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Thursday, May 18th

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His name is Peter king's NFL writer for Sports Illustrated ahead of Monday Morning Quarterback and he joins us now. First of all their base for being here man how are yeah. Am doing great thanks for having me appreciate it. Apps away the honor is ourselves and I wanna start with the guy we know. Very well here in Memphis and that is Denver Broncos quarterback packs and Lance Albert Greer. Wrote about the Denver quarterback competition over at him in QB. Let me ask you this if Trevor Ximian wins this quarterback competition again and am in this is a coin toss from everybody that we talked you it sounds like. Tom what becomes of Paxton the Broncos surely aren't going to. Do this every year ago when every training camp with an open competition right so if Trevor Ximian wins again. What happens to Paxton. I don't take anything I mean I think that everybody. In the lip. You know in the Mitt last year of sort of all post eight innings mayhem. You know the the Denver Broncos chose. Quarterback of the future. Who they felt. Had a lot of developing to do. It has excellent. And yeah I was told very early in this offseason that. Hey if Romo on the street. John Elway. Would low. At him but hey wasn't gonna treat anything foreign be whipping it pay a lot of money form. And it was very very simple reason he was convinced. That bold Trevor salient and Paxson lynch. Could be long term quarterbacks in the NFL. So. Let's let's now sort of fast forward to now and figure out where we are on each of those guys. I think Trevor Ximian. I believe. Probably has got a slight edge. Coming into the competition. Just because of his experience and because of the fact that that last year he shows that. And despite the fact he was kind of a platoon quarterback. At northwestern. Nothing fazed in the entire year even when he had his struggles. You know I just think that Paxton lynch basically Natalie is. He you know it in his second year. He's gonna have every chance to unseat Ximian. You know I was told them no right after the draft. Absolutely unequivocally the desk I will play. But I don't think. The Denver Broncos are gonna say about a first round quarterbacks they were very confident in a year ago at this time. That if he doesn't beat out a guy who the Broncos like a lot. And I think he's going to be a long term quarterback any NFL. I don't think if he doesn't beat about this year at all over four. Right now mama I'm with you on a percentage away. This Tom Brady concussions story what are you are listed in your Tate did is his elderly get her husband's team in trouble here you think this thing dies down pretty quickly. I don't know really I think that that all the NFL can do. It cast the patriots. His much detail. On the air injury reports. And they can't. You know the one the one thing that that no one has asked about a lot of things that nobody has said they don't do an injury report after the Super Bowl. Mean. What happens if the concussions that she mentioned somehow. Was suffered during the Super Bowl. Well the patriots are under no obligation. If Tom Brady doesn't report. To them that he had a concussion. Patriots don't. He that the patriots after the game America to go into the locker room and say top c'mon injury concussion protocol. Eight you know so and again I'd I if I don't know whether anything happened in that game or not I'm just simply saying. That was the first thought that came to me when everybody said that eight Gisele is. Is he here is speaking or there's some great he didn't saying that the patriots are idea concussion. I pay it you know again for all I know. You know they're pretty he's had multiple concussions. And they've never been reported I don't know I have no. Information on that. And and again I think that there's a good chance that this is gonna die after each side basically says. You know we don't know anything. The first time Brady talks. He's gonna have. Hey he's gonna be asked about this. You know whether he Dr. Manny can't I don't know what the protocol is. With the patriots I don't know whether he talks during minicamp. Or whether it's gonna be some time in training camp but they'll certainly be asked about that and that's when we're probably getting their first. You know real view into what exactly this was. We are of course talking to the great Peter King Arthur at SI underscore Peter King covers the NFL for Sports Illustrated and gave him QB Steve White who is a former NFL player from right here in Memphis Peter. He went on a long week thread over the weekend said he watched all of CONCACAF bricks game from last season. Every snap every throw and said hit his his his premise. Was that not only was Kan cabinet good. He was throwing the ball better than he ever had that's just one man's opinion and that's one man's valuation of course but. When you watched him last season is that the thought that you came away with. Well I mean. When I watched it last year one of the things that I sought. Being kept her neck was that. You know he would he was in a spot that for him. What they're really really good place in the that is in chip Kelly's offense. Where. You know he'd basically. Who won't we it was the perfect offense for him. Yeah and it couldn't have been a better options for. Chip Kelly values a quarterback who plays on the run. Or who can't play on the run. And so many quarterback coaches and so many teams right now. Are just moving away from an. And you know I thought he played pretty well we did the system but I just think that. He's still. Needs to be trained and still needs to do more. What the in the way he NFL plays. Other words. Trying to be a little bit more playing from the pocket and playing consistently from the pocket but. Look at things settle that I I I think it's. I think it's downright ludicrous. That we're sitting here and there are. Whatever the 75 veteran quarterbacks under contract are now in the NFL and there's no place for Allen camp and again I think it's. I just think it's it's it's wrong. And I think that. That pretty NFL this day that. You don't politics as an asset to do it this or whatever. I think politics absolutely asylum to do with a. What was there really Peter was a really no interest for particular in terms of of teams that that might be looking for a quarterback who was a Jay Cutler. Not really being urged him playing football and more we think was. More the case. I think this morning with Cutler is that. I would have no white deal with the PGA Cutler. And I I don't I don't have any idea what to pay him. I don't know whether pale light. He's a guy who's gonna give you four really good years. He. You know a plus. He's got such a reputation. Of being a sour guys. Which you. There are people who coached him and it played with a set that that's bull crap. He's not welcome Y can post or anything like that but. That he's a good guy to have on the team and all that but I guess I believe that at the end of the day. What happened at Jay Cutler is that. You know the two retreat teams. They had some interest or would have had some interest like for instance Houston. If you're bill O'Brien I think you say essentially. OK look I I kinda like Jay Cutler. But I hear he's a real head case and not hey you know not necessarily a guy who's going to Haiti and we lead our version of what we do here is a team. Chances. And that's it that's that's my that's my gut feeling him but I think a lot of it really came down to the fact that nobody really knows what he is right now. On topic you're absolutely right to a team a month broker bought team not named Carolina. That's gonna make the biggest jump this season I think we all expect that Carolina can do that but maybe the next one down the team not named Carolina it's gonna the biggest jump. What should I say Tennessee yeah that's what. Yeah a lot because. I think. That. You know assuming. Markets Mario can pick up where where you left off. They've got the offensive line to protect them. They've got their running game you know we're here without Gary and agreed to. To take the pressure off from. They've added a receiver Corey Davis now who ought to be able to. You don't ought to be able to make a difference. You know what they're deep passing game and I think. You know the defense scares me some. But in my opinions they've got enough offensive weapons and he can play possession football enough. To keep it. 3233. Minutes to gain limit but no. Or exposure you're gonna get on defense. And I I think I think Tennessee's imitate big job this year. If any other NFL team repeat Peter had let a guy who scored eighteen rushing touchdowns walk I think we would all probably be pummeling them how do you not pay that guy. And I think we all know that this is somehow going to work out. For New England they're going to be fine they're gonna give back a fourth or fifth round but toward pick and it's going to be great how is it that that organization. Always seems to be one or two steps ahead of everybody else in the week. Because they don't view any player on their treatment irreplaceable and year after year after year after year. Bill Belichick is proven right. Now you know we Garret blunt is a good goal line back he's a good possession running back. But I think the New England Patriots look at him and they say. We believe that we can fine players. For. Who can't replace. And right now you know again. In the patriots so many years they go into the season. And they basically say we're not exactly sure what were going to be. You know by the end of the year but. Right now if you look at what they did it in its policies and and you look at what they did especially on offense. First of all they get a feel stretcher that they didn't have before. You know inquiries and cooks. Essentially. Took the you know they've got two new running backs. If you are gonna paid for my Q loosely. Kate from the from the Buffalo Bills if you're gonna pay for a guy like you Leslie whose state beat back. And you're gonna you're going to try in essence. To say look we're not we're married to any running back. Here but this is I don't know about 511210. Pound guy and then you also take another guy. From Cincinnati and Rex Burkhead. Who I don't think anybody really knows very much about but he's one of these versatile running backs. Who can play a lot of it a lot of different styles of offense. Maybe receiving the ball or you know he didn't get a chance to run and all that much in New England but he's a guy who's almost the same. Physical stature as. You know was jealously and neither of them quite his biggest blunt. But I just think the patriots make due with what they have been once they signed illicitly. Unless blunt was going to take. Of theory because of meager relatively speaking salary I didn't think he was going to be back. All right so I'll come right out witted Peter I am in Oakland Raiders fan I have been that way since I was a kid so. I've lived through the three at thirteen that lived through the two and fourteenth Art Shell reunion tour lived through it all. Now there are conflicting reports about the greatest thing that's ever happened in my life Derek Karr. About his level of can dip with the pace of the negotiations. This deal is going to get done is an at and what it does how rich is he going to. All I don't know I mean. Today at the end of the day in my opinion. Is the time may 25 million a year 23000027. I don't care I don't think anybody cares. He's not gonna go here how I look at this and here's our he should look at it as a raiders fans. You know at some point this year. Derek Karr is going to sign a contract with the Oakland Raiders. They have barring any huge upset he can sign a contract with carriers and he's going to be the quarterback and his team for at least. The next 45 years so that's that's all that I would be concerned wit. In this story because look. The Oakland Raiders are not going to. Cap a situation we dare car. Like watching in touch with Kirk cousins where they end up doing stuff to kick off so much that. I now have serious. Reservations whether Kirk 'cause it is ever going to sign anything other than a franchise tag. Contract with Washington. That you know there's such a level of I don't wanna say it's trust split or disrespect or whatever it is but there's such a level. Okay you don't think I'm good enough this pay like the great quarterback except here then that's fine I'm not. Gonna take it personally I'm just simply an essay. I'm not going to sign the contract. That you want it aside I'm only gonna sign a country that I want us. If I got a little bit of a personal question this is a longtime admirer of your writing and a guy who used spent thirteen years of newspaper here in Memphis and it may here is my deal covered sports all those thirteen years the final six is a contest will be either. And after a while Peter felt like I'm writing the same story over and over again whether it's a got its injuries trying to make the big comeback in the team's title when the big deal and that it. I'm never sensed that with you and that's what I wanted to ask you for awhile malice. Have you done and it's a jot how have you kept it fresh. All these years it is it taking a longer vacation like what is it that's what that's worked so well for you that's kept it's so fresh and kept her writing self breast. One of the great things about working for Sports Illustrated now editing and its web site the MM QB walls still ratings also. One of the things about that is that. You know I kept Sports Illustrated 1989. That was back in the day when. You know Sports Illustrated ESP yet apparently hit the head and for the most important media entity. In the sports world. You know obviously times change it ESPN got two BD. 9000 pound gorilla and everything like that but for years and years. Export to a certain never forget it and maybe ninety year 91. What to cover that Dallas Cowboys and Michael Ervin saw me in the locker room he said. Wow it's a Sports Illustrated game this week. You know that kind of stuff. Really helped. A writer and really help somebody immediate if if you know when you come to town to be used to to do a story. That people think it's a really big deal so that's that's part one part two is. As I grow older I have said to myself. I need to do some things and I need to really work hard to try to do new and different things so every year. That I run this web site. I have tried the best I can. To figure out something news. Has that been done before 2013. Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks became a columnist for our site I went and IE I urged him to do it. You know we had a long discussion about it he said he would do it. So that first year we at the site we get thirteen we get. Richard Sherman and twelve other players wrote columns for a web site that was new was different it was fun. Then any intervening time I've done other things and now might be saying. It is I've started this series and our site called 244 hours so they. Every bit every month we're gonna have a story with somebody big in football we've done at a show after we've got pat. Holmes I just beat John Lynch in the Aegean and the 49ers. Where you spend an entire day with this person give me and you have video Wheaties so in other words. Worried that rafter but the 49ers in the first round of the draft I'd men. Lynch's hotel room as he works out in the morning hi I'm talking with him. To work in the morning and so. Those are the kind of things we need to keep it fresh if I just had to sit back and do the same story that done for. 34 years covering the NFL rights sale might cap helped me putt debt that's what may. Makes it fun. The ability to go out and do new things that nobody else and our businesses do. You said you spent time I would Jon Lance do you think he's going to get a turnaround by all accounts they had a fantastic draft do you think he's gonna get turnaround pretty quickly. You know who knows if they had a fantastic draft that attentive group and Foster you tight you know a lot better than I do. If Rubin Foster is really. The second coming every Lewis or if he's going to be to speed up or you can have a bad shoulder wrap off field stuff. You know Pete Pete Pete Steward of that. And hey look all of this depends. On who quarterbacks. The seat Francisco 49ers in 2018. Yeah on because. I don't care how good team we have I don't care how good she yet we have broken coach you have if you have a quarterback. You're not winning more than six games period. And so the 49ers. Have had it very good start that are linked slashing and hand but. It all depends whether they get a quarterback. Who's gonna make it competitive consistently get it was Seattle. That is the key ingredient every single time ES Peter King he covers the NFL for Sports Illustrated runs the MM QB Peter. It was a real honor thank you so much for star sir thank you Peter. My pleasure thanks for having me on fellas. Got it you he says Peter King one of the best ever do it.