Shea Patterson at SEC Media Days 2017

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Thursday, July 13th

AUDIO: Shea Patterson was on 92.9 with Jeff Wright at the 2017 SEC Media Days and discussed taking off his "red shirt" last year, recruitment, Ole Miss, the SEC in general, and more.


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And we'll get back to SEC media days here. Jeffrey Wright from the wind free hotel in Hoover Alabama pleased now to welcome Ole miss quarterback shape Paterson. Shake it Dave thought man how are very. Shape it is a less pleasure out by she feels like from. At the moment that the got told us that there have been you know a lot of highs and lows a lot of emotional angles ideas from. Yes it probably hear rancher to all the subject only to expert in you know in years here texted him we charge on the way back in just lot of highs. Last two games not so much. What do you done how he's able to handle kind of emotional rollercoaster that's going to support your view read year after. Almost. God it's the honest I've had he's a great support system ever since I've been there. These are committed an ark trust countries are believed and I still believe he. But I mean we get nervous he knows that I had last year. Really my job a lot easier. He's going out there you know have fun look at it and I'm not a burning red shirt Tokyo Vista has an opportunity to put footballs were. Shea another great thing that people what you exactly where an average point and certainly knows that there's we're behind why you Wear number. What do you Wear. Originally announced I was gonna we're number one. We have investors it is in the country terminated. And I've let him Wear. You'll probably Smart move into alignment that. My my grandpa actually play for the Detroit Pistons went we university you've worked poignant. Back 68 if start you know. Try to be different. It's stuck. It was weird seeing yourself like in the mere words for you personally cannot I've always been saying it guys it would first started I would start ground. Well. SEC media days in the against Texas a and M last season. You know it wasn't it certainly wasn't a App Store by any stretch of the imagination just felt like things weren't. Clicking navy also orders you know there are there via amiss here and there and that I just kind of some drive killers and then. But what moment and feel like it. Really turned around because it felt like once you've got going in the momentum swung it really just felt like you were just really hitting its stride waiting play. Yeah I mean just like anything else you gotta get thrown in to what you're doing. And American wants that second quarter rolled around after course and start. Does Iran really made it uses an in room. Straight from making big place you know want to encourage our defense was taking a second half like eight years to build confidence and you know once you once he did so then it kind of feels like out of my tires we just feel really comfortable on your it would be yourself struck them play and our. How was the adjustment from from high school to college when he just of the speed of the game because so many people myself included thought it. We saw you high school we saw a guy that was ready for the college game it. It was here about the adjustment from high school to college Palestinians felt speed of the game. For you. When your first came as an SEC game on the road in front of a 109 or whatever else was. Well what was it like when you got actually got under the bright lights. Thomas I was fortunate enough aren't you Karen. And bring it forward so we played I was practicing the best I've conservatives he knows there's summits work came in the spring and come in the spring and treated them well. Now that dinner go to surfers to inspect team defense really connected to this he'd. Really help me out a laugh and and those reps in the summer to solve those extra practice we got comfortable. I think it turns his on field. Live from SEC media days. Obviously Shea that the comparisons are out there that you had not shy away from them and as it pertains to you to Johnny and Zell as it pertains on the field on hope the unbearable but are out there the on the field performance. Johnny and self. We Whitney don't shy away from it what why do you embraces much. I think he's an ex employer. For excellence and Ian. I think one reason why that is just about. Not trying to. Not model myself after after guys that I watched a lot of film and videos on YouTube as well it Drew Brees Aaron Rodgers can't watch enough there monitors. He's he's constantly. Extending the play as far as John you know. Now my question you're watched a lot of time though so. I think what you see it and you find yourself doing it without even knowing and doing. Such as trying to instill in an hour. And to school season. It's an air Rogers on the same way all of great quarterback play it is. Beyond just the arm to help the obvious arm talent these this is a Billy Woodson plays. Drew Brees it makes sense but you know a shorter quarter racked that you would watch that. When you say you've mentioned both of them and you look at things that they do what specifically are you know what you try to emulate the. First I just I'm just kind of watched. We try to break down obviously delivery accuracy the way he can point additional answers target in the way. Room then obviously extend Floyd Robinson and for me understand investors and myself are trying to get themselves turned investors anxious parents. Instead of a more random quarterback the watch like it's well that maybe would pop it in everyone's. Watchdog boundary. That's obvious but that's not mine must outward from Ottawa. On all of it the ability. What do you think deer car like a love there are. On the watch. So meisters on cute. Ito's. So far we should stand 1 eastern well. Chip Patterson enormous joining us here on the Jeff caucus chair Jeffrey Wright and a four Japanese in the image in the leadership aspect for it and certainly one of the questions surrounding everyone is you know when you can't any notable bands and I would play for anything. You know how how do you stay motivated it certainly be in the quarterback now a lot of that attention to fall on you. We're what are you doing what are some of the things that you know you're trying to make sure hey everyone's realize there's still some that played. Or you know I think it's a collective group we've all taken musical you know about what does the locker room myself. I was Jordan and Egypt your armed terrorist blew it speech marking its hands. You know throughout this process. You've we really had to coach Carroll. You know when the sanctions hit this that's tensions opposable themselves. I think it brought us together even more. Then I've never been around the character person who has worked as hard as we. This offseason and summer workouts on you know we're so what soulful tunes from such. And lastly. Shape when you when you see the we need it would be realized that he actually produced thus far off on the field in three games and Alison you're getting slighted certainly from from pre season stuff and whatnot but I don't see your name at the top of the list in my opinion as it should be. And I'm curious from your perspective when you don't always see your name at the top the list what's going on. Are you economic arm competitor. That I put an effort from both of them love it I'm out compete as a favorite thing to do that and have an hour. But I and so are play a full season get a fresh start I can't say I think that's captured the organizers. You know through Jennifer's shoes whether it's international can't predict these things don't have an awfully full seasons are not in my opinion now. Aaron our fighters are on anyway sir I need I need to play a full season. Try to control not only myself I'm you know I'm looking for runners wrong received that you wish you best of luck this year by a man enjoy the rest you that your native Ricky.