true the fact that Josh squandered. The legacy of Jack cal Perry John created momentum for this program. They Josh then squandered that's simply too. Debt and that's what just has to be that people don't ever addressed it. I've well we just did thank you very much faster if I had 37765353776. We got a Michael you're on. And don't even mention the phrase way people. Let me just say specifics. He stayed he kept Memphis hang in. I have been met the coach well he called home until he was able to call all the recruits that were committed to Memphis. And that and it let them know he was going to Kentucky. And therefore. He couldn't talk to them if you hit it below us. And that's the way he left the way that he raped and pillaged the athletic department. Uniforms and basketballs and the local machine and whatever else you want to go in there. That it did these specific with the reasons not just the way to do. Take care Michael Michael Michael yeah I'd I'd mention both of those specifically at the beginning of this year I'm saying you wanted to know what we've what never felt like I Don yeah if you. If he had head. Not done that it's a coaching change that will eventually get over pull us. As soon as he stops referring. To a Memphis says that kiddie table. And then that Thanksgiving. Then no McNeill maybe we'll have a uniform us. The left wants to isn't it a kiddie table why haven't done reform and an honor him if he continues to refer. Two members sent a kiddie table at Thanksgiving. Yeah I know that was tossed it to myself to show that you know that it would see fast just as much responsibility. As Memphis people for pour the hard feelings yeah. I do agree with that thank you Michael appreciate it but I think that's of people I I think it's important for people it's not just Bittermann for us that he laughed. I think there were specific things. They created the bitterness that I think it's a going to be important for people and out. We go to Joseph Joseph you're on. Hey hey let's first again you cannot Lima church or go to Kentucky LA India or North Carolina in that the blue blood six Federer volcanic echo the collar voters that it's the way you Boehner compared to another America's search. Cal left for Kentucky and what they're previous parts of the very easily UA. And let's take a look at just simply say what you that he would never dis honest about the fact that. And he did a great thing out there that they can't eat it just panic kept quiet he had a or figure cleared birther artful. About John maybe in 2000 they are hurried at. They could without it announced they have met that I'm not going anywhere despite these reports from the 76ers and the fact was. He already been turned down and what have gone and I'll art city. They're just it has fleeting nature of the kind of disingenuous nature everything the way behind it. But the sect were part of that where do you go to Memphis. As they are grammys partner met the kiddie table. Well let's just say march yet would you put Memphis they had a Marquette historically and right now just did an example. Another right now I wouldn't I have put Matta Marquette but I. Read story. Actually think they're equivalent programs generally made my eyes marginally better but equivalent programs yeah. Why are as they were up 20/20 five from different sporting news breaking historically but I'm just afraid. I think maybe that's the same their frame we don't want to become DePaul a scene there was a hell no question. Vote for a long time and now they're started at the bottom of the big east for the last or five years I think that's. It's more this year that we won't give Torre wants war of words. Under Bartow under her and her cal Perry and that's just what we were seeing you know they go to Memphis they have like this. Go to 783 emerged out of every ten years and compete for final or have a shot to get one word sure there's. Read these I don't go ahead let's let's go ahead and be Xavier in on an end and and then people feel so bad about it I thank you very much our core I five to 5776. That in fact he's 776. We go to John John you're on. States you have to be warned about. Cal Perry when he was here resolve these guys sit down. You know every Mickey and why you're not and we love the wins slope we won't you know all the great players seek out that even when he was here. We only disease course salesman so to speak and anybody was already scores sales were hurt adage once the senate seat on a slight. We don't need you we don't want you in them. It's a trying time. You know what's suffered a double thing she did for can be in the streets ministry. All the all the bad things that they're John did. And I'm not dealt their fans but I understand the way you know the conceded Jim Bennett. And that's also lost in the sports drink. But December catalog and one that I could they. Thank you very much appreciate it I said this is that that the good things about you on a true. He's a genius. He does a lot of good things in the community can Danny ray the million dollars for Haiti like all those things are true. And the bad things about Jenna manipulative. Deceitful hole like all in it for himself. Like those things are also true. As long as your interest aligned completely with here is you're you're gonna go along for the ride as soon as they eat your your interest in his interest to hurt. He won't care about you led all those things are true. And when he's your coach all you see is the good things. Another he's not your coach are you see is the bad things. But the good things also were true and the bad things were true when he was your coach and the good things are true now that he's not your coach. Where I think a couple more which the wind is up in just a second half we got a Tomas Tomas you're on. No don't tell. Ya I let you decide I am a lifelong partner they are not they. Doubt there apology is so good about being away but I did want to make to talk about the first big blue America. What we talk about the way you know. The first daylight trailer he took it recruiting class just. Oh Whitfield. They give all the play from the perspective of the missions they're very understand our little clue how great and how am I right that the credit world. What nobody did really rolling the problem that never fiscal I don't care yeah lucky. Dish. Iraq and did a rough today immediately most BO RD edition all the book remind our president very. And turn to have a foundation spot where we're going to Crawford and the post Vietnam bit which you mentioned before and it must import. I think the comparison to Justin scheck very. It's not fair just completely different dynamic. I think most mrs. saved most forceful Bob we've never been on a national. On a national profile he never made it sort compete for a national I local bar but it looked expectations. This western Spain are being multiplayer just unconstitutional because we get sold he would be executed. Apple was counted that many different because you make it to a national championship you shall equal way if there have been these. Eight at reasonable expectation that he might stay he's therefore he sounded different it like very because they're back I'll leave it there. Thank you very much I appreciate it clearly that's a huge part of it we go to stands tenure on. Well gay man now like he comes dish general also. You know I'm not I'm not really et al-Qaeda he got a really good step here. And there are no doubt about young per every gave him at me in dollars today that ministries. And don't forget to come because Bledsoe gets close he's out beauty kick out but I ask you remember that. Some. Issued it been important ingredient statement lovers apart terrible part. And then he gets got a I got you I thank you and I appreciate it Roy is raw you're on. What did so you have six minutes left on a pay by the minute phone and you wanted to ask them and talk eulogize John Perry. That's absolutely right that cable lead you to call and they on this and I I'm trying my best viewed through the couple letters to save one truck and you look O Michael Bieber. Not my big day mortality is if you're from members of that no one ever called leash stats are some I'd hate smartly off. I'll always remember. Back what was that 85 when Villanova I think he won the championship. 88. I wouldn't all of the Moet and Marty go off and about Sports Illustrated to chase two more broader arena on the trip. And I'll watch the game until the league that beat Memphis. And I almost Sports Illustrated cover there were three teams not for that this wasn't pictured on the final four games. I never said that the age of always paid attention to how much news coverage on ESPN and an ink daily dose possible. That we got and I remembered that last year that he was here. I thought we finally made it we finally get coverage every single day on the history and and that means the world and every one seed Memphis as they seek legitimate basketball squad. And then he takes all that covered your way. And now we all know Kentucky gonna get coverage. And I thought he could we're tired here and made Memphis. He wanted to beat Kentucky UCLA. If you just stay here forever a cover obviously he had a good coach in the good recruiter. And that's what he does I that's what hurt you so bad when you left. And I think we act like she cried and had to leave out on this for a long temporarily to come back. I think that's one of those times that you come about when he. I think they'll make sure recruit was going to come group. Thank you very much I appreciate it. I appreciate angrier every night. There's a phone that's some cash and people I would take a break. Welcome back because his wanna huge over the weekend we'll talk more about this later to address and then is back with a 901 at 1001 step doctor Jennifer just praying. And he NFL news we. 1000 dollars worth just. Sunny bracket challenge now in the ninety. ESPN the search for W and eventually. This sonic bracket challenge asses and now. The war in 929. Welcome them. Is this moment Monday enjoy it also Marino wood chips and salsa for only five dollars all day hit anyone of their border area locations welcome. Customers and. Getting the most out of their condition with a simple phone call landmarks hitting your conditioning. You can share your own Comfort Systems offering you conditions are 89 dollars Sinclair conditioning systems enough ensures optimal for. Don't listen efficiency isn't likely had a break down you'll save money by. Operating costs in check. And worth every comfort us and along the oh today to schedule your 89 dollars. I strings and especially T I'm 51111. 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And Seattle was on January 1 had lost one they were. At full strength. You know we're gonna bill. And still achieve here Iraq and his coaching here of the highlights I'm not even gonna talk and to skillet you soak. This one in one of the great nights of the season Phillies are now four and oh. AC after Chandler. Who is having a surgery today for now of a seat including a victory. Over the feared and hated the vaunted San Antonio's first. This is what it sound. Julie. He gives Gasol back Italian. I'm on the shot clock down the straightaway three the shot clock winding. The grizzlies lead early age six. It's all right wing picks now left wing commons drive on the right. The circle slap on the shot clock got me straightaway three the shot clock winding. Always come until. He's got future holds the grizzlies clearly 86 it's all right my kids now left wing down. Let's back up. He gets resolved back about it. I'll be straight away three. There's literally 86. He's all right when things now. There's since after the hour to his left around Randolph street bounces back from Randolph seed right wing white ground. Now. You may lead by eight. Well straight for the grids as Randolph. It's his second field goal of the night. There's been back right elbow goes all against mills. Girls through the Celtics ahead of dazzling fits right side light green open three ring at all. Over to Michael Green it's all of the beautiful ball fake encounter grizzlies power forward on the sideline. Down the right sideline triple yeah. I'm holding the ball is a lucky shot clock tick down under for the best defenders in the league if not meet that. Let every bit off topic processor while it's inside the lane avenue ramps running right. Piccard zip on the ball that badly maintained control beautiful. We'll play by the good doctor. The song has a right wing poor Tony Allen grizzlies off the turnover. George stands four point eight topic hesitation over the album kicks left corner three fires at Israeli. Sorry there grizzlies. Right corner resolve find talent. And other. That's the last five for the grid isn't big record sixty love. It's green left sideline fires. Could create a dry day deals will last sideline great. I don't know who's got game but they ran into a wall full of fifty. All of the deals haven't felt down Daniels straight away three right now. Any other Randolph back down again you know. It makes it okay with a second trip organized getting it off the bench back to a four point lead. I ran off its verdant hills open three straight away. Affiliated. This is Erica music fans who don't work well together often ask me it always made three of those reasons civil service reform. 8000 for an authentic. People. Dictated by quite happily exactly Randolph you ran when little. Top business up there got above the rim and laid it up but it does. Still have a freezer of the kind of pushed the lead back and assault against Aldrich down a shot clock in the lane got pushed. Takes it out rightly coming fires at three. So badly I didn't. They are. We'll get one more. By game. They feel they've baker it's kind of throw that knockout punch. The San Antonio spur. That's what I was like it was a lot of fun at FedEx Forum sat and NN wrestling night three and now and I get back to what I started with the beginning of the show. That's why. Just told her it was fun and John calpers is slime ball and John Jumper is a brilliant coach and gender like all those things are true. But the truth of the matter is is that this city. Has won't talk like this city has a vat vat Saturday night. Is what people care about now. And it's vastly bigger. And then. You know the other stuff and it's not just that it's again it's all the things that John wouldn't even recognize it became bag when he comes back to the city. Over to square mall possibly recognize the Green Line Shelby farms. The bridge over the Mississippi. If you go on and on and on it is a different city. As a long time ago as 2009. Last game you actually coached here was 2009. Against it was in the in the conference USA tournament I'm that was last home game that he coached it is now 2017. A lot has happened. And most of it. Good Chris financial join us next for the nine and one at 100 once Jeff Hawkins shall mention an FM music. These days find AM till 9 AM. This is my life. Hundred years of animation. That's what you'll find that got. He'll look like we're we're celebrating our 100 did a much. New twice and he Mitsubishi Mirage keep pour fuel 742 MPG highway fun loving and bloated with. And right now we've got 6789 dollars a month or not. Sure it's 117 outlander sport 67 PGA are 176 a month that does that Mitsubishi on the for seven and your 47. You know until Monday OK deep three birdies. Give her a great deal on a great set of wheels. Because all rebates in vicinity of porn any semifinals thanks for adolescents offer balcony into the months you're capable of doing more you know what and so does CDU CB understands the.