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Thursday, July 13th

AUDIO: Thad Young discussed being traded several times, Memphis, the Grizzlies and more with Jason & John


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That is well how are you or hurt you curb or now we're doing great in great in greater now that we've got Chanel litigate giving a little trip to Manhattan to grab some gold over 101000 points or ten years in the NBA career I think this year UN over the 101000 point mark. Did you know said that this year coming up this season your eleventh to the NBA. Pitcher probably gonna pass bingo Smith. The grabbing those that played at Melrose and play with Cleveland Cavaliers oddly they have his Jersey retired and Penny Hardaway. It in unless I'm mistaken I try to do the homework dad as the highest score an MBA player. You know that come out of the city of Memphis about that brother. I. He's. The definitely did though there. You know you really need to lower cargo but I've definitely he'd. Appreciated. You know. Applicability you can't express recovered well known people. Callers because remark helped Ku. Ten years in man what what he when you look back on ten years. Has it gone by fast that as it has it felt like twenty years when you look at your NBA career what's what what comes a month. He would go live to about. Perino. You're drafted seven days that the mark Edberg. Yeah. Is Cutler. Went who preferred to joke around well you know gonna serve and here's a photo of you know you know you turn it. So what happened to develop solar boat people that happened book where there. Coworker Bill Clinton and the Hutus there you know home period there where. I hope or you are who are out of spotlight better. Like if there's just. A blur OK here. Some are being mad. Up from Gregory. Do look traveler. For a couple weeks so look overall scared of them to be cute to Orlando. Did the world that and Lego like escrow. There's a lot of move around well in OPEC trying to I don't ever give you very great you know disrupt affect the Democrats are predicting below are much older countries. What was the coolest part about your trip overseas. Yeah just. You know the culture. You know the different cultures that. You know colon overall Europe where it's a very historical place compared. No ought to paired or you could you have power. Artistic. It's a country you know I'd give creditors. You know live and so highly Lenovo group pulled out littered. So where do you like where you overseas when everything was going down with their with the front arms and the moves like. How how did you keep Bob but that was an intense already is like I'm getting the hell away from here yeah I'll I'll be back and yell let me know what's up but I give back like were you overseas oil is going down. How although you. Or deliver a big current saint parent that you don't look at it like everybody out or that are. Oh look alike are like. You know 4 o'clock in the morning and strange. Apology or as a straight. You know although Bleacher Report tipoff goat. If we look you know. And impressive each of their situation that was gone well because you know that is the point where you're demonstrated trader in order to lose so. You know that you would go to war vote on on lower oppressive heat their situation they're gonna close the door. For although there. Amaze you as as as a teammate of Paula Georgie played within you know what's going on you know the deal like. Had yet to talk to on did you did you expect Ted to play another season with a how did you sort of approach that whole deal. What you know. They really. So they're airport are no rules are gonna happen in. We've. Told our mr. know it we on the occurred in others. You're at some point that you can't become crazier conflict it. You know he's just have to continue to play you know look you're going to kind of yet the country folk prayer decreed a purity aired out from the top of the ball. Whether you look at paper and acrylic. He was on the career record at all calls slow. Are going to go a period during the time it would a public saw a look at roadside car talking about. What on all true heroes are quite good because. During the Clinton have no hard and together as a player could be rating outlook is a crane Baylor I don't know about the community about to cut or deploy if that you're there. I'm accorsi Indiana pacer Thaddeus young and Minty and that he has shown is there from. What are you what do you think of what's going on in the west that this this kind of chase. To chase down Golden State you know you didn't you know and super teams are Foreman. On the west has gotten to a borrower looks like all you home but I guess Gordon Hayward was the one that came to the east but it feels like everybody else is going west. It's pretty crazy this offseason that Eddie do you remember a crazier offseason what do you think the ball the movement to the west. It is that we trade in. That way because that would be common cup for a couple of buddies here. The other. You know they're they're very conference and both are Greg Cox cook we have those split of the world player you know I then gave bush and here are bitter very. No NGOs. The copilot recruitment training and burned. Forty good physical or turn moon you know everybody has to even try to compete in the two or note why don't they ought to Kirkuk oil. Like on east is is back. You know there is. They're much harder is that part of it is books. You know. Those pieces or 4041. And actually occurred yeah well. Go to Italy used different as far as he'll go toward total put the candidate you're gonna be great to come of course so called. I ask Mike knows this earlier this we will ask you the same question because jury and that you played you know you can answer this for us that we that we can only speculate but you're in the east. Our it would do you look at your situation and what you've you the competition in the east do you feel like you're in the spot to be or as a competitor is there part of you that says mania. Look at everybody headed to the west metro like all the all stars everything over there I want to get over their play with those guys like how do you do you look at that even think about it like that. Willow or delicate you know look at it is not want vote. I want to be competitive European and name get her out of I'll look at the situation but. It better than you do wanna compete you do mortar you know you're planning your third offense they'll call there. There you know when are being in the work required no. On the on the west side you know whether the vendors are like a drill on the eastern. Those query could get you are constrained not to market by chance but William Weld was a comfort thing right but no script in this very. You know they're about all the way for Obama he's our go to is because of their argue 110%. How its sounds and even tried it that is it three times. It is very very difficult Kyra the very. You have to go what you do when you heard index card I wanna kind of you Beckett to a group crow like you know our ultralight notebook is the order then straight to wait. Have ill cooler marked out there confident that and then. Goes well preserved it would shut up because publicly at all it's like some more shots look. There are bigger the bigger but I do Katrina work on a perfect our craft secretary of China is stronger candidate. It because of the law the law are so you're you're the cooker that is could be focused at all car. Definitely so you're you're you're a veteran in this league and you know you've you've been around the block and you see what's happened in. In Indiana I sobbed Adam I don't know if they are I think it was the beginning of the month your name had come up there and in a trade rumor. You know because this is this has been something that's happened you know before this you're no stranger to it. Do you even think about it are you just like you know tell me when it happens and nothing's gonna change for you until then how do you sort of handle your name coming up in situations like that. I. You know you don't you trot out the word about the do continue to follow the panel pray that you spend or. And hopefully everything plays that if I well. Like don't try to order about vote by the they have applicable right there is. It try to control. You do all it can't control which you can Arabic that the bigger bank cut cut cut the realized try to control you can and does take they've either. Is there is there any part of you that that's ever wondered. What it would be like to play for the grizzlies just because they're the better the hometown team don't wanna be like to live and work in the same city discuss yet you haven't done that knew him yet. Yeah. Beat back about that. You know there were species you know. We'll be here and you know for my family of course. That would be a big girl you know but or if that you can't really try to worry too much about it you don't have that could create. You know Communist referred to craft and you know hopefully that does happen you know put. I would be a Coke cola you know and and it would be a better. That this is what I want to do this is what I'm prepared to do that. And earlier you know her you know that. We're gonna call Chris. Right after this interview we're gonna have him signed. Open up a spot. In 201819. Which I believe in you correct me if I'm wrong you've got a player option on you were going into the third the era of four year deal. You've got an option on the fourth year. If Jim Michael was gone there would theoretically hypothetically be a spot. Would you be of would you mind planned power forward. Them at the group. You definitely that it is bad about all that matters is hampering this man is under contract broke what do you do error cannot apologize on his bad either over your try to hurt you that you all Jordan was only wants the play for the lakers and a couple of years not I've just you know. Well and wanna give NASA from bad thing man. Or any pain in India you know it tipper took a lesson. It is is truly no wonder that the greatest thing that we did did that well lit a narcotic honestly. Right now you know it and bank it has got just you know as good as them. You know today. You know. Taken everything today. You know so you never know what can happen you don't know what kind of how to how to cause of all and you know put I'm not ruling in a gray got our our never ruin his career. Well well done to handle that like a pro I apologize for that. But I don't know I'm I'm right on my optional right I've got the option year right right Panama City my home here you'd. Yeah you do you do that you do whatever you do have you know you I do have out that out does this color please. You know I know must afford you the other thing I know on your big snake or any idea have you bought a pair of BBB jet brother. I would know I'll probably everybody currently happy. Yeah. Yes oh you know amen my pro player folks you know what it would be vetoed by particulates did you know maybe we could we can work on that. To your boy it only does the of the great DJ staffers that we this today Alonso took off those those better business bureau's less denied any Bronson Nike's. Any added thought he had darn near forty and he played well tonight he's last did you say did you happen to watch the espy's last night that. No I did not do it out loud ultimately. Alone did turn out to dinner and. Either got to know if you caught on Twitter the Peyton Manning joked that KD you know he shot while until about day you could come join our years ago stating you once go join the US gymnastics team team because they were so dominant out. I don't know if you saw okay these reaction to that I know if you saw on Twitter. I look better trade Ackerley group pregnant claim that looked and played. This. I don't feel like we're. There was the reaction by both of them in man was that was prize is not listen that I know you got to roll but wanted to play a little word association for your with the before we let you go. Well odd man out on this control word ratchet. That I want your first thing they hit your head man to say it okay brother. Or art. Paul George. I would. Right there I don't know OK okay WW dole Florida you have a big Boller brand. Levoir Coca. Jason Smith. Commercial career. Little great the dollar goes you that is all right a team fed. That is our union. Tim Penny. Although worked out. All excited in the boy in the final cut it a little logical and although there are just not got his gutsy what you what you think and that the final Paul Hewitt the great Paul do you. So collier yes we've played for George to Jordan creek of course knows that well again I figured out you know. I think you do great coach Perot you know I mean you you kind of this is the cities there and Ranariddh and our ports are partly deputy he got their final order to do occur. Yes he did that you great to join his brother I appreciate you know operate anytime we get a chance to spend friends are with him and you know appreciate it thank you brought that a project Tara. Arnold are ya what it's set up for 1819 or 2008 to nineteen seasons well that's pressure tired under. Thanks map is that is out of it his way as the best of his word association was. He's going with a more you know like specific. What the occupation. In Atlanta area. But did you argue it coach Wright are right there did you notice that teams anyone. I did not detained anyone you know listen if you see all of you don't got a lot going on over there I'm well well well we're what we're taught is to not speak of our competition. No you don't you don't you know you don't you don't even mitts and you don't speak of them mom you don't wanna give them oxygen and he didn't want to give them oxygen. Is that we're taught that yeah like that's over with I've mentioned a competitor on the show before and I was just like I was like. I was told not to do that anymore oh yeah I was told to do. Well don't do home. So assault on a competitor talking you know about my shirt at the don't know a thing out there and say isn't any now though Duma or what do you tell me that day. Well I did and I didn't think you can do that. So I didn't. I had no idea how you're trying to carry that is young in trouble with the league. Do you remember when we first only about a contract what are you talking about they go to contract dude Paul do what he wants to be a Laker what was on contract with the idea pacers did he. If you at least you wanted to be like or did somebody say that you wanted to be alike he said he wanted to be alike plus it's a slow and his time you know they like it me Garcia like on the Indiana Pacers blog somewhere that he is young amend his radio all he can't sing like he rolls to go to the grizzlies that he had to laugh a pro he did he did this thing but if you remember to go back to appoint an and we had a fine fine bit we used to do. Called WTO this when I prior therapy are predicted. That Thaddeus Young would end up here with the grizzlies in 201999. Predicted that during I knew he had the team option yeah the Barack is the place he's into the playoff. Baghdad up ought to be. He goes career ending here yeah I didn't go the way out planned. Bebo now Sacramento king. Hostile they are or. Is now they don't have money. Money and they can I name. And I hope so botnets are on the they've figured some things out I don't know. That they've got a little more flexibility by the time I'm just trying to think like who's up who's up you know I had the go back and look. Battles Oprah who's out. Yeah I don't know we have to go back and look. But I did actually have some news for you on the Kevin derailed at that your talking about this with Peyton Manning roasting him. As some news were you on that front gonna care what's in here to talk and no other group are at he had to have known about that joke.