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Wednesday, May 17th

AUDIO: South Carolina Head Football Coach Will Muschamp on the Geoff Calkins Show on Wednesday (5/17).


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Now 829 FM 688 am on the WM FS and 929 espn.com. AC is that just got this you know. Yes. Yeah. At South Carolina I gotta tell you coach. And I'm sucking up here a little bit because the guy who runs our entire. That collection of radio stations here. He says his daughter to South Carolina and they absolutely love Italy must have some things good good things going on there I appreciate coming on. Our appreciation have known Jeff Knox an awesome place to close. In Columbia the capital city here and in South Carolina. Catalog all all this you know you can have the university lifestyle that's all you won't which you also. I have Colombia on top of that we live satellite murder which is a beautiful place to live and now we're really enjoyed it. It's funny I was looking at the roster. Just just now it's you're largely South Carolina and Georgia and the army met. Mostly. Well it's catching you know speaking now on a last night and I was still in the game card club members there. How important stated Georgia's coach will have sworn I mean people. In the state of South Carolina and we have some outstanding players here it's an outstanding high school coach is but we just don't have enough PI look at first got the job. Look at us and poems and over the last eight years. We've averaged together or signing fifteen players in the state of South Carolina so at some Beers were signing 181920s. Commuters on him. And and and that's just that's really what won almost 1000 coach Saban and Ellis you to stay Louisiana don't really gauge your verse on an 1819 guys. On bag ears we're so honored ten or eleven can. And so you can't get held hostage by your statement. And we've got to do I've got five coaches in Georgia we've got 41 scholarship players from the state Jordan wesun six last year. We've also got to do a great job at North Carolina and you look at the eastern seaboard North Carolina some of the great players we've had here South Carolina Melvin Ingram. A lot of guys that would do little a couple of the Southeastern Conference call what it is and and obviously we've got a lot out of the state of Florida that's our footprint and we really. We're really open ourselves up in Nashville little BitTorrent recruiting is concerned. Public 'cause it's more of a melting pot like oil Kellogg the kids and iron and I did not grow up to the defense or credible plans leg they grew up from. Somewhere else and moved to national look at this more liberal article series in the United States. It's funny look at that the challenge at South Carolina is not unlike the challenger Tennessee not a whole lot of players from. Tennessee you have a slightly different challenge though and that there is another powerful high school in the state to split up with can you and Clemson both be. Nationally relevant some things. Absolutely you look backward to spur industry stray you we year's global eleven wins a bully clubs it was a double digits as well. So there's no doubt about that and it certainly can kill them when the national championship and planned for the two last year it is to last two years. Volume there in their national brand has certainly picked up to you gotta do you have respect that in and give him credit but other no question there's good enough players within a five hour radius. All of our campus and theirs. Two to win championships and both these very successful. But the Will Muschamp head coach at the University of South Carolina. You had to South Carolina I think this is true didn't have a player at the come mine this year which suggests that you were not exactly left. With a loaded. Cupboard at. I'm you have been loading it with top twenty classes each of the last two years. What's that channel. Well I think that it's a challenge from the standpoint of the unknown when you when your new staff you're transition years normally your worst recruiting year because you're sell bit of a dream resolved that the picture it's not necessarily. Us open there recruit can wrapped his arms front seat will or won't be on offense what can be on defense but that transition year we Sanjay belly we saw Brian Edwards. Which on Rico Donald. How's that there's such shipments from Tennessee's will be a really good player forces on your comments please on Dennis won't TJ Bronson jamarcus can't. We saw a really good players and transition clashed. They contributed. A lot to our football team a very positive voice that was great and in this cashier. Again I thought it was on another very good recruiting class of guys that are gonna come in and it certainly contribute to our football team bourse DiLeo. 70% of our rosters freshman at all or will have eleven seniors. Sold. We got to continue to build this thing from from the foundation of votes you know those young classes. You have a lot to him to build obviously but you do have a quarterback in Jake Bentley it feels like him that was obviously one of the things people thought. There was always a bit of a challenge of Florida but how comforting is it to go into a new year no one that you have that guy. While I think Jacob makes tremendous strides you know as much as anything off the field. With what fulfillment and and Hurley director and our football team million Depot's same no. Or voted co MVPs or football team by other teammates that tell you the respect it. I've got this really should have been a high school senior that came in really changed RC and obviously we get some guys back healthy. He goes into O'Brien had birds that had been injured before the attacks now we're really kind of color comic called Favre a model layers forest. Our guys playing well builds confidence and belief in lower Dolan that. Think that they often feel suffered Jake's been so critical to his that is taking positive steps toward their. In being able to positively affect everybody around him he's got great leadership ability. But our guys got a huge police and on the daily who he gives us a chance of ever getting. What's it like the if you look at your career. You follow Urban Meyer you follow coach Spurrier at I don't know phone Bill Belichick is next but. What happens if you've you've you've picked you you bite off some pretty big challenges. Well I I embrace it how long that not only did do you you wanna put yourself in the position that car and I embrace that role in the end whether. Regardless of news there before our won't comma goes from nick say that you better control of things you can control launch. And you that's not something I can totally control as far as you know who was here before how things were done before whatever. Level they want to add it's it's about all we can do now moving forward and I'm really excited about this program right now our conflict directory terrorist. Totally committed to the investment in the student athlete years forest the facilities and with the things we're doing we're both the new options will be and that's going to be a one stop shop for student athletes it's gonna be almost a 1101000 square foot. Fifty million dollars. And our practice facility and I think it's going to be a game changer for a school are really. You look back at their history of South Carolina football week we haven't really in my opinion totally invested in our football program. And I think that's going to be the difference for us. Parker Will Muschamp head coach at the interception on that last question I was looking at your bio in high school you played football. Baseball. Basketball. And ran track I don't know how it's possible to do for Adam thank you did for a one time but is that a first how did you do it and second. Do you see when he got kids recruiting kids now do you seek kids who do that or is it mostly people who do one thing. Well I. You know again it would depend once they don't want their prices or your favorite sport news basketball C followed basketball news baseball city in all of baseball wearing a track on the side that. To help or school and of course in the fall of football season but. I think it's important for guys to play multiple sport of my paper of that thirtieth of 321 round pick played multiple sports in high school. And I think guys it's it's about the of one of their huge talent like cold competition. And you like guys don't wanna compete. Hill and and whether it's in checkers or whether to football. I'll wanna see guys compete at one of the best of violation tools for me is the sport of basketball C a got to move up and help the court. His lower body and flexibility is explosive power love. Offense and defense wanted to be wrestlers. Of god again to go on the matter outlaw all wanna compete and grit and toughness and all the things you're looking for so. I think it's I think it's great to be meal multi sport counted I think a lot of guys they get and they train to one sport. They either get burned out or you'll probably get more but finished product when you get them. Because that's all they do that solid concentrated on the all these guys got these personal trainers now started seventh straight and personal coach and their position and you get a guy in order a finished product as opposed to a guys played multiple sports and competed. And have a lot of different things. Coach you're awfully nice generous congratulations on a successful first year and best of luck in the your coming. Just thank you so much take care. Thanks very much that is Will Muschamp head coach at the University of South Carolina it's a trinkets he got. It's Sasaki the sort of so much ridicule when Matt higher was may yeah everyone said it was the worst fire worst fire worst tire and we'll see how it turns out. He actually. 66 his first year gets a bowl game whenever one at that wanted to know what epic combined you know and end end. And this year it it even now. It left Spurrier did not leave him with a start spring walked out on its impact of the didn't wanna Sully his record and he wanted no part of the team that he had recruited. And so it finishes 66 any discovered as quarterback. And he's recruiting at. Honestly you're gonna go over Tennessee is the last couple years since Bush's fall off a little bit. I don't know it's gonna look so ridiculous later on you get some things done. And you know what I think the other important aspect of dust off from him last year was at Florida so much of his. Lack of success especially at the end was he just couldn't take his hands off the offense and I just couldn't he couldn't go to her roper their to do and now he's he's. He is focused on the defense and stay but I saw last year he was so much better it just staying away from that and that's really. He buys out in mission he's even said he you know that was probably my downfall for. And I this year teaching to get excited jazz broke you get a second chance but she got a second chance at a place he's is not Florida now it's a different kind of second chance. Com but. An SEC job still jobs that there's intense SM let's be at a stand down and runs this how slow this family stations him and his daughter just had a magnificent first year of South Carolina. So what laws of the South Carolina coach and oh I did divides gonna join us next talk a little little girl what the question. Passed him that we openness where it is. Would he trade mark solve for the number one pick. And although was I discussed a leader any chance gonna happen and we'll get his sense of whether or which side how each side would feel. About that deal that the moms just got in Germany can NF limits.