NBA Champion Ian Clark on The Eric Hasseltine Show 07/11/17

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Tuesday, July 11th

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Looking back to the air hassle I'd show right here on nine ETF and he has it Jeffrey Wright filling in for Erik lie down here. In relative SEC media days but without further adieu we're really pleased to welcome on a true champion. That we actually have someone who has accomplished something in his life like your made it Clarke Ian of the Golden State Warriors congratulation. Our. They'll love it takes to take the time when this. You know that he'd been it's been about a month or so from from the conclusion. All of the playoffs the conclusion of the finals. It's been that you're Summers as he still celebrating in the at the cooldown period yet. Come they're celebrating. As some involvement. In the bigger trophy back on. And me and they're undefeated. Team great creative creative at all they're. About the opportunity of of sharing championship with your family and what not. As we also but I also think that this had to be more special because of the way that you guys were able to close it out two years ago and then this year you know you. Really emphatically. Once it hits it that make it even sweeter. Often though you know we and that it was a positive or a this is. It wouldn't be here obviously. As he is a eighties and order. Better we'll Lou it's of Harvard or. It. That's one. We can't it would it would require that. You bet. It is absolutely they appear in the you're right. Adding that the piece of Kevin Durant oysters but this. What is practiced like with a node up against that that a lot of it is you know we need new ones vs news that has to be. Quite the challenge. It's competitive it's a bit. If there and in the year. We you know are these network. Start. That's about Lockheed integrated ago. Gonna do where it was great. Obviously you had different lob rockets are. That it. If Kurt angle in. It's been a lot of very competitive Lou orders on the eve of that. He's the best trash talker practice. He's an equation that. Stood out by NBA champion. Ian Clark Germantown high school product Belmont product. I started to hear your your resume Ian. You know a whole lot of loosening I mean he had have a look at them look at a time and you talk but for the most part. Ladies play for winners. I think you got to take all the credit for right. Cantor are created here to post edited. This apartment culture that you use. Especially the left use is it. And he had let. Here. Opposite the Puerto. You know in a coach who would doubt it. Accomplish a goal in. It is fun to be aware but he it makes you. Played it much harder. Which you need to make it out in the it is certainly. He could play out. Our trailer but it this year. What were actually in the orbit at an up and you'd like that. See you would be that way button. Arturs. Who were effective on it but we've taken every little detail. In everything that we played in part to equate Newton. This is what do you appetite if you think that. You walking into marking. Other they actually that you they've been up with mentions in can't go. Ian Clark of the Golden State Warriors joining us. And it Ian. Certainly the news of recently has been free agency and whatnot and as you had in deer summer how are you approaching free agency. We in my agency's. Ability. They felt a little bit of a post. A smarter about you know or is it the camp is. Luckily everything up on the how it created has been open as. Not to use. Not really blown. Without woods the golf. Is it over it if about it. A period and wherever I am and in a way to go for the of the popular. Obviously the grizzlies there Ursa Lyndon. In somewhat of a rival of the gold state words but we think about your hometown team you think about what Zach Randolph. And Tony Allen at this franchise it. Obviously you understand more than anyone that there is a business element to this profession but. What you think back to your hometown team presumably going to lose it through the key components that. Certainly built what this franchises today what we're coming your thoughts that you think about that. Is that bitten we know it. If those who. A lot that they're all if they're on. About it except oh. I consider it didn't. In view view is it written oh god it was. There's and that means that you drafted or they used it yet they're. Using that they had to go to their career. So 08 current and accurate. This. Waiting. The cultural organization. In potent potent and well. Itself was. Whatever those not on go. They've success. About. In the in beer it eco footprint. It experience is always interesting ad that is not talk to athletes and certainly some. Follow teams while all others followed players growing up and obviously you know some of RP eight you're roughly about this is that I am grown up. There were some lean years in the grizzlies franchise but when you're grown up re watching the grizzlies mostly re watching particular players. Well. He would quote game. A lot to lose. I'm. Whereas now I won't. You know look at music and they're back and Jason Williams out of the year. With partners like Boca. Although what's in the news. I remember him making strides. This play out of things like it though. I think this is compel local. Organizations and residents like it was of little at the top but are prepared to use. All. Ian Clark of the world champion gold state wars joining us here on the air castle tonight show and then. Last portly you know you've been very gracious in the time we've really are preach it was the most fun thing he did with the budget chipper. Publicly that they probably. You'd in the early news did not look at what it is and oak. You know great you know it's in the excitement. They had. I went back about you. The sudden and included they had also you know we're all of a then transit and to be a part of it it'd take it is it is. They're right there for those those other highlights of the evidence of here. And keep celebrate not and it was certainly Weller. A Mercury. Reached it but is Ian Clark. The world champion. Golden State Warriors when we come back in theory it up with three on the boards sticker atlas air cast much right here on nights out at then yes the end.