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Friday, July 14th

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An executive John attitude I think ESPN on Friday and as promised. Laid Baldwin is a point guard for the Memphis Grizzlies had his best game of the summer league last night. Get the game winner he joins us now weigh what's happened may presage a big hair. I don't amen everything is good how are you know what you see on the game what they're just ice so easy bucket what you see. Went a little bit purely. It gave me the right. It was my health and well. The manager others went out true or if you are to. Are winning streak here. I mean Yo-Yo take that look every Tom Wright does one on one and U verse another guard your outlet as is and you'll take that looked every time right. Of the fact that. How would this week been for you you know 'cause you obviously you were high draft pick last year lot of expectations. Did you feel like coming into this week. Obviously with the captain tag to that simple or did you feel like you said something to prove this week in Vegas. Our salute. Twitter about it etc. most were interviewed. Will focus irresistibly communicate and a bigot showing in if we don't win. The komen so a lot of close games. You know we're up against it starts with the leadership that I'm giving you cart community talking. On these results aren't. Prepped well he is we're in it goes straighter in double digit. You know being that double digit up during the game. And or court can become and Beck or weight goes straighter are. You know you've made sin. The leadership in the communication and in its went bing says to say that all I gotta work on my jumper all got to work from awful worker. I got to work on some then within the confines of of a scale how do you work on and being a leader like. What how do you begin to improve that side of it. Meridia had. Weird weird way to go about it sought to play as played ball. After the work up I was there that's just so those ever since the spurs. Not the spurs. And limitation occurred just. He shot back structure equating gay and that way you know frustration. Could detonate an. When it clear barred bonus to veto each play. And you know if he can't others haven't seen it just it just chuckled over so early credit they gave up golf you know. Open auditors in it and indeed over eventually allow me to talk it guys and they thought that Motorola. So you picked up golf in this is how it's viewed this has improved your basketball game your saying. Definite mental side. Or that it is taking it won't play at army you know mr. jump shot missed open our turnover overlooked in the explode in dispute to block. But here ribera. And all the people that even kill. Attitude. And it just tell me what it was leadership. Are you good golf is all it is it something that you are good at or do you just play. Are not I'm I'm not very gutsy like low ninety's mid mid eighties baby. A lucky mid eighties that. I am so bad golf it's like it's embarrassing that you would be embarrassed for me so I can hit it off the tee right I can hit it off the tee really easy. But once it's on the fairway. Like I missed a missed the ball one day. Nine straight times abrupt nine straight times I missed that are missed the ball so like what give me some advice talk about how can I improve. My golf game. I'm letting it show I've never had a a close that aren't just all that out there and they swung at about where are you guys they have been my probably my college you'd like seventies should it's like low eighty. Nick an actual issues like low eighties. It coach Smart rather bad effort practices were about the fate and cap issue mid. Mid low ninety's on a consistent basis. You can't let me at this. Don't let. What did you go over some of the things that you learned last season. As a rookie I'm sir you spent a little bit more time in the or some of the the biggest lessons for way ball went as a rookie last year. All set aside all they learned well. So we gave myself that I can back you go and got you know pick and roll well you know McCain but. A lot of the but I learned assists off the court. Rested and in character ability and being you know learn about ourselves being alone you know Garnett to a a grown man assist leaders you know coming out of a dorm room into. You know they're paying bills and now I don't like my biggest world. And let that a lot that they. A quarter core Nate. You know 888 days so that keep you all the court like golf like being in situations it it helps you become a better draft well there. And that's not cut out the beauty. A lot of aren't given those you know circumstances the tribes. You know you have to travel and I got to get that derailing them or which which is that 266 they have flight. What happened and how did you have any situation that. Are you are challenged on the court that that is getting out of bed at the target go well in chart or richer as well. Was it difficult because I mean at at one point I mean I'm sure you saw when. You know when you're coming out of Andy you know there were some sites that had you you know as a top ten pick you ended up going seventy Wasilla very high pick. And I'm sure you have these. You know these these visions of how your rookie season is gonna go. Was it difficult for you last season and NN MI MS there probably wasn't how are you thought it would go was it was a difficult. Are and how different is that experience. Spend India the majority of your rookie year. You know with the at that time I we energy as a spy as opposed the Memphis Grizzlies. Oh it was very get go by remote to that they have been through. My car Lester is immensely. Let out of a suitcase all year. And it out and that they gave us all the in the united he would figure seagate and every. Every road trip. In a note to my big suitcase because you know you're Nicole we have spoke ought to call up your way to see what more apt to do here. What's going are seeded got a question everything and go. Italy is hit it very difficult so. It's utter the Carter like Vatican there says that there aren't being being area. Now appeared art with with a greatly. But if you're like that's the kind of thing though that if you can get through it like if you can get through that kind of adversity and and come up that kind of way. That it's almost like it's almost better for you right. You negotiate you see a lot of guys who say. Make way they may lose confidence little hope. Emaciated some players they eat they may lose their their work ethic. We know why my blog might do without it I can't be on this level. But I'm just want to never break. As horrible it is whatever the matter what situation event you know how it kept confident. And I work at the exe through. So it it did everything that I I think as the front office people coaches wanted to do wanted to do. And down missing progression chaired similarly. Hopefully furthermore after training camp in this see you coming out. We are of course are gonna grizzlies point guard wade ball in the fourth at the game winner last night against suns as the grizzlies advanced to the quarterfinals in the summer we get there like you weighed. Have gotten better progressively. Every game this week in Vegas sipping the last I was just from from my perspective to the terms of the way that you controlled the game obviously the two turnovers it felt like that was really. Your best cancer felt like that you that you just didn't more more comfortable with each game as as it goes on to Vegas. Possible that Ellen right or you know anything knows very happened here have been so many situations in that believe in Italy. Curtis sort of yes they want the game becomes me very. Well look maybe the first day I got out here are are not forced forced the matter. A pretty good score there all that. I think. Ever think that up correlate the game come to me. And toward me in my team on a waiting and we have an a good coach usually says. Who do you enjoy going up against the most that summer league and obviously you have the the match up with the aired five slots a young talent to guys. In Vegas review enjoyed going up against the most is you seem like the kind of got to me man that when you know you're gonna be up against like a high. Top draft pick it that's the kind of thing that you feed off of who who have you enjoyed going up against the most. Got in the area he's got a lot of attention a lot of I want phrased a widow at Kentucky is this election year. And you know you're going to see what what are about and played fairly good need of our great job. But Gallagher got that gave him. At the at a guy that basically done is a major because they've artery in the third credit stunt. The target and whether it was pretty cool having not played against him in middle school. And actually did I don't know it's moving in laid up pharmaceutical partner jet to move our court. They did it almost that Chad after the game though. Deputy game I don't let it go into a then I haven't. One of the things that we heard about you coming into the league. We heard of from Karl pounds. I think even grizzlies coach David Isdell has said it. They have compared you at least athletically. So Russell Westbrook in any time you're gonna get bad label. I think that puts an incredible burden on you because people expect like Russell Westbrook is one of the best players in the world do you think that's fair do you welcome that do you see yourself as that compares them. What do you think of it. Are they outgrow it best to get there but I definitely. Tried to. Model my game after him. Mark I couldn't see out tenacious. Attitude. From him and he's done a tremendous job in his career BM VP Dirk spare me to an MVP. I think the good thing and it always have the the spark for me it you know be better. And now garlic oyster machine. They have be prepared him it is it is crazy. Just think he's done in the past our season. But that's the like you've got that for quite some time have you mean that seems to be. That's what I ever remember here in the most about you in the draft is like this this kid's got like that type of athlete isn't how long have you been getting that. Is really high school. I think back I eBay that was really like okay no okay pat somebody go like don't go away. Ott has shown a lot of that. Because the shoot out in defense really write those guided the quake can expect. What they get the feel good games so beltway. All of I believe we're with that all think about Agassi a lot of more a law and order he let it is a lot more. I like I played that he has. Had figured that this field down. You know welcome Fisher on the road. Obviously you guys I continue tomorrow as to try to. Where in this staying at blessing for let you go are you using this summer league has not safe to say Ted to the coast is the front office take. I'm ready I can be. I can do what you need whether that's backup point guard whatever the case may be I can do this I don't wanna spend another year in the G league are you using this sort of as. As the as the opportunity to make that stamp and make that case. Salute. Apartment plus more from eight days they attended. And out of that let you that you see the captain's title. The playing time minutes. It is now much do you can't thorough and for the most part. Four games I had. There was stats through leadership group there winning and I remember last year really 101 or two games here it was not got a bill that you can. I would be now or era. Paper you know a game on Saturday that I per game up Sunday. You know it's just a minute turnaround and you know I could be in a better position to let you know post about it. I'm confident my ability to these coaches. Yes sir he is way ball in the fourth the grizzlies point guard the game winner. Last night grizzlies play again tomorrow in the summer league away males applied to targets he met a pricy to Todd good luck the rest of the week. Thank you get on that court welcome estuary. Yeah I got to man says this show is over men down a river bed come on lets you know what happens. Oh yeah upper say it is way abolish the fourth I like him and like Betty is that dude has so wag their is this they certain like that you can't. We do these kinds the interviews all the time OK. And there is just a certain level of confidence we have him. And I'll like you and I did and I think they're gonna be some people that don't. But I'd like it and it as long as. You know he's not clear to me. It does this isn't bitter beer but he don't wanna blame the G league this year no I know there is like bella don't worse sixth there's Amal I don't really what I cannot do that do living out of a suitcase. I don't wanna live there live again I wanna stay home. Mahan also is an Iowa so I imagine that was probably of that culture shock to New Hampshire and a lot of variety on iron yet it is a different lifestyle when you're in the DeLia just is you know especially when year. And you have to know that when your first round pick as high as he was. There's going to be like a target on you when you're in the Dili. Yeah for sure so I can see where. And that would be a biblical way of life percent way above once time. Any is getting better is get better every every game it feels like he has gotten better on that teams are precede him join and us instinct stuff.