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Thursday, April 20th

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Right now his name is Tim bond thing to cover the NBA. For the Washington Post and he joins us now Tim what's on our man. What goes I don't pay we are oil and great appreciate you joining us let's start. With the David this bill ran what did you think of it did it have merit. Why you come down on the ranch. I mean it was a music. The grizzlies are obviously you up against it and you know music radicals and an extraordinary and trying to did you call first choirs. And like Damon and try to. Relatives here's a little bit back towards our martyrs and to steer a little bit back towards our. Excellence in America's newspaper but without the same time. I think I think at the end of the day you know it's it's really just a matter of other. Agreed to bring in and night to a gunfights this series and move. And I think it's going to be very tough that again it all of these gains early made us think I didn't get. Do you think it will have a carry over impact in this game there rant like do you think the grizzlies are going to get a quote unquote better whistle. Because of it. I mean pot will probably get next caller you're in I'm sure that. Sure there will be in the back people behind sure there gonna write played or air support or did you stay at Erie the journal piece. The top of the discussion about I also don't think that you know I mean it. Do I think that gonna have twice as many free throws its editorial and all of about the request like that but I'm gaining a in a playoff series every little that little thing can help then they'll give him in the situation that. The greatest fire themselves then you know every every little thing to keep pushing their papers is the respect. We are of course talking at two months have to cover his MBA. For the Washington Post you've got a great series out up at Washington Post. Call postmortem where you basically just assessing. Every team and their future as they are eliminated from. Title contention. Unfortunately. As optimistic as we would like to be. The grizzlies you will be writing about the grizzlies probably sooner than later so it in terms of what that post mortem will say. About the grizzlies what's going to be the tone. What's going to be the tone of of of that piece when you have the right. All whoever thought about it yet but I'm not big the biggest the biggest thing for me it's just that. You you look at this as being right hand. They agreed to let all of last and by spent on the picket are they might act. It yet there are known to our Jim Parsons you know Max contract. Today they really committed to this group right in men in the microwave market solve their gonna try to. Why does not the bitter end and I think the way you saw this year player out. No they really need to me a little more than about the release is. They desperately need Chandler Parsons to somehow. Get healthy again and give them the production helped you guys. No this team in the seventh and a lot this year the so about mark signed up for those three years and got my accent approach for years. And you know if you look at the scene and took me. The only way they're going to be able to take a step back up the west or proper saying. It is Kayla can come back and give us some quality minutes. Because if you can't. Not to me it seems more likely than not that does this play out next year that probably started the mission require the President Abbas while. So there are I mean out of Dubai question you seem to be the overriding question about the grizzlies and really the only thing that's an America that while. It is is what can park gave them to back there one opportunity yet to really. No reset. The trend line going in the other direction and course the back up a little. I'm with you ought to percents and that's it leads me to my next question we we had Bobby marks on the of the front office got for the vertical fault in the front office insider and I asked him that question. Did you blow it up and in this that instance let's say Chandler doesn't look good to start the year next year. And you've got so much tied in the end it would use that body had inching answered his point was that now. I don't think so because you never promised. That you're going to get back quickly could be a long road. If you blow it up and do the rebuild where you want it in as is particularly if Chandler is not that guy early on next you're you do would you blow it up. Well I mean the probable about this but what are your lol. I mean. Then you've got lakers you know mark Arkansas whose 32 right. They've got Mike Conley who is 3030 want. I mean it's going to be arbitrate those guys and get real value. That's. You know so I mean. Certain victory if you look at it written roster. If you wanna blow up there there's really not a whole lot to block. And you got those two guys and a and an apology pieces and you know after met this I think you hope is that. You know you might get marked for getting off to make a great competitor by themselves to base and work this year. I stole. I'm just a little Knoll if you if you decide internal hey this summer you know what. Jenner did you have trailer and work out which it hard to persuading. Wearing trademark or trademark holders start over. I just don't know what you're gonna get for 3030 year report card lead global strategic port are ready. And a third through your all the predictor of Sadr. In a league where a lot of conservative senators. Wrestler right and mean and and that got no picks in this draft demands of day they are there they're stuck in a tough spot would turn the rest the NBA is as good as. Russell Westbrook is and has been this season how it was. For for me is torturous watch him go for great in that fourth quarter come that was pretty rough one. Yeah I mean you know it's funny I ever come up that game it's should be you know Russell Westbrook has become. Yeah MBA version of a rorschach test which is date but that's what you. You look at you know you put in the spot on paper you look at it and everybody thought it that way and you know the Westbrook. Know you're eagle and one acute care absence due to bat. What Westbrook is doing is he's doing it because it seems terrible and so would he ask you win games. War. You look at and you doll who's got the ball awed and the reason in that back across this season. Is because it at all about him and given them no trip to try to develop and become better players. And it it's really hard to find anybody that the last minute if you import triple bubble. But he he's strong support for the corporate people that field and got some people saying. What can outlet across in the game right there about people saying. Well what what what what what what do you major golf. It it's just kind of amused me now he's become. This guy whether it actually no middle ground in you either have to think that use the apps with past or yeah absolutely first a lot of and there and there's not a between. We are of course talking to Tim bond since he covers it gave the Washington Post is on Twitter at him bond since you should follow. In retrospect I and I know this is kind of tricky but I have to ask you given where they are in the series in retrospect do you think Danny Ainge regrets not doing a deal for Paula Georgia are Jimmy Butler even if it meant the topic. Our. No I mean look. I hate. I think I think. Need a bigger thing isn't treating. It betrayed or Jimmy Butler Paul George I think the bigger thing of not making it straight from like I'd give a big brown. Yeah in the polls. Well a little about this yet that they went out to the opposite you know I don't understand not but given up all these app that I was skeptical going to be. They detected this year. You know I I thought they were book about the public good I didn't think they were chit to level that's what are going to be otherwise they would say look we got to ease off. We don't we don't wanna give up the farm to get the get a guy that makes us all being Egyptian human not attribute in the not. But. What they've got including weapons for Robert ordinance unit that got I think they've got expert OPEC that three years. You know they couldn't they couldn't give up their 20181. They'll pick which are going to be in the mid to late twentieth against. Ago did Alec I hit send. Give them a legitimate rebounder to dole in the next hour or per month smear job about weapons that are in their career is what it could barely move. And you're seeing first couple games. They've got destroyed on the glass by Robin Lopez who what where they were bringing I would sell off the bench to play over here jobs suck is to. I mean you'd be good news Dallas doctor observe. I understand why it in Largo all our assets but no further perking you know what goes somewhere and try to operate out of his request apply. They get beat by any he's the first round. Well they go meet record in order Blake Griffin or somebody there oh look 01010 well it was as you know are trying to make. Now. If I think I think what they need to not speaking any move all the teams around at route back up. Brad Stevens is now too intent in the post season that is the worst record by any coach in playoff history with a minimum of ten games. How can you explain that because that is a guy who in the regular season is brilliant obviously. He's pretty much universally loved around the league. They overtake the cap for the one season and yet they really struggle. In the post season how do you explain that sort of disparity with Brett Steven. Greenberg. Mean it was a problem in coming years ago he played the cab or white here at the toward. By political team in ball they weren't all he. And they didn't know what it is perfectly reasonable series. And we'll look. Are are paying a better team overall invincible. Probably. But the truth is this is a really flawed team. That. Doesn't in any don't have the best player and Jimmy Butler. I thought of in this year's pretty clearly about flier knock candidate I was sort of great year. I just argued about acquiring and after watching interest couple games I think that that's proven to be sure and so. You know I I think. Know people can't have it all ways they can't. They can't think that the Celtics have in our as well coached in the right to receive the kind of big bandage everything. That day. Take advantage of every every advance after the regular season nobody at the well here's where they don't have the best wire and there's there's obvious match up deficiencies. It it it it makes it makes him the worst alternate world lapping. I think what it should prove to people at that. Not for everybody to tried to say that the Celtics have a superstar that Imus and have players that are capable of really make a deep run. I think what it shows that they've got a long article or actually about an eight. There was a who's the biggest hurdle for Cleveland in the east is is it Cleveland itself and I can ask it that way and and the defense has played a picket picket did better there it's gonna beat everybody or is it maybe the wizards. Who got Bil in and John Wall who opened on an error on an absolute role. Hum how much of a threat other wizards right now. They're a threat but it with a two really good they look serious man that looks real the debt in. They're real they're really good I thought they were gonna make these are problems model from the start of the blouse. I thought they were gonna wipe the floor to soccer is the world. While I definitely Toby. Beat Chicago. On Iowa where it was a big win a lot. EDT kings got kind of not putts around and now and then it all the time that Dick struggle in the series and you watch. What it was just a mountain in game they trail also way could easily law. That was with a bogey and get the win. If John Walsh Bradley the only talk about how you're also nationally at or out series both you guys get it done. And I I think that seems going to be news conference finals in human particularly when there are I do think we caught up in the final play. Mean I really think that. I really think that that the winter damage it department some trouble as. It would what they're starting lineup has been terrific policies in rotation pitcher or the clout. And the other backcourt like won't be over in dutiful bands that they got a hit Beirut about. I'm with you that is Tim bond that covers the NBA for the Washington Post follow him on Twitter at him mountains read his stuff and why I suppose you'll be smarter fort Sam thanks so much playing time and appreciated. Where did that yep it is standby to.