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UT Vols and College Football Play-by-Play Schedule

92.9 FM ESPN (680 AM) and ESPN 790 AM are the Memphis home of the University of Tennessee Vols. You'll hear all the play-by-play as well as expert analysis on shows like Vol Calls and Vol Nation. Check out the play-by-play schedule* below:

8/24/16  7:00PM Vol Calls
8/27/16  (on ESPN 790 only) 11:00AM Coach-To-Coach
8/28/16  (on ESPN 790 only) Vols Nation
8/29/16  7:00PM Vol Calls
9/3/16   (on ESPN 790 only) 11:00AM Coach-to-Coach
9/4/16   (on ESPN 790 only) 5:00PM Vols Nation

Click here for the full season schedule.

92.9 FM ESPN and ESPN 790 AM also carry select college football games:

9/3/16   6:30PM pre-game  7:30PM kickoff  Alabama vs. USC (in Arlington)
9/3/16   (on ESPN 790 too) 6:30PM pre-game  7:30PM kickoff  Alabama vs. USC (in Arlington)
9/5/16   6:00PM pre-game  7:00PM kickoff  Florida State vs. Ole Miss (in Orlando) 

* Updated each Monday

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